Grupo mayore s

Jaime Rebeca Víctor Santi Connie Claudia Darío Paula .

Opposite the city hall. go past the library and the train station is on your right. .Paula. please? S:Sure! Go along this street and take the second street on the left. Santi y Connie Direcciones. P:Hello! Could you tell me how to go to the train station. partes de la ciudad. C:No! It is better if you cross the park! After crossing the park go down park avenue.

E . Jaime. Darío School subjects. likes and dislikes. Claudia: I can´t stand maths. Bye C & S: Bye Claudia. The chemist is behind the cinema. daily routines. I hate it! My favourite subject is P. Rebeca.P:Thank you very much for your help! Do you know if there is a chemist nearby? S:Yes! After the bank at the roundabout take the second exit. Víctor. P:Thanks again.

cono and French.E! Victor: I love P. Claudia: What do you usually do after school? . I get up at ten to eight. Rebeca: I don´t hate any subjects. Dario and Rebeca: You hate maths?!!!!!!! Our favourite subject is maths! We love maths! Jaime: I love maths but I hate Cono. Dario: The only subject I hate is P. Victor: Who likes getting up early? Jaime: I don´t.E. I hate it! I love getting up very late! But we all have to get up at eight o´clock to go to school. Dario: Actually. They are my favourite subjects.Jaime.

Claudia: I love listening to music and eating chicken wings! uhmmmmmm Rebeca: I usually listen to music or play basketball.Victor: After school I go home have lunch and then go to the park. . Rebeca: I have lunch. I also read books in bed. Jaime: What do you do in your free time? I love basketball. Victor: I always play basketball and I love reading a book after dinner. after lunch I do my homework. Jaime: I have lunch. Darío: I love watching the simpsons! I also play the saxophone or read a book for fifteen minutes before going to bed. Dario: I go home and have lunch.

Claudia: my father is a pharmacist and my mother is a sales assistant. Jaime: My mother is a business woman and my dad is an accountant.Victor: what do your parents do? My parents are teachers. Dario: my mother is a warden and my dad is unemployed at the moment but he will find a job soon. ALL : Oh! We are late for school! Let´s go! . Rebecca: my mum is a sales assistant and my dad is a sales director.


Grupo peque ños .

Rachel Carolina Jaime Gonzalo Álvaro .

it´s her pencil. do you live in a house or a flat? • I live in a big house.Descripcion de la casa y posesivos con material de clase. There are three bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. • Look! I found a school bag full of things! Is this your pencil? • No. We also have a garden and a garage but there isn´t a swimming pool. And your house? • My house has got two floors. It has got four bedrooms and two badrooms. My house has got four floors. • And is this you calculator? . Gonzalo y Rachel • Hello Gonzalo.

• Goodbye Descripcion de la familia. Look this is a picture of my family • Who is who? . • Noooo this is his book.Mascota Jaime Molina . carolina y alvaro • Hello carolina. • I like our school and you? • Yes I do. • Goodbye see you tomorrow at school. Our school is very nice.• Noooo it is yours!! • This is my book.

She is tall and slim and has got long dark hair. . She is a shop assitant.• He is my father Jose Angel. What about your family? • Oh look he is my father. he is 42 he is tall and slim. he is 35 he is short and a Little fat he is a sales manager for Leche Pascual. She is slim and tall and she has got long dark hair. Carlos. He´s got dark hair and Brown eyes. She is 11. She is a student. Isa. she is 43. • And this girl? • She is my sister Rebeca. And this woman is my mother Esmeralda. • And this woman? • She is my mother.

• And this Little girl? • Ah! She is my sister Carmen. she is 6 years old. brown eyes and she is short and slim. And you? Do you have any pets? • Yes! I have a bird.She is 39 years old she is short and slim and has got dark hair. • You can call it James! Ha ha ha. . • I love my family • Me too! • Do you have a pet? • Yes my hámster. Its name is Señor Ham. It is Brown and White but we don´t have a name for the bird yet. She has fair hair. It is Brown and small and also very fast! It is so funny.

• Goodbye james! • See you in the English class.• Hello Alvaro! Do you have a pet? • No I dont but i want to have a big dog and a horse! My brother Pablo doesn´t like horses so we can´t have one. . He is six and he is scared of horses.

Our rap This is our rap You can sing it with us Just clap your hands And we dance! Put your cap Clap and dance .

Put your cap Jump and dance This is our rap Do you like our rap? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .

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