Subject: Spanish, Caitlin Dark TEACHING SITUATION During her internship, Caitlin taught beginning level Spanish throughout

the year, and added advanced Spanish during her lead-teaching time. During this time, she was responsible for teaching four classes on a daily basis for a ten-week period. Everett High School has a student population of 1680 and includes grade levels 9th to 12th. The student population is economically and ethnically diverse, with 46.5% being AfricanAmerican, and 4.8% being of Asian, 13.6% Hispanic, or 0.5% Native American descent. SUBJECT MATTER TEACHING Caitlin has a good command of the Spanish language. She tries to use as much Spanish as possible in class each day. Caitlin uses a wide variety of classroom activities to build upon students’ interest and knowledge of Spanish. She incorporates activities to build on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills on a daily basis. She focuses on the goal of communication in the language in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. Caitlin is consistent in carrying out her lesson plans. She makes sure that standards are incorporated into lesson planning. She also tries to design lessons with as much details as possible. She designs instruction that helps maze connections between new content and prior knowledge and then modifies the task or the environment, as needed, to support students’ continued learning. Caitlin has great enthusiasm for teaching. She is devoted to creating authentic scenarios to help students learn Spanish in meaningful contexts and immerse them in the languages. For example, she created scenarios of shopping and dining in restaurants for students’ activities. In this way, she helped her students utilize Spanish in a simulation of daily life. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT AND STUDENT ENGAGEMENT Caitlin demonstrates an understanding of and respect for culture, racial and ethnic diversity, and gender. She has a good rapport with students; she is also there to provide a firm yet guiding hand when needed. She makes her expectations clear to her students, and provides the leadership necessary for her students to meet those expectations. This leadership can range from enforcing school rules to staying after class to answer students’ questions. Caitlin manages student behavior through multiple strategies including nonverbal cues, proximity, changes in voice or intonation, and names on the board. The consequences for inappropriate behavior are fair and appropriate, and require that the student self-evaluate his/her behavior, accept responsibility, and work on improving. Most importantly, she makes students feel trusted to behave in classes.

Caitlin uses a wide variety of classroom activities to engage all students in the learning process. Activities include teacher-led activities with the entire class, small group activities, paired work, individual work, and an assortment of games for teaching or reviewing material. In her instruction, she identifies and acknowledges the feeling of her students. Instruction is adapted to accommodate students’ response, area of interest, ideas, and needs. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND RELATIONSHIPS Caitlin respects and cares about all students; she relates well to them and is concerned about their learning and performance. She considers various learning styles in her lessons (visual aids, aural aids, kinesthetic aids). She is also polite and patient with students, yet firm when necessary, and has earned their respect. Caitlin is very professional in her dress and demeanor. She is poised, and self-confident. She has been punctual, well prepared, and has had an excellent attendance record. She is prompt in carrying out responsibilities. She is dependable and trustworthy and has dealt respectfully and professionally with administrators, faculty, parents and students. Caitlin identifies with the school community and cooperates with other teachers in the school. She observes other teachers’ classes and learns from them. She helps to plan field trips, supervise standards tests, and with the Hispanic Heritage Month assembly. She also works with student in the Latino Club. She has established a good communication with parents. She talks with them in conferences, has meetings with them, and contacts parents before important work dues for students. CONCLUSION Caitlin demonstrates on a regular basis, a love of the Spanish language and culture, unending enthusiasm and poise, and the desire to see students learn and appreciate the Spanish language and cultures.