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June 12, 2013

City approves agreement with school board for safe Prevent WNV with insect repellent, mosquito control programs room; hears from Keystone XL Pipeline reps
By Loretta Passolt The Faith City Council had one of their lengthiest meetings on June 4th. Council members met with the Faith School Board to review and discuss the agreement between the two entities for the new safe room grant, and to hear from two representative from the Keystone XL Pipeline on the construction workforce camps (man camps). The Girls Scouts were on the agenda first. Angela Ostrander came before Council to get some input for the placement of a sign they are having made for the roadside park, and a date to commemorate it. They also have some flowers to put in. Lowes is donating mulch for a 16x30 area. Angela said the Girls Scouts have been working on this project for three years and would like to get it done. One of the trees they planted was broken by a vehicle and the owner paid for replacement of it, plus an additional one, both smaller. Mayor Haines said the playground will be moved there so the sign just needs to be out of the way of it. Garnet Gaaskjolen visited with Council about Arrow Transit Bus Service. She talked with Arrow and they would like to have $1,000 to continue the service here for the balance of the year. The Meade Co. Commissioners declined their request for funding earlier. She said they will stop in Faith once a month. There are some here who have no vehicle to get them to appointments, etc. in the Hills. She wondered if Council would be willing to give $50 to anyone from here needing to catch a ride on the bus. That would be cheaper than giving the $1,000. Mayor Haines agreed they need to get the service back here on a regular basis. Inghram wondered if they could meet with Arrow. Council tabled their decision until they get more information. A temporary liquor license was issued for the Lone Tree Bar for the Fordyce/Humble wedding dance at the fairgrounds on July 27th. Council approved the Second Reading of Ordinance 305 for the supplemental appropriation of $10,000 for the fire department’s truck. At this time the agreement with the school for the safe room was discussed in length. Several questions concerning the payments, bids, etc. were asked. The agreement states that the school will pay all except the $100,000 the city will pay. Bret Hanson wanted it known that the school isn’t going to be able to come up with $400,000. Atty. Bogue explained that they would not go ahead with the project if the two don’t agree on the bid. They have no intention of letting it be more than the school can afford, but as with all construction one can expect overrun of expenses. Bogue said that no one had given him a limit as to how much the school could afford. As the school will be using it for more than a safe room, the expense of the cafeteria and gym area would be theirs. School board chairman Johnson said she understood the city wouldn’t accept the bid until the school board sees it also. Other questions concerning the payments, warranty, stocking the safe room, etc. were posed to Bogue. Council approved the agreement with the new changes to be made prior to the school board approving it, pending final review by Bogue and Nicole from Emergency Management. The bids can be rejected if neither entity is comfortable with the project cost, and other arrangements can’t be worked out. Once the building would be completed, the city would turn ownership over to the school. Mayor Haines opened the hearing for the Faith Stock Show liquor and malt beverage licenses hearing at 7:30. Stock Show president Colt Haines stated they would like to add liquor to be served under the tent. Lonny Collins visited with Debbie Brown earlier about moving the tent from in from of his business so his customers could park. He was hoping they could move it down the street further. Jon Collins said the electricity would have to be moved then. Mayor Haines said they would have to readvertise if they move the location. Lonny Collins opposed the present location via telephone. Approval of the temporary liquor license was then discussed further. They can move the tent to the next block, to be placed anywhere within that block, as long as it doesn’t block the cross street. With a tie vote on the original location, Mayor Haines broke that tie with a no vote. Council then approved the license for the 2nd block of Main Street, and the malt beverage license for the June roping at the fairgrounds. Two representatives from the Keystone XL Pipeline shared information on the construction workforce camp (man camp) that will be put in at Howes. According to the rep these camps are selfcontained. There will be 600 beds and 250 rv spaces in an 80 acre fenced area, on Dean Wink’s land, complete with 24/7 security, cafeteria service, groceries, medical service, etc. These guys will work 10 hour days, 6 days a week, so not a lot of idle time. We may see some of them in town once in awhile, mostly weekends. Some may come in to sporting events just for a break. Families don’t usually travel with them so there shouldn’t be any increase in school enrollment. The service stations will see the biggest business, for the purchase of diesel fuel. They have 8 of these camps along the line, three of those in South Dakota. The camp wll be maintained for 12-18 months, depending on weather. Faith has nothing to worry about with this camp; it won’t be anything like Williston, ND. Mayor Haines will be taking a tour of one of the camps next week. The First Reading of Ordinance 306 for potential problems from unexpected development pressure (actually a zoning ordinance) was discussed at length. Atty. Bogue had a different version than their initial one. Members discussed the requirements for new buildings and spacing requirements for temporary campgrounds. Karen Inghram said she felt the spacing should be 20’ between campers for fire safety issues. After hearing about the man camps members decided the Continued on Page 2 As the weather warms up and the risk of mosquito bites increases now is the time for South Dakotans to get in the habit of using insect repellent to prevent West Nile virus (WNV).  “Just as we prepare for flu season each fall, we need to be prepared for the West Nile virus every summer,” said Dr. Lon Kightlinger, State Epidemiologist for the South Dakota Department of Health. “West Nile virus can be a serious, even fatal, illness but the good news is we can all reduce our risk with a few simple precautions.” Kightlinger said people can prevent mosquito bites and reduce their risk of WNV by: •Using mosquito repellents (DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535) and limit exposure by covering up. •Limiting time outdoors from dusk to midnight when Culex mosquitoes are most active. Culex are the primary carrier of WNV in South Dakota. •Getting rid of standing water that gives mosquitoes a place to breed. •Supporting local mosquito control efforts. These precautions are especially important for people at high risk for complications from WNV. This includes individuals over 50, pregnant women, transplant patients, and people who have diabetes, high blood pressure or a history of alcohol abuse. Since its first human WNV case in 2002, South Dakota has reported more than 2,000 cases, including 29 deaths. South Dakota cases have occurred as early as June but peak transmission is July through early September. Learn more at the department’s website, westnile.sd.gov, or the SDSU Extension site, www.sdstate.edu/sdces/issues/wn v.cfm.

Irean Clasen Jordan ... recently received a Certificate of Individual Recognition Governor’s Award for writing and collecting South Dakota history. Her articles for 2012 appeared in South Dakota’s Best Stories in the South Dakota Magazine, also in a special edition of “What Makes a South Dakotan” by the Humanities Council, in several newspapers and she annually writes articles for the Dakota History Conference. She has published several books and is currently writing a book about her dad, a government-hired wolf hunter of the early 1900’s. Photo courtesy Linda Haines

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Letter to the Editor
Editor: I value our children and their education which is most important to our future; therefore, because silence gives my consent, I am expressing and sharing what I know. My information comes from the National Review. Common Core is a set of standards for math and English developed largely by the Gate Foundation money and pushed by the Obama administration and National Governors Association. It defines what every school child should know from grade 1-12. It has a packet for teacher evaluation for the federally funded tests designed to insure schools are teaching Common Core. 40 states hurriedly adopted it before the standards were written in response to Obama’s advancement of a$4 billion dollar grant! It was promoted by Constitutional Governor Mitch Daniels and State Superintendent of Public Schools, Tony Bennett, an up and coming rising GOP star. Only Nebraska, Texas, Alaska and Virginia have declined. Minnesota adopted only the English part. Two Indianapolis mothers, Heather Crussin and Erin Tuttle notice that their children’s Catholic school math homework had declined. Memorization from a script was the practice of Common Core, and few novels were read. Upon checking with other parents, they learned that no one had any idea about the curriculum change. R. James Milgram, a math professor at Stanford withheld his approval on the grant for these reasons.  Andrew Porter states that


Common Core is written at a low level and has no resemblance to the high achievement in other countries. Emmett McGroarty was a very important person in the journey of Heather and Erin to take down Common Core. Other helpful persons or groups were: Pioneer Institute’s Jamie Gass, Hoover Institution’s Bill Evers and the Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke as well as the indispensible Indiana Tea Party. McGroarty and Jane Robbins at the American Principle Project were unique. McGroarty, called the “General” of the movement, strategizes with people in every state, day or night, Saturday or Sunday whenever he is needed. The American Principle Project gave support mentally and emotionally to Heather and Erin with their grassroots research. Marie DeKnikker   Cambridge, ID

City council
only issue to decide on was the campgrounds spacing. This was tabled until the July meeting. Council approved hiring Royce Haines and Ashton Delbridge as lifeguards at the pool at $7.75 hr., hours to be divided equally among all. The plan is to fill the pool Wednesday, June 5th. Lessons were approved for 45 minutes a day for 5 days, at a cost of $20. There will be several levels offered. Council also reviewed the rules for the pool. Jim Holloway presented a quote for $500 to spray weeds at Durkee Lake. Burning weeds was also discussed. Jon Collins said they really need to burn old weeds and it might be a good time to do it. Council approved Holloway’s quote upon the approval from Fire Chief Justin Haines of burning the weeds. Council approved Resolution #06-04-13-01 for ARC (Access Recovery Charges). The City is mandated to pass on an increase for telephone ARC charges. The fee will increase from 50¢ to $1.00 for residential and single-line business and mulii-line business will increase from $1.00 to $2.00. The road north of town needs to have mag water put on it to cut down on dust. The city crew will have to work on it before the county comes to mag water it. Mayor Haines called about fireworks. Council approved him ordering the same amount as last year, $2700. There were no fireworks last year because of the drought, so none were paid for. Year end financials were given to members to take home and review for the next meeting. Debbie said the computer at the bar is about to crash. This is the one they do liquor inventory on. She found a new one at a cost of $700 plus cost for them to come and install the program, which will take about 5 hours. Council approved purchasing the computer and installation. Barb Berndt said she had several people talk to her about cleaning up at the lake. It would be nice to get the sand volleyball area cleaned up. Jon also said the lights at the lake have been shot out again. The cement boat ramp

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also needs to be repaired. Council thought Bob Linn should look it over and give a quote. Barb will call these people for a work day. Several council members will also help. Jon also said someone has been cutting down dead trees and leaving what they don’t want, leaving a mess. Committee appointments were assigned at this time. Arlie Hulm came before Council to ask for use of the gym for boys basketball practice. They have joined a summer league in Rapid City and want additional practice. They already have it on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and would like to add Mondays. Arlie said they would sweep and he will tell the guys not to use the showers. Council approved use on Monday nights. The purchase of an aviation fuel truck was tabled until the June 18th meeting. Mayor Haines thought maybe they should consider putting in a fuel tank at the airport for jet fuel. Council retired into executive session at 9:45 to discuss personnel.

Born: March 26, 2013 Parents: Jacie Phillips &Skyler Welter Maternal grandparents are: Lee and Tami Phillips, New Underwood Parternal grandparents are: Dennis and Noma Welter, Faith Paternal great-grandmother is: Mary Ann Palmer, Faith

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Faith Community Health Center
Starting Monday May 13th, 2013 the Faith Community Health Center will be open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on Mondays only: New Hours of Operation: Monday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm Tuesday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Verna Schad, CNP – Monday - Thursday Peggy O’Connor, CNP – Monday – Friday David Rollason, PA-C Thursday
For appointments call: 605-967-2644 or 1-800-584-7668

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June 12, 2013 • The Faith Independent •

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by Del Bartels

Heart Disease is the #1 killer of all people
By Kendra Enright R.N. Heart Disease chooses its clientele indiscriminately. It does not matter what color of the rainbow your skin is, if you are male or female, your age or what part of the world you come from. It looks at all of us without prejudice. If you give heart disease a chance you could become one of its clients but you have the ability to STOP it before it starts or have a great amount of control if you have been told you have heart disease. Heart disease kills more people each year than all cancers combined. We all have only one heart and keeping it healthy should be one of our main goals throughout the year. We can live without many of the other parts of our body because we have duplicates such as two eyes, two kidneys, two legs, two arms. You are probably thinking, “Well what about the brain- we only have one of them”. Yes that is true but the heart pumps blood and oxygen to the brain to keep it alive so the bottom line is we cannot live without our hearts pumping well. Our heart weighs about 9-12 ounces (weight of a full pop can) and is about the size of our hand. The heart works ceaselessly, beating 100,000 times a day, 40 million times a year–in total clocking up three billion heartbeats over an average lifetime. It keeps the body freshly supplied with oxygen and nutrients, while clearing away harmful waste matter. Keeping our heart healthy is an everyday challenge. Poor diet and little to no exercise can put our health in jeopardy. Making better choices in our diet such as eating an apple or orange instead of a candy bar or bag of chips can make a difference. Impulse buying of convenience or fast foods that are often high calorie and high salt items can get us in trouble by increasing our risk of: weight gain, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. If carefully chosen, snacks can fill nutritional gaps and boost energy without causing weight-gain or other health worries. Here are some tips for heart healthy snacking: 1. Drinking a glass of water before grabbing a snack can help curb your appetite and also helps keep you hydrated. We lose about 2 liters of fluid a day through natural processes but many people do not replace this fluid and become chronically dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to daytime fatigue, unable to concentrate, headaches and muscle weakness. 2. Plan your snack ahead of time so you do not just grab anything. If you want finger food, check out the fruit and vegetable isles at the grocery store or grab a granola bar, cheese, nuts, pretzels or trail mix for healthy options. 3. Be aware of portion size, don’t fall victim to portion distortion. Check the nutrition label to see how many servings are in the container. Many snacks have more than one serving in the package. 4. Avoid using snacks as a comfort when stressed or upset. Try going for a walk or doing some other physical activity instead. 5. Avoid all day nibbling. Limit snacks to every 3-4 hours. 6. Watch the kinds of carbohydrates you eat. Carbohydrates from sugars and sweets provide quick energy followed by an energy crash. Look for items like nuts, seeds and beans for long lasting energy. 7. If you just have to have some chips or cookies, choose the lower fat, lower sodium varieties and eat them in moderation. 8. Be a smart shopper. Don’t be suckered by "low-fat" and "all natural" claims. An "all natural" product may be filled with sugar, which is in fact a natural ingredient. "Low-fat" products often have just as many calories as their fullfat counterparts. Read the nutrition label before buying to see what you are really getting. 9. When in doubt about what to do go back up to tip number one. Keeping our hearts healthy should be one of the top priorities in our lives. For more information on heart disease, healthy snacking, or the Strong Heart Study brochures related to heart health and other health topics contact Missouri Breaks Industries Research, Inc. at 605-964-3418 or Toll Free at 1-866-865-3418.

In so many ways ...
The list is endless of how we individually recall our fathers. Even the same memories can seem to run the gamut from smothering and vicarious to keeping an aloof distance. A curious combination of words can fly us back to our younger years, because that was how dad used to say those words. A scent, be it of car oil, pipe tobacco or an aftershave, can put Dad right in front of us. The way the water blindingly reflects the sun through the reeds, the threetoned car rumbling by on the road, the worn easy chair at a yard sale, all make the eye blink and we see Dad. The heat of a carpet burn from roughhousing in the living room, the slime of grease from a old engine, a dusty and gritty coat of dirt reminiscent of the ball park, all are touches of Dad. Remember being spanked? Or was the disappointment in Dad’s eyes over your behavior a far worse punishment? Was it a laugh and a challenging “Oh, yeah?” or a quiet aging behind the eyes when you first called him “Old man?” As a son, did you really have “the talk” about girls with him? As a daughter, did your first few dates actually face the traditional inquisition with him when the young men picked you up? Was it an unspoken truth that Dad could actually do the dishes if Mom asked or she had to be gone for a few days? “Daddy, Daddy, don’t let go of the bike!” And he had already let go and was trying to not gasp for air while jogging alongside. It was not Mom’s place, but was Dad’s duty to break the news to you about your childhood dog.

Church of Christ ... members of Shiloh Road from Tyler, Texas are in Faith this week teaching Vacation Bible School. While here they also did some community service, as scraping paint on the school gym in preparation for repainting. Some of the girls washed windows at the Faith Senior Citizen Center. Photo by Loretta Passolt

At the time, only Mom thought to suspect that while Dad was digging the final resting place, he was crying, too. One day you found Dad’s wallet still on his dresser, and a photo of you was in it. Those silly pictures of you from grade school are hidden away in the albums, but guess who has them memorized? Mom finally breaks down and takes some of your art work off of the refrigerator, and, mysteriously, someone puts them back up. Mom may be the one who phoned repeatedly to check on you when they were gone that first time overnight, but you could hear her reporting to him as if he had insisted on the calls. You may be 75, but Dad still calls you kid. Who taught you the difference between a regular and Phillips screwdriver? Who didn’t care much for Monopoly, but once pressured into playing could beat you every time? You get up for a drink of water, and who is still staring at the TV, and its a sob story movie? He may be almost perfect in your eyes, but it is Dad who always wants his kids to do better than he did. It’s one thing to see Mom holding her newborn grandchild, it’s another to see Dad doing the same thing. Everybody tells stories, but whose are listened to more intently because those stories are of events seldom spoken of? It’s unsettling that, the older you get, the smarter your Dad was. And we who hold dear such memories of our fathers in these and so many other ways, we say back to them, “I love you, too, Dad.”

Dupree receives one of four grants awarded by Governor Daugaard
PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - Gov. Dennis Daugaard has awarded grants to four South Dakota communities for improvement projects. Bonesteel, Delmont, Dupree and Wolsey will get a total of $1.5 million in grants to help with improvements carrying total price tags of more than $4.7 million. Bonesteel is getting $515,000 for improvements to its water and wastewater systems. Delmont will use a $257,500 grant to help build a new fire hall. Dupree is getting $427,450 to help improve its wastewater system. Wolsey is getting a $309,000 grant to build a new fire hall. The Community Development Block Grant program is funded by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development administers it.

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Come and Go Baby shower for Brody Welter

Summer is here!
We have allergy medicine, Chigger Guard, sun screen, mosquito spray & sun glasses!
Prairie Oasis Mall, Main St, – Faith, SD-PH: 967-2123

Sat., June 22, 2-4 P.M.
at the Faith Library Everyone is welcome

Vilas Pharmacy & Healthcare Store

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Faith News
By Loretta Passolt
We had cooler temperatures most of last week, mostly 60s. We got about .25” of rain Friday night. It looks like more 70s and some 80s this week with a chance of rain some of those days. Dave and Eldora Fischbach spent several days at their house in Rapid City last week. Eldora went over on Tuesday and came home Sunday. She had to check in several of her quilts on Wednesday for the quilt show at the Civic Center over the weekend. She also taught a quilt class on Thursday. Dave went over later in the week. Daughter Susan and Dean arrived by airplane on Thursday and spent several days with them. Susan took in the quilt show with Eldora. Eldora received a 2nd place ribbon on one of her quilts and Susan received a 3rd on one of her wall hangings; Eldora got a 3rd for the quilting on it. With over 500 entries in various categories I’d say that’s really good! Dean flew up to Faith on Friday and got in some branding with his dad and John Capp. They flew home to Indiana on Sunday. George and Annelle Afdahl spent two weeks traveling through parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana. They joined Juel Afdahl’s family at Canton’s high school rodeos in Buffalo and Sheridan, Wyoming, and visited at Georgia (Afdahl) and Jeff Stocklin’s at Ten Sleep, Wyoming, Clay Stocklin’s at Hailey, Idaho which is near Sun Valley, and Megan (Stocklin) and Ea’mon O’Toole’s near Savery, Colorado. The majority of the country is green and beautifuyl. She said some of Yellowstone Park was receivng snow and had slushy roads. Jerry and Kay Palmer spent a few days last week visiting daughter Misty and family. Jerry said they were heading home Sunday but he got talked into doing some work on Monday.

I had a phone call from Aunt Marge Hoffman last Wednesday. She had spent five days in the hospital in Rapid City but was doing better. Enjoyed reading Kevin Jensen’s email in the Marcus News last week. I remember going in to Mack’s many time on the way to or from school. And I loved going to the old library upstairs. I was a big reader in those days and made many visits there. I loved the little curved hallway. Always thought that was so neat! As for Thompson Drug’s soda fountain, I spent many years behind it and still miss the special sundaes, (Black & White, Mexican) and of course, the great banana splits, and the fountain drinks. My favorite fountain drink for many years was a vanilla coke, then later I added lemon to it! Yummy!! Never cared for cherry coke. Still don’t! I also remember having to clean that soda fountain, and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun! The new store just didn’t seem like Thompson Drug without the fountain! Donna Henschel was in the office last week with a copy of the newspaper from their hometown of Princeton, MN. It had a nice article on Tower Stool and Faith. She also said there was a nice picture of their mural in the National Geographic magazine. Congratulations to our FHS Rodeo Club for winning the team trophy at the Dupree Regional Rodeo over the weekend. There are about a dozen of the them who qualified for the State HS Rodeo in Belle Fourche next week. We wish them the best of luck there!

Opal Area News
By Kay Ingalls
Tuesday, Bernice Lemmel and Tracy Ingalls and I sat on the school election board at the Opal School. We had a good visit and 18 voters. Not much interest on the school elections as they are all candidates from the extreme western portion of the school district where most of the population resides. The comment was made that most, if not all, of them don't even know the location of the Opal School. OJ Heidler made a business trip into Faith on Monday and other than that mostly just brandings to help with. Ethel Ingalls and daughters Sheryl Lesmeister and Debbie Delbridge made it back from Rochester on Tuesday. Howard and I had appointments in Rapid City on Wednesday, as did Glenn and Margaret Fogelman so they rode with us. Rod and Tracy Ingalls were in Sturgis and Rapid City that day as well.  Justin Ingalls helped  with branding chores at the Russell Simons ranch.  Dwayne and Zona Vig drove to Rapid City on Thursday where Zona had an appointment for a procedure on her leg.  Daughter Aurora Keffeler joined them and came back home with them to spend a few days helping out. Friday afternoon, JT, Kelsey and Brixie stopped by for a visit and Aunty Aurora was entertained by Brixie, then the ladies joined Hope Vig and all went for a walk. Dale and Marie Ingalls visited a bit one evening this week at the Lemmel home.  Thursday, the Lemmels had doctor appointments in Sturgis, then Friday Bernice went to Spearfish for the wedding of her granddaughter, Camarae Burke. Friday Rod, Tracy and Justin Ingalls pulled our camper to daughter Rita Bestgen's  for them to use for overflow guests from time to time, or a campout for her grandkids.  They went on to Sturgis and picked up a ranch pickup that was repaired, on to Rapid to pick up a 4-wheeler that had been fixed and the old red ranch pickup that was ready to roll again.  Ouch is what the checkbook thought, but glad to have everything up and running right again. Howard and I left on Friday forenoon to go to Watertown to visit friends and attend the Ingalls Family Reunion held on Sunday at Clear Lake, SD. Only 7 people attended and 3 more joined us for awhile. Harold and Mary Ingalls, his sisters Bette and Audrey and her husband Darrel and us.  Harold's youngest son Terry, his wife and youngest son were who attended.  West River will host next summer.  We came home that evening. Ethel Ingalls had some health complications on Friday evening and had the ambulance come and take her to town. She is doing better and plans to be home perhaps Monday. Dwayne Vig flew to Prairie City to hold worship services on Sunday, then checked cattle and water situations on his way home. Dave and Barb Fogelman arrived at the Glenn Fogelman home on Sunday to spend a few days.  They live in Texas.

Faith Municipal Telephone Company provides basic and enhanced telecommunications services within its service area. Basic services are offered at the following rates: Single Party Residence Service $14.00/month Single Party Business Service $19.00/month Local residence and business service includes:
-Voice grade access to the public telephone network -Single-party flat-rated local service free of per minute charges -Access to directory assistance service -Access to other operator services -Access to 911 emergency services -Access to interexchange (long distance) services -Dual tone multi-frequency signaling (touch-tone) service -Toll limitation for qualifying low-income consumers Lifeline Telephone Assistance Programs are available for qualifying subscribers. These programs provide for monthly service discounts on telephone service. Toll blocking at no charge is also available with the Lifeline Program. To qualify for Lifeline, subscribers must either have a household income that is at or below 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, or the subscriber’s household must receive benefits from one of the following assistance programs: -Medicaid -Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8) -Low Income Housing Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) -Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)(f/k/a the Food Stamps Program) -Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) -National School Lunch Program Free Lunch Program -Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Faith Municipal Telephone Company’s voice service is a Lifeline-supported service. Only eligible consumers may enroll in the Lifeline program. Lifeline applicants must present documentation demonstrating eligibility either through participation in one of the qualifying federal assistance programs or through income-based means. Lifeline recipients are required to recertify their eligibility every year. The Lifeline program is limited to one benefit per household, consisting of either wireline or wireless service. A household is defined, for purposes of the Lifeline program, as an individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses. Lifeline is a government benefit program, and consumers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain the benefit can be punished by fine or imprisonment or can be barred from the program. The basic services described above are offered to all consumers in Faith Municipal Telephone Company's service area. If you have any questions regarding telecommunications services, please call Faith Municipal Telephone Company's office at (605) 967-2261.

Sobriety checkpoints planned
The South Dakota Highway Patrol has sobriety checkpoints scheduled in June in the following counties: Aurora, Bennett, Brookings, Brown, Clark, Codington, Edmunds, Jackson, Marshall, Meade, Pennington, Roberts, Stanley, Union and Yankton.

Attention Children of All Ages:

Faith United Methodist Church is hosting Sidewalk Sunday School
at the Faith City Park

June 17-20 5:30 to 7:30 PM each evening
Please join us for fun, food and fellowship in the Lord.

June 12, 2013 • The Faith Independent •

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Marcus News
By Vicky Waterland
At this point in time our part of the state is so green we’re making Ireland jealous. The plant growth is wonderful even when you’re mowing the yard for the third time this summer. As the spring started we could not get enough moisture to make spots on the windshield and now it seems to rain for no reason. Thank you God, we really needed it. As I drove home the other day, I was looking at the empty pastures filled with lush grass and wondering what tourists to our state think of all the space with no livestock. I’m sure no one has explained to them that the pastures close to the place and with the best shelter are saved for fall and winter time. They don’t know that you can’t graze every pasture all the time, you’ve got to rotate pastures and move the stock to keep the grass growing enough to keep up. I’ve often thought that real estate companies should be required to give prospective “ranchette” buyers a brochure that explains carrying capacity of land. One cow takes 25 acres for a year and that horse you’ve got takes 30 acres. Yes, more than a cow. Do not expect to buy 40 acres and expect 5 horses to be able to live all year or even all summer on just that land. When you overgraze the land and fill it with horse douvers that does not mean you’re following green practices! Overgrazing creates erosion and allows all kind of weeds to start. Your pretty little ranchette becomes an eyesore and a detriment to the ecosystem of the area. They also have to realize they need some area to dispose of or compost their horse droppings. Poop doesn’t just go away overnight and it stinks. These same folks will come along and fuss because my cows are pooping near the creek. Newsflash folks, your horse poop washes away too and can, and eventually does, reach a water source. Ranchers and farmers are the best stewards of the land, not some nut spouting about “going green”. We live for this land and our environment, we want to keep it clean and safe for our future generations of family. If you want to know how to preserve the land, ask a country person! Saturday night, Harold and I drove to New Underwood to attend the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration of Dennis and Janet Fernau. It was a wonderful party, great food and good dance music. The visiting and catching up with folks you have not seen or talked to for some time is the best part. Making it especially good was the fact that it was a happy occasion. So many times we are gathering for some sad reason. I’m sure I will miss someone’s name but some folks I saw there were, Sonja and Dave Gebhardt, John, Tammi, and Jessica Sletten, Carol Pratt, Arlyce Krause, Jim and Faye Huschle, Laina Huschle, Jesse and Lisa Huschle, Marcia Dutton, Amanda Dutton, Linda Haines, Irean Jordan, Bryan Carmichael, Kay and Jack Overland, Bob Nesland and Cathy Nesland, Arlen and Connie Carmichael and more. As we started for the car we stopped for a little more visiting. Bob Nesland got started telling stories of baseball days when the Faith team would come to Marcus and they’d play just for the fun of it. He claimed my husband, Harold threw a mean curve ball. I’d never heard that but I’ve been told he was quite a hitter too. Arlen Carmichael also had stories of the days when he went on the “custom combine” trail to Texas and north to North Dakota with Harold’s custom crew. I told him our girls might have to call and visit with him about dad in the old days! That’s the joy of South Dakota, someone remembers all the things we’ve done in our foolish younger days and they are willing to share it with our children whether we want them to or not. I have forgotten to include a note that John Heidler sent me about the Faith High School Rodeo Club of the 60’s. Unfortunately I must have deleted it. He reminded me that Keith Schuelke was a part of the rodeo club and one of the officers. Keith’s family

has also been an important part of the rodeo club over the ensuing years.  Thanks for reminding me John, my memory didn’t catch that one and there may be more. Michael Deichert came to Jim and Vonnie O'Dea's on Thursday and spent the night going with Grandpa Jim to Dean Wink's branding on Friday. Susan O'Dea came to her parents’ house Friday evening and spent the night. Saturday and Sunday, Michael was in the Regional Rodeo at Dupree. O'Deas went to watch both days and Michael and his partner won the Team Roping Average and Michael placed 2nd in the Steer Wrestling average. Dupree puts on a good rodeo. This was the tenth consecutive year that the Deichert grandkids have been in the high school rodeos and O'Deas have been there watching every year. What will they do next year? (Probably go just because they have a “RODEO HABIT?”) Lacey, Quirt and Rio Wondercheck and I visited my dad, Irvin at Philip last week. He was doing very well and was happy to see us and the little boys. Penny Herman of Monroe, Washington is here visiting at the Wonderchecks and the Waterlands for a couple weeks. Allen Waterland is gone to Minneapolis and Zumbroda, Minnesota visiting his sons, daughter- in-laws and grandchildren. Vacation Bible school will be held at the Marcus Church June 17-20. Starts at 9:00 A.M. and goes till noon. They will have a 10:30 snack and be home for lunch. Got any questions, call Bev Hudson, Kay King or Denise Weyer.

Central Meade County News
By Sandy Rhoden
June couldn't look any better in Central Meade County than it does at this time. Though we had several dry days, we received some moisture on Saturday afternoon. It would, however, take some terential rains to fill the dams in our area. Rural Neighbors will be held this Thursday at the Community Baptist Church.  Everyone is welcome. For more information one can contact Casey Brink or Donna Cammack. Vacation Bible School will be held next week, June 17-21 at the Community Baptist Church in Union Center. It will take place at 9:30-2:30 and those ages 5 on up through high school are welcome. Healthy snacks will be served, however, attendees will need to pack a cold lunch. On Wednesday night, there will be a special banquet in which grandparents, parents, and special people are invited to attend. A note will be sent with details as Wednesday may have a different schedule. 'Jesus is Coming Again' is the theme to this royal event and everyone is invited.  Larry Rhoden, as well as Gary and Amy Cammack, attended the Ag Chairs Summit in Vancouver, Canada last week. They discussed many of the pending agricultural issues and voted on resolutions. Larry chaired one of the sessions as he serves as vicepresident of SARL. Larry Rhoden met a sister of Jessie Levin, who is from Palm Springs, Fla. on his flight home. He  enjoyed a nice visit with her. She will spend time with Jessie and family for several days. LaVonne Remington is scheduled to go to Rochester, Minn. on June 12.  Please keep her in your prayers. A blood drive was held on Monday at the Community Baptist Church in Union Center.  We appreciate Donna Cammack and Carolyn Moreland for their service as they spend much time on the phone calling blood donors in order to meet the minimum amount of blood that they would like. Wes Labriers received a new face lift last week as their home has colored stucco now.  Also, much work has been done to Gary and Amy Cammack's entrance to their home.  Large rocks, like those at the church at Wes Labriers, have been moved in along with some other grooming additions. These additions can easily be seen as one travels on Highway 34 to Sturgis. I attended the Meade County Republican Women's meeting last Friday.  They spent much of their time planning for the 4th of July parade in Belle Fourche. Since this is the 75th anniversary of Nation Federation of Republican Women  they decided to have a float in the large parade. Any republican woman who is interested in participating in walking with or riding on the float is welcome!  Please  contact Monae Johnson at 342-8206 or Sandy Rhoden at 985-5461. 

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The Garden Gate
By Karen Englehart, Master Gardener SDSU Extension - Perkins Co.
Wake up the looks of your table and your taste buds with edible flowers that taste good as well as look good. There are several flowers that are edible, but these may be some you have not thought about as edible or maybe as flowers. Borage, thought of as a health food supplement, this annual grows 2 to 4 feet tall with purplish blue, star-shaped flowers that, according to a 16th century herbalist John Gerarde, “make the mind glad”. They like a sunny spot and are usually sown from seed and reseeds itself.  Borage adds a cucumber taste to salads, dips and cold soups.  Freeze the flowers in ice cubes for decorative cold drinks. In larger amounts it can act as a diuretic. Calendula, known to some as pot marigolds is an annual and was a favorite in medieval cooking. It grows up to 20 inches tall, has pale yellow to deep orange flowers. Again sow seeds directly in soil in a sunny location; it tolerates afternoon shade in hot temps.  This easy to grow plant often self-seeds as well.  It is sometimes referred to as poor man’s saffron and has a slightly bitters taste. Petals add color to

Yes - Edible flowers

Swimming pool ... opened for the season on Monday. Kids were enjoying the water on a hot day. Photo by Loretta Passolt

scrambled eggs, cheeses and rice. Try the leaves & petals chopped in soups, salads and stews. Do not use this flower if you are allergic to rag weed, asters or other members of the Compositae family. Chamomile, this tiny daisy like flowers is known to most of us as being used for tea. It was immortalized in “the Tale of Peter Rabbit” when Mrs. Rabbit brewed a calming tea for her son Peter. This annual is a sun lover and is also grown from seed and easily reseeds itself to the point of being invasive.  Its sweet apple flavor and fragrance make excellent tea

Sr. Citizens Menu
All meals served with milk and bread. Menu subject to change without notice. Wed., June 12: Macaroni & Cheese, Sliced tomatoes, Banana, Butterscotch pudding Thur., June 13: Breaded baked fish, Sweet potatoes, Peas, Peach crisp w/topping Fri., June 14: Hungarian goulash, Corn O’Brien, Jello w/mandarin oranges, Oatmeal Fruit Muffin Mon., June 17: Turkey & Noodles, Seasoned spinach, Fruity slaw, Pears Tue., June 18: No Meals Wed., June 19: Pork chop w/celery sauce, Baked brown rice, Broccoli, Cranberry sauce, Fruit cocktail Thur., June 20: Hamburger on bun, Hash brown patty, Baked beans, Lettuce leaf w/tomato slice, Pears Fri., June 21: French dip sandwich, Potato salad, Grape juice, Seasoned fruit, Vanilaa ice cream

and is great as a bedtime tea. Steep 2 to 4 teaspoons of fresh flowers with a cup of boiling water for three minutes, strain and enjoy.  This flower is also a member of the Compositae family be aware of allergies mentioned above for Calendula. Chives, another herb many of us have in our gardens and readily use the stems in many dishes. The lovely pink to lavender flowers have flavored meals for centuries.  Planting clumps is the best way to propagate chives, seeds germinate slowly.  Break apart the florets to add a mild onion flavor to dinner rolls, casseroles, salads, eggs, potatoes and butters. Next time we will add a few more to this list.  The garden is the poor man's apothecary. ~ German Proverb

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to pick the volumes up, and $90 if you want them mailed to you. Casey shot another coyote Thursday. GF&P has killed five mountain lions, a female and two kittens in downtown Keystone, a male lion watching walkers and bicyclists along a park trail in the Angostura State Recreation Area, and another male in Hill City. Scott Larson with the USFW in Pierre sent me a press release announcing that the USFW proposes to return management and protection of wolves to the states. Mexican wolves in the Southwest will continue to be protected as endangered subspecies, but the states will manage the gray wolves. The comment period opens June 10 and I’ll let you know where to send your comments as soon as I know. Obama’s scandals keep building. NSA scans every email, every website, and every tweet, and records 3 billion phone calls per day, including both parties on the call, your location and the duration of the calls. They also have your credit card information. The IRS, NSA, EPA, DOJ, ATF, and OSHA spying on us is government overreach and reminds me of this: A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element has been named "Governmentium." Governmentium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an Atomic mass of 311. These 311 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected, as it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Governmentium causes one reaction to take over 4 days to complete when it would normally take less

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Grand River Roundup
By Betty Olson
We got 20 hundredths of rain Friday night, the grass is growing, the birds are singing and life is good! We branded the last bunch of late calves on Monday and that afternoon Taz and Bryce took a load of horses to Lemmon to the horse chiropractor. Tuesday, most of the community gathered to brand at Doug Doll’s. The Hackamore branding is the grand opening of the Harding County social season and fashion extravaganza. The chilly weather kind of put a damper on the fashion scene this year. Bryce rode the roundup wearing her footy pajamas and dang near froze to death. She explained that fashion was much more important than comfort! All the ropers sported the mandatory neckties and the wrestlers were dressed to the teeth, but by the time I showed up, most everyone had their finery covered with heavy jackets. The Big Boss Man Doug Doll hung tough in his tuxedo accessorized by a beautiful leather necktie topped by a silver concho that a friend hand-tooled for him. We see the tux every year, but that necktie was impressive. When I bragged it up to Doug, he told me he liked it so good that he is going to wear it to his son Clint’s wedding the end of this month! Tuesday was also the school board election in Harding County, so Reub and I went to Ralph to vote before I went to the Hackamore. Only one person had voted before we got there and the election turnout wasn’t real great. You’ve probably heard that the two new board members are Linda Gilbert and David Wickstrom. Being on the school board can be a thankless and frustrating job, but we wish you both the best! Harding County lost another old-timer on Tuesday. Buck Brengle passed away at Fort Meade after a long battle with cancer. Buck’s funeral will be 1:00 Thursday at the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish. Buck was one of eight children born to W.O. and Maude Brengle on the family ranch south of Buffalo. My Grandpa Clem White and W.O. were great friends (and fellow horse traders) and we used to hear some really fun stories about those two and Bill Marty’s uncle, Sam Marty. Buck and I enjoyed those old stories and I’m going to miss being able to laugh with him about those long ago days that were sometimes way too exciting! Casey, Bryce and Trig helped Bill Holt move cows Wednesday morning and then went to Buffalo that afternoon for the first Youth Series rodeo. It was nice outside so I got my flower beds weeded and worked up a sweat cleaning the yard. It sure cooled off that night though. Thursday morning our thermometer registered 34 degrees! Rep. Charlie Hoffman said they had a hard freeze at his ranch east of the Missouri near Eureka, but my tomatoes looked okay here, thank goodness. Friday the temperature soared to 82 degrees and I used the air conditioner! The Harding County history books are here! Fed-Ex brought them to Buffalo Thursday afternoon. We spent the afternoon packing books for shipment until we ran out of boxes. I brought mine home that night and haven’t been able to put it down since. A lot of them have been delivered and we will be working to get the rest out to all of you who ordered some. There are extras, so if you want one, send a check for $80 for the two volumes written to “Harding County history book” to Alice Holcomb, 13699 Harding Rd, Buffalo, SD 57720, if you plan

than a second. Governmentium has a normal half-life of 4 years; it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes. This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as "Critical Morass." When catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium, an element which radiates just as much energy, since it has 1/2 as many peons but twice as many morons.

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Email: faithind@faithsd.com
Faith Swimming Pool – 967-2154 Monday through Sunday 1:00 – 5:00 PM
Call City Office or pool to sign up for swimming lessons

Single Pass – $40 Family Pass (Immediate family only) $75
Parents and children must sign the Rules of the Pool form before entering the pool. Forms will be available at the ticket booth PaTRon SuSPenSIonS MInoR oFFenSe Example: running, splashing patrons, splashing guards, diving board violation, slide violation 1ST oFFenSe - Sit out for 10 minutes 2nD oFFenSe - Suspended for the day and must leave the premises 3RD oFFenSe - Child will be accompanied by and remain with a parent or guardian on all future pool visits for the rest of the season 4TH oFFenSe - Suspended from pool for the rest of the season. SeConDaRY oFFenSe - Example: going through others personal items, domestic fighting, name calling, swearing at patrons or guard staff. 1ST SuSPenSIon - Contact parents, two week suspension.

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FHS Rodeo Club wins team title
Faith High School Rodeo Club came home with the team trophy from the Dupree Regional High School Rodeo held June 8-9th. Several members qualified for the State HS Rodeo to be held in Belle Fourche June 19th-23rd. Bareback Riding Place, Name, City, 1st GO, Score, Points, 2nd GO, Score, Points Total 1-Clark, Tayte, Meadow 68.0, 10.00, 52.0, 9.00, 19.00, 2-Clark, Trig, Meadow 58.0, 9.00, 63.0, 10.00, 19.00 Barrel Racing 1-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 18.017, 5.00, 17.377, 9.00, 14.00 2-Eymer, Brittany, Spearfish 18.015, 6.00, 17.800, 7.00, 13.00 3-Engesser, Taylor, Spearfish 17.168, 10.00, 27.241, 0.00, 10.00 4-Smith, Peyton, Lantry 18.055, 4.00, 17.869, 6.00, 10.00 5-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish 22.692, 0.00, 17.243, 10.00, 10.00 6-Doyle, Peedee, St. Onge 17.834, 9.00, 100.000, 0.00, 9.00 7-Ward, Fehrin, Fruitdale 17.857, 8.00, 27.862, 0.00, 8.00 8-Howell, Brooke, Belle Fourche 18.936, 0 . 0 0 , 1 7 . 6 5 5 , 8.00, 8.00 9-Lemmon, Dylan, Eagle Butte 17.921, 7.00, 100.000, 0.00, 7.00 10-Woodward, Cassy, Dupree 18.069, 3.00, 17.937, 4.00, 7.00 11-Hunt, Jana, Dupree24.701, 0.00, 17.930, 5.00, 5.00 12-Ryan, Jessica, Belle Fourche 18.267, 1.00, 17.992, 2.00, 3.00 13-Lueders, Joeni, Spearfish 18.367, 0.00, 17.942, 3.00, 3.00 14-Derflinger, Jami, Opal 18.131, 2.00, 18.113, 0.00, 2.00 Breakaway Roping 1-Woodward, Cassy, Dupree 3.470, 9.00, 2.930, 10.00, 19.00 2-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish, 3.848, 8.00, 4.530, 4.00, 12.00 3-Engesser, Taylor Spearfish 3.130, 10.00, 9.510, 0.00, 10.00 4-Miller, Kecia, Newell 100.000, 0.00, 3.430, 9.00, 9.00 5-Kocer, Hallie, Bison 100.000, 0.00, 3.490, 8.00, 8.00 6-Stevens, Breann, Dupree 4.950, 7.00, 100.000, 0.00, 7.00 7-Dowling, Caitlyn, Newell 100.000, 0.00, 3.680, 7.00, 7.00 8-Arneson, Tanielle, Enning 5.050, 6.00, 100.000, 0.00, 6.00 9-Lamphere, Jayci, Belle Fourche 21.890, 0.00, 3.900, 6.00, 6.00 10-Shepherd, Callie, Camp Crook 5.610, 5.00, 100.000, 0.00, 5.00 11-Williamson, Tera, Newell 100.000, 0.00, 4.060, 5.00, 5.00 12-Miller, Katy, Faith 5 . 6 2 0 , 4.00, 100.000, 0.00, 4.00 13-Mikkelson, Miranda, Belle Fourche 7.000, 1.00, 5.080, 3.00, 4.00 14-Howell, Bridget, Belle Fourche 5.890, 3.00, 100.000, 0.00, 3.00 15-Pierson, Kelsey, Lemmon 6.120, 2.00, 100.000, 0.00, 2.00 Bull Riding 1-Gray, Teigan, Ridgeview 0.0, 0.00, 58.0, 10.00, 10.00 2-Neigel, Hayden, Eagle Butte 65.0, 9.50, 0.0, 0.00, 9.50 3-Peterson, Jett, Parade 65.0, 9.50, 0.0, 0.00, 9.50 Boy's Cutting 1-Escott, Chance, Faith 72.0, 9.50, 71.0, 10.00, 19.50 2-Crago, Chet, Belle Fourche 72.0, 9.50, 70.0, 8.00, 17.50 3-Crago, Jade, Belle Fourche 71.0, 8.00, 70.0, 8.00, 16.00 4-Peterson, Jett, Parade 66.0, 6.00, 70.0, 8.00, 14.00 5-Palmer, Tye, Dupree 67.0, 7.00, 63.0, 4.50, 11.50 6-Carmichael, Kenneth, Faith 64.0, 4.00, 64.0, 6.00, 10.00 7-Palmer, Collin, Bison 65.0, 5.00, 63.0, 4.50, 9.50 Goat Tying

1-Ward, Fehrin, Fruitdale 7.870, 10.00, 7.640, 9.00, 19.00 2-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish 8.050, 9.00, 8.460, 7.00, 16.00 3-Engesser, Taylor, Spearfish 8.640, 6.00, 7.700, 8.00, 14.00 4-Thorstenson, Alix, Belle Fourche 8.330, 7.00, 8.890, 5.00, 12.00 5-Heitz, Ryder, Newell 9.200, 5.00, 8.680, 6.00, 11.00 6-Miller, Katy, Faith 9.710, 0.00, 7.620, 10.00, 10.00 7-Smith, Peyton, Lantry 8.180, 8.00, 100.000, 0.00, 8.00 8-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 9.330, 3.00, 9.060, 4.00, 7.00 9-Woodward, Cassy, Dupree 9.410, 2.00, 9.300, 3.00, 5.00 10-Wilken, Tricia, Meadow 9.280, 4.00, 100.000, 0.00, 4.00 Girl's Cutting 1-Carmichael, Karisa, Faith 68.0, 9.00, 68.0, 10.00, 19.00 Fruit2-Ward, Keanna dale 67.0, 8.00, 67.0, 8.50, 16.50 3-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 70.0, 10.00, 61.0, 5.00, 15.00 4-Ward, Fehrin, Fruitdale 61.0, 6.00, 67.0, 8.50, 14.50 5. Ryan, Jessica, Belle Fourche 66.0, 7.00, 65.0, 7.00, 14.00 6-Lamphere, Jayci, Belle Fourche 0.0, 0.00, 63.0, 6.00, 6.00 Pole Bending 1-Lueders, Joeni, Spearfish 21.402, 9.00, 21.052, 9.00, 18.00 2-Hunt, Jana, Dupree 22.037, 7.00, 20.766, 10.00, 17.00 3-Heitz, Ryder, Newell 21.678, 8.00, 21.531, 5.00, 13.00 4-Howell, Brooke, Belle Fourche 22.286, 5.00, 21.112, 8.00, 13.00 5-Ward, Fehrin, Fruitdale 20.776, 10.00, 35.492, 0.00, 10.00 6-Woodward, Cassy, Dupree 30.968, 0.00, 21.298, 7.00, 7.00 7-Price, Sierra, Mud Butte 22.128, 6.00, 27.404, 0.00, 6.00 8-Collins, Kellsey, Newell

100.000, 0.00, 21.486, 6.00, 6.00 9-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish 22.688, 4.00, 27.437, 0.00, 4.00 10-Ryan, Jessica, Belle Fourche 29.000, 0.00, 21.833, 4.00, 4.00 Prairie 11-Olson, Bryce, City 22.702, 3.00, 31.738, 0.00, 3.00 12-Kocer, Hallie, Bison 38.102, 0.00, 22.022, 3.00, 3.00 Saddle Bronc 1-Deal, Kash, Dupree 62.0, 9.00, 68.0, 9.50, 18.50 2-Longbrake, Seth, Howes 58.0, 8.00, 65.0, 8.00, 16.00 3-Clark, Tayte, Meadow 67.0, 10.00, 0.0, 0.00, 10.00 4-Clark, Trig, Meadow 0.0, 0.00, 68.0, 9.50, 9.50 5-Knight, Wyatt, Eagle Butte 54.0, 7.00, 0.0, 0.00, 7.00 6-Tupper, Taylor, St. Onge 0.0, 0.00, 53.0, 7.00, 7.00 7-Laplante, Treye, Dupree 49.0, 6.00, 0.0, 0.00, 6.00 8-Jensen, Reece, Newell 41.0, 5.00, 0.0, 0.00, 5.00 Steer Wrestling 1-Bernstein, Clay, Faith 11.500, 8.00, 16.420, 10.00, 18.00 2-Deichert, Michael, Spearfish 7.810, 10.00, 100.000, 0.00, 10.00 3-Nelson, Andy, Spearfish 9.980, 9.00, 100.000, 0.00, 9.00 4-Clark, Tayte, Meadow 100.000, 0.00, 19.680, 9.00, 9.00 5-Tupper, Taylor, St. Onge 100.000, 0.00, 26.090, 8.00, 8.00 6-Chytka, Tucker, Belle Fourche, 22.690, 7.00, 100.000, 0.00, 7.00 7-Dowling, Cyler, Newell 25.730, 6.00, 100.000, 0.00, 6.00 8-Olson, Tyus, Mud Butte 26.450, 5.00, 100.000, 0.00, 5.00 Team Roping 1-Deichert, Michael, Spearfish 9.430, 8.00, 8.750, 9.00, 17.00 2-Engesser, Taylor, Spearfish 9.430, 8.00, 8.750, 9.00, 17.00 3-Bernstein, Cody, Faith 17.410, 3.00, 7.780, 10.00, 13.00

Northern Hills 1st & 3rd Eye Care Wednesdays
JUNE 19, 2012

of each month

4-Trainor, Cody, Faith 17.410, 3.00, 7.780, 10.00, 13.00 5-Nelson, Andy, Spearfish 15.930, 6.00, 10.650, 5.00, 11.00 6-Packer, Caden, Sturgis 15.930, 6.00, 10.650, 5.00, 11.00 7-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 8.540, 10.00, 100.000, 0.00, 10.00 8-Nelson, Wylee, Faith 8.540, 10.00, 100.000, 0.00, 10.00 9-Donner, Sage, Morristown 9.410, 9.00, 29.340, 1.00, 10.00 10-Oliver, Shay, Lemmon9.410, 9.00, 29.340, 1.00, 10.00 11-Lamphere, Jayci, Belle Fourche 100.000, 0.00, 9.450, 8.00, 8.00 12-Palmer,Tyen,Dupree 100.000, 0.00, 9.450, 8.00, 8.00 13-Hetzel, Colby, Lemmon 11.340, 7.00, 100.000, 0.00, 7.00 Cash, Lem14-Hetzel, mon11.340, 7.00, 100.000, 0.00, 7.00 15-Deal, Kash,Dupree 100.000, 0.00, 9.470, 7.00, 7.00 16-Longbrake,Seth,Howes 100.000, 0.00, 9.470, 7.00, 7.00 17-Giannonatti, Alex, Buffalo 100.000, 0.00, 10.290, 6.00, 6.00 18-Teigen, Max, Camp Crook, 100.000, 0.00, 10.290, 6.00, 6.00 19-Bernstein, Clay, Faith 15.960, 5.00, 100.000, 0.00, 5.00 20-Thompson, Darwyn, Eagle Butte, 15.960, 5.00, 100.000, 0.00, 5.00 Tiedown 1-Packer, Caden, Sturgis 13.830, 9.00, 13.820, 9.00, 18.00 2-Bernstein, Cody, Faith 15.560, 7.00, 12.530, 10.00, 17.00 3-Carmichael, Kenneth, Faith 15.610, 6.00, 15.490, 7.00, 13.00 4-Trainor, Cody, Faith 11.780, 10.00, 100.000, 0.00, 10.00 5-Hetzel, Cash, Lemmon 14.770, 8.00, 100.000, 0.00, 8.00 6-Olson, Tyus, Mud Butte 100.000, 0.00, 14.560, 8.00, 8.00 7-Dowling, Cyler, Newell 25.780, 2.00, 29.500, 4.00, 6.00 8-Palmer, Tyen, Dupree 27.960, 1.00, 20.400, 5.00, 6.00 9-Donner, Sage, Morristown 100.000, 0.00, 15.690, 6.00, 6.00 10-Clark, Tayte, Meadow 17.460, 5.00, 100.000, 0.00, 5.00 11-Clark, Trig, Meadow 18.690, 4.00, 100.000, 0.00, 4.00 12-Oliver, Shay, Lemmon 21.130, 3.00, 100.000, 0.00, 3.00

Dr. Hafner

Dr. Prosser
JULY 3, 2013

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Schedule for Faith Clinic For Appointment call: 1-800-648-0760

967-2161 FaX 967-2160

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Bob Drown, Extension Specialist
Upcoming disease and pest problems
jury not only retards growth but also deforms the tree. Partially girdled whorls become so weakened that the tree breaks off. Permethrin contained in products such as Bonide Borer-Mine Killer and Gordon’s Bug-No-More can be used to control this pest. April is normally the time for chemical control but as late of a spring as we are having you should be able to kill the caterpillars in May by soaking the tree and especially the trunk before the temperature warms. When they start crawling about and begin to dig deep into the tree trunk they will be killed by the poison residue on the bark. Repeat the spray application in August to kill young caterpillars that hatch from the eggs. Diplodia Tip Blight a fungal disease that affects Austrian and Scotch that are growing under stressful conditions. The fungus is known to infect the younger and healthy needles of newly formed candles. It especially attacks the tips and needles of trees that have been weakened by stress from drought, injuries to roots, not enough nutrients in the soil, excessive amounts of shade, as well as injuries inflicted from weather and insects. It shows up as canker like injuries that ooze a resin that serves to infect other trees. The most evident sign of a pine tree being infected is if the trees have brown, stunted new shoots with short, brown needles. To control treat with a fungicide containing propiconazole or chlorothalanil before the bud sheaths have opened. See above under apple scab for products containing these active ingredients. My sources for this news release were the Dr. John Ball, SDDA Forest Health Specialist and USDA Forest Service General Technical Report Diseases of Trees of the Great Plains. If you would like more information about “Upcoming Disease and Pest Problems,” call Bob Drown at the Conservation Office at 605244-5222, Extension 4. All programs and services provided by the Northwest Area Conservation Districts are provided regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status.


Wow, it rained! The watering that many have done over the last year or so has helped keep trees and shrubs alive but it is not as beneficial as rainwater. Now things are going to start happening with plant development, growth and depending on the humidity and temperatures associated with disease and pest problems. Following are some problems that may show up on a tree near you and how to control them. Apple scab is a fungal disease to trees and shrubs in the apple family. The disease is most noticeable in mid–summer as dull black or grey-brown lesions on the surface of tree leaves and fruit. The disease rarely kills its host, but can significantly reduce fruit yields and fruit quality. Young leaves are most susceptible to being infected within the first week after unfolding. Captan can be used to control apple scab on crabapple and apple trees. The first application should be done as the buds swell and open and do two or three more applications spaced 10 days apart. Other fungicides that can be used on ornamental crabapples only are propriconazole contained in such products as Bonide INFUSE Systemic Disease Control, Ferti-Lome Systemic Fungicide Liquid or chlorothalonil contained in such products as Bonide Fungionil, Garden Tech Daconil, Gordon’s Multi-Purpose Fungicide, Ortho Daconil just before the bud sheaths have opened. Zimmerman Pine Moth is a native insect that has become established throughout northwestern South Dakota. Ponderosa Pines in shelterbelts have been most commonly infested, but Austrian, Mugo, Jack and Scotch Pines are also reported as hosts. It infests the tips of branches and the main trunk feeding on the inner bark. Branches typically break at the crotch area where they join the trunk. Dead and dying branches, most often in the upper half of the tree, commonly indicate infestations. The first external symptoms of injury are popcorn-like pitch masses at wound sites. The pitch masses may reach golf-ball size and ultimately resemble clusters of small, pale grapes. The in-

2013 Dupree Regional Rodeo Team with the team trophy… Pictured in the back row are: Tearnee Nelson, 1st barrels and split 3rd and 4th in cutting; Clay Bernstein, 1st in steer wrestling; Chance Escott, 1st in cutting; Cody Bernstein, 2nd in team roping, 2nd in calf roping; Kenny Carmichael, 3rd in calf roping; Front row: Wylee Nelson; Wyatt Schuelke; Cody Trainor, 2nd team roping; Karisa Carmichael, 1st in cutting. Not pictured is Tyen Palmer, 4th in calf roping. Photo courtesy of Tawn Nelson

May 2013 nearly doubles average number of child heatstroke deaths in vehicles
7 children die in hot cars in 4 states in 16-day period
ummer hasn't even arrived, and yet already this year seven children have died of heat stroke after being left in vehicles. KidsAndCars.org reports the following deaths in a 16-day period in May: •A girl, 5 months, died May 10 in El Paso, Texas, after her mother, a high school teacher, unknowingly left her behind in her SUV. •A boy, 4, died May 15 in  Transylvania County, N.C., after his grandmother forgot to drop him off at daycare. •A boy, 11 months, died May 16 in Miami, Fla., died after being left behind in his mother's car. •A girl, 1, died May 17 in Dallas, Texas, after her mother, an elementary school teacher,  unknowingly left her behind in her vehicle. •A boy, 1, died May 24 in Corpus Christi, Texas, after his uncle forgot to drop him off at daycare. •A boy, 18 months, and girl, 2 months died May 26 in Glen Allen, Va., when they were left in the car while the mother was at work. All of the children were left by a family member, and all but one child were under age 2. "The worst thing any parent or caregiver can do is think that this could never happen to them, that they are not capable of inadvertently leaving their child behind," says Janette Fennell, founder and president of KidsAndCars.org, the leading national nonprofit child safety organization working to prevent injuries and deaths of children in and around motor vehicles. "This can and does happen to the most loving, responsible and attentive parents." Since the group began tracking data, more than 675 children have died in these preventable tragedies. Safety Tips from KidsAndCars.org Remember the following "Look Before You Lock"  BE SAFE tips from KidsAndCars.org: Back seat - Put something in the back seat so you have to open the back door when leaving the vehicle - cell phone, employee badge, handbag, etc. Every child should be correctly restrained in the back seat. Stuffed animal - Move it from the car seat to the front seat to remind you when your baby is in the back seat. Ask your babysitter or childcare provider to call you within 10 minutes if your child hasn't arrived on time. Focus on driving - Avoid cell phone calls and texting while driving. Every time you park your vehicle open the back door to make sure no one has been left behind. Through the "Look Before You Lock" educational campaign, the first of its kind, KidsAndCars.org has distributed more than 300,000 information cards to birthing hospitals nationwide. KidsAndCars.org urges everyone to read "Fatal Distraction," Gene Weingarten's Pulitzer Prize-winning article in The Washington Post at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp, which explains how these heartbreaking and preventable tragedies can happen to anyone. KidsAndCars.org fully supports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA's) new program, "Where's Baby, Look Before You Lock." 

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Buffalo Regional High School Rodeo results
Bareback Riding Place, Member, Name, City 1st GO, Score, Points, 2nd GO, Score, Points 1-Clark, Tayte, Meadow 68.0, 10.00, 62.0, 9.00, 19.00 2-Clark, Trig, Meadow 62.0, 9.00, 63.0, 10.00, 19.00 3-Cummings, Melvin, Eagle Butte 55.0, 8.00, 0.0, 0.00, 8.00 Barrel Racing 1-Engesser, Taylor, Spearfish 18.836, 10.00, 18.132, 10.00, 20.00 2-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish 19.262, 9.00, 18.570, 9.00, 18.00 3-Eymer, Brittany, Spearfish, 19.448, 8.00,19.066, 5.00, 13.00 4-Hunt, Jana, Dupree 19.889, 4.00, 18.959, 7.00, 11.00 5-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 20.212, 1.00, 18.833, 8.00, 9.00 6-Derflinger, Jami, Opal 19.572, 7.00, 19.225, 0.00, 7.00 7-Olson, Bryce, Prairie City 19.579, 6.00, 19.175, 0.00, 6.00 8-Howell, Brooke, Belle Fourche 20.336, 0.00, 19.051, 6.00, 6.00 9-Hanson, Jordan, Spearfish 19.635, 5.00, 19.719, 0.00, 5.00 10-Woodward, Cassy, Dupree 20.181, 2.00, 19.077, 3.00, 5.00 11-Ward, Fehrin, Fruitdale 20.587, 0.00, 19.076, 4.00, 4.00 12-Lamphere, Jayci, Belle Fourche 20.174, 3.00, 19.349, 0.00, 3.00 13-Smith, Peyton, Lantry 25.504, 0.00, 19.107, 2.00, 2.00 14-Doyle, Peedee, St. Onge 20.448, 0.00, 19.155, 1.00, 1.00 15-Carmichael, Karisa, Faith 100.000, 0.00, 20.456, 0.00, 1.00 Breakaway Roping 1-Ward, Keanna, Fruitdale 2.970, 8.00, 2.510, 10.00, 18.00 2-Woodward, Cassy, Dupree 3.760, 4.00, 2.960, 9.00, 13.00 3-Lamphere,Jayci, Belle Fourche, 2.260, 10.00, 100.000, 0.00, 10.00 4-Kocer, Hallie, Bison, 2.880, 9.00, 100.000, 0.00, 9.00 5-Ryan, Jessica, Belle Fourche 3.360, 6.00, 3.640, 2.00, 8.00 6-Ward, Fehrin, Fruitdale 3.890, 3.00, 3.310, 5.00, 8.00 7-Miller, Kecia, Newell 100.000, 0.00, 2.990, 8.00, 8.00 8-Hanson, Jordan, Spearfish 3.180, 7.00, 100.000, 0.00, 7.00 9-Howell, Brooke, Belle Fourche 100.000, 0.00, 3.000, 7.00, 7.00 10-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 100.000, 0.00, 3.080, 6.00, 6.00 11-Miller, Katy, Faith, 3.590, 5.00, 100.000, 0.00, 5.00 12-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish, 18.650, 0.00, 3.370, 4.00, 4.00 Bull Riding 1-Peterson, Jett, Parade 6 5 . 0 , 9.00, 62.0, 10.00, 19.00 2-Gerbracht, Dalton, Faith 67.0, 10.00, 56.0, 8.00, 18.00 3-Spiel, Dayton, Parade 6 1 . 0 , 7.00, 54.0, 7.00, 14.00 4-Neigel, Hayden, Eagle Butte 0.0, 0.00, 57.0, 9.00, 9.00 5-Hunt, Collin, Eagle Butte 64.0, 8.00, 0.0, 0.00, 8.00 6-Gray, Teigan, Ridgeview 50.0, 6.00, 0.0, 0.00, 6.00 Boy's Cutting 1-Crago, Chet, Belle Fourche 73.0, 10.00, 72.0, 10.00, 20.00 2-Crago, Jade, Belle Fourche 71.0, 9.00, 70.0, 9.00, 18.00 3-Escott, Chance, Faith 69.0, 8.00, 69.0, 8.00, 16.00 4-Peterson, Jett, Parade, 64.0, 7.00, 67.0, 6.00, 13.00 5-Carmichael, Kenneth, Faith 63.0, 6.00, 68.0, 7.00, 13.00 6. Palmer, Tyen, Dupree 0.0, 0.00, 65.0, 5.00, 5.00 7-Palmer, Collin, Bison 0.0, 0.00, 61.0, 4.00, 4.00 Goat Tying 1-Engesser, Taylor, Spearfish 8.100, 9.00, 9.550, 6.00, 15.00 2-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 7 . 8 5 0 ,

10.00, 10.110, 4.00, 14.00 3-Wilken, Tricia, Meadow 8.770, 7.00, 8.950, 7.00, 14.00 Alix, Belle 4-Thorstenson, Fourche 15.870, 0.00,8.280, 10.00, 10.00 5-Howell, Brooke, Belle Fourche 11.540, 0.00, 8.570, 9.00, 9.00 6-Ward, Fehrin, Fruitdale 8.740, 8.00, 15.170, 0.00, 8.00 7-Heitz, Ryder, Newell 10.100, 3.00, 9.580, 5.00, 8.00 Keanna, Fruitdale 8-Ward, 10.840, 0.00, 8.820, 8.00, 8.00 9-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish 9.010, 6.00, 11.700, 0.00, 6.00 10-Kocer, Hallie, Bison 9.920, 4.00, 11.080, 2.00, 6.00 Girl's Cutting 1-Ryan, Jessica, Belle Fourche 74.0, 10.00, 70.0, 8.00, 18.00 2-Ward, Keanna, Fruitdale 73.5, 9.00, 71.0, 9.00, 18.00 3-Ward, Fehrin, Fruitdale 73.0, 8.00, 72.0, 10.00, 18.00 4-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 72.0, 6.50, 69.0, 7.00, 13.50 5-Lamphere, Jayci, Belle Fourche 72.0, 6.50, 61.0, 5.00, 11.50 6-Carmichael, Karisa, Faith 71.0, 5.00, 68.0, 6.00, 11.00 Pole Bending 1-Price, Sierra, Mud Butte 22.322, 6.00, 21.009, 9.00, 15.00 2-Ryan, Jessica, Belle Fourche 22.931, 3.00, 21.878, 8.00, 11.00 3-Collins, Kellsey, Newell 21.359 10.00, 25.789, 0.00, 10.00 4-Hunt, Jana, Dupree 26.403, 0.00, 20.739, 10.00, 10.00 5-Eymer, Brittany, Spearfish 21.603, 9.00, 26.536, 0.00, 9.00 6-Engesser, Taylor, Spearfish, 21.626, 8.00, 26.647, 0.00, 8.00 7-Woodward, Cassy, Dupree 21.749, 7.00, 31.837, 0.00, 7.00 8-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish 23.157, 2.00, 22.118, 5.00, 7.00 9-Garrett, Maddie, Nisland 100.000, 0.00, 21.975, 7.00, 7.00 10-Hauck, Maclyn, Belle Fourche, 100.000, 0.00, 22.042, 6.00, 6.00 11-Howell, Brooke, Belle Fourche 22.377, 5.00, 100.000, 0.00, 5.00 12-Lueders, Joeni, Spearfish

22.871, 4.00, 27.359, 0.00, 4.00 13-Lee, Tracy, Reva, 27.795, 0.00, 22.179, 4.00, 4.00 14-Hanson, Jordan, Spearfish 29.136, 0.00, 22.445, 3.00, 3.00 15-Sexton, Brianna, Bison 34.057 0.00, 22.474, 2.00, 2.00 16-Lamphere, Jayci, Belle Fourche 23.164, 1.00, 26.711, 0.00, 1.00 17-Olson, Bryce, Prairie City 32.631, 0.00, 23.013, 1.00, 1.00 Saddle Bronc 1-Clark, Tayte, Meadow 6 1 . 0 , 9.00, 68.0, 10.00, 19.00 2-Clark, Trig, Meadow 67.0, 10.00, 0.0, 0.00, 10.00 3-Fox, Rhett, Redig, 0.0, 0 . 0 0 , 67.0, 9.00, 9.00 4-Deal, Kash, Dupree 60.0, 8.00, 0.0, 0.00, 8.00 5-Laplante, Treye, Dupree 51.0, 7.00, 0.0, 0.00, 7.00 Steer Wrestling 1-Bernstein, Clay, Faith 10.360, 10.00, 24.490, 6.00, 16.00 2-Schuelke, Wyatt, Opal 100.000, 0.00, 8.960, 10.00, 10.00 3-Hurst, Dalton, Buffalo 12.480, 9.00, 100.000, 0.00, 9.00 4-Nelson, Andy, S p e a r f i s h 100.000, 0.00, 9.070, 9.00, 9.00 5-Teigen, Max, Camp Crook 14.140, 8.00, 100.000, 0.00, 8.00 6-Dowling, Cyler, Newell 100.000, 0.00, 10.990, 8.00, 8.00 7-Chytka, Tucker, Belle Fourche 100.000, 0.00, 20.740, 7.00, 7.00 Team Roping 1-Foster, Lane, Meadow 7.350, 10.00, 8.440, 8.00, 18.00 2-Sheridan, Dalton, Faith 7.350, 10.00, 8.440, 8.00, 18.00 3-Nelson, Andy, Spearfish 10.360, 9.00, 10.820, 6.00,15.00 4-Packer, Caden, Sturgis 10.360, 9.00, 10.820, 6.00, 15.00 5-Engesser, Rickie, Spearfish

100.000, 0.00, 7.130, 10.00, 10.00 6-Olson, Tyus, Mud Butte 100.000, 0.00, 7.130, 10.00, 10.00 7-Nelson, Tearnee, Faith 100.000, 0.00, 7.640, 9.00, 9.00 8-Nelson, Wylee, Faith 100.000, 0.00, 7.640, 9.00, 9.00 9-Lamphere, Jayci, Belle Fourche 13.100, 8.00, 14.670, 0.00, 8.00 10-Palmer, Tyen, Dupree 13.100, 8.00, 14.670, 0.00, 8.00 11-Arneson, Tanielle, Enning, 14.110, 7.00, 27.320, 0.00, 7.00 12-Schuelke, Wyatt, Opal, 14.110, 7.00, 27.320, 0.00, 7.00 13-Donner, Sage, Morristown 14.670, 5.00, 13.670, 2.00, 7.00 14-Oliver, Shay, Lemmon 14.670 5.00, 13.670, 2.00, 7.00 15-Clark, Trig, Meadow 100.000, 0.00, 10.290, 7.00, 7.00 16-Clark, Tayte, Meadow 100.000, 0.00, 10.290, 7.00, 7.00 17-Deal, Kash, Dupree 14.470, 6.00, 100.000, 0.00, 6.00 18-Longbrake, Seth, Howes 14.470, 6.00,100.000, 0.00, 6.00 Tiedown 1-Deichert, Michael, Spearfish 18.440, 9.00, 18.080, 6.00, 15.00 2-Hetzel, Cash, Lemmon 22.70, 7.00, 15.680, 8.00, 15.00 3-Carmichael, Kenneth, Faith 17.240, 10.00, 19.670, 4.00, 14.00 4-Teigen, Max, Camp Crook 23.880, 6.00, 16.250, 7.00, 13.00 5-Packer, Casey, Sturgis 30.840, 4.00, 15.080, 9.00, 13.00 6-Bernstein, Cody, Faith 100.000, 0.00, 11.870, 10.00, 10.00 7-Trainor, Cody, Faith 19.720, 8.00, 100.000, 0.00, 8.00 8-Schuelke, Wyatt, Opal 25.670, 5.00, 100.000, 0.00, 5.00 9-Donner, Sage, Morristown 100.000, 0.00, 19.230, 5.00, 5.00 10-Clark, Trig, Meadow 100.000, 0.00, 20.680, 3.00, 3.00

a faithful few tie and rope in Faith
Only a faithful few showed up to tie goats and breakaway rope on a cool, windy start to the first Ropes and Goats of the season on Tuesday, June 4. The determined 36 were happy to tune up their skills. Each contestant got three runs in every event. Morgan Ham recited the Bible verse of the day which was from Philippians 2:14 “Do everything without grumbling or arguing.” Comments were made that it was an easy verse to learn, but a hard one to obey. The high-money winner of the event was Katy Miller who won the T-Shirt with the Ropes and Goats theme: “Give it all you got, but give God the glory.” The next Ropes and Goats is June 11 at the Faith Stock Show and Rodeo grounds. Here are the results: Jr Jr Boys and Girls Goat Ribbon Snatching: Kaycee Groves 6.98 $35 Drew Harper 10.09 $21 Jess Harper 11.78 $14 Jr Girls Goat Tying Tayla Thorstenson 11.10 $50 Jr Boys Goat Tying Hugh Groves 39.84 $45 Sr Girls Goat Tying Tearnee Nelson 24.64 $80 Jr Girls Breakaway Roping Mikenzy Miller 17.95 $60 Jr Boys Breakaway Roping Harland Groves 3.71 (1 hd) $60 Sr Girls Breakawy Roping Katy Miller 2.68 (1 hd) $100 Open Girls Breakaway Roping Jacque Murray 6.39 (2 hd) $60

BELLE FOURCHE Tanglewood Apts, 2 Br Meadowlark Plaza, 1 Br BOX ELDER Johnson Apts, 2 Br

Bella Vista Village, 2 & 3 Br

Elderly 62+, Disables & Handicap Housing

LEAD Timberland Apts, 2 & 3 Br Gold Mountain Apts, 1 Br

Elderly 62+, Disables & Handicap Housing

NEWELL STURGIS Grand & Green Valley Apt, 1 Br * Bluff’s Edge Apts, 1Br Elderly 62+, Disabled & Handicap Housing Heritage Acres, 1 & 2 Br Elderly 62 & Handicap Housing SPEARFISH Butte Ridge Apts, 2 Br Iron Creek Plaza, 2 Br * Hunter’s Run Townhouses, 3 Br * Rolling Hills Apts, 2 & 3 Br Elderly 62+, Disabled & Handicap Housing Lookout Mountain view, 1 Br Elderly 62+, Disables & Handicap Housing WHITEWOOD Chiang Apts, 2 Br FAITH Countryside Estates, 1Br McLAUGHLIN LEMMON McLaughlin Manor, 1 Br Westside Apt, 1 & 2 Br

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SD Stockgrowers invites producers to dinner
The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is on the road, and they're inviting producers to join them for any of six dinners to be held across South Dakota next week. Meetings are scheduled to be held in Highmore, Mobridge, Isabel, Reva, Newell and New Underwood with a meal to be served and some great information to be shared. The meetings are free and open to the public. "We're excited to invite everyone to join us for a meal and an opportunity to learn more about the issues facing our livestock industry," said Shane Kolb, President of SD Stockgrowers Association. "On the national level we're working on Country of Origin Labeling, marketing reform under GIPSA, and a variety of federal land issues, and we want to make sure that producers also know all the work that Stockgrowers does on policy right here in our state." R-CALF CEO Bill Bullard will be the featured speaker presenting a variety of information about federal policy issues including the recent changes to Country of Origin Labeling Rules. Stockgrowers leaders will also be discussing recent state policy issues and answering questions from producers

about predator control, oil and gas development issues, property tax policy, and other topics. Producers are encouraged to attend, share their thoughts and ask questions. Kolb stated, "Whether you're a member or not, we encourage anyone interested in the issues impacting the livestock industry to join us for a meal and some great information." Schedule: Wednesday, June 19 Highmore - Grand Lodge be-

ginning at Noon. Mobridge - Pizza Ranch beginning at 6 pm, Sponsored by Herreid Livestock, Mobridge Livestock and ARC in Bowdle Thursday, June 20 Isabel - Sparky's beginning at Noon Reva - Community Hall at 6:30 pm Friday, June 21 Newell - Lunch at noon, location TBA New Underwood - Steve's at 7 pm

USDA/Farm Service Agency News
The Dewey, Meade & Ziebach County FSA offices would like to keep you informed of the following items important to USDA programs. If you have any questions please contact the Dewey County office at 865-3522 ext 2, Meade County at 347-4952 ext 2, or Ziebach County at 365-5179 ext 2. IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER: MAY 13 – Continuous CRP sign-up begins JUNE 14 – CRP sign-up ends JUNE 17 – COC nominations begin AUGUST 1 – COC nomantions close AUGUST 2 – Last day to signup for DCP June 2013 Interest Rates Interest Rate for Commodity and Marketing Assistance Loans is 1. 125% Interest Rate for Farm Storage Facility Loans is 1. 250 7 YEAR Interest Rate for Farm Storage Facility Loans is 1.750 10 YEAR Interest Rate for Farm Storage Facility Loans is 2.000 12 YEAR FLP Farm Operating Loan Interest is 1.250% FLP Farm Ownership Loan Interest is 3.375% One week left to sign up for Conservation Reserve Program Only a week remains for producers to sign up for the 45th general Conservation Reserve Program. Producers can sign up by June 14 to receive cost-share assistance to plant long-term, resource-conserving covers and receive annual rental payment for the length of the contract, which is 10-15 years. For the past 27 years, CRP has become one of the largest conservation effort with 27 million acres enrolled in the program. Those acres have improved water and air quality, prevented soil erosion and increased populations of pheasants, quail, ducks and rare species like the sage grouse and lesser prairie chicken. Those interested should contact their local FSA county office to sign up

Faith Livestock Commission Co. (605) 967-2200
A nice sale here for Monday, June 10, with a steady market on cows and bulls with continued interest in cow/calf pairs and replacement heifers. Thank you for your business. Flintrock Ranch 49 ......................Angus heifers BV 15........................baldy heifers BV JX Ranch 8..................Angus cows w/calves Peggy Mastel 5 ................................Angus cows 3 ................................angus cows

802 .............$131.50 745 .............$133.00 HD ............$1250.00 1252 .............$77.25 1468 .............$76.25

Duane Hoff 3 ................................Angus cows Spud Lemmel 3 ................................Angus cows Dan Gray 3 ...................................blk x cows 8 ...................................blk x cows Darwin Hauser 7 ...................................blk x cows Hall Ranch 1 ..................................Angus cow aC Laurenz 2 .................................Angus bulls

1282 .............$75.00 1412 .............$77.50 1378 .............$76.00 1366 .............$75.75 1356 .............$76.00 1550 .............$76.50 2113 ...........$102.00

Special grass cattle & new crop lamb sale

SALE TiME 10:00 AM
Expecting 600-700 feeders, 400-500 new crop lambs Consignments: Pairs
Consignment – 300 blk & bldy heifers (open) 600-650# Consignment – 180 lambs 90#
More cow/calf pair, replacement heifers & grass cattle expected by sale time

Upcoming Sales: Monday, July 1: no SaLe (Independence Day) Monday, July 8: Special yearling and sheep sale July 8-11: Western Video Market Sale in Reno, NV Monday, July 15: no SaLe We appreciate your business. Give us a call at 605-967-2200 or www.faithlivestock.com if you have livestock to sell. We would be glad to visit with you. Gary Vance – (605) 967-2162 OR Scott Vance – (605) 739-5501 OR CELL: 484-7127 OR Max Loughlin – (605) 244-5990 OR 1-605-645-2583 (cell) OR Glen King 1-605-390-3264 (cell)

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LEGALS Legal newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School district 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS Meade County Commission Meeting
(Tuesday, June 4, 2013) Generated by Lisa G Schieffer on Thursday, June 6, 2013 Members present Robert Heidgerken, Linda Rausch, Alan Aker, Bob Bertolotto, Galen Niederwerder Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM 1. Call to order at 8:30 aM Procedural: A. Prayer Procedural: B. Pledge of Allegiance 2. Meade County Veteran of the Month Meade County Veteran of the Month for the month of June is Mr. Marvin Sharp from Sturgis. Mr. Sharp served in the United States military from 1948 to 1952 as a gunner on the Boeing B-29 Superfortress in the Air Force. Mr. Sharp was part of the 32nd bombardment squadron where he worked his way through tail gunner, left gunner, right gunner, and then to central fire control. He had done a lot of travels throughout the US as well as foreign service, which include: Lackland AFB, TX Lowry AFB, CO Smoky Hill AFB, KA Barksdale AFB, LA Davis Mothan AFB, AZ McDill AFB, FL Kirkland AFB, NM England Germany Bermuda Island Azores and Goose Bay Labrador He has been awarded the Good Conduct medal as well as the Korean War Medal. After separating from the military, Mr. Sharp moved to Murdo where he drove bulk oil and gas truck for 30 years. Later he owned a laundromat for 15 years before moving to Sturgis where he worked for the Community Center before retiring. 3. Routine Business Discussion, Information: A. Items from Department Heads Discussion, Information: B. Opportunity for Public Comment 4. Items from Commission Action, Discussion, Information: A. Communiqué to Commission Motion to allocate the 2013 money to the County Fairs by the 1st of July, 2013. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Aker. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to give our SD Association our vote at NACO Conference. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: B. Recommended Resolutions to the SD Association of County Commissioners Motion to approve Proposal #1 to repeal survey notes and maps. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to approve Proposal #2 to repeal. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to approve Proposal #3 to repeal. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to approve Proposal #4 to repeal. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to approve Proposal #6. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to approve Proposal 5# to repeal. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion, Information: C. After Action of NACO - Western Interstate Conference Action, Discussion: D. Consider policy offering grader time and gravel-hauling to towns, townships and road districts at favorable rates Motion to instruct our Highway Superintendent Ken McGirr to propose a fee schedule for gravel, gravel hauling, and grader services for townships, towns and road districts. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: E. Communications Contract with City of Sturgis Action, Discussion: F. PHARES Agreement with City of Sturgis Action, Discussion: G. Meade County Courthouse - Courtroom Improvements Motion to direct the Facilities Director to designate, sign and equip four rooms in the Courthouse as courtrooms. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: H. Executive Session per SDCL 1-25-2 (1) (3) (4) Motion to enter into executive session for personnel and negotiation matters. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to go out of executive session and return to regular session. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. 5. Dinner Break @ noon Minutes: A. Recess for Dinner Break 6. Items from Director of equalization Action, Discussion: A. Abatements Motion to approve the following abatements: Parcel #30.12.11 Parcel #30.11.11 Motion by Niederwerder, second by Aker. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: B. County Owned Summerset Lots Motion to surplus the following lots in Summerset SD: Parcel #0C.50.07.32 Parcel #0C.50.07.33 Parcel #0C.50.07.34 Parcel #0C.50.07.35 Parcel #0C.50.07.36 Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: C. Set First Reading for Nuisance Ordinance - Curtis Property Motion to set First Reading of a Nuisance Ordinance for July 3, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: D. Alan & Heidi Aker have a preliminary plat of Lots 1-5 of Pickeroon Subdivision in the NWSE of 15-3-6 Commissioner Aker recused himself. Move to approve the preliminary/final plat as presented. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Abstain: Aker. 7. Items from Highway Superintendent Action, Discussion: A. Glencoe Road Maintenance Action, Discussion: B. Award Bids on Piedmont/County Street Project Motion to award bid to Site Work Specialists for $370,678.25. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: C. Award Bid on Asphalt Repair Projects Motion to award bid to Hills Material for $1,548,806.15. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: D. Bid Preparation for Motor Graders Motion to let the bid for 10 motorgraders as presented with a due date of July 2, 2013. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Rausch. Motion to revise the original motion to require bidders to provide a financing package with $300,000 down payment and also that the 10 trade-ins be specified by our Highway Superintendent. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. An amendment to the revised/original motion using the terminology of “$300,000.00 or more down payment subject to the Meade County Commission.” Motion by Bertolotto, second by Niederwerder. Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Voting then took place on the revised/original motion with amendment. Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Voting then took place on the original/revised motion with amendment. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Niederwerder. Nay: Bertolotto. Discussion: E. Gravel Bid Awards 8. Items from auditor Action, Discussion: A. Malt Beverage License Applications Motion to approve setting a hearing for June 25, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. for a new retail on-sale malt beverage, renewal retail on-sale malt beverage and new retail on-sale malt beverage & SD Farm Wine applications. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Aker. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,

June 12, 2013 • The Faith Independent •

Page 13

Bertolotto, Niederwerder. 9. Items from Commission assistant Discussion: A. County Financing Options for Motor Graders Action, Discussion: B. SD Retirement Motion to approve SDRS Roth 457 Program. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: C. AT&T Cell Tower Lease Motion to go into executive session due to negotiations. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to come out of executive session and return to regular session. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution. Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to adopt the monthly cell tower lease offer discussed in executive session and submit that as a sealed bid. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Not Present at Vote: Niederwerder Action, Discussion: D. Auto Budget Supplement of $32,500 Motion to remove budget in the Title III Fund (line item 216-5-221-429.5) by $32,500 and leave the same in the general fund for Firewise. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: E. Emergency Management Purchase Motion to replace the batteries in 7 sirens (4 batteries to each siren) in the amount of $5,600.00 from the Commissioner Contingency Budget to be paid out of Emergency Management (226-5222-419.15). Motion by Niederwerder, second by Aker. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Meeting recessed at 6:00 p.m. and reconvened at 10:00 a.m. 10. Reconvene June 5 @ 10 aM Commissioner Aker not present. 11. Public Hearings Action, Discussion: A. Second Reading Ordinance #38 Motion to approve Second Reading of Ordinance #38 - An Ordinance Combining the Offices of County Sheriff and County Coroner. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to adopt Ordinance #38 - An Ordinance Combining the Offices of County Sheriff and County Coroner. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: B. Erickson Nuisance Ordinance Motion to approve First Reading of Nuisance Ordinance #39 for Verlan Lee Erickson, and set the Second Reading for July 3, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. Motion by Niederwerder, second by

Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: C. Crushed Gravel Bid Letting Motion to approve bid on crushed gravel with Morris, Inc. in the amount of $201,000.00. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: D. Campground Applications Motion to approve the nine Campground applications for temporary campground licenses. Motion by Rausch, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Commissioner Aker present. Action, Discussion: E. Malt Beverage License Applications Motion to approve the list as presented for Renewal/New/Transfer Malt Beverage License Applications. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Aker. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. 12. Dinner Break Procedural: A. Recess for Dinner 13. Scheduled Item Discussion: A. Speed Limits on Horseshoe RD 14. Scheduled Items - 2014 nonCounty Funding Requests Information: A. Non-Mandated Funding History Action, Discussion: B. Meade County Volunteer Fire Departments Set Firefighting Association Funding for 2014 at zero. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Substitute motion to restore 2013 levels for 2014 for Firefighting Association Fund. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Heidgerken. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Nay: Rausch, Aker. Action, Discussion: C. Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department Motion to fund $10,000.00, contingent on a contract for $25,000.00 to be paid over five years starting in 2015. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Fails. Yea: Niederwerder. Nay: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Action, Discussion: D. CASA Motion to fund one volunteer at a cost of $2,860.00 for 2014. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Fails. Yea: Niederwerder. Nay: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Action, Discussion: E. SEDC Motion to fund $37,000.00 to SEDC for 2014. Motion by Rausch, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Nay: Heidgerken. Substitute motion offer to fund $39,000.00 to SEDC. Motion died for lack of a second. Continued on next page

Page 14 • June 12, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Continued from previous page Motion by Aker, second none. Action, Discussion, Presentation: F. Detention Alternative Proposal Motion to approve a budget line item so grant money can be passed thru the County for hold-overs. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: G. Piedmont Valley Library Action taken place under 14 (I). Action, Discussion: H. Faith Public Library Action taken place under 14 (I). Action, Discussion: I. Sturgis Public Library Motion to set funding at the 2013 levels for the Faith, Sturgis and Piedmont Libraries. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. A substitute motion was offered to set the level of funding for the Piedmont Library at $14,500.00. Motion died for lack of a second. Motion by Aker, second none. Action, Discussion: J. Piedmont Senior Center Motion to approve funding of $2,000.00 for each of the three Senior Centers. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. An amendment to the motion was made to give $1,000.00 each. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Rausch. Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Nay: Aker Voting then took place on the original/amended motion. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Nay: Heidgerken. Commissioner Niederwerder left the meeting. Action, Discussion: K. Black Hills Workshop Motion to fund at zero. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: R Heidgerken, L Rausch, A Aker, R Bertolotto Action, Discussion: L. Faith Senior Center Action taken under 14 (J). Action, Discussion: M. Helpline Center Motion to not fund the item. (this item handled earlier in the day Niederwerder present). Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: N. DakotaAbilities Motion to fund at zero. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Action, Discussion: O. Meade County Senior Center Action taken under 14 (J). Action, Discussion: P. Meade County Fair Association Motion to fund $7,000.00. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Action, Discussion: Q. Black Hills Council of Local Governments Motion to approve $6,965.00 as requested. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Action, Discussion: R. Faith Stock Show Motion to fund $7,000.00. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Action, Discussion: S. Northern Hills Training Center Motion to eliminate this as a budget item. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Action, Discussion: T. Compass Point Motion to set at zero. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. 15. Dinner Break 5PM Procedural: A. Recess for Dinner 16. Scheduled Items - 6 PM Action, Discussion, Presentation: A. Spring Valley Road Improvement Options No action taken. Motion to go into executive session for personnel matters. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Motion to go out of executive session and return to regular session. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. 17. Consent Calendar Action (Consent), Discussion: A. Consent Calendar Resolution: Motion to Approve Items on Consent Calendar. Motion to Approve Items on Consent Calendar. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Action (Consent), Minutes: B. Commission Minutes May 7 & 8, 2013 Commission minutes. Action (Consent), Minutes: C. Commission Minutes May 20, 2103 Special Commission meeting minutes. Action (Consent): D. Auditor's Account with County Treasurer auDIToR'S aCCounT WITH CounTY TReaSuReR To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners Meade County: I hereby submit the following report of my examination of the cash and cash items in the hands of the County Treasurer of this County as of June 1, 2013. Total amount of deposits in banks – 101,262.04 Total amount of actual cash – 2,853.10 Total amount of checks and drafts in Treasurer's possession not exceeding three (3) days – 76,985.50 ITEMIZED LIST OF ALL ITEMS, CHECKS, and DRAFTS WHICH HAVE BEEN INTHE TREASURER'S POSSESSION OVER THREE (3) DAYS: Postage – 1,386.90

LEGALS Legal newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School district 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS
CD/Savings – 802,921.31 Pioneer Bank – $702,921.31 First Interstate – $100,000 Farmers State Bank First Interstate Bank Special Checking – 6,849,555.01 Farmers State Bank – 27,944.28 First Trust – 0.00 First Interstate Bank Savings – 1,031,189.05 Flex Account – 29,446.96 Wells Fargo Mail, cc pending – 2,450.32 Insuff. Funds – 18.83 TOTAL – 8,926,013.30 Action (Consent): E. Register of Deed's Report The sum of $29,278.50 was collected. Action (Consent): F. Approval of Claims for Payment SaLaRIeS: Commissioners – $6955.00, Auditor – $11832.93, Treasurer – $23890.58, States Attorney – $29368.91, Maintenance – $1350.16, Equalization – $40983.11, HR – $7950.34, Sheriff – $87761.46, Jail – $63966.46, Fire Protection – $7141.20, County Nurse – $4246.40, West & Pest – $7482.37, Highway – $75222.34, Communications – $23214.83 eXPenSeS BY DePaRTMenT: CoMMISSIoneRS: R Heidgerken – $155.40, G Niederwerder – $244.20, B Bertolotto – $449.08, AVI Systems – $2500.00, A Aker – $99.75, Register of Deeds – $12534.59, Vet Svcs/Em Mgmt – $3879.42, First Interstate – $224.65, Faith Ind. – $1732.54, Black Hills Weekly Group – $4004.78, BH RC&D – $100.00, Rushmore Office – $119.75 JuDICIaL SYSTeM: D Biers – $64.80, A Cressy – $65.54, W Estes – $50.74, S Harrison – $57.40, E Jensen – $51.48, J Oldert – $98.10, R Price – $101.80, L Rowley – $67.76, P Stoffel – $64.80, G Dillin – $61.84, R Anderson – $64.80, R Bielefeldt – $64.80, J Ford – $53.70, G Olesen – $50.74, B Olson – $50.74, G Scharer – $61.84, M Stiefvater – $63.32, K Teter – $87.00, R Hymans – $432.00, Manlove Psych – $3100.00, R Dawson – $496.80 auDIToR: Quill – $131.41, Club House Hotel – $116.00, Knology – $3.15, Meade Co Times – $36.00, Meade Co. Treas. – $267.50, Ramkota Inn – $177.98, Xerox – $236.46 TReaSuReR: Century Business Leasing – $327.06, City of Faith – $486.86, Meade County Title – $330.00, Club House Hotel – $330.00, Knology – $26.30, Rushmore Office – $243.92 CoMPuTeR: Verizon – $40.01, CDW Gov’t. – $2528.67, First Interstate – $89.03, Knology – $229.99 STaTe’S aTToRneY: Kootenai County Clerk – $8.50, Verizon – $53.41, J Carlson – $140.00, City of RC – $525.00, First Interstate – $187.28, V Fish – $30.60, J Howell – $163.20, L Havemeier – $51.00, C Harkins – $844.50, Knology $10.98, A Reuer – $100.00, Pheasantland Ind. – $26.00, Rushmore Office – $11.50, State Treasurer – $383.00 aBuSeD & neGLeCTeD CHILD: R Haivala – $680.40, R Hymans – $263.40 LaW LIBRaRY: Lexis-Nexis – $305.00 CouRT aPPoInTeD aTToRneY: K Thompson – $2750.90, Christensen Law – $2222.40, J Stielow – $364.56, J Hilpert – $4730.42, Grey Law – $4664.30, Oswald Law – $1304.40, R Haivala – $460.90, S Miller – $2772.46, R Hymans – $10883.76, Johns & Kosel – $826.49 GeneRaL GoVeRnMenT BLDG: BHP&L – $11920.46, Verizon – $798.93, MDU – $1342.27, Campbell Supply – $36.77, Crum Electric – $175.70, First Interstate – $142.53, Ecolab – $316.00, Western States Fire – $588.00, Stan Houston Equip. – $13.05, Johnston Hardware – $41.61, Knology – $1319.25, NW Pipe – $850.54, Sturgis Water – $1840.98, Town N Country – $17.90 DIReCToR oF eQuaLIZaTIon/P&Z: Verizon – $392.33, SDN Communications – $510.00, AVI Systems – $1454.00, L Quam – $16.28, First Interstate – $174.55, T Wieczorek – $22.20, W McCarty – $9.62, Jacobsen Ford – $34.80, Knology – $7.71, Meade Co. Treas. – $378.00, R Mallow – $16.28, Quill – $561.75, Ramkota Inn – $693.00 ReGISTeR oF DeeDS: Executive Mgmt. – $84.00, Spectra Assoc. – $103.95, Club House Hotel – $330.00, Knology – $4.00, Meade Co. Treas. – $69.00, Sam’s – $19.44, Xerox – $830.07 VeTeRan SeRVICe: Knology – $17.53 PReDaToRY anIMaL: State Treas. – $5174.88 InSuRanCe & BonDInG: SD Public Assur. Alliance – $154.00 HuMan ReSouRCeS: Verizon – $40.01, First Interstate – $1435.86, Dakota Business Center – $354.10, Computer Village – $209.95, Wellmark Flex – $271.40, Knology – $1.78, Rushmore Office – $384.00, Sam’s – $19.40 SHeRIFF: Verizon – $884.02, Lexis Nexis – $162.00, Public Safety Equip – $2281.00, Pitney Bowes – $345.75, Quill – $245.89, Centurylink – $85.28, Xerox – $261.57, Richters Tire – $24.00, First Interstate – $2699.36, Ecolab – $72.00, S Fischer – $850.00, The Little Print Shop – $297.40, Mobile Electronic – $146.85, Hersrud – $276.96, Blue Devil – $185.00, Summerset Police – $344.00, Johnston Hardware – $16.19, Knology – $33.44, WABR – $3434.67, Nyacor – $297.41, Lynn Peavey – $275.30, Meade Co. Treas. – $224.28, Neve’s – $671.85, Peterson Auto. – $528.80, Quill – $49.90, State Treas. – $139.00, Sam’s – $19.44, Western Comm. – $490.00 JaIL: Lab Corp of America – $25.00, A&J Supply – $64.40, Bob Barker – $835.07, BH Family Practice – $26.00, Ecolab – $157.44, US Foodservice – $8065.20, Shopko Pharmacy – $13.98, Sturgis Regional Hospital – $89.18, Earthgrains – $602.22, Cash-Wa Dist. – $4280.15, Knology – $7.36, Lynn’s – $47.38, Meade Co. Treas. – $326.44, Moore Medical – $512.14, Midcontinent – $57.08, Penn Co. Sheriff – $1001.40, Sam’s – $38.88 CoRoneR: First Interstate – $259.28, Meade Co. Treas. – $78.00, State Treas. – $35.00 JDC: WSDJDC – $31275.00 FIReFIGHTInG: Campbell Supply – $63.11, First Interstate – $323.92 aLCoHoLIC ReFeRRaL: NH Alcohol – $2500.00 MenTaLLY ILL: State Treas. – $2573.00 MenTaL ILLneSS BoaRD: RC Regional Hospital – $620.96, Audra Malcomb – $1412.47, Yankton Co. Treas – $106.25, RC Regional Hospital – $1241.92, Lewis & Clark – $149.00, Penn Co. States Atty. – $215.00 CounTY FaIR: Faith Stock Show – $4500.00 SenIoR CITIZenS/TRanSP: Meade Co. Senior Citizen – $1250.00 FaITH CenTennIaL: Western Dakota Antique – $750.00 TITLe III naTIonaL FoReST: Aker Woods – $609.50 PuBLIC LIBRaRY: Faith Public School Lib – $1347.50, Piedmont Valley Library – $2695.00, Sturgis Public Library – $12207.50 eMeRGenCY ManaGeMenT: BHP&L – $155.05, Verizon – $53.41, AVI Systems – $1750.00, West River Electric – $83.31, BHP&L – $17.73, Crum Electric – $138.72, A Sutton – $304.82, KRCS – $40.00, Meade Co. Treas – $43.68, Rushmore Comm. – $110.00 DoMeSTIC aBuSe: Crisis Intervention – $380.00 HIGHWaY: Verizon – $54.76, A&B Welding – $10.20, Diamond Mowers – $9917.56, Sturgis Napa – $413.67, Nitro Alley – $834.00, Brosz Eng. – $13602.13, BHP&L – $1195.88, Butler Machinery – $376.90, Highway Improvement – $53994.60, Campbell Supply – $296.01, First Interstate – $76.51, Dakota Business – $67.70, John Deere Financial – $5556.89, CBH – $37707.67, Fastenal Co. – $139.03, J B Ind. – $118.80, Ricoh – $9.70, Great Western Tire – $197.80, Godfrey Brake – $514.36, Trask Family – $948.00, Hills Materials – $471.08, Inland Truck Parts – $211.95, Jacobsen Ford – $20.00, Certified Lab – $115.39, Knology – $126.65, Key City Glass – $8.00, Lyle Signs – $2207.93, Lynn’s – $13.50, O’Reilly Auto – $223.01, Light and Siren – $1167.82, Owens Interstate – $959.14, Adams – $664.50, Rapid Delivery – $58.20, Servall Uniform – $261.59, Sheehan Mack – $526.84, SD DOT – $1257.70, Sturgis Water – $293.57, West River Electric – $36.89, West River International – 436.89, Western Comm. – $46.00, Z&S Dust – $8709.27 CoMMunICaTIonS: Microsoft Corp. – $735.44, Centurylink – $1573.83, Xerox – $399.45, First Interstate – $51.44, Knology – $.95, Western Comm. – $282.60 DeVeLoPMenTaLLY DISaBLeD: BH Workshop – $1000.00, NH Training – $1000.00 CounTY eXTenSIon oFFICe: First Interstate – $36.37, Dakota Business – $33.45, T Langemeier – $30.00, Knology – $7.23, Rushmore Office – $10.50 SoIL ConSeRVaTIon: Elk Creek Conservation – $20000.00, Tri County Conservation – $20000.00 WeeD & PeST: Verizon – $63.40, Sturgis Napa – $140.49, BHP&L – $115.69, SD Invasive Species – $200.00, Crop Prod. – $1053.00, Faith Ind. – $63.01, D Fischbach – $174.00, J&L Services – $205.00, T Hotchkiss – $100.00, Binky Studio – $351.00, K Lee – $100.00, BHWG – $64.47, Servall Uniform – $76.12, J Schroeder – $100.00, Sam’s – $19.44 InDuSTRIaL DeVeLoPMenT: Sturgis Economic Dev. – $8750.00 VaRIouS FunDS: Norwest Bank, matching Social Security $30753.86, SD Retirement System, matching retirement $26715.86, county share of health and life insurance $81449.52. Action (Consent): G. Personnel Actions PeRSonneL aCTIonS employee, action, effective Anders, C., Raise to $19.49/hour, 04/26/13 Green, P., Short-Term Hire @ $15.35/hour, 05/13/13 O'Bryan, K., Raise to $14.82/hour, 03/26/13 Schneider, R., Raise to $19.51/hour, 04/26/13 Sulzbach, D., Raise to $17.69/hour, 04/26/13 Action: H. Duane Robbins has a preliminary plat of Lots 45-48 of Horseshoe Continued on next page

LEGALS Legal newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School district 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS
Continued from previous page Acres in the W2SE of 26-3-8 Action: I. Thomas Maloney has a preliminary/final plat of Lots 1A & 1B of Tract D in Lot 6 of Borden Subdivision in the SENE of 7-2-7 with a lot size variance Action: J. Hagg Development has a preliminary plat for a new phase of Golden Valley Subdivision in 11-3-7 Action (Consent): K. Dan Solberg has a revised preliminary/final plat of Tracts 2 of Solberg Estates Subdivision in the NESE of 33-4-6 Action (Consent): L. Rory Mannhalter is requesting a setback variance for a garage addition on Lot 6, Block 9 of Wonderland Homes Subdivision in 24-36 18. adjourn Action, Procedural: A. Adjourn the Meeting Motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. APPROVED: _____________________________ Robert Heidgerken, Chairman ATTEST: ___________________________ Lisa Schieffer, Auditor Published June 12, 2013 at the total approximate cost of $304.42

June 12, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page
ative Governing Board was held June 5, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. at Northwest Area Schools PRESENT: Nathan Grueb, AJ Lindskov, Wilfred Jones, Scott Vance, Director Cris Owens, Business Manager Monica Mayer ABSENT: Dan Beckman, Matt Gilbert and Sandy Baumberger 2 Approve Agenda: On a motion from Lindskov and seconded by Grueb the agenda was approved. 3 MINUTES: Minutes of the last meeting, May 8, 2013, were approved on a motion by Jones and seconded by Lindskov. Motion carried. 4 FINANCIAL REPORT: Motion by Grueb seconded by Lindskov to accept and approve the Financial Report for


MeeTInG oF THe BoaRD oF eDuCaTIon FaITH SCHooL DISTRICT 46-2 MeaDe CounTY, SouTH DaKoTa
The Board of Education of the Faith School District 46-2 met in special joint session with the City on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 with Chairwoman Johnson calling the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. Members present: Hanson, Johnson, Simonson and Welter. Member absent: Vance. Motion by Welter, 2nd by Simonson to approve the agenda. Discussion and dialogue among the City, School and attorney Eric Bogue were held regarding the proposed agreement between the City and School for the proposed Safe Room. Eric will make the changes as discussed and have a new agreement ready for the board’s regular meeting Motion by Welter, 2nd by Hanson to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm. _______________________________ Sharron Johnson, President Board of Education ________________________________ Amie Schauer Business Manager Published June 12, 2013 for an approximate cost of $11.04

MInuTeS noRTHWeST aRea SCHooLS eDuCaTIonaL CooPeRaTIVe GoVeRnInG BoaRD ReGuLaR MeeTInG
– June 5, 2013 5:00 p.m., Isabel, SD 1 The regular meeting of the Northwest Area Schools Educational Cooper-

aTTaCHMenT “a”

FInanCIaL RePoRT eDuCaTIonaL CooPeRaTIVe MaY 2013

The City of Faith, South Dakota will be accepting sealed Bids for the sandblasting and applying epoxy on the interior of the water tower tank as per specifications on file in the Finance Office at the Faith Community Center, Faith, South Dakota. Sealed bids will be received up until 4:00 P.M. MDT on June 18th, 2013. Bids will publicly be opened and read in the regular meeting room of the Common Council in the Faith Community Center at Faith, South Dakota at 7:30 P.M., M.S.T. Each sealed bid must be clearly marked “sandblasting and applying epoxy on the interior of the water tower tank”. The City of Faith reserves the right to reject any and all bids and any and all portions thereof, and to waive any irregularities. By: Debbie Brown City Finance Officer City of Faith Faith, South Dakota Published June 5 & 12, 2013 for a total approximate cost of $20.79

$ $282.82 $34,186.34 $ $48,280.09 $ $74,631.00 $157,380.25 $ $368,932.40 $85,295.75 $283,636.65 $200,000.00 3,500.00 Attachment “a”

noTICe oF aDoPTIon oF oRDInanCe no. 38
The Board of Meade County Commissioners on June 5, 2013, did adopt Ordinance No. 38 - An Ordinance Combining the Offices of County Sheriff and County Coroner. This Ordinance incorporates and adopts comprehensive regulations and notice of adoption is published pursuant to SDCL 7-18A-5. /s/ Robert Heidgerken, Chairman Attest:/s/ Lisa Schieffer Meade County Auditor First reading 5/8/2013 Second reading 6/5/2013 Adopted 6/5/2013 Published June 12 & 19, 2013 at the total approximate cost of $13.64

enDInG BaLanCe $12,000.00 $338.56 $500.00

May 2013, a copy of which is made a part of these minutes as Attachment “A”. Motion Carried. 5 BILLS: Motion by Lindskov and seconded by Grueb to approve the Educational Cooperative bills for payment as presented, a copy of which is made a part of these minutes as Attachment “B”. Motion carried. 6 Approve FY2014 Employee Calendar: On a motion by Lindskov and seconded by Jones the Employee Calendar was approved. 7 Approve FY2014 Board / Advisory Meeting Schedule: The August Board Meeting will be August 6, 2013. The Board/Advisory Meeting Schedule was approved on a motion by Lindskov and seconded by Jones. 8 Staff Update: We are in the process of hiring two Para Professionals for the Early Childhood position. 9 Contracts to Offer: On a motion by Grueb and seconded by Lindskov contracts will be offered to Barb Goldade, Ina Boldt and Katie Helm's contract will be amended for an additional day. On a motion by Grueb and seconded by Lindskov contracts will be offered to Chris Sargent and Donna Huber. 10 Schedules: Owens will be sending schedules to the Educational Cooperative Schools for the services they have purchased for the FY 2014 School Year. 11 Board Terms: Owens discussed the Board Member Terms. 12 ASBSD Insurance: On a motion from Lindskov and seconded by Jones we will continue our liability, workers compensation and health insurance with Associated School Boards of South Dakota. 13 NWAS Fall In-Service: Our Fall Inservice will be held August 16, 2013 in Isabel 14 NWAS Coop Staff Meeting: The Cooperative Special Education Staff will have an In-service on August 23, 2013 in Isabel with Chris Sargent. 15 Surplus: On a motion by Grueb and seconded by Lindskov a HP Pavillion laptop was declared surplus and to have no value. 16 Other: None 17 Adjournment: Vance adjourned the meeting. _______________________________ Sandy Baumberger, Chairperson _______________________________ Monica Mayer, Business Manager Published June 12, 2013 at the total approximate cost of $111.42

aTTaCHMenT ‘B’ MARILYN SCHLEKEWAY SAMS RYE LUMBER $100.00 $268.31 $1,739.50 $2,107.81

nW area Schools Multi-Dist ed Coop BoaRD RePoRT - neWSPaPeR Checking account: 1 05/08/2013 10:32 aM Fund: 22, SPeCIaL eDuCaTIon A&B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS........................175.65..............................COPIER BECKMAN, DAN .............................................56.24..............................TRAVEL CARDMEMEBER SERVICE...........................126.97...................CREDIT CARD CITY OF MOBRIDGE .....................................125.00..................................RENT FAITH INDEPENDENT.....................................93.79 ....................................ADS FREEMAN ATTY AT LAW...............................173.32 .....................LEGAL FEES GOLDADE, BARB ...........................................54.00..............................TRAVEL HOFF, SANDY ............................................1,540.00 ..........................PER DIEM ISABEL SUPER VALUE ...................................24.12..........................SUPPLIES LINDSKOV, AJ ...................................................2.59..............................TRAVEL MAYER, MONICA ............................................16.50..............................TRAVEL MCI ...................................................................73.18......................TELEPHONE NWAS ........................................................18,109.24............REIMBURSEMENT OWENS, CRIS .................................................12.00..............................TRAVEL POSTMASTER .................................................40.00 ..........................POSTAGE QUILL ...............................................................35.09..........................SUPPLIES SABIN, KAREN ................................................46.62..............................TRAVEL SMALL TALK SPEECH THERAPY LLC ......3,980.00............REIMBURSEMENT STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA.....................34,186.34 .......................AEL GRANT T & A IMPREST FUND ...................................134.00............REIMBURSEMENT VANCE, SCOTT ..............................................18.87..............................TRAVEL WRT..................................................................34.14......................TELEPHONE ..................................................................59,057.66 .......................Fund Total:

In Town & Dupree $34.00 + local tax In County $34.00 + local tax Out of County $39.00 + local tax Out of State $39.00
PO Box 38 • Faith, SD 57626 Ph: 605-967-2161 FAX 605-967-2160

The Faith Independent

CLASSIFIEDS • CALL 967-2161 • Email: faithind@faithsd.com
CLASSIFIED RATE: $5.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ each word after. CARDS OF THANKS: Poems, Tributes, Etc. … $5.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ each word after. Each name and initial must be counted as one word. NOTE: $2.00 added charge for bookkeeping and billing on all charges. Classified Display Rate.....................................................$4.70 per column inch PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, or discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is a violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.

The Faith Independent • June 12, 2013 •

Page 16

tendent, for more information, 605778-6231 or sheri.hardman@k12.sd.us. BRITTON-HECLA SCHOOL, K-12 SP Ed teacher. Closes 06/14/13. Kevin Coles, PO Box 190, Britton, SD 57430; kevin.coles@k12.sd.us; 605-448-2234. MOBRIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT has opening for a FT Police Officer. Application may be requested or picked up at Mobridge Police Department or online at www.mobridgepolice.org. Application Deadline is Monday June 17th, 2013. NORTH DAKOTA HIGHWAY PATROL TROOPER - Begin a challenging and rewarding career with opportunities for growth and advancement. Apply at www.nd.gov/ndhp or call 701-3282455. Closing dates: 6/19/13 for applicants testing in Grand Forks and Fargo and 7/2/13 for applicants testing in Bismarck. EOE. SISSETON SCHOOL DISTRICT Openings: SPED K-12 (2 Positions), SPED Early Childhood. Contact: Dr. Stephen Schulte, Supt., 516 8th Ave. W. Sisseton, SD 57262, (605)698-7613. Positions open until filled. EOE. THE ROAD TO THE RIGHT CAREER - STARTS HERE! Statewide construction jobs, $12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No experience necessary. Apply online www.sdwork.org. #constructionjobspaybetter. THE CITY OF FREEMAN, SD is seeking applications for the position of City Administrator. Minimum qualifications required are a graduate from an accredited college or university with a public administration background and two (2) yearsí of progressively responsible professional management position in a similar or larger sized municipal environment, or any equivalent combination of experience, education and training, which provides the desired knowledge, skills and abilities. Full benefit package and

salary DOQ. Please send resume and letter of application to Lisa Edelman, Finance Officer, PO Box 178, Freeman, SD 57029. Deadline for applications is June 28, 2013. THE ROAD TO THE RIGHT CAREER - STARTS HERE! Statewide construction jobs, $12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No experience necessary. Apply online www.sdwork.org. #constructionjobspaybetter. DOUGLAS COUNTY COMMISSION is taking applications for full-time Douglas County Highway Superintendent. Must have valid Class A Driverís License. Experience in road/bridge construction/maintenance. For application contact: Douglas County Auditor (605) 7242423. SMART SALES AND LEASE seeks business account manager. Work online from home. Hourly/salary based on experience. Some evenings, weekends. Degree/management experience preferred. careers@smartsalesandlease.com. THE ROAD TO THE RIGHT CAREER - STARTS HERE! Statewide construction jobs, $12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No experience necessary. Apply online www.sdwork.org. #constructionjobspaybetter. FOR SALE 2004 CASE IH JX100 with 5FT. Tiger Mower. SER/AGJX10AB132358 1,100 HRS. $22,000 Firm. Can be seen at Kennebec Highway Shop. 605-8692261 or 605-280-5478. HEALTH & BEAUTY PELVIC/TRANSVAGINAL MESH? Did you undergo transvaginal placement of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and the present? If the mesh caused complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Charles H. Johnson Law and speak with female staff members 1-800-5355727. NOTICES ADVERTISE IN NEWSPAPERS statewide for only $150.00. Put the South Dakota Statewide Classifieds Network to work for you today! (25 words for $150. Each additional word $5.) Call this newspaper or 800-658-3697 for details. SEARCH STATE-WIDE APARTMENT Listings, sorted by rent, location and other options. www.sdhousingsearch.com South Dakota Housing Development Authority. OTR/DRIVERS DRIVERS WANTED: CDL, owner operators, freight from Midwest up to 48 states, home regularly, newer equipment, Health, 401K, call Randy, A&A Express, 800-6583549.

AUCTIONS BOBBY DRIESE ESTATE FARM AUCTION. Tuesday, June 25, 10 am, Hoven, SD. M&R Auctions, Gary McCloud 605-769-1181, Sam McCloud 605-769-0088, Lewis Reuer 605-281-1067, www.mandrauctions.com. ROGER AND MYRNA BERTSCH Retirement Farm and Collector Tractors Auction. Saturday, June 29, 9 am, Miller, SD. M&R Auctions, Gary McCloud 605-7691181, Sam McCloud 605-769-0088, Lewis Reuer 6052 8 1 - 1 0 6 7 , www.mandrauctions.com. CABLE/SATELLITE/INTERNET DISH TV RETAILER- Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-3081892. SAVE ON CABLE TV-InternetDigital Phone-Satellite. You`ve Got A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Call us to learn more! CALL Today. 888-337-5453. HIGHSPEED INTERNET everywhere By Satellite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x faster than dial-up.) Starting at $49.95/mo. CALL NOW & GO FAST! 1-888-518-8672. EMPLOYMENT AG EDUCATION TEACHING POSITIONS, grades 9-12 open with the Kimball School District, Kimball, SD. Offering a competitive starting salary and hiring schedule. Please contact Sheri Hardman, superin-

SUMMER PASTURE for 75 to 100 pairs. Call 605-865-3740 early morning or evenings. F39-2tc


minutes at $20.00. Call the City Office at 967-2261. F40-1tc APARTMENTS AVAILABLE: Countryside Apartments in Faith. 1 bedroom, carpeted throughout. Laundry facilities available. Handicap accessible. Rent based on income. For information contact: MetroPlains management, LLC 1-800-2442826 or 1-605-347-3077 Equal Opportunity Housing F5-tfc PASTURE WATER LINES with trencher and backhoe, Livestock Water Systems. 10 1/2 miles south of Maurine, 605-7482473 Merle Vig. F2-tfc Thanks to Nikki and Jade for planting the beautiful flowrs and for the yard work. Nice surprise! Love Grandma We thamk family and friends for the prayers, cards, visits, food, memorials and other kindnesses extended to us at the loss of our mother, Carol Johnson. Dennis, Dean, Arlyce & Cheryl

2000 CHEV 3/4 TON 4x4 PICKUP good condition, good tires, 116,000 miles, extended cab, long box, loaded, runs very well. $6,500.00 OBO. 605-7393012 or 320-279-2639. F39-2tp


The Faith School District is accepting applications for the following positions: Part-time Food Service Worker; Full-time Guidance/Administrative Assistant. Applications can be found on the school website or by calling 9672152. Positions are open until filled. F40-2tc



SWIMMING LESSONS will be held in Faith this year. Please call in if you are interested so a list can be started. It will be a week long (5 days) lesson for 45


Sarges Baskeball Camp
Grades 6th - 12th boys and girls Faith Community Center

email us at faithind@faithsd.com
PART-TIME POSITION AVAILABLE PART-TIME chemical sprayer for road ditches throughout Ziebach County. Must have proper applicators license. Hours negotiable. Immediate start date. Open until filled.
For information/application contact Cindy Longbrake, Auditor at 605-365-5157; PO Box 68, Dupree, SD 57623

June 13-14, 5 PM - 8:30 PM

Cost: $35
For more info contact: Doug Schauer 490-0357 or Bryan Carmichael 490-8685
Brochures can be picked up at M&D Food Shop, Cenex or at Linda’s Drive In. Turn brochures into Coach Schauer or Coach Carmichael bring to camp

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