SB 20 | Voter Protection Act

A comprehensive election reform bill that emphasizes the promotion of the right to vote by all eligible Ohioans, the prevention of arbitrary disenfranchisement, and encourages county boards of elections to make bipartisan decisions to meet the needs of their voters. The legislation was developed with input from elections officials, voting experts, disability advocates, and Ohio voters. The bill contains six main components to improve Ohio’s election laws: 1. Promoting voter registration 2. Protecting early voting 3. Preventing long lines 4. Standardizing absentee voting 5. Improving provisional voting 6. Modernizing the law Many measures of the VPA have been mirrored in subsequent elections bills, including Senate Bill 175.

SB 83 | Statute of Limitations for Rape
To eliminate the statute of limitations for the prosecution of rape or sexual battery. Currently, this time period is set at 20 years in state law. Sex crimes are among the lowest reported and least likely to be prosecuted. This bill would allow police and prosecutors to leverage resources and information to the fullest extent possible to bring unpunished criminals to justice and help provide a degree of closure for victims.
Jointly sponsored with Senator Cafaro (D-Hubbard)

SB 92 | Fair & Acceptable Income Required (FAIR) Act
To strengthen Ohio’s wage discrimination laws by requiring employers to substantiate pay differences— for causes other than seniority, merit, or quantity or quality of employee production—with legitimate, jobrelated or skill-based reasons. The FAIR Act would also prohibit retaliation against workers who discuss salaries with colleagues or raise concerns about wage inequality, and prevent wage discrimination based upon sexual orientation.
Jointly sponsored with Senator Tavares (D-Columbus)

SB 65 | Contingent Faculty Collective Bargaining
To extend collective bargaining rights to adjunct faculty and graduate assistants (collectively referred to as part-time or contingent faculty) at Ohio’s public colleges and universities. Currently, only full-time faculty members have these privileges. These individuals are paid less per course than their full-time peers, and do not have access to other benefits such as health insurance. As part-time employees are asked to take on a greater share of the workload, they deserve to have a say at the workplace.

SB 107 | Transit Worker Assault
To increase the penalties for anyone who assaults an Ohio transit system employee engaged in the performance of their duties.
Jointly sponsored with Senator Patton (R-Strongsville)

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SB 110 | Voter Pre-Registration
To allow 16 and 17-year-olds to pre-register to vote in Ohio. They would then automatically be registered to vote for the first election in which they are entitled to participate. Nationwide, engaging young people in the electoral process has been difficult. Nearly 71 percent of eligible voters are registered in the U.S., but youth from 18 to 24 years old are registered at a rate of just 59 percent.

SB 171 | Restricting Rapists’ Parental Rights
To permit a survivor of rape or sexual battery to file a claim to terminate the attacker’s parental rights— including custody, parenting time, and consent to adoption, over a minor child conceived as a result of a sexual offense. In order for parental rights to be restricted or eliminated the attacker must be convicted, plead guilty, or have been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by the court. Ohio is one of 31 states in the country that does not provide protection for rape survivors from being sued by their attacker for parental rights. It is critical that the power of rape stops at the time of the assault.
Jointly sponsored with Senator Tavares (D-Columbus)

SB 146 | Motor Voter Study Committee
In order to ensure Ohio’s compliance with the federal Motor Voter Act of 1993, Senate Bill 146 would form a study committee and revise requirements for Bureau of Motor Vehicle employees upon license renewals. The Study Committee would seek the input of voters, advocates, county election officials, the Secretary of State, and state and local BMVs to bring Ohio into compliance with this important federal law. The legislation also strengthens the training requirements for BMV workers related to their voter registration duties. In a study of 2009-2010 voter registration application data, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission identified Ohio BMVs as processing the least amount of voter applications of all surrounding states.

SB 212 | Drug Testing State Legislators
To establish a controlled substance testing requirement for members of the General Assembly.
In response to a proposal to drug test Ohio Works First program participants.

SB 148 | Brandon Sloan Memorial Highway
To designate a portion of Interstate 271 in Bedford Heights as the Army Pvt. Brandon Sloan Memorial Highway, commemorating the courageous sacrifice of a service member from Bedford Heights, in the 25th Senate District.
Jointly sponsored with Senator Patton (R-Strongsville) Passed the Senate in November 2013. Awaiting House hearings.

Senator Turner is also a co-sponsor of many other bills not listed here. For more information, call the office. To check the status of these bills, go to or call the office to receive personal assistance.

Updated: December 2013

1 Capitol Square | Room 223 | Columbus, Ohio | 43215 | 614/466.4583 |

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