Week One: What is inquiry?

Day 1: What is inquiry?  Game of clue  Students play and discuss the methods they used for inquiry  How is this different from previous ideas of research? Students will be able to:  Experiment with the process of inquiry  Understand how the process of inquiry is different than traditional research *See detailed lesson plan

Day 2: Why does it matter in general?  Tie to social matters  Why does it matter to me?  Choose three topics of interest from list  HW: KWLS - Fill in what they already know about each topic Students will be able to:  Understand the importance of inquiry as it relates to social matters  Choose topics that interest them  Determine their prior knowledge of the topics

Day 3: How do I engage in inquiry?  Methods of research  Practice with topic: Genocide  Credible sources  KWLS – Fill in what they want to know and how they could find that information  HW: Finish portion of KWLS Students will be able to:  Understand methods for effective research  Understand the difference between credible and illegitimate sources  Determine what they want to focus their inquiry on

Day 4: Research Day  Researching possible topics and narrowing to a final decision  Research plan assigned and discussed  HW: Choose one topic for focus of inquiry Students will be able to:  Decide a specific topic for inquiry  Research a topic of their choice effectively  Understand the usefulness of a research plan and utilize it in their own inquiry

Day 5: Research Day  Researching specific topics  Working on Research plan  HW: Finish research plan for Monday Students will be able to:  Research a topic of their choice effectively  Utilize and complete the research plan

Week Two: Form = Audience + Purpose
Day 6: How does perspective affect “facts”?

Day 7: F = A + P (Determining Purpose)  Students reflect on their own opinion of their topic  Discuss how this might influence their inquiry  Students develop a purpose for their inquiry – take a stance Students will be able to:  Understand how their own perspective influences their inquiry  Use this information to develop a purpose for their inquiry

Day 8: F = A + P (Determining Audience)  Students brainstorm possible audiences and what they might know  Discuss specific ways to engage different audiences Students will be able to:  Understand different types of audience  Determine a specific audience for their inquiry  Understand how audience affects purpose and form

Day 9: F = A + P (Determining Form)  Brainstorm forms of writing to give info on genocide  Students work in groups creating a “Sketch” or example of form, determining the purpose and audience for their form Students will be able to:  Work collaboratively to explore different forms/genres  Understand how form is determined by audience and purpose

Day 10: Introduction to Genres  Introduce project more specifically and the genres  Give examples of non-traditional forms  Fill out chart for each genre: purpose, possible audience, pros, and cons  HW: Narrow choices for genres Students will be able to:  Understand the difference between traditional and non traditional genres and how they can be manipulated 

Clips from Thank
You For Smoking  Discussion of perspective and purpose affecting “facts”  Inquiry should have a purpose Students will be able to:  Consider the difference between truth and facts  Analyze and discuss the movie in terms of purpose and perspective *See detailed lesson plan

Week Three: Exploration of Genres
Monday Monday
Day 16: Final Day 11: Research Format Day (Polishing Touches) Research specific How fonts and topics colors can be manipulated as Keep in mind possible genres components of form KWLS: Fill in what they are learning  Students take one genre and Fill in genre plan experiment with Students sizes, multiple will be able to: fonts and colors Use their  Discuss the effect knowledge of each has on the form, piece of actualaudience, and purpose to writing research effectively Students will be  Narrow their topics able to: further  Experiment with  the final form of Decide which genres they their project will be using  Understand how fonts and colors are components of final form

Tuesday Tuesday
Day 17: Final Day 12: Research Research Day Day  Discussion of  inquiry asspecific Research an topics ongoing process Keep in mind  Tie up any loose possible genres ends in research KWLS: Fill genres  HW: Finishin what they are learning for portfolio  Fill in genre plan  HW: Finish Genre Students will be Plan able to:  Use their Students will be knowledge of able to: form, audience,  and purpose to Use their knowledge research of form, audience, effectively and purpose to  Understand inquiry research as an ongoing effectively process Narrow their topic  Put the finishing further touches on their  genres which Decide genres they will be using

Wednesday Wednesday
Day 18: Final Day 13: Putting a Project Due creative spin on “facts”  Discuss things to mention in  meeting work in Students groups to read a  Practice meeting news article with multipleabout genocide partners Each creates a  HW: Prepare for creative meeting “response” to the article in any Students will be form/genre they able to: choose  Understand the  valuefeedback and Peer of each discussion genre they created  Prepare and Students for their practice will be able with meeting to: an  authentic the Understand facts from audience the article  Practice putting information into different genres *See detailed lesson ***Meetings plan

Thursday Thursday
Day 19: Inquiry as Day 14: Workshop an ongoing process Day (Traditional out what  KWLS: Fill Forms) they still want to  Review of know  traditional genres Discussion of what  Individual work this means in time for first half terms of inquiry  of class of process Review  Peer review and of inquiry  workshop for Time for writing second half individual  HW: Work on reflections on genres process  HW: Finish Students will be reflection able to: Students will be Understand and utilize traditional able to:  forms and genres Understand inquiry  Work ongoing as an independently on process  their genres Reflect on their  Review and of own process discuss their work inquiry with a partner ***Meetings

Friday Friday
Day 20: How can Day 15: be put to inquiry Workshop Day (Nonuse? Traditional Forms) (Intro. To Next Unit)  Review of noninquiry traditional genres of genocide  Individual partners Fill out as work timethen class a and for first half of class this topic KWLS for  Peer review and in Introduce ideas workshop for unit terms of new second half Night on WWII and  HW: Work on genres Students will be able to: Students will be Recall what they able to: have learned  Understand and about genocide  utilize non Use this traditional forms knowledge to set and scene for the the genres  Workunit next independently on their genres  Review and discuss their work with a partner ***Meetings

Week Four: Engaging Final Products