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This project gives you a chance to research a social issue of your choice and showcase what you learn in the way you best see fit. In other words…

For your final portfolio you must include:
___ Five pieces of writing each written in a different genre chosen from the list of genres provided or a pre-approved genre of your own ___ At least one genre from the list of traditional genres and one genre from the list of non-traditional genres. ___ A brief explanation of the specific purpose and audience for each genre and why you chose to include it in your portfolio ___ A title page and table of contents outlining the different genres you chose to include

This project is up to you!
After determining a specific topic and researching that topic with a specific purpose in mind, you will create a portfolio that contains a collection of writings, each demonstrating, in a creative way, all you have learned throughout your process of inquiry. Each piece of writing you create will be based on its own genre that is determined by your specific purpose and audience.

 Your research and the genres you choose to reflect your findings should be developed with a specific purpose in mind. Take a stance on your topic!  Choose your genres wisely! Each genre should offer new information or a different perspective of your topic  Keep in mind your final product! The portfolio should be professional and creative, reflecting through style, format, order of genres, and overall appearance the specific purpose of your inquiry

At the end of this project, you will have an original portfolio containing a collection of genres that each creatively demonstrate your position on a social issue of your choice!

Each piece must:

 Be developed from at least one different source. You may use a source more than once, but you must use at least one new source for each piece  Be at least 200 words in length  Be accompanied by an endnote which includes title of source(s) and identification of the genre used

After completing your portfolio, you will showcase what you have learned to a significant other of your choice in a low-stakes, informal meeting. This meeting gives you an authentic audience to keep in mind when choosing your genres and allows you to show off all of your hard work to someone you care about!