Last night, while in a sleepless state, I had a recurring dream. They were strange! So strange I had to share them and that is the reason for this. Those who know me, know for a fact, I am not of a religious bent, and will not, nor would not accept any of the religious doctrines currently espoused by the purveyors of faith. Now to the dream: I was walking out in the country, as I carefully stepped my way along the dirty path, a thought, came to me. It was like a voice came into my head. It told me I was walking on God! This thought went on and started to explain: A child is born. The child grows and develops into an adult. Then joins with another of its kind and propagates its own population. And in the propagation two might produce three, four, or even ten. An animal is born. It grows and develops into an adult. It too joins with others of its kind, and depending on the species, it propagates the population. Some produce just or two, while others will put forth a dozen or more. In both incidents of birth and development the creature will eat and drink, usually what ever is available or offered to it. When the normal food of its species isn’t readily available, it will soon develop tastes for other things. It will move about the land, looking to satisfy its need for food and drink. In some case, just a need to find a mate of its own kind will move a creature from one place to another. When these creatures move out of their own environment the lack of waste it leaves behind will mean a lack nourishment for other living things, growing thing, in


the abandoned area. Ergo: if other creature who are in the same environment moves the earth could become a place of devastation. The way all creatures develop from immaturity into an adult is simple: They eat and drink what come from the ground! Their waste and the waste of other creatures in the same area is what nourishes the living foods of the ground in the area. Ergo, because of natural development through what God has given them--FOOD AND WATER--it can be said, all thing come from God, therefore wouldn’t be logical to assume, “The Earth is God!” The man creature develops to the point that in its own vanity it comes to associate itself with God, up to an including that it believes it was created in God’s image. What’s more the feeling of association becomes so strong in several of the creatures they insist that God had talked to them, and told them certain things. Looking only at Christianity, it teaches all things come from God. If this statement of and by itself is true and if it can be held to be true, then the assumption, “The Earth is God” must be accepted. The earth is in a constant state of change and development. This movement can be attributed directly to natural causes. If this statement be true, then once again we must assume “The Earth is God!” Why are the creatures of the earth are developing and propagating at a faster rate than the earth is capable of accommodating no one knows, no one can answer. Propagation is the primary word. If God [Earth] is in fact in control, and is tending to the creatures roaming its outer surface, then God must move and readjust itself to accommodate the animals. So once again we must assume: Unseen by man, but because of


man, there is a constant shifting of God [earth] and its development in the universe because of the propagation of man. Man has developed, multiplied and propagated and is now putting unknown tons of weight [pressure] on various parts of God [earth]. These weight variations push down from above, down onto the ground below the surface. There is only one thing that can happen, the earth is other parts of God must give way to accommodate the weight [pressure] upon it from above. In all countries of the world great cities are now being constructed. Dubai is an example. There a great city of great weight is coming forth. Being an oil rich country Dubai is pumping tons of oil out of the ground. Where the oil had been, there is and will eventually be a cavity. At the same time, great amounts of earth are being used to cover over areas that were at one time filled with water. This will displace the water world wide. Eventually the pressure of these cities will force the land laying between the surface and the vacant cavity that once held the oil. But, again this creates a problem. There is more volume to the city than there is to the cavities below. Ergo, the weight pressure of the city pushing on the interior must have someplace to go. To accommodate this excess volume, the pressure of weight distribution must be transferred to another area of the earth. This will result in earth quakes and other anomalies such as volcanic creation or eruption. China use to be a large country with inadequate accommodations for its people. Today China is expanding beyond its own imagination. The same can be said about India, parts of Africa, the United States, South America, and all other countries of the world. Instead of the meager huts,


there are now ten or twenty level building. Instead of a structure weight of one metric ton for the hut, the weight is now coming in at one thousand metric tons for the larger buildings. Then there is second side effect of all of this. The material to construct these great cities of the future, must have material to build with. There is not building material at hand, and it must be imported. The weight of this building material being brought into an area will have to be transferred from one part of the world. Think of a scale, if you from one, the other will go off balance. An example: ten ships loaded to capacity with wood and cement are taken into a city for construction. The building material is removed from a hill or mountainous region in the northern area of the world. What happens now, when the mountain or hill no longer weighs in at the same level it was before. It means when the God makes its shift to accommodate the new building, it will push up or out on the mountainous region. Ergo: All things must be in balance. This shifting of the weight is also creating another problem: Heat. When the sun shines down, a meager hut the structure will absorb a small amount of heat. Yet, on the other hand, the large towering build will absorb heat beyond imagination. This heat absorption will warm the area surrounding it. Ergo, the creation of the one thing many people are worried about: Climate Warming! I personally have always thought Global Warming was not a threat to mankind or to the world. But under assumptions given me by this dream, I am starting to see the dangers of climate change.


This Climate Warming is going to cause an instability that can be related back to the weight shift from the surface down into the bottoms of the earth, and there will be a resizing of the visible usable land area as the redistribution of weight against the interior of the earth is forced to move. It will have the effect of extensive devastation on all of developments man has made on this earth over the past three thousand years. What is going to happen if this Warming does in fact melt the ice shelves? The answer is simple: what is now low lying area at the water’s edge will be swamped and over-run with water. What is going to happen if cities such as New York or Istanbul no longer exist because they have been inundate with water. This flooding doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can just deep enough so the cities can no longer be of use to man. Or, made can build a dam around the city to keep the water out. But again this creates a weight distribution problem. Going back to my original thoughts: All of this can and will be blamed on a god. But not the God of the Earth. The fault will be placed on the shoulders of the God who is up there in the sky looking down on us. The real God, the God of the Earth doesn’t care about you or me. It cares about all of, and that is reason for the food and water. We are not individual, we are creatures that have developed, and are now taking for granted that this earth, belongs to us. It doesn’t, it belongs to God What was as it was, and it will no longer be. The portions of the earth that have the greatest weight force against the earth will also have the greatest damage and will be the first to go, so God can start to put this Earth back into balance.


We have already seen an intensity in the movement of the earth through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. But we have seen nothing yet, because it will take God a while to put it plan into an order. The one thing every thinking person living on God has yet to learn: All things must be in balance. If they are not, sooner; sooner or later something will happen to force God as an entity to take control over all things, and to make changes necessary to return this world to the balance. To end this: I dream frequently. I keep notes on many of my dream, some I even prepare in books. So the fact I had this dream was not an unusual occurrence, but the subject of the dream was. Gregory R. Gillespie 28 April, 2009