Transcript of 10/17/2012 telephone call to Andrew Salvoni, manager of the Huntington Home Depot.

Key: AS = Andrew Salvoni DS: = Daniel Sheehan (UI) = Unintelligible.

AS: Home Depot, good morning. This is Andy how can I help you? DS: Yeah I was just curious if you're going to go through with it? Are you guys going to pay? AS: Uh Yeah we might, yeah, we’re, we’re trying to definitely, we just need to get some information. Uh what else, is there anything else we can do for you? What else are you looking for? DS: I was, I’m the person with the notes you remember that correct? AS: Yes, yes, yes, and that wasn't us that, uh, went to the media. The, when you did the add, the le, the, uh, the letter it was just addressed to me and the letter went to K-mart. They're the ones who opened it so I just want you to know it wasn't us. DS: I am just (UI), Mr. Salvoni, I’m not out to hurt anyone and I don't want to hurt your business so just lets make it one million next Friday and I’ll send you another letter. AS: OK but um, are you ok, I know, because I was reading the letter and it did say that you wanted to, you know, you wanted to hurt yourself and drink yourself to death, I mean is there anything I can help you with? DS: I really appreciate your concern but, the divorce and losing my business I'm just done, so don't worry about me my friend. AS: No, I am worried, listen…. DS: I will walk you through it. I realize the phone calls need to be long so they can trace it. I am gonna go now but I will send you a letter thank you very much and you are 100% safe I promise you that. AS: Well, was…. DS:, Bye. AS: …is there anything that we did? That, you know, is there anybody that you’re gonna try and hurt? Hello? Hello? He’s gone.

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