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Executive Summary
A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the beginning of a marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Wedding is an opportunity to perform a traditional ceremony and celebrate with friends and family. Wedding are an important part of our society and it is basic need in our society to get weddings arranged in a fascinating way that it remain in the memories of guests forever. "Remember, Fabulous Weddings Don't Just Happen They Are Planned!" REET wedding planners brings specialists to the community of Lahore a breath of fresh air in the wedding planning market. By combining old-fashioned values, going the extra mile, and using cutting-edge wedding planning techniques, we will lead the market, providing customers with quality services and differentiated products.

Wedding planning is an equal opportunity business making its expertise and its products available to help its customers plan their own wedding ceremonies. Through these and other affordable products and services, our aim is to be the number one resource for any wedding ceremonies. No Dream Is Too Big, No Touch Is Too Small

For wedding planning business Liberty Lahore is suitable place as it is one of the busiest place and famous for shopping connivance. All suppliers and labors are easily available as we are working on just in time strategy. Owners and managers will refer to this plan in order to evaluate the mission, goals, and objectives.

Our ability to cater to the needs of our customers by providing predictable professionalism through which we will ensure a worry and stress-free wedding ceremony at a reasonable price to our customers. Convenient location and unique ideas will stand us far above the competition. A comfortable and enjoyable environment for those not participating in these activities makes us a family-friendly place as well.

Vision statement:
An organization of qualified wedding planners and coordinators vow to uphold integrity and high standard of business ethic and advance the development of wedding planning business as a respected and honored profession. The vision represents the following ways: 1 Be one of the top wedding planning specialists in Lahore 2 Provide customers with quality services and differentiated products at affordable price.

Mission Statement:
Our Mission Statement reflects our basic concept upon which our company is founded, that we conduct our self with integrity and honestly, being of service to you as well as our wedding couples and their families that we provide you with excellent service, creating a memory that is more then you ever imagined possible. We will serve as your guide, consultant, mediator, informant, financial manager, and constant source of reassurance during this exciting time. "We will make your wedding dreams a reality-from simple elegance to simply fabulous-we can do it all!" We are committed to: 1 Saving you valuable time, energy and money 2 Being imaginative, personal, flexible and organized 3 Providing a smooth, worry-free experience 4 Obtaining the highest quality goods and services within your budget 5 Partnering with you to ensure your wedding and reception reflect your taste personality 6 Our customer are our number one asset 7 Create job satisfaction for associates. 8 Achieve our breakeven by 2 years and

Name Of Company Tagline For Company

Affordable Style for Priceless Memory!

We are committed to satisfy the needs, requirements and specifications of clients and to guarantee the effective and orderly management of their affairs

Objectives For Marriage Event Management:

Objectives of our marriage event management: 1. Be one of the top three event planning specialists in the Northwestern United States. 2. Justly compensate the employees, owners, and founders of Occasions. 3. Produce the same quality results, every time.

Key To Success Factors Of REET:

Our keys to success include the commitment to quality by every person who is part of the team. Each of us will be responsible to push ourselves to a higher level of professionalism in all areas: 1. Consistent, accurate fulfillment of the client's wishes. 2. Competitive pricing for the quality of services offered. 3. Significant profit made on each event planned. 4. Service our clients' needs promptly and efficiently. 5. Maintain an excellent working relationship with vendors such as florists, hair salons and bridal shops. 6. Maintain a professional image at all times.

Company Ownership:
Occasions is established as a partnership with the intention of selling the business when it is established to one of the employees invested in the vision of event planning. All aspects of the business will be documented to ensure clients can count on the same results every time. It is these documents that will become the basis of ownership.

Market Needs:
The market needs for wedding planning services are strongly shaped by the customers' desire to have a perfectly planned and executed wedding ceremony. Although major customer segments, brides and grooms and family members, plan and budget for the wedding ceremony as far as a year or more in advance, they often realize that they cannot make all the necessary preparations by themselves in a cost effective manner. Strongly affected by the established social values, such customers seek professional advice to ensure that all the important aspects of the wedding ceremony meet or exceed perceived expectations.

Marketing Strategy:
We will start our plan from STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning).

We segment the market on the basis of need of client base as being predominately middle-to upper-middle-class individuals, couples or families, public and private organizations. We must then look at the needs of these markets and cater to them. We promise the same great results, every time.

Target Market:
Lahore is the hub of a booming cultural experimentation in Pakistan. Lahore is undisputed cultural heart of Pakistan. It is to be said that no words to explain Lahore city. It is cultural, intellectual and artistic center of the nation which faded elegance, busy streets and bazaars, and wide variety of Islamic and British architecture make it a city full of atmosphere, contrast and surprise. The warm and receptive people of Lahore are known for their traditional hospitality. Lahore is very popular due to the combination of both modern and historical places. Basically Lahore is divided in to two parts: Old Lahore and New Lahore. In new Lahore mostly upper and upper middle class people are living. In Lahore lots of professionals who are so busy in life that they would need wedding planners for the arrangements. Wedding event management will offer its services to the brides and grooms, as well as to the family members. The company will position itself as an experienced provider of wedding planning services. Unlike most of its competitors, we will be offering a full range of services and thus provide the convenience of one-stop shopping for its clients. This will significantly reduce the customers' time and efforts preparing for such an important event as a wedding. Moreover, by utilizing numerous supplier contacts the company owners have established and economies of scale. Our Wedding planner will be able to pass on to its customers sizable cost savings.

Our Target market is upper - upper middle class especially in areas like

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Muslim Town Allama Iqbal Town Model Town, Gulberg, Fasial Town, DHA Johar Town, Shadman Wapda town

Market Size:
Actual Target market:
Population of Lahore: 8.896 Millions (2006) 45 percent of Lahores people are between the ages of 16 to 35. So our total number of people lies in this category will be as follows: 8896000* 45 / 100 = 4003200 people

18 percent people among this population are those who are in upper and upper middle class which is basically our target market whose income level is Rs.50,000 or above per month Thus 4003200* 18 / 100= 720,576 people (actual target market)

Potential Target Market:

Total size of unmarried population in urban areas of Punjab is 13086898. 18% of our target market in Punjab is in this category. Therefore:

13086898 * 18 / 100 = 2,355,641 people potential market size.

Being the first year of our business we have taken city Lahore and for the time being we have classified our segment according to income. Our target market for the time being are the customers whose budget for the wedding is Rs. 14,000,00 lacs and above. The reason is that being because these people will be ready to shell out more money for the grandeur and for a magnificent wedding.

Industry Analysis:
As the Pakistans economy is now focusing on service industry and the trend has been change d and economy is more service oriented so the service sector is growing day by day. Wedding planning service is being introduced into the market which is quite different from even management industry and these wedding planning service firms offer the highest level of quality and innovations in service industry with unique dimensions. Convenience has been regarded with strong sales growth. In the fact of rising population, incomes and hectic work schedules, a nearly instable demand for convenience will continue to wedding planners sales. Wedding planning service outfits will strive to find ways to make their services even more assessable. Income does not matter because there is a great chance of consumers shifting toward hiring the wedding planning services for the big events of marriages and all the things will done by wedding planners, customers can get each and every facility by sitting at their homes and on their premises. The focus towards shifting outsourcing services and this is where the wedding planning business fits in. But still the wedding planning industry in growth stage and it will take long time to become mature and change the trend and people will also take time to follow the trend. Although the industry is growing but still it is in introduction stage.

Gap 1: Gap 2: Gap 3: Gap 4: Not knowing What Customer Expects Not Selecting the Right Service Design and Standards Not Delivering to Service Design and Standards Not Matching Performance to Promises

Gap 1: Not Knowing, What Customer Expects? Gap 1 is the distance between what customers expect and what service providers think about the customers expectations. Clearly survey research is a key way to narrow this gap. REET is a wedding planning service provider. When we conduct the marketing research we came to know that this industry is at the growing stage. Everyone is having a shortage of time which ultimately causes a trouble for the people of Lahore to manage all the wedding activities. The main thing which we conclude from primary research our target market is not price sensitive. As the life is very busy in Lahore and they wants to enjoy the marriages ceremonies but face shortage of time to arrange functions in best possible way. Almost 88% people said they are facing the problem of time management during their wedding functions and we hardly manage all things which we have to do during wedding ceremony. Our target market is lacking in two main things one is time management and other is lack of creative ideas, which shows big opportunity for us to solve their problems. This would definitely help us to identify needs and expectations and would tell how many from the target market can enjoy the REET services. So, this gap does not exist. In this industry all the research are based on the quality of the services. REET Wedding planning service is being introduced into the market which is quite different from even management industry and REET wedding planning service firms offering the highest

level of quality and innovations in service industry with unique dimensions. When REET conduct a marketing research they mainly focus on the quality of service they would offer to their customers. Though REET is offering many services to the customers but quality would never be compromised at any cost. So this point of Gap does not exist. REET wedding planning service will strive to find ways to make their services even more assessable, convenient and provide ease for their customers. This industry utilizes the research for the continuous improvement and innovation. Because the needs of the customers changes with the passage of time and wedding creativities are also changes. So market research would be much helpful for maintaining the quality and attracting their potential customers. This point of gap does not exist. REET wedding planning services provides many services under one roof. This includes too much interaction of the customers with the service providers. Because whatever the services REET would provide to their customers that would be according to the customers requirements but maintain the service quality. Customer needs, requirements and choice would be the first priority for every decision, arrangement, activity, shopping. So this point of gap doest not exists. REET contact employees are trained and experienced and they know well enough that how the communication is important with the customers. Contact employees are in well contact with management, they would fulfill each and every activity that was demanded by the customers. This point of gap does not exist. REET wedding planning is not a business in which management only give the orders rather they always maintain the check balance for confirming the quality services. REET respects to the suggestions and new ideas. This point of gap does not exist. REET wedding plan segments the market on the basis of need of client base as being predominately middle-to upper-middle-class individuals, couples or families, public and private organizations. REET must then look at the needs of these markets and cater to them. We promise the same great results, every time. So this point of gap does not exist. This point of gap does exist because in this industry sometimes the service provider prefer on transaction rather than relationship. This is all about the transaction process; people who have shortage of time need someone to arrange weddings all activities. This needs money to give that service provider so transaction includes.

They have to focus on new as well as old customers. But this gap does not exist. Because service quality remains the same for all customers but the package may be different so this may include in the gap.

This gap does not exist because if in this industry the service provider do not listen to their customers and they dont respects to their complaints and suggestion then it would not be able for them to sustain. But this industry in is the growing stage.

If the things go wrong in understanding the requirements of the customers, make the corrective tasks, all the wedding activities then in this industry the service provider make changes and strive to improve. So this gap does not exist.

In REET wedding planning we offer all the wedding ceremonies and activities to arrange on behalf of the family. So all the tasks are written in synchronized form and actions would be taken according to them. When actions are performing the check and audit process is established at the same time for avoiding any error. This gap does not exist.

Gap 2: Not Having Right Service Quality Design and Standards In REET wedding planning many services are providing under same roof for the people of Lahore. They make the design of the services and can change the services according to the needs and requirements of the customer in this industry the service designs are made for further ease of activities. This point of gap does not exist. The service design are well defined in the wedding planning industry, but some of the customers can not understand these kind of services due to their lack of knowledge and lack of trust. Though it is at the growing industry, but still some designs are need to be explained completely and properly. So this gap exists. This gap can be existing because of the reason that what the services are designed that may not be able to connect in the mind of customers. Because many people who got conservative they do not trust upon wedding planners. So in this industry this gap can be there. Different customers have got different standards. Some service providers have maintained their own standards and they can flexible up to that standard. So in this industry this gap does exist. But in REET this point of gap does not exist because we do all what consumer want. This gap does not exist in the industry because the wedding planner does all the task and activities according to the requirements of the customers. These all actions are done in the form of the process. This gap can be exist because every wedding planner wants to maintain the quality of their services for which they conduct research but many people wants everything in low cost. And if they have to pay little more then they can compromise with the quality in some areas. All the actions are done as per the customers wants. In this industry the physical evidence does matter. Because most of the customers attracts due to appropriate physical evidence. So this gap does exist. The wedding planning service designs are formalized to meet all the customers needs and provide them full ease and convenience. So this gap does not exist.

Gap 3: Not Delivering to Service Design and Standards In this industry this point of gap does exist many service providers are new to this industry and they might have shortage of money and they could do ineffective recruitments. This point of gap also exists due to the reason that some employees are assigned to do more than one task so role ambiguity can occur. This gap also exists in the industry because many employees are educated but they do not have any other job to do so they are appointed, may be their area of interest differ. This gap does exist in this industry because the evaluation and compensation may be or may not be done by the service providers. This gap also exist in this industry because there is lack of empowerment, all the tasks are done according to service providers directions. When customers are not satisfied with the services then they can have a negative impact upon the other customers. This gap does not exist because the service objectives are design to satisfy the customers. And the performance of the services is also for the satisfaction of the customer. This gap exists because in the industry the service providers offering many services under one roof and maintaining the quality of services would be difficult. But every service provider strives to maintain the standard of services. This gap does not exist. Because the wedding planning always welcome to the demands of the customers. Especially REET never give negative expressions to the consumers demands and requirements. This gap does not exist because the services are designed according to the characteristics of the customers.

Gap 4: Not Matching Performance to Promises This gap does not exist. The wedding planning industry communicates with their customers. They have frequent communication, interaction. The internal marketing plan might be weak in wedding planning industry. Sometimes difference may occur in the consumers and employees point of view. This gap exists. This gap does exists because all the services are provided as per to requirements. So it is difficult for the service providers to manage the expectations through all ways of communications. This gap exists in the industry because not every service providers are educated. Some are educated but have not got experienced. Some have got experienced but has no education. This gap does exists because the in the industry some service providers do over promising in advertisement just want to attract the customers. This gap does not exist because wedding planning is a process in which personal selling is involved. No third party is involved between consumer and the owner of service provider. This gap exists. Many service providers of wedding planning maintain their physical evidence so perfect that customers are only being attracted toward them but their services are not up to the mark. This gap exist because there in insufficient communication in the sales and operations. In wedding planning the sales occur before the operations of the services/ This gap also exists because service providers advertise first then operations are done after the advertisement.

Business Strategy:
To meet and beat the competition every business need strategy to create edge over competitors and make it successful and sustainable in market.

PEST Analysis:
Political Analysis:
1) If government rules and regulations will change and new rules and regulation will implement regarding doing business in Pakistan then it will effect our business. 2) If government revises the tax policy and new taxes should be imposed then it will also affect our company. 3) As in Pakistan there is political instability now a day so it will also affect the business conditions and results in economic slow down and in this condition it will affect the business. And also political trends are changed now a day so it will also affect the whole industry. 4) As due to political instability and law and order problems in Pakistan there is a threat of terrorist attack at any time so it threatened people and people become threatened to arrange their marriage open air and unsafe areas so it will also affect the people psychology and its ultimate affect will be slow growth of wedding planning industry.

Economic Analysis:

1) Economic growth trend of Pakistan also affect the wedding planning industry as there is slow growth in the economy so its ultimate affect the whole service industry including wedding planning industry. 2) As there is a trend of devaluation of Pakistani currency and due to inflationary effect the prices of all goods and services rise so it will also increase the cost of production and cost of operations so ultimately whole industrys prices will increase and its ultimate affect

the peoples spending power and it will affect the over all industrys growth.

Social Analysis:
1) Demographics of society also affect the growth of wedding planning industry as the size of family, income level of people, age, gender, race these all factor affect the wedding planning industry as people have more spending power so they can hire the wedding planning services. 2) As now a days people are following the western culture and in western culture wedding planning industry is growing and in Pakistan trend is also changing and people are moving towards these services and life style of people is also changed so it can positively affect the wedding planning industry and will move industrys growth graph upward. 3) Population shifts also affect the whole industry as there is a trend in Lahore that there is a huge population shift and people from different cities are now moving towards Lahore and those people have more spending power and they are also followers of latest trends and culture shifts so that it is a huge opportunity for growth of the wedding planning industry. 4) As people are more status conscious and want to raise their living standards so trend has been changed and people now shifting towards wedding planning services rather than arrangements of their marriage functions by their selves so it will also positively affect the wedding planning industry and will raise the growth rate of the whole industry.

Technological Analysis:
1) Due to the use if information technology and latest IT technology we can improve our operation processes and we can get orders through web site and through information technology we can remain in touch with our suppliers and employees as well so it will improve our service quality and it will positively affect our service quality and will helpful to grow in near future and information technology and latest innovations in wedding planning industry will move the industry growth graph upward. 2) With the use of efficient and quick transport system we can also improve our service

quality and improve our operation processes and due to use of latest and quick transport system it will helpful to improve the working conditions and will helpful to grow the industry in near future. 3) Due to use of different medias like TVs print media news papers and all others medias it become easy and convenient to communicate with our customers effectively and efficiently and we can convey our message properly and let people to aware about our company and services so due to these medias it will also increase the sales of the company will shift the company and over all industrys growth graph upward

Product And Service Design:

We plan describes what products and services we are offering, how and where we are purchased and sell.

A Description of our Service

We Include information about the specific benefit of our service from our customers perspective. we also talk about our product or service's ability to meet consumer needs, any advantages our product has over that of the competition, and the current development stage of our product is in (e.g., idea, prototype). Detail about our Products Life Cycle. Include information about where our product or service is in its life cycle, as well as any factors that may influence service life cycle in the future.

Our Marriage Management Service Plan Includes:

The uniqueness of the product or service The method in which the items are sold Benefits to the customer Why customers will purchase it from our business Vendor details, noting any exclusive dealerships Pricing policy or strategy

How does your products differ from the competition What are your days and hours of operation?

Designing a Service:

Design Consideration Facility location Facility layout Product design Process design operation must be near customer should accommodate customers physical and psychological needs and expectations environment as well as physical products define nature of service stages of production process have direct effect on customer Time standards Wage payment Capacity planning

Intellectual Property:
Any existing, pending, or any anticipated copyright or patent filings, list them also disclose whether any key aspects of a product may be classified as trade secrets. We also include any information pertaining to existing legal agreements, such as Nondisclosure or non-compete agreements. Research and Development (R&D) Activities Outline R&D activities that are involved in or are planned

Products and Services:

We are offering following products and service: 1 Bridal/ Groom Dress wear. 2 Menu planning as per budget. 3 Party decorations. 4 Head Table dcor. 5 Flower arrangement for wedding, wedding reception decorations. 6 Walkway/ Entrance (Mehandi function arrangements). 7 Designers Thal (Bid packaging for shaadi). 8 Wedding cake presentation. 9 Saloons for both bride/groom 10 Hotels for wedding guests. 11 Transport Facilities. 12 Security Arrangements. 13 Still and portrait Photography. 14 Wedding invitation cards. 15 Desi Bhangra with dhol. 16 Catering services. 17 Designers Jewelry. 18 Rent a car. 19 Bari and jaheez. 20 Furniture. 21 Sound system/DJ. 22 Arrangements of mehfal-e-milad.

Service Design (Pre Delivery And Post Delivery):

Service Design (Pre-Delivery)

Defining design attributes. Setting design standards. Generating/ Evaluating design concepts. Developing design detail.

Service Design (Post- Delivery)

Implementing the design. Measuring Performance. Assessing Satisfaction. Improving Performance (Feedback to Redesign). Packaging the service.

Unique Selling Proposition:

To meet and beat the competition every business need strategy to create edge over competitors and make it successful and sustainable in market. It is that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competitions we will differentiate from other competitors by providing Online services such as people can log on our web site and can find all our services which we can provide to them and people can order online and also we can go for customization online. Our competitive edge can also be that our highly skilled and creative designers and organizers which can add innovation and style in our arrangements and always engage in seeking new ways to arrange weddings so that due to research and innovation in wedding arrangements we can create competitive edge over competitors.

REET competitive edge will be based on two factors, specialization and strategic relationships. REET will be specializing in two distinct areas of corporate planning. o While specializing essentially precludes IMM out of a lot of different markets, it allows reet to excel in the markets that it has chosen to participate in. Specialization allows IMM to be an expert in the two areas that it is in. Additionally, the expert knowledge allows REET to provide the service as a cost saving to the company because the fewer services reet offers, the more they can concentrate on improving the current offerings. Improvements that reet strive for is a reduction in cost charged to the client and an improvement to the level of services offered. o Reet competitive edge is based on the use of strategic relationships. reet clearly realizes that they cannot be good at everything. reet believes it is better to concentrate on a few things, excel in those areas, and form strategic partnerships with companies that excel in the service areas that reet doesn't. Applying this philosophy, reet has decided in addition to planning corporate retreat training sessions, they want to offer the service of hosting/leading these events as well. The service of hosting/leading however, is quite different than planning and reet believes that it would be more cost effective to form a strategic relationship with an expert in this field instead of trying to become proficient themselves. reet then is able to offer a top-notch service offering of hosting/leading the training seminars but does not have to invest heavily in developing the program. The use of strategic relationships is unusual in the event planning space. Most event planners are generalists and try to do a little of everything. CRP is following the model of benchmark companies in other industries that have recognized the value of specialization and the use of strategic relationships.

Market Research:
o People are generally facing shortage of time, budget problem and unique ideas. If they get all these things within given budget and time limit they are obviously

motivated to get our services. Quality services, style and wedding attitudes always fascinate those who want their functions to be memorized by others. o The main thing which we conclude from primary research our target market is price sensitive. As the life is very busy in Lahore and they wants to enjoy the marriages ceremonies but face shortage of time to arrange functions in best possible way. o Almost 88% people said they are facing the problem of time management during their wedding functions and we hardly manage all things which we have to do during wedding ceremony. the graph shows that our target market is lacking in two main things one is time management an other is lack of creative ideas, which shows big opportunity for us to solve their problems. Like every market the market of wedding planning is very dynamic, as Pakistani nation is borrowing the culture from west they love to adopt those things which prevails in western culture From our research we conclude that 72 percent of our target market like western style of wedding arrangements. Only 4 percent of our respondents like traditional style of arrangement and rest of the other 24 percent like blend of both styles.
80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 western style traditional style western+traditional style 4 24 72

As the above graph is showing that the market of wedding planning in Lahore is shifting from the traditional style to the western style, this shift is much faster in our targeted

areas. People are shifting toward the western style but in our research we also find out that people lack innovative ideas, to celebrate their marriages more western they are organizing their wedding ceremonies from professional wedding planners because everyone like to makes their marriage more memorable and try to bring new themes in their wedding functions. These things when we are planning an event we kept in mind. These are some important factors which triangle shows:

time quality cost scope

We will focus on time, cost, quality and scope of our service. In order to make our business successful we have to build our competitive edge over rivals. All competitors offer essentials and cover major areas regarding wedding but none of them come up with a whole package and have deficiencies in few areas like they are focusing mainly on bridal/ groom dresses, decorations to catering etc. None of them is working on essentials like Bari, jaheez, jewellery, thematic weddings and furniture etc. In short we are covering all areas which wedding requires. We will offer them in house services like dresses not only for bride and groom but for their whole families within given budget.

. We listen our Valued Client very carefully and Noted down their queries, specified interests and requirements and standards of quality services they are expecting from us within framed budget they have and time plan. We analysis the Clients need more thoroughly specifying the gradation of its quality, time credibility, their satisfaction and interests levels and what type of services objectives and challenges, they would like us to meet, ensure and execute within those boundaries and targeted plans. We also suggest and give better and innovative ideas to our clients, which could be more suitable and concerned to the events specifications with better results. A Full range of services needed for a successful and profitable outcome. Our fully committed, highly professionalized and dedicated team together with our network of selected Out-Class and Premier Partners to ensure that personal attention is given to every detail of Events specifications. Our Creativity flows until its show time and climax: our customer hard targets and deadlines to us, make committed to deliver within time plan and designed budget. Thats our mission and motto to make your event memorable, out-class and remarkably awesome. We provide free service to charity houses, edhi enters etc. We deliver greeting to our old customers at their anniversary.

Promotion Of Business:
Promoting a business is an ongoing challenge for small businesses. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for years, these proven marketing strategies will help your business find new customers without spending a fortune. 1. Plan Our Attack: We will Define who our best prospects are, and then determine the best way to reach them. Is the decision maker the CTO of the company, the director of human resources, or a 37-yearold working mom? Will you find them on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or Facebook? Inperson networking at local business meetings? Will they be searching for our type of product on Google or Bing? Do we want to start promoting our business to them at the start of their buying cycle, or when they're about ready to pull out their credit card and make the purchase? We will make our website. Find our customers on facebook, twitter or by word of mouth, we will create a network on special websites to attract our customers 2. Develop A Website: we put our site up using one of the companies like or that provide templates and tools that make it easy to create a basic website to reach our customers 3. Set Up A Free Listing For Our Business In Search Engine Local Directories: We do this at;; and to include your website link and business description.

4. Set Our Business Profile Or Page Up On Linkedin, Facebook, And Twitter: Our business profile includes a good description, keywords and a link of our website. We look for groups or conversations that talk about your type of products or services and participate in the conversations.

5. If You're Just Starting Out Our business card, letterhead and envelope tell prospective customers that we are a professional who takes our business seriously. list our website address on our business card and, letterhead and any handouts we create. 6. Talk To All The Vendors From Whom We Buy Products Or Services: Give them our business card, and ask if they can use our products or service, or if they know anyone who can. 7. Pay For Membership In Those Groups That Attract Your Target Customers: We enter in group that has a website and publishes list members on the site, our name and website link get added. When any new member is added he or she can review our product 8. Become Actively Involved In 2 Or 3 Of These Groups: It gave us more opportunity to meet more customers. 9. Ask For Work Or Leads: Contact nonprofit organizations, who may need your services the service may be in kind of charity function foe free of cost. 10. Network With Others Who Are Doing The Same Type Of Business: We let them know that we are available to handle their work overloads. It will create a good impact on our business or in marriage event management industry. 11. Put Videos Of Our Product Or Service On Youtube: We put videos of our service and demonstrate our product on YouTube and other videosharing and slide-sharing sites. 12. Business Name And Contact Information Professionally Painted On The Side Of The Vehicle: In That way our means of transportation becomes a vehicle for advertising your business. It can be use as magnetic signs.

13. Offer A Free, No Obligation Consultation: We Offer a free, no obligation consultation to people. During such consultations we offer some practical suggestions or ideas--and before we leave we will ask for an "order" to implement the ideas. 14. Use Other People To Sell Your Product Or Service: Instead of selling our products by our self, we look for affiliates, resellers or people who will generate leads for us in return for a commission on sales or we will provide discount to our old customers or to whom who come with any our customer reference. 15. Get Together With Businesses That Serve The Same Market: Get together with businesses that serve the same market but our service will creat a difference among the market of the same 16. Run A Contest: We make the prize something desirable and related to your business -- it could be a free gift basket of our products, or free services

We will charge prices according to services which customer wants to get. But our prices will be less than the competitor prices. Customization will be one thing more which we will do in our business, arrange wedding with in the given budget by our customer. We budget each aspect of the wedding, thus saving on other hidden costs. Often, there is a tendency to go over budget during weddings. No matter how much tend to control, there are always some or the other hidden expenses that crop up unexpectedly. We take care of this aspect as well by following a pre-decided budget we are doing Customization according to customers requirement and given budget. As there are 40 percent margin in this industry and we are outsourcing our things so we will give 20 percent margin to the suppliers to whom we are outsourcing our products. Like one customer come to us and say that I have the budget of Rs.15, 00,000. For the wedding, than we will arrange all the stuff for our customer with in that budget and our profit will be including in that given budget

We will position our brand as a premium brand among all wedding planners in Lahore to create this position we have very cool marketing plan which is explain in detail below.

We will do promotion in following ways like if someone organize more weddings from us then we will give them 5% discount other then free services (depends on budget) and if they take few services then will discount them 2%,on getting services of full package we will give them 10% discount. Those from which we are outsourcing or have contact like caters etc and they come up with customers then we will give them incentives like free plan the wedding of their near ones.

Location/Physical Evidence:

Physical evidence for the service slandered and quality:

Physical evidence the physical evidence of a service is a tangible clue, which creates an impression about the service or the setting of a service or provides the proof of service delivery. It contributes to the perception of the quality and the price of the service. Good physical evidence Create mood, an attraction or a desire to visit service in the context of service purchase. It is also important in selling and marketing services and intangible products that you cant see, but that you can provide the support needed to the customer who can see and feel the physical evidence. Importance of physical evidence Conveys expectations o Physical evidence => quality cues => image development Influences perceptions o Image development => reduces perceived risk => reduces cognitive dissonance after the purchase

Our physical evidence Provides information:

How our marriage event management acts? o Facilitates the ordering process o How does marriage event management work? Manages consumers o Barriers separate different consumer groups o Identify the firms personnel o Physical symbol that embodies the groups ideals and attributes o Implies a coherent group structure o Facilitates perceptions of consistent performance

Our physical evidence provides a means for differentiation:

Physical Evidence can also refer to the people within our company and how we dress and act. It can refer to how our office is set up, the professionalism of your staff, nice brochures, how you interact with your customer base, and every single visual element about your company Well-dressed personnel are perceived as: o More intelligent o Better workers o More interactive Component of the physical environment. Facility exterior o Exterior design o Signage o Parking o Landscaping o Surrounding environment

We choose Liberty market in Gulberg, Lahore as a prime location in city for our office which is frequently visited by many people for shopping and has all the characteristics necessary for our business as well as experiencing substantial growth .There is always huge crowd of people in this market and our business can expect to draw customers over a reasonable time span Place will create our brand awareness.

Transportation Network:
We dont face any transportation problem regarding our location as roads and public services routes are linked to liberty market. Transportation system works smoothly and is free of barriers. Customers can easily travel in the opposite direction to cross traffic even have a parking facilities.

Customer Traffic:
An ample volume of potential customers visit liberty market, it is one of the markets which always remain crowded not only with women but also serve as a best shopping spot for men and children. We are easily accessible by everyone who passes by this site.

Liberty market is very famous and is renowned place for shopping freaks. It is one of the best shopping spot in Lahore. Although it is a slow and trying process to create our awareness but we can establish a base of loyal customers and can achieve success.

Room for expansion:

Planning for future expansion is difficult issue because it drew huge cost and is very expensive. If ever we find an opportunity to expand our business then we will open our office in other areas of Lahore.

Location of our office is highly visible and customers can easily approach us. It is in a front lane and surrounded by many shops of liberty market and can easily be seen.

Rental rates:
Liberty is expensive due to the location reputation and demand so the rent of our shop according to the area is Rs 30,000 and it will increase 10% by every year.

System For Recovery Aligning With Standards Set For The Service Quality:

Policies at the service recovery level are important; the same service failures will continue to occur if the issues are not fed back into the organization. Ensuring that breaking points are avoided in the first place requires a systematic cross-departmental process to gather feedback and communicate it to relevant departments for actions that will eliminate or reduce the chance for repeated errors. Creating positive emotions is important at any touch-point with a company. But until companies are able to create highly emotional positive experiences throughout the Customer Experience Lifecycle, the service recovery experience may very well be the only interaction that customers remember them. Facilitating positive service recovery experiences first requires organizational-wide policies and procedures specifically addressing when and how to respond to service failures. Service recovery is not only a customer service concern; the breaking point and recovery interaction can happen at any channel or touch-point from the sales person to the service technician, billing or shipping personnel. Service recovery is about maintaining customer loyalty by converting an angry customer to a happy customer. This is a huge and critical challenge. While the value of each recovery depends on numerous factors including the Cost of customer acquisition and servicing, Customer profitability and so on,

It is clear that investing in creating excellent service recovery experiences has long-term customer loyalty benefits.

Active listener or reader

We will be active listener when we speak to the aggrieved party or read carefully the customers problem. Why they are unhappy with and what do they want? Prefer to Make notes and record the time and date in a database designed for this purpose and we will respond rapidly.
Be respectful

We make sure all staff is respectful in their dealings with customers at all times, particularly when someone is expressing concern about service. Our staff is all brand ambassadors we act like one.
Put yourself in the place of the customer

When we are engaging the customer, we put our self in their place and understand and appreciate their frustration.
Seek ways of solving the problem

We will ask them what we can do to solve their problem. Make suggestions to resolve the situation. Find all the reasons and ways that we can help rather than the reasons why we cant do anything.
Make an offer

We will make an offer to help resolve the situation.

Sincerely Apologize

If any poor service will delivered then we will apologize for the lack of service or the poor quality of the service.
Let them know they are important

Our management tells them that the company appreciates their patronage and their existence is important to us.


We make sure the customer is contacted for follow-up and the problem is resolved to the customers satisfaction. Any customer recovery strategy must be based on consistency not heroics! The simple rule to tell staff is treat all customers like youd want your mom to be treated.

Management Team Consists Of Following:

STAFF General Manager

Name iram m.ali

Job Description

Job Specification Experience:

Handle all operations; MBA,

make relationships with minimum 2 years suppliers and customers. Marketing Manager Marria shahid Deals with marketing MBA in Marketing

trends and make new Experience: 1 years strategies to cope with them. Find new clients for the business. Accounts Manager: Momina arif Maintain the accounts of MBA (Finance) the business and control Experience: 1 year the inflow and outflow of cash, give salary to employees.

Management Team Requirement:



Job description

Job specification

Dcor Designer

Professionalism, strong Graduate with diplomas in communication skills, designing

vision and style, logical Experience: 1 or 2 years. and Creative thought



Graduation + diploma in still and ,

photographer + movie Experience maker portrait


professionalism, positive attitude Receptionist 1 Facilitate the customers Graduate, and guide them properly



communication skills

1 Office Boy Guard 1

Facilitate the developer He should be Matriculation. and other staff Duties of a watch man He should be Matriculation.

Plan of Operation:
Form of Business:
This Business will be on Partnership basis because we need sufficient capital to run our business. There are five partners investing equal ratio of capital which is 14, 00,000. The business will be registered as reet

Company Structure:
Decision Making Authority:
All board of directors will have decision making authority of this business. As everyone contributes equally so final decision will be based on Consensus of all the partners.

Compensation And Packages:

Following is the compensation system of our business. In our business we will give blend of both straight pay and incentive pay system to our employees depends on profit and customers.


Number of position

Salary (per person per month)Rs.

General Manager(Designer) Marketing Manager Accounts Manager Dcor Designer Photographer: Receptionist Office Boy

25000,Share in profit Share in profit Share in profit.

1 1 1 1 1 1

25,000 13,000 65,00 45,00

Operations Phase I
Before The Wedding:
We will coordinate with various vendors like photographers, dress designer, florists, rental companies, etc. to make sure all contracts have been signed, payments have been made and arrangements have been made for final payment then will give the customer reminders of final preparations.

We will review reception or ceremony layout, decorations planned have been reserved and purchased with accessories & miscellaneous needs and all contracts have been signed for ceremony and reception venues payments have been made.

Week Before:
We will coordinate with the customers and draft schedule for how things are set to run for the day and then make adjustments if necessary. Then will give copy of this schedule to all vendors

We will remind the family of last minute details to confirm, hair appointments, Brides/Groom accessories, remind family members of things that they are responsible for bringing and review the site plan both for the ceremony or reception. Contact hotel that clients will be staying at to verify number of rooms according to customers calculations.

Day Of:
We will arrive at the ceremony location 6-7 hours before the ceremony and make sure that all vendors have arrived and that all of them receive a timeline for the days events.

We will be available for the Bridal/Groom and family for requests or needs, assist Bride/Groom to get ready before the ceremony, make sure that all flowers and rental materials have arrived on

site and are in place, verify photographer and videographer arrival and review schedule of events with them.Upon arrival at the reception site we will coordinate with the DJ and site to make sure schedule is understood, when the guests arrives then will assist guests for refreshments/freshen up and, assist the seating of guests.

Phase II
This phase begins between 4-5 months before the wedding. This is for someone that needs everything from phase I at the day of coordinating but also needs a little help beforehand. We are estimating 6-8 months out instead of 2-3 months out because by then the vendors that we are having some difficulty finding might already be booked.

Includes everything from phase I plus: Budget Allocation:

The budget that we have established/remaining budget in order to estimate how much is left for the vendors that we have left to contract. Based on the budget we make recommendations of trusted vendors, out of top 3-5, make appointments and coordinate to meet one-on-one with the vendor. After vendors are selected, work out which vendor is the most compatible with the needs that need to be met, negotiate services and secure contracts.


Product or service
Food (1000*250) Venue Music (dj) Dance floor Mehfil-e-melad or dua greeting Vele't parking Wedding cake Furniture(bed+couch+2chairs&table+dressing table) or as per customer requirement Photography(for 3 days) Invitation card(20*250) or as per customer requirement 5 rooms for guest(1000*5)5000 Bride and groom dresses(40000+25000) for one day or as per customer requirement Parlor Saloon service for guest Design thal Desi bhangra or dhol Rent a car + decoration

250000 50000 5000 As per customer requirement 2000 25000 1200 120000 28000 5000 5000 65000 45000 10000 for 7 persons 600 1000 7000

250000 Free of cost Free of cost Free of cost Free of cost Free of cost 110000 25000 5000 5000 65000 40000 80000 Free of cost Free of cost Free of cost 315*250(87500) Nill 1000 1000 Nill 800 95000 22500 4000 3000 55000 35000 80000 Nill 500 Nill

Bus service Kids play land Home appliance Total

Depend on distance 5000 122000 746800

3500 117000 529500

nill 112000 425300

We are charging 529500 for one event but in reality for one event we are bearing charges of 425300 529500-423500=106000

Profit Guard salary Office boy Bills Promotion expenses Other expenses

106000 (7000) (10000) (8000) (10000) (5000)

will earn profit of 66000*5=330000


We earning 66000 after arranging one event if we arrange approximately 5 event in a month we

Financial Analysis:
If we organize 5 events in the one month, then the financials for one year will be as follows;

Gross Margin =

= 0.7998 = 79 %

Larger gross profit margins are better for businesses and it shows that business retains of each rupees of sales, which means more money is left over for other operating expenses and net profit and the business is able to control production and inventory costs.

Operating Margin = Profit Margin =


= =

= 0.1246 = 12%

= 0.1246 = 12%

High net profit margin ratio demonstrates how effective your business is at converting sales into profit. And as the above figure shows that its very low it means that we are not generating enough sales. Its may be due to we need to take on debt to pay its expenses.

Return on assets (ROA) or Du Pont Ratio = = 0.158%

o Return on assets indicates the number of cents earned on each rupee of assets. And the above figure shows that the ROA ratio our business is low assetinsensitive. The reason for this is that company need expensive plant and equipment to generate income compared to others. An increasing trend of ROA indicates that the profitability of the company is improving. Conversely, a decreasing trend means that profitability is deteriorating.

Current Ratio =


o This ratio shows relationship between current assets and current liabilities. And the above figure shows that the business did not have any short term liabilities.

This can also be confirmed from the amount of current liabilities that our business did not have any current liabilities, .i.e. short-term debts.

Cash Ratio =


o This ratio is measure of a company's liquidity and how easily it can service debt and cover short-term liabilities. And the above figure shows that the business did not have any short term liabilities and if going to have it in future we will have enough cash to pay off that liability.

Operating Cash Flow Ratio =


o This ratio measures how liquidity a firm is in the short run since it relates to current debt and cash flows from operations. If the Operating Cash Flow Ratio for a company is less than 1.0, the company is not generating enough cash to pay off its short-term debt which is a serious situation. It is possible that the firm may not be able to continue to operate.

Asset Turnover =

= 0.15292 = 15.29 %

If a company can generate more sales with fewer assets it has a higher turnover ratio which tells it is a good company because it is using its assets efficiently. A lower turnover ratio tells that the company is not using its assets optimally as in this case we can see.

Debt Ratio =


Debt ratio ranges from 0.00 to 1.00. Lower value of debt ratio is favorable and as the above figure shows that our organization did not have risk in operation since the business did not find it difficult to obtain loans for its new projects.

Long-Term Debt Ratio =


o As the percentage gets higher, this means that a higher proportion of debt is used for the permanent financing for the firm as opposed to investor funds. But our organization is not in such type of situation as it has lowest even zero long term debt ratios and there are no risks or chance of bankruptcy.

Break Even Point = *



)+ = 200000

Income Statement
Particulars Net Sales Revenue Cost of Goods Sold: Food (1000*250) Venue Music (dj) Dance floor Mehfil-e-melad or dua greeting Valet parking Wedding cake Furniture Photography Invitation card 5 rooms for guest Bride and groom dresses Parlor Saloon service for guest Design thal Desi bhangra or dhol Rent a car + decoration Bus service Kids play land Home appliance Gross Profit Operating Expenses: Guard salary Office boy Bills Promotion expenses Other expenses Net Income Depreciation charge at the rate of 10% p.a. Liabilities Rs. 0 Assets: o Cash in hand Rs.50000 o Investment Rs.150000 o Land (Hall) Rs. 40000000 Rs. Rs. 6354000 5082000

1050000 0 12000 0 12000 0 9600 1140000 270000 48000 36000 660000 420000 960000 0 6000 0 0 0 1344000

(423500) 1272000 4800000

7000 10000 8000 10000 5000

(40000) 792000