Each body exists in a "place and time".

Time is the: monotony movement.
The movement in the entire universe is circular,
and a "time entity" "t°" has created with it.
This "time entity" "t°" makes the body exist in the
presence or at the "presence time" which surround it and
can deals with it.
When the circular movement or the circular velocity
"v"(circular) much increase,
and at constant of the distance "d",
the time "t" will decrease very much, because v=d÷t.
Consequence, the body will exist in a new time "t" is
"slower" than the presence time, and has another "time
entity" "t°" which is "slower" than the original "time
entity" at the original presence time, because
"time" "t"α"time entity" "t°",
then the body will move in a flash to too distant "other
place" in the universe which is approval to this
new slower time!!
If there're astronauts inside this body, they will move
with it too, and they can deal with the matter of that
"other place" in that other slower time level.

New Method for Space Travel
The Invention and its Theory

Adel Ghonim

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Adel Ghonim

New Method for Space Travel
The Invention and its Theory

The reader may found that there's difficulty in this theory. So, I hope that he
excuse me, because the theme which it deal with is too abstruse.

Adel Ghonim

New Method for Space Travel




The Invention


The Invention's Theory



The heaven which is balling on the entire earth's surface,
swoop it with a huge amount of mastery and command is
still a great riddle for the human's exploration ability, and
also it's a great burning desire. What is more it's a love
which is strongly pulling the man to go into their depths,
which he strongly feels with their interesting and their
great value.

This truthful feeling is a radical hoping and a strong
motor for the history of the human's sciences and

The human's sciences are a feverish trying of the man to
reach the "knowledge perfection", understanding and
control the universe's truths starting from his planet, the
earth – with there're being on it from a peerless research
material as too near part of the universe from him – then
blast-off the universe directly after the earth's surface!!

Those are – those sciences – in their unwearied endeavor
to explore the universe's truths, target in the same
moment to attain the greatest instinct inside the man,
which is: the desire of existence, or as the term which I'll
use in this book: the slower of time
which the man is
being until it congeal, then the eternal existence or the
eternity will take place for him, and this in the non-time!!

Whenever the man's knowledge increase, his ability for
explore the unknown universal truths will increase –
especially after those knowledge had been interacted in
the man's brain, being and medium in some time.

The meaning of exploring an unknown is that the man
will near a degree – even through very much tiny – from
the perfection. And then his ability for exploring other
unknowns will increase and accelerate, and he explores
them actually. Then he reaches height degrees towards
the "knowledge perfection".

Consequence, he gains a faster and faster ability – or an
accelerated ability – for the exploration. And so on, until
he reaches too near degree from the "knowledge
perfection", then the man's ability for exploration will be
so much quick, or by other term this man will be in a very

1. I mean with slow of time which the man is being, that the
occurrence's rate of the events through it is "faster" than the rate of
their occurrence in the ordinary time on the earth or in any other
time in other region in the universe. Then our feeling with this time
will be as it's "slower" than the earthy ordinary time. I.e. our feeling
and actual comprehension when it passed a year on the earth is for
example a minute by compared with this slower time. This is
completely known in Astronomy.

"slower time" relativity to the time in the infancy of the
human intellection's spark.

I.e. if a year passed when he's in the normal state of time,
it passes a moment when he's in this slower case of time,
or which happened or explored in a year in the first state,
will explore in a moment in the second state!!

The man in this case will be in genius exploration
moments, it may pass tenths of years without it took
place to him when he's in the normal stats of the time!!

What is time?! It's the monotony movement.

Except "the rotating" in the universe as a primary
movement law, the time didn't create. "The rotation" is
punctually the "monotony", and the rotation determines
the time's unit.

The galaxy orbiting around a universal center and
determines a huge time unite relatively to our time's unit.
The solar system is orbiting around the Milky Way
galaxy's center in a monotony time unit. And also planet
earth is orbiting around the sun in a time unit which is an
earthy year. And the earth is rotating around its axis
making the day; "24 hours – 1440 minutes – 86400
seconds" as we had divided into time units.

Time is always relative, and inversely connecting with the
velocity of rotating. In each case of the three pro-cases –
the cases of the rotating of the galaxy, the solar system
and the earth – if the rotating velocity increases, its time's
rotation will decrease relatively to that it was.

This rotating body is being in a "time entity"
– I'll take it
the symbol "t°" – is different according to each velocity it
may rotate with. When a body rotates in a velocity of 10
km/S for example, it will be in a "time entity" makes it to
contact with the medium surround it – which is rotating
also with it with the same velocity – gain its characters
and interact with it. It's not possible by anyway that it
interact or exist in each other medium or place that rotate
by other velocity – 100 km/S for example – although that
it maybe those two mediums are existing beside each
other before the rotating, and they still like that after the
rotating but without any tiny possibility for dealing with
or interacting together.

So, the rotation creates the physical time "t" and creates a
"time entity" "t°" which is different from the ordinary
time. It's an entity of the existence in the medium,
therefore interacting with it.

Whenever the rotation velocity increase the physical time
decrease, and the body exist in other "time entity" and in

2. The "time entity" "t°": is the "time presence" which provides the
matter the ability to existing with the other particles in the place or
the medium surrounding them, these place and medium are being
together in the same "time presence". And it enables the matter to
contacting and dealing with them. It's different from the ordinary
calculated physical "time" "t"!

"other place" in the universe is approval to that new "time

This "other place" in the universe has a physical time "t"
is "slower" than the ordinary time which it was before
this acceleration in the rotating. This makes the body to
exist in a "time entity" "t°" has different characters from
the "time entity's" characters which it started rotating
from it. This "time entity" "t°" is directly connecting with
the physical time "t", and it and the physical time are
inversely connecting with the velocity of the rotation "v

t° α t
t° and t α 1÷v(circular)

The "time entity" which we're; in the normal case of the
rotating makes us a determinate time, which provides us
the ability of interacting with the same velocity rotating
medium surrounds us. Also it provides us with mental
and detective abilities has a "limited capacity". If the
physical time which we're slow as a result of increasing of
our orbiting around the sun, we'll existing in other "time
entity" is "slower" and different from our "time entity" in
the normal case of rotating. Consequence, our mental and
detective abilities will differ with "larger" capacity. I.e.
our mental and detective abilities and their capacity
increase by increasing of our rotating velocity in the
universe and by the slow of our physical time.

That because the term "slow of our time" means
intuitively "increasing the velocity of the deduction and
detective processes" in our brains or increasing the
velocity of the creation processes of the man!!

This is the base or the fundamental of the development of
the humankind, and the human's brain creative abilities.

If the physical time slow, the man's mental concentration
in his medium will increase, and the "rate" of his ability
for exploration and innovation will increase too.

The slow of the physical time is being by doing "a much
mental concentration" – this which humankind used to
do since thousands of years – subsequently a temporary
separation from the medium or from the ordinary
physical time "t" to a "slower" physical time and a
"slower" "time entity" "t°" take place – this which took
place since the beginning of the man's intellection spark
– or this slow being by the increasing of the man's
rotating velocity in the universe. Subsequently, slow of
his physical time "t", and then he will be in other "time
entity" "t°" is "slower" makes him to do "the mental
deduction and detective processes" very much faster
compared with this velocity in the normal case of

The continuous man's efforts for the universe's
exploration will still very much tiny, because those has a
lack of a decisive factor for reaching the cognation's
command of the universe and mastery over it. This is:

the possibility of traveling to the depth of
the universe in a short time.

If the man owned it and could to travel and actual move
through the far away distances in the universe in a short
time, he can explore the universe and its laws and use its
resources, and can do a huge jump of knowledge in all
others fields very much easily than he can do now. Those
will much strong his existence in this universe. The
possibility of the actual traveling in the deep space in a
flash or in a short time will reach us quickly the ending of
the two sciences; "Cosmology" and "Astronomy". Without
this possibility the discoveries of those two sciences will
be indirectly used and limited in the advantage in our life.
How we can exploit a continent's resources without going
to it?! Then, the actual possibility for traveling in the
deep space is a decisive factor for explore the universe, its
knowledge mastery and for gain the directly advantage
from it.

The greatest velocity in the universe is the speed of light

it's not a bit possible to reach it with keeping of the
material shape. Because the matter at this case converts
to a huge energy vanish in the light as light too. But it's
possible to reach huge velocities – rotating velocities –

3. Speed of light: = 299,792,458 meters/second (186,000
miles/second). Einstein's Theory of Relativity implies that nothing
can go faster than the speed of light.

but slower than the speed of light with keeping of the
material shape.

Those huge rotating velocities add to the man enormous
exploration abilities, as his actual moving with his body
to other places and times in the universe, those are
coincide with the new time which he'll being as a result of
increasing of his rotating velocity and decreasing of his
physical time compared with the ordinary time as I said!!

By the greatest manufacturing velocity the man can
rotate with – supposal if he bears; the speed of light – he
reach the "knowledge perfection" and his time will
congeal – time of his material and spiritual being – and
he exist absolutely in the eternity, at this case he reach
the "non-returning to any other faster time point" even
our time which he had started the rotating whisk from it!!
Therefore, he reaches the "non-returning place point" to
any other place in the universe even the position which he
whisked from it.

If tech. science makes us some day to apply this discovery
on all people, they will turn to talented scientists, what's
more is to a Godly saints, because of their expertise –
even for a moment – the eternity, majestically divine
secrets those incentive the life and the creation. They
return from the huge "rotating voyage" as talented saints!
And quickly they'd like to be forever in those fines,
completely knowledge, ability, and the absolutely in all
things high time levels. I.e. the humanity may vanish in a
very short time compared with the long time which it had
been in the universe, and this is danger.

But, applying this discovery only on scientists and
inventive people, those are a little ratio of the numeration
of humankind, will gives abundant knowledge results for
each scientist and inventor each in his specialize. Of
course, those provide big advantages to all the humanity.

It's easy to connect the discovery system for the proposal
"spacecraft" for "place and time" traveling in the universe
with the "internet" to provide the humanity the
instantaneous seeing on those the scientists discovered in
the various places in the universe, also to the directly
seeing the huge gained information! To take it off from its
reality to other miraculous reality is too much excellence,
then it gains even a touch of the perfection prompts it too
much, and makes it to keep the way for the eternity in the
paradise not the eternity in the hell. This will be by the
sharp keeping with the righteous work in its present
reality and time in the remainder natural period of it in
them. Here, the greatest efficacy for this new method for
traveling in the space and gaining information will take

This will be take place in the near future by the remarked
continuously humanity's intention for reaching peak.

It's not a bit possible by anyway that we rotate with a too
huge velocity near to the speed of light without we take
pains of huge energy. So, using an "atomic" system and
the atomic particles accelerator to huge velocities – i.e.
using "the nuclear reactor" – in "rotating" of the proposal
"spacecraft" is an effective method.

The humanity reaches before to what is called "the
nuclear reactors and the atomic accelerometer".

Upon this science, it builds other science and other great
ability for the man, to make high steps towards the
"knowledge perfection", the "eternal eternity" and also
the "fine".

The humanity through all its history is too fevered to
reach all of that.


The Invention

The distance, velocity and time


If it supposed that:
1- The distance is constant, and doesn't equal to zero.
2- The velocity too much increased.

Then there're two things will happen:
1- The motion will be circular, because of the distance is
2- The rotation's time will too much decrease, as a result
of this huge velocity.

v(circular)= d×(1÷t), d= constant
∴The rotating velocity is inversely connecting with the
physical time "t" in the case of constantly of distance.

Example for the invention's idea

The earth is orbiting around the sun with velocity of 0.05
km/S – 180 km/h – in a circle which has a diameter of
942,477,800 km. If we – merely – assumed that the earth
accelerated too much in its orbiting until a double million
of its rotation for example, and it doesn't slipped from the
sun's gravity, then it will move to other orbit around the
sun is too much distant than its original orbit. I.e. it will
move to "other place" is too much distant from the sun.

If we assumed too that we've the ability to keeps the earth
in its original orbit around the sun, but with this too
much high rotating velocity! What will happen?!

The earth will disappear from its place relatively to who
watch it from the space and it will appear as a "flash" or a
"ghost" in the other orbit which it's supposed that it will
be if it rotates with this huge velocity and its control from
the original orbit around the sun had slipped!!

As for we on this earth will see and also dealing with the
"other place" or the "other orbit", which it supposed that
we're with our bodies.

And we don't see or we can't deal with the first place
which the earth is being when it orbit with its normal

The invention's idea

The earth "orbit" – and also the man – in the universe
with a total orbiting velocity of 200.17 km/S, this velocity
is the total of some velocities: the velocity of the earth
orbiting around the sun which is 0.11 km/S, the velocity
of orbiting of the solar system around the center of the
"Milky Way" galaxy which is 0.06 km/S, the velocity of
the galaxy orbiting around the "local group" of the
galaxies that it's existing in the universe which is 200
km/S, and also the velocity of orbiting this "local group"
around the huge "stellar assemble" of the "Virgo" which it
accompanied it which is 0.05 km/S – as assumption that
all of those velocities are in one direction.

If we add the velocity of the earth's rotating around its
axis which is 0.46 km/S to those velocities, we find that
each point on the earth including us is running in the
universal space in huge circles with velocity of
"approximately" 200.63 km/S – 722268 km/h – and this
is too huge velocity.

4. The source of those speeds: Kinkelkosmologie – Germany
www.kinkel-bischem/kosmologie and The-Handy-Answer-Book-
Series [1] by Charles Liu who is a professor of astrophysics at the
City University of New York’s College of Staten Island – page: 68

This monotony of those velocities, through thousands of
years, makes an internal time of the man, or the time
which the man or the matter is existing, or the "time
entity" "t°", which provides the man the ability of
connecting, touch, dealing with and seeing the medium
surrounding him "i.e. the actual being of the man in it"
and also he can by it doing the discovering and the

And as each body existing in a "place and time", and the
time as I defined is: the monotony movement. So, when
the rotating movement – the monotone movement – or
the circular velocity v(circular) "much" increase with the
constantly of the distance, the physical time "t" will much
decrease (v=d÷t), i.e. this body will being in "other time"
is "slower" than the ordinary time. Therefore the body
actually moves in a flash to too much distant "other
place" in the universe which is time matched with this
new slower time!! So, the body will disappear from its
place in our time and will actually being in other place is
matched with this other slower time.

If there're humans – astronauts – inside this body, they
will also move with it, and they can deal with the matter
of this other place in this other slower time.

Definition of the place which we reach by this method is
by control of the "rotating velocity" – i.e. increasing or
decreasing the physical time "t", therefore the time which
the matter exists in "t°" – and this will take place by those
astronauts inside this body, or this "spacecraft".

I said that in each moment the earth rotate – with the
man – in the universe with a velocity of 722268 km/h. By
this velocity, they exist in this position from the universe.
What's happen if we increase this rotation to a little less
than the speed of light?! i.e. about 1494 once of the
normal rotating velocity, and with much decreasing of the
distance to about only 13 m – the proposal spacecraft's

The spacecraft

"As the known flying saucers" – made of a hard, light
metal as which it use in the manufacture of spacecrafts.

This spacecraft will upraise to the outer space and fix
with a space station which is already in the space, to do
its working. At this case of the non- weight and vacuum,
all of the resistances against the rotation of the dish or
the spacecraft became zero, and this will help it to rotate
with too much high velocity.

The decisive factor for success working of this invented
spacecraft's is: "the rotating with too much high velocity
about its axis", this for slowing "the time which it's
existing", i.e. the "time entity" "t°". Therefore it will exist
in "other place" in the universe is approval to this other
slower time.

This huge velocity – 1494 once the normal velocity of
rotation – is able to move this spacecraft with who are
inside it to other too distant place in the depths of the
universe. It vanishes from its place in the outer space of
the earth, and we will see only an incandescence and light
in this place!

The slipping from the ordinary time to a slower time will
take place at once by a rotating velocity more than 200.63
km/S – which's the spacecraft already automatically
rotate with the earth without our working – So, with any
additional rotate velocity – that we do – the astronaut's
and the spacecraft's time will slip from the ordinary
earthy time! And whenever any additional rotating
velocity to this automatically rotating velocity, the time
which the spacecraft and the astronauts are being "t°" will
slow, then the physical time "t" will slow too – "t°"α "t" –
until the spacecraft already disappear in its place because
of the too much velocity of the rotating, and we can't see
it. Then the spacecraft with who are in it will be in "other
place" is approval to this new slower time which it
became in it.

Until we reach the rotating to the speed of light, and by it
the spacecraft reaches "end of the endings of times and
places" in the universe, it congeals in the eternity, and the
astronauts – in this case which it's impossible to take
place by the logic physics or by our abilities – reach the
infinite ability for gaining the knowledge!

This hypothesis of the velocity is impossible. Because at
the rotating with the speed of light the spacecraft and the
physical body of the man will vanish, and the matter will
be in other nature is different from the nature of the
matter which is being in the universe at all – it coverts to

So, it must be the greatest velocity of the rotating less
than the speed of light and determinates according to the
ability of the matter to bear, although the non-weight
state, and also the man's body can bear without lose their
characters which we understand! And this is take place by
the experiments and also the calculations.

Of course the astronauts pre-train on different gradual
rotating velocities upon this method practically and also
the "accurate" control of this huge rotating velocity.

It's possible to discover of the universe or draw a map of
it by making a register gather between the different
velocities of the rotating spacecraft – which they must be
less than the speed of light 299.792 km/S – which those
controlled from the inside it by the astronauts – and the
place which it exist, and which the astronauts actually
seeing and can dealing with it, if it rotate with this

5. The relativity Theory, Einstein, Albert (1879 - 1955): German-
American physicist; developed the Special and General Theories of
Relativity which along with Quantum Mechanics is the foundation of
modern physics. www.westegg.com/einstein

The place will change at once by the tiny different of the
rotating velocity of the spacecraft, so it must accurately
control in that velocity!

It's possible too to photography those places which the
spacecraft reaches by a normal camera move with it –
approx. without time – to those places and it ordinarily
work. Then it sends these photos or any other
information that had discovered by an instantaneous
connected canal to the "earthy watching" or to the
"working space station".

And through the repetition of the trips, each with a
different velocity, those too distant places will accurately


It's possible to make a small design for all of this former
system, and fix in the rotating small dish an ordinary
"camera" or a "video camera" takes normal photos or
record movie or it move to us instantaneous wireless

Then this dish rotate with a huge velocity by the same
method in the outer space where the non-weight and the
vacuum to avoid the resistances on the rotation. Then by
changing the rotating velocity the camera will move to us
photos of other worlds in other times and places from the
depths of the universe!!

I.e. in this case the spacecraft works as a "telescope".


The Invention's Theory

Each body exists in a "place and time".

Time is the: monotony movement.

And the movement in the entire universe is circular, and
a "time entity" "t°" has created with it.

This "time entity" "t°" makes the body connect with the
reality surrounding it, existing and interacting with it.

When the circular movement – i.e. the monotony
movement or the velocity "v"(circular) – much increase
with the constantly of the distance "d".

The physical time "t" will decrease too much, because

Consequence, the body will exist in other "time entity"
"t°" is "slower", belongs to this new slower time "t" than
the ordinary time.

Because "t"α "t°".

Then the body will actually move in a flash to too distant
"other place" in the universe which is approval to this
new slower time!!

If this body – with which are inside it from matter or
astronauts if it's a spacecraft – will disappear from its
place in our time and it will actually existing in other
place in the universe, in other slower physical time "t",
with other "time entity" "t°", is approval with this other
physical slower time which it became existing in it.

Those astronauts can tangible dealing with the matter of
that "other place" in this other slower time.

Definition of the place which we can reach is by control
of the "velocity of rotating". I.e. increase or decrease of
the physical time "t" therefore, the "time entity" which
the matter is exists "t°".

Then, the approval place with this changing time will
change according to it. And this takes place by the
astronauts inside this "spacecraft".

I wish here to concentrate that those times and which
attach with each of them of a place belongs to it each
alone. There're "times" in the "same position" or in the
"same place" in the universe, but it has other much bigger
comprehension and visibility existence, whenever they
are slower. And each of them has an "effect", nature,
thicken and time vibration, consequence it has a private
place's "effect" is belongs to it, is different from the others

6. Let's try to imagine "the existence which is close on itself in the
same position" of those very active times! We will find that this shape
must has a relationship with time, as the different – even tiny – in
this time makes existence will be in a level has other "reality", which
"close" on the other, swoops or cancels it and then it exists – this take
place at once by the too much mental concentration or by the merely
movement – So that those times are "times levels" inherent with
each of them a strong and characteristic "effect" or "reality" related to
it alone, it "materialize to its particles in it", makes an effect and a
reality related to it and also a place in the known universe related to

It's not possible here for me to forget to show that there're other
times for other places those are outside of the material universe's
characters, but they are in the same positions from the universe – of
course including the position which we're now existing in the
universe I mean the planet earth and the place directly around us –
I.e. times materialize places for a matter which has other material's
nature. I mean other top times whereas there're creatures with other
material's nature. The angels and the Spirits, I explained that in
other book!! Review "Victory over the World" – by the author – a
religious book provides the proofs of God's exist – who is the
absolute perfection – and the universe's creation story. Then the
creation's of the perfection man who is on the God's feature to live in
earthly and heavenly paradise forever without death, then his falling
as a result of the first sin which the devil push him to do, and the
God's plane to recovery this falling man to his first God's feature
which he had created him to live forever in this earthly and heavenly
paradise again. This by the believing of Jesus the saviour who is the
incarnate of God, and who God sent him to the world to do this
salvation for the falling man and to return him to the perfection. This
by he die as atonement of this sin on behalf of us – we the sinners
who inherit this sin – by this purification or paying of the sin's wage

he arise and live forever in this paradise with who is believing with
this plane of salvation. (Reference of this book: The Holy Book with
its two testaments).
- Adel - World - the - Over - cribd.com/doc/14344105/Victory www.s
Also expect by the Author a book: Astro-Christianity.


The invention

A spacecraft in a shape of a "dish" "rotates" with
"astronauts" "around its axis" with "huge"
velocities are less than the speed of light "in the outer
space" where the non-weight and non-resistances. Then
it move in a "moment" to others "places and times"
in the depths of the universe are approval with the new
"time" "t" and the new "time entity" "t°" those the body
will be exist in them as a result of this rotating, and those
both –"t" and "t°" – are inversely connecting with the
velocity of the rotating.

And when it stopped rotating it will exist in its original
place, i.e. connected with its working space station in the
outer space.

The Invention's Theory

v(circular)α1÷ t
∴v(circular)= d×(1÷t),
d the distance or the distance "the spacecraft's
diameter"= constant.
∴The rotating velocity is inversely connecting with the
physical time "t" in the case of constantly of distance.

And "t"α "t°".

Where "t°": is the "time entity" which the body exists with
others medium's particles.

"t°" is connected with the place. If "t°" changed the place
will change, whether far or near, we know that by the

The moving will be in the "time effect" and to which
connected with it from a "place" that belongs to it!!

And with the repetition and the experiments we reach
well-defined places for us those we'll became know them
– galaxies, stars, others planets – and this by the rotating
with huge velocities are less than the speed of light. So,
we must able to do those too huge of the rotating
velocities by the way of which the human and the matter
can bear them.

Until we reach end of the ends at congeal of the "time" "t"
and at congeal of the "time entity" "t°" consequence,
congeal of the place at the time's and place's infinities in
the existence, where it's not a bit possible to move from
it. And this also at the "knowledge perfection" and the
"absolute ability"
. And this is the non-return point,
because, in it the time and the movement will be nihility.
This take place when v(circular) = the speed of light. So, the
rotating must be with velocities that are less than that.

The possibility of the "tangible material dealing" with the
matter of this other time's and place's level I can affirm
with its right, because surely if you "see" a material thing
– has three dimensional configuration – and it "within
arm's reach" you can touch it and dealing with it.

I.e. if the astronaut goes out from the spacecraft and it
returned to the earth, he will stay in this other place in
deep of the universe.

By this method the matter and also the astronauts move
from the earth to others places in others times are too
much distant in the depths of the universe in moments.

7. See "A Stone from Paradise" a Science Fiction Novel (Arabic
Version) by the Author, Chapter 7

8. But if it was a non-materialize incarnation – i.e. at only a vision or
a feeling case of presence in other time and place system – the
directly materialized dealing with it will be impossible. But, the
separated factor to confirm this possibility of the materialized
dealing with it or not will be by the practical experiments, those to
defined the quality of this materialization of the matter in this others
times in the different places from our present presence in the

This is the new method for space travel.

Adel Ghonim
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