Warren Prep Academy, Public School 28K is located in BedfordStuyvesant, Brooklyn and serves a student population of about 290

students. We are a Pre-K through 5 School Wide Enrichment Model School that offers a rigorous curriculum as well as enrichment clusters based on the talents of our staff and interests of our students. We believe in community and that is what has led us to have such a strong relationship with the Community Learning Support Organization. All of the data-driven decisions are made in the best interest of our staff, students and the families we serve. We are a school that has embraced the Children First Accountability tools such as the periodic assessments. We believe in return on investment so we work strategically to see whether or not our systems and structures are meeting the needs of our families, which of course means our students. 100% of our staff members benefit from the Inquiry Team. The work of the Inquiry Team is manifested throughout our school each and every day. This has led to our evolution as a school that serves families. We have always shared space with the Bedford Stuyvesant Multi-Service Center, but since Ms. Sadie Silver became the principal in August of 2006, the school has become a haven for students as well as the adult members of the families. The Learning Environment Survey provides us with some insight on what the needs of our parents are and a welcoming environment has opened up the dialogue between the

school and parents. This has led us to move our school from an F to a B. We understand that in a small school, each student must succeed in order for the school to reach high levels academic achievement. Our goal is to become a 90/90/90 school and then a 100/100/100 school as Doug Reeves calls high performing Title I schools. We offer day and evening adult education and training programs through partnerships with non-profit organizations that have become tenants in our building with a separate entrance and a vertical alignment that is a model for others who share space. Many of our parents come to school with their children in the morning and then go to security guard or nursing school. Others might come in the evening from work to take GED or ESL classes. We offer services ranging from stress management to youth training and development. We are so proud to say that we serve families at Warren Prep Academy, Public School 28K. Picture a parent dropping off his or her child with a nurse’s uniform and then going through double doors to nursing school. It is a beautiful sight. This is what community is all about, and still we have a lot of work to do. We are currently offering housing workshops through one of our partners because we understand that 42% of our students are in temporary housing. Most of them come from doubled up families. Developing relationships with parents is essential and we try to gather as much information about their needs as possible via conversations.

The amazing staff at P.S. 28K engages in school-wide planning pulling from all data sources to develop research-based structures and systems that will enable us to further our school improvement efforts. We utilize Acuity’s periodic assessments to see how well the students are doing in relation to the standards. We also use Acuity as a way to provide targeted skill instruction in Literacy and Mathematics. Scantron is used by our Intervention Specialists for students in the lowest 1/3 to ensure that we are helping them gain catch-up growth. Catch-up growth students are students who need to make more than one year’s growth. As you may already know, our data gathering does not begin in the testing grades because closing the achievement gap needs to begin in the primary grades. We have been piloting Wireless Generation M-CLASS System’s DIBELS and M-CLASS to start gauging the strengths and goals of our early childhood students. We provide intensive intervention at those levels to begin closing the gap early on. Using data from all sources including the Renzulli Learning Inventory, we develop structures that include what students love to do such as chorus, violin, keyboarding, dance, etc. We explore ways to integrate the arts and physical education into the curriculum. We have partnered with a company called Learning Directions to free our teachers up from maintaining binders. The data spreadsheets pull information from all of our online data sources and highlight trends for

us. We then develop laser-like professional development for teachers to ensure that we learn how to address the trends together. We truly believe as a professional learning community we are in the business of saving lives. Our passion makes us who we are. Many of us having come from similar experiences as our students and parallel communities, we understand what our community needs and will work diligently to serve them. We use ARIS to provide teachers with a place they can access student demographic information as well as assessment information whenever they need it. Information from ARIS is utilized to make informed decisions about student learning goals. It has really empowered our teachers instead of waiting for someone to give them this information. The reports are utilized to engage in professional conversations and to provide parents with information about their students’ progress. We are also using ARIS Connect to share insights on new learning. The principal has recently created a blog on ARIS Connect to share her learning about the work of Juwanza Kunjufu, Doug Reeves, Ian Jukes and General Colin Powell to motivate the entire school community.