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“The passiveness of the people and their planned ignorance has brought the founding fathers' dream to an absolute death.” Editor PAC WARNING! This Treatise contains the inviolate truth. It may cause a person to go into dementia. However, its contents will provide you with the legal knowledge to release yourself from statutory bondage. The reader is forewarned to its potent content. Moreover, this Treatise is of tutorial nature; to fully comprehend its contents you may have to go over it several times; and, there is a plethora of information in the footnotes; please pay strict attention to such notations. And finally, this Treatise is for educational purposes. You are advised to personally verify the law for yourself. Exercise the information provided sensibly and-

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An abridged article from “The Insurgent Democracy and De jure Nationality” by LB Bork.
INTRODUCTION. This treatise will cover the most evilly executed conspiracy that the United States of America has seen in their years of existence. Its fully evidenced presence is over 130 years old. Such fully orchestrated conspiracy in its most uniquely veiled presence is- The Fourteenth Amendment. This discourse is birthed by section 4 of the fourteenth amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which briefly has to do with the public debt of the United States and slaves. Most readers who are in the “Freedom Movement” have probably read and heard a number of stories and opinions on the fourteenth amendment; however, the propaganda on this amendment is so widespread and deeply ingrained that most people only focus on Section One. That section notwithstanding, the true evil lies in the other sections. Such other sections having a presence which is truly unconscionable and wicked. As this treatise is entitled “The Red Amendment,” it contemplates a dual reference to the fourteenth amendment: One) It was/is a vehicle for the implementation of Communism;1 and, Two) It was/is a vehicle to bring the United States to deliberate and perpetual debt. The former is of design to achieve the latter; when these two factors are combined, it results in fundamental Involuntary Servitude i.e. NEO- SLAVERY!2 By the time you complete this treatise there will be no doubt in your mind that these two factors are true. CRUX OF OUR DILEMMA. As most Americans are aware we had a plethora of problems with England during the birth of our unified nation.3 The most prevalent problems were our War of Independence and the War of 1812. Since we prevailed in these physical battles, covert measures had to be taken by the money powers of Europe (World Elite - THEY) to gain veiled takeover of the United States of America. Ultimate destruction has been achieved through Financial Terrorism.4 Several particulars were needed to accomplish this destruction. Such particulars will be gone over in this treatise. As everyone has heard the expression “New World Order,” you must be aware that America is the New World, thus, it is ventured the “Order” emits from America. It is believed that most people have done a certain amount of study on this subject, this tutorial treatise will not to go over the specifics of the “New World Order,” although it will be covered in minimal context to prove a point of what was suggested about a covert takeover and its evil presence. Such takeover was/is done through secret societies (puppets), mainly the Masonic Orders. The upper echelon of these societies (e.g. the Illuminati) are involved in the true conspiracy. The lower ranks of these Orders are just patsies who believe they belong to an unadulterated organization; they are kept totally ignorant of fact and truth. The main fact in truth being: They worship Lucifer.5 The presence of these Orders is clearly displayed. As these people are heavy into homage and symbolism, if you would reference the back of a one dollar Federal Reserve Note you will find two such symbolisms: The pyramid with the eerie illuminated eye and the Great Seal of the “United States.” As Washington D.C. was laid out as a giant clandestine Masonic playground, after the Civil War, this is where other such symbolisms can be found. The most intriguing of the symbolisms is the Washington Monument. This Monument can be referenced as being 555 feet tall, however, that is only what you see. When taking a tour of D.C., the guides will tell you that the substructure is 20 percent of 555; however, they do not tell you the math in this presentation. If you take 20 percent of 555, you come up with 111; add the two together you get 666; the Mark of the Beast as mentioned in the Bible. 6 Paraphrasing The Federal Reserve Notes are the Mark, which are taken in your hand each day, and Washington D.C. is the Beast. This paraphrases America as being that of a Neo- Babylon: The New World Order (i.e. THE ORDER).
The Cold War (Russians) was just an orchestrated phase (bogeyman) to implement communism in America-, moreover, the world. Due to our Constitution, America was the biggest challenge of the world cabalists. 2 See book by Gerry Spence- “Give me Liberty!” It goes over Neo-Slavery in fine detail. Recommended reading! 3 As a matter of international law, the American Union, or federation or confederation, is not really a nation. 4 For more information on the New World Order, you should read the following: “Financial Terrorism” by John F. McManus; and “Global Tyranny... Step by Step” by William F. Jasper. Both Excellent! Available from: American Opinion Book Services- John Birch Society, P0 Box 8040, Appleton, Wisconsin 54913- Phone: 414/749-3783. 5 Paganism. Read “Empower the People” by Tony Brown- It goes over this in fine detail. Recommended! 6 Such number (666) is meant “To have fullness of the works of man.” In other words- Ruled by man, not God.


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To create this Babylonian New World Order you need to create a power presence. It is common knowledge the “United States” holds world dominance in power. Said power had to be achieved by some relevant means. Pursuant to such means, Americans have been conditioned to support the United States Military Machine by taking sides in sporting events; 7 this conditioning is thereupon directed to patriotism, which creates a subliminal righteousness to aggress against other sovereignties/nations. Are you familiar with some of the methods of Hitler? DOD Regulations Directive 1330.4, “Participation in Armed Forces, National, and International Sports Activities” In expansion of premise, and to further clarify this subject, it has been said- “It takes money to make money.” In a parallel sense, to gain such dominance, the funding had to come from somewhere; that somewhere is from covert theft and slave labor which is procured by way of an instrumental tool; that tool is the fourteenth amendment, which actually creates a Quiet War on Americans. The “Blueprint” used to create this dominance was/is- COMMUNISM. BLUEPRINT FOR NEO- SLAVERY. Alexander Hamilton stated in the Federalist Papers:8 “. . . wars and rebellions are... the two most mortal diseases of society.” So why are we continually involving ourselves in wars around the world?. . . War’s create tremendous debt!. . . That is why!9 This debt is contrived to enhance the wealth of the World Elite through loans; the loans are then paid through a political doctrine termed Communism. This particular political doctrine formulates an economic slave force under semblance of “The State.” Communism is defined by Ballentine’s Law Dictionary as follows: • Communism. In the pristine sense is the ownership of the means of production by the community,10 each member of the community participating in production according to his ability and sharing in the products according to his need; in common usage of the present day, suggestive of the theories of Marx and Lenin and the politics and authoritarian rule. Such term has been expressed in many ways, which are as follows: Socialism, Liberalism, Fascism, Democracy, etc.. “THEY” keep altering the language to keep people off-track and confused. However, all such language is tied to a cabal; such cabal purviews through a “Piece of Work” composed by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels called the Communist Manifesto.11 This Blueprint is utilized to control and enslave nations with perpetual debt. It is believed to have been of specific purpose to destroy the sovereignty of Americans; however, its principles have been, and are being, applied throughout the world. The purported purpose of the Communist Manifesto is to overthrow the Middle Class, which has been/is a thorn in the side of the World Elite in achieving world domination. After evaluation of the documented tripe contained in the Manifesto, anyone with any amount of intelligence can gather that its main purpose is to put everything in the hands of the World Elite and enslave mankind. Some of its corrupt dicta is: • Destruction of Belief in God (Religion) • Destruction of the Natural Family Unit • Elimination of Countries and Nations • Destruction and Erosion of Morality • Elimination of Private Property • Elimination of Eternal Truths • Elimination of Inheritance • Elimination of Freedoms • State-Run Transportation • Education by the State • Central Bank System • Everyone Working • Income Tax • Free Love • Confiscation of Property from resistors of this great plan

Do any of the above particulars air of familiarity? In other words- Do you see any relevant parallels in America which have been witnessed as of the last century, or, as of late? Americans should strongly question why this rubbish is taught in Universities and Colleges throughout America. Classes that profess this Marxist tripe are classes such as Liberal Arts or Political Science. Mind you- The Elite generally run such Institutions and favor liberal minded people.12
Chapter 178 of USC Title 28- Professional and Amateur Sports Protection. A special chapter in the Judiciary is dedicated to sports. What is this all about? Help protect the distraction, it is a great tool for control. Viva NWO! 8 Essays outlining the Constitution drafted by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. 9 Americans have been brainwashed that wars create a good economy- WHAT! It kills people and creates debt! 10 In legal presence: “The People” are the State that translates to corporations controlled by the governing body at large, which eliminates PRIVATE enterprise. Moreover, corporations are controlled by the State; and generally, large ones govern the ruling policy of government. A simple formula is as follows: Corporations = State = Elite. 11 Drafted in 1848 by Marx (Moses Mordecai Levi- a non-Christian Jew)- financed by Engels (a European Elitist). 12 To embellish on this, this author was at breakfast with a legal colleague one morning in which we had chance to talk to our waitress, who happened to be an immigrant from Europe. She told us she had taken extensive classes in upper education. She further stated- Our Constitution was praised in the classes she had taken overseas; however, the-classes she has taken in America were pushing this Marxist tripe. This author thought to himself- What’s with this? Anyway, we were both dumbfounded with this statement of information.


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Furthermore, it is quite interesting that the government wants to control the public schools. Common sense dictates- How can Neo- Slavery be implemented if people are not being lied to and/or their minds are not being controlled? If you have noticed, women have been conditioned to be part of the general workforce. How can “THEY” get a piece of them through Income Tax if they are home raising their children? Therefore, women must be working. To further the plot of Neo- Slavery, get people hooked on materialism and overspending, which creates personal debt; filter in some free love and immorality you then get the breakup of families. Regarding religion, if you belong to a religious establishment, which has a “501 Status” from the Internal Revenue Service, chances are you are being covertly controlled through such establishments. The greatest tool used by the Elite are people of the work force. Such people have been sucked into the plot of the Elite. They are told they are battling an enemy dubbed- Capitalists. These people are just being used as tools and are of subversive design to harass the middle class owned businesses. This hindrance will ultimately put such businesses out of business. The Elite thus get the employees and other ensuing gains with this subversive and corrupt plot (cabal). You must think out of the Marxist box which has been built around you. Most people in America are working full time jobs (now, middle-class husband and wife). People should not be burdened to the point where life is all work. Accordingly, this gives little time to spend with family and other pleasures of life. An immediate cause of this epidemic is over taxation. Such epidemic is due to the system of Neo- Slavery conceived by the World Elite- COMMUNISM. CONSTITUTIONAL UNION. To set relevant background in the premises, and to break through the Marxist lies which have been fed to you, some legal and historical information is essential to be established. The United States government was/is not supposed to have any general interaction with the citizens of the several republics. The strict limitations of the government of the Union can be found in Article I, Section 8, of the original (organic) Constitution. Moreover, you must fully understand the premises of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in the Bill of Rights of the organic Constitution; said amendments protect the peoples of America from the Union government. And accordingly, most Americans are unaware that their true country and nation is not the United States of America- one’s country and nation is his native state or state of domicile. To support such fact, the following evidence from Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856, is presented; also, take note that such evidence is pre-Civil War. Now, behold the commonly unknown legal truth: • COUNTRY. By country is meant the state of which one is a member. Every man’s country is in general the state in which he happens to have been born. Bouvier’s Law, 1856.13 Prior to this- Did you realize that your state is your true country and nation? 14 Doubtful, as someone has been lying to you. Most truth is being subdued in Public Schools. 15 Moreover, note that de jure nationals are the sovereign power of their countries, not United States citizens. Pursuant to disinformation, the Constitution does not provide the states a Democracy, the Constitution guarantees a republic government. Such a government can be evidenced in Article IV, section 4, of the Constitution. For instance, Rome had a Democracy as you live in now. The Roman Empire fell due to people over indulging in sporting events, dictatorships, corruption, military aggression, sexual perversions, etc.. Do any of these factors sound familiar to you? To further your understanding of the Republican political premise, in 1762 a man by the name of Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote a treatise entitled: “The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right.” In this treatise Mr. Rousseau stated that the political rights of people would be best guarded if they were kept very local, not broad. The Republican political premise of the Constitution is based on such local principles. In fact, these principles separate the several States of America, which are American republics/nations (nation = people), from the United States government. All people of a particular state were citizens (nationals) of the particular state in which they inhabited (American national- e.g. Ohio national, Nevada national, etc...).16
Compare to current definition in Black’s Law Dictionary COUNTRY. The territory occupied by an independent nation or people, or the inhabitants of such territory. In the primary meaning “country” denotes the population, the nation, the state, or the government, having possession and dominion over a territory.- A bit vague, isn't it. 14 No!... the change of definition is not due to modernization. Further, it does get old hearing people say “Times have changed” or “The Constitution is old.” It is evident they have been programmed by communist dicta. 15 See Communist Manifesto, Plank 10- Public School Education. 16 Legally, your state or country of birth is where your lawful (constitutional) allegiance is given! See Title 8 USC § 1101 (a)(21). The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state. For further information on state nationalities, based on the Law of Nations, see 1984 U.S. government Style Manual, chapter 5.22/5.23.


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Moreover, to continue this political curriculum, Alexander Hamilton said in Federalist Paper number 9“As this government is composed of small republics, it enjoys the internal happiness of each”. Mr. Hamilton was making reference to the proposed government of the federation on the premise of its noninterference in the affairs of the several American republics. Further following the Republican political reasoning, in the Federalist Papers the founding fathers fully outlined what a Republican form of government was to consist of. Again, this form of government is guaranteed to the States by the Union (federal government) in Article IV, Section 4, of the Constitution. Such form of government is clear by the following statement by James Madison in Federalist Paper number 10: “The two great points of difference between a Democracy and a Republic are: first, the delegation of the government, in the latter, to a small number of citizens elected by the rest; secondly, the greater number of citizens, and greater sphere of country, over which the latter may be extended.” In other words- The Union makes up the federal government. Local controlled government which extends outward from the counties of each republic; not inward as it does now. Currently, money is taken from each republic, then is distributed amongst the several States as the Federal Government sees fit. The federal government is using such power as a leverage tool against the States; thus, allowing the States to be dictated to by the federal government. Such measures destroy the fundamental purpose of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in the Bill of Rights. Moreover, a nation, which does not contribute as much as another, takes from one which is more productive, thus destroying the internal happiness of each republic as originally outlined. To guarantee political control to the people of America, originally state suffrage had come from the ownership of land.17 These premises were established in Federalist Paper number 35 by Alexander Hamilton; see the logic behind his premise: “Nothing remains but the landed interest, and this, in a political view, and particularly in relation to taxes, I take to be perfectly united, from the wealthiest landlord down to the poorest tenant. No tax can be laid on land which will not affect the proprietor of millions of acres as well as the proprietor of a single acre. Every landholder will therefore have a common interest to keep the taxes on land as low as possible; and common interest may always be reckoned upon as the surest bond of sympathy.” He further stated: “It is said to be necessary, that all classes of citizens should have some of their own number in the representative body, in order that their feelings and interests may be the better understood and attended to. . . Will not the landholder know and feel whatever will promote or insure the interest of landed property? And will he not, from his own interest in that species of property, be sufficiently prone to resist every attempt to prejudice or encumber it.?. . . There is no part of the administration of government that requires extensive information and a thorough knowledge of the principles of political economy, so much as the business of taxation. The man who understands those principles best will be least likely to resort to oppressive expedients, or sacrifice any particular class of citizens to the procurement of revenue.” The current bastardized government, that was instituted just after the Civil War, is based on Socialism/Communism. You may have heard the Marxist expression- “Pay Your Fair Share.” A common sense/general consensus of paying your fair share is not that of taking from “haves” and "contributors” and giving to “have nots” and “non-contributors,” hence raising taxes for welfare to help maintain the people who care not to contribute to the nation of a specific republic. This political formula (Socialism/Communism) is simply a plot to destroy, or bring down, the people of the middle class; hence, creating a nation of serfs/slaves (i.e. servitude), which accordingly transfers all land and wealth to the control of the World Elite for their benefit. 18 Accordingly, the matters addressed herein are in parallel reference to what Thomas Jefferson had once said: “If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.” Americans are being subversively and intentional over taxed. It can be honestly stated that not too many Americans are happy about it. This imposed adult baby-sitting

For questions on constitutional land ownership, please contact Mr. Michael Lee Stone in do: general delivery, Mills, Wyoming [82644} He can help you bring the Patent forward on your land. This is more in line with holding land in absolute title, i.e. allodium, so it may be removed off the tax roles. Note: Research all information. 18 Jean Jacques Rousseau stated in: The Social Contractor Principles of Political Right- “Under bad governments, this equality is only apparent and illusory: it series only to keep the pauper in his poverty and the rich man in the position he has usurped. In fact, laws are always of use to those who possess and harmful to those who have nothing: from which it follows that the social state is advantageous to men only when all have something and none too much.” In other words, what Mr. Rousseau was saying is that- Socialism (that is- a Socialist State) is of purpose to steal from “the people” to benefit the Elite under guise of the State. In parallel sense- Roman Senator Publius Cornelius Tacitus (50c-1 15c AD) stated- “The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws.”


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service has cost Americans their freedom, and accordingly, their sovereignty.19 Without question such losses are directly caused by the- 14TH AMENDMENT. INSURGENT DEMOCRACY. Personally, this author has read several cases on the fourteenth amendment; such ranging from the Dred Scott to the Slaughter-House cases. Both such cases being quite extensive, this author is convinced that all such case law was orchestrated conspiratory drivel to set up the passage and justify the existence of the fourteenth amendment, which is fallout from the Civil War. The so-called Civil War has been said to be over the issue of slavery. This author concurs on such issue; however, as you will see herein the slaves were transferred over to the control of the United States. You may be thinking reference is being made to the people of African descent who were owned by the plantation owners of the South; as the Civil Rights of such persons were to be guarded by the United States by legislation- But on the contrary!... reference is actually being made to all Americans being tacitly enslaved by the government of the United States. In reality, the slavery issue was a mechanism to implement the Civil War;20 such mechanism was in design of the Hegelian Dialectic. This particular mechanism, or rather- technique, is named after a German named Hegel. His process will be used by a perpetrator to bring about a desired result using psychology. Such process is illustrated as follows: 1) Thesis- A problem is intentionally created: The immorality of slavery; 2) Antithesis Opposition to the problem is created: The Civil War; 3) Synthesis- The desired result is brought in as a solution: The 14th amendment (reconstruction amendments 13,14,15). Another orchestrated event in design of the Hegelian Dialectic was the Great Depression. Of course the Hegelian Dialectic is not indigenous to America. A further real-life example of this cause-and-effect procedure can be referenced to Germany. Such example is referenced in the “anti-terrorist” legislation of Adolf Hitler. Hitler wanted the capability to detain people without question and hold them in custody without a court hearing. The people of Germany desired no such thing; so Hitler had the Reichtag building burned to the ground. He blamed terrorists for the terrible incident. The media portrayed the event to be a danger to society and the well-being of the people. The people then demanded something be done, so Hitler introduced his new “antiterrorist” legislation with the consent of the people. Does such incident sound familiar to you? Has a similar incident, or incidents, like the Reichtag incident happened recently in America? Now that it has been established how a planned change is brought about, we can now better address the issue of the seemingly unlawful government[s] which are now in place. First, you must understand the general difference between de facto and de jure. SIMPLY PUT: De facto is not according to law; and, De jure is according to law. The legal definitions 21 are as follows: • DE FACTO. In fact (Of fact),22 as distinguished from “de jure,” by right. • DE JURE. By right; by lawful right; rightfully; complying with the law in all respects, valid in law. (i.e. constitutional; in conformity with the Law of Nations) To apply the above definitions of de facto and de jure, first you must be aware that after the Civil War the federal government gained dominion (control and conquered) over all states in guise of the Union. A government de facto was then created by the passage of the fourteenth amendment. The fourteenth amendment fabricates all “States” to be quasi-political subdivisions of the “United States.” 23 The most crucial factor is that the fourteenth amendment naturalizes all Americans to be U.S. citizens (nationals of
Whiners, such as Warren Beatty, who want back their adult baby-sitting government (socialism/FDR era) do not have a clue. What is now in place was the ultimate plan. Russia, China and Cuba were/are just bogeymen, and socialism was just a phase to get everyone suckered into Corporate Servitude (neo-communism). Accordingly, some advice to socialists: Such people should research the legacy of FDR; they would find out you do not get something for nothing; we are still paying for FDR’s handouts! See “Bretton Woods Agreements Act.” 20 Slavery is/was a tool used to sell the purpose of the Civil War. You must realize that slavery was a common law (custom) of England which was brought to America. If fingers should point to anyone- let it be them. 21 Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. 22 See definition of “in fact.” Also see definition of “government de facto.” The use of ‘in fact’ in the definition of “de facto” is misleading. It should say “of fact” as parenthesized above. Intentional?... you be the judge. 23 The de facto “United States” became a sovereign power. In reference thereof, a passage out of Tony Brown’s Book “Empower the People,” although Mr. Brown did not go into legal detail (as I have), made reference to secret societies being pleased about the re-colonization of the united States after the Civil War, which stands to reason, as these political subdivisions are referred to as- Colonies, under the color of law (14th amendment).


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the United States).24 Accordingly, the tacit actions of the fourteenth amendment, in essence, negates all state nationalities de jure. The following is what transpired with the implementation of the fourteenth amendment: 1) It destroyed all the sovereign states, which translates into the nations of America being destroyed as secured by the original constitutional premises; 2) It has stolen the state allegiance of people and assigns it to a de facto federal government (“United States”), and installs them into Democracy over a Republican government; and, 3) It puts the land of the people in quasi-joint tenancy with the government (feudalism). SIMPLY PUT: This is all blatant dicta of the Communist Manifesto The Manifesto mandates the elimination of nationalities, countries and ownership of property.25 These de facto government[s] will be further discussed herein; but for now, take notice that the federal and state governments are not your constitutional governments. As a matter of law they are not governments “IN FACT;”26 they are, as a mater of law- INSURGENT. In other words An Insurgent Democracy. Moreover, they are military style governments, which will be gone over in more completeness herein below. For now however, so you have a general understanding of what will be presented herein is true, below is the legal definition assigned to the “Insurgent” 14th amendment governmental system,27 as depicted by the United States Supreme Court:
• GOVERNMENT DE FACTO. A government of fact.* A government actually exercising power and control, as opposed to the true and lawful government; a government not established according to the constitution of the nation, or not lawfully entitled recognition supremacy, but which has nevertheless supplanted or displaced the government de jure. A government deemed unlawful, or deemed wrongful or unjust, which, nevertheless, receives presently habitual obedience from the bulk of the community. There are several degrees of what is called “de facto government.” Such a government, in its highest degree, assumes a character very closely resembling that of a lawful government. This is when the usurping government expels the regular authorities from their customary seats and functions, and establishes itself in their place, and so becomes the actual government of a country. The distinguishing characteristic of such a government is that adherents to it in war against the government de jure do not incur the penalties of treason; and, under certain limitations, obligations assumed by it in behalf of the country or otherwise will, in general, be respected by the government de jure when restored. Such a government might be more aptly denominated a “government of paramount force,” being maintained by active military power against the rightful authority of an established and lawful government; and obeyed in civil matters by private citizens. They are usually administered directly by military authority, but they may be administered, also, by civil authority, supported more or less by military force. Black’s Law Dictionary Deluxe, sixth edition. * [government “of fact” not “in fact”] The above is not a general definition, it depicts the insurgent governmental system. You are advised to study the content of the above definition and compare it with what will be put forth in explanatory fact in this tutorial treatise. There will be legal evidence set forth herein that the fourteenth amendment actually creates a Quiet War within the several republics of America. To understand the truth about the constitutional government, you should refer back to the section on the constitutional Union. For your integral understanding, it is advised you read the Federalist Papers, which will give you a further understanding of the constitutional governmental system. Our de jure system is not a so-called Democracy such imports a system of Insurgents.

NATURALIZATION CLAUSE. The fourteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, section 1, provides that all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. Black’s Law, see also Title 8 USC § 1101 (a)(22). Definitions. The term “national of the United States means- (A) A citizen of the United States or (B) A person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States. [latter, (B), infers that a citizen of the United States owes permanent allegiance to the United States too. Does not mean a person as defined by 1101 (a)(21). See Title 8 USC § 1408 for a person as described in (B)] National of the U. S. Communist. 25 See “Fee Simple” and “Property Tax.” Constitutional land ownership is under a Land Patent, thus not taxable. 26 IN FACT. Actual, real; as distinguished from implied or inferred. Resulting from the acts of parties, instead of from the act of intendment of law (i.e. the de jure Constitution). Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. 27 BELLIGERENTS. A body of insurgents who by reason of their temporary organized government are regarded as conducting lawful hostilities. Ballentine’s Law Dictionary. See state governments defined in Title 18 USC § 11.


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TO CLOSE THIS CHAPTER: Below is what Mr. James Madison stated about pure democracies in Federalist Paper number 10: “From this view of the subject it maybe concluded that a pure democracy, by which I mean a society28 consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of faction. A common passion or interest will, in almost every case, be felt by a majority of the whole; a communication and concert result from the form of government itself; and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party or an obnoxious individual. Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible personal security or the right of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have violent their deaths. Mr. Madison, HOW PROFOUND! AGENDA EXPOSED Thirteen29 years after the Communist Manifesto was drafted (1848) the Civil War began in 1861. The final outcome instituted a new Quiet War on America- THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT. To set premise of this section, the following is the legal definition of manifesto: • Manifesto. A formal written declaration, promulgated by a sovereign, or by the executive authority of a state or nation, proclaiming its reasons and motives for declaring a war, or for any other important international action. Public declaration or proclamation of political or social principals. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. A manifesto puts forth political and/or social principles and a motive for WAR. In a broad sense, the fourteenth amendment is a manifesto- The Communists’ Declaration of War. Pursuant to the Communist Manifesto, Marx calls forth the working men of the world to join in the fight against Capitalists. In matter of common sense, how can the lower class working man have the power to create this power presence? They cannot- It is the World Elite who are behind this “Quiet War.” The secret societies, along with the labor classes, are the tools of the World Elite; the ones who pull the strings: “THEY”- - The Puppet Masters.30 Herein it will be proven that the fourteenth amendment is actually a declaration of war. Accordingly such amendment creates a Quiet War on the constitutional governments. The excuse for the “Fourteenth Amendment War” can be found in the Preamble of the Expatriation Act, an Act passed the day before the fourteenth amendment was announced (purportedly) ratified. Such excuse is as follows: “. . . whereas it is necessary to the maintenance of public PEACE 31 that this claim of foreign allegiance 32 should be promptly and finally disavowed.” Further pursuant to measures of covert takeover, the insurgent government has tacitly defined itself in Title 8 of the United States Code; however, will not openly admit to it. See below: • Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(37). Definitions. The term “totalitarian party” means an organization which advocates the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship or totalitarianism. 33 The terms “totalitarian dictatorship” and “totalitarianism” mean and refer to systems of government not representative in fact, characterized by- (A) The existence of a single political party, organized on a dictatorial basis, with so close an identity between such party and its policies and the governmental policies of the country in which it exists, that the party and the government constitute an indistinguishable unit, and (B) The forcible suppression of opposition to such party. The above is a clandestinely placed definition i.e. secretive bragging. Of course, there will be no admission that the above definition applies to the de facto governmental system; you have to employ applied facts. Pursuant to this, listed now are the main definitional characteristics of Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(37). The general particulars are as follows: 1 ) Totalitarianism; 2) Dictatorship; 3) Government not Representative In Fact; and, 4) Forcible Suppression. These particular factors will now be applied to the current federal/national government which is now in place We do not have a pure democracy. Marxist Democracy is based on government as a demagogue i.e. Socialism. see Communist Manifesto- “RULING CLASS” i.e. Society = Elite = Communist; see influence defined herein. 29 The number 13 (Biblical value- Moral Corruption/Rebellion (against God)) is a principal symbolism of Masonry. 30 Tony Brown said it best- “The Capitalists are the Communists and the Communists are the Capitalists.” 31 “PEACE” is stealthy language for their operations. Scripture states evil would come in the name of peace. 32 Foreign allegiance is in reference to an allegiance to a “state” (republic), in which all people were nationals of. 33 i.e. The current system. No matter what party or who runs for office, all parties/persons are variations of what is defined in 8 USC § 11O1(a)(37): “totalitarian party,” “totalitarian dictatorship” and “totalitarianism.” In other words- If they participate in the 14th amendment government system, they advocate it i.e. They are predestined.


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1) First, look at the definition of Totalitarian from American Heritage Dictionary: • Totalitarian. adj. 1. Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed. 2) Second, look at the definition of Dictator from American Heritage Dictionary: • Dictator. n. La. An absolute ruler. b. A tyrant; a despot. 2. An ancient Roman magistrate appointed temporarily to deal with an immediate crisis or emergency 3) Third, look at the definition of Not Representative In Fact from Black’s Law Dictionary: • In Fact. Actual, real; as distinguished from implied or inferred. Resulting from the acts of parties, instead of from the act or intendment of law. 4) Fourth, look at the definition of Forcible Suppression from Black’s Law Dictionary: • Martial Law. A system of law, obtaining only in time of actual war and growing out of the exigencies thereof, arbitrary in its character, and depending only on the will of the commander of an army, which is established and administered in a place or district of hostile territory held in belligerent possession, or, sometimes, in places occupied or pervaded by insurgents or mobs, and which suspends all existing civil laws, as well as the civil authority and the ordinary administration of justice. See also Military government; Military law. [see also government de facto; Lieber Military Code] Some may say a square peg is being jammed into a round hole; nevertheless, all four of these particulars can be applied to the de facto governmental system, which will be proven forthwith by further definitional evidence below One) We will now go over “totalitarian.” Today, because the Marxist system and falsehoods that are so widespread, you generally cannot get employment or do banking without a Social Security Number. Congress has made no public effort to make it known that social security is optional, which it is.34 Ergo: One cannot work unless they have a federal number. If you cannot work or bank you suffer! Conclusion: You are subordinate to the federal government! (State). Furthermore, the statutory system (both federal and state) has replaced the de jure civil law of America: The Common Law. The common law was the peoples law- natural law- in other words- The Law of God. The common law is defined by Black’s Law Dictionary as follows: • Common Law. As distinguished from statutory law created by the enactment of legislatures, the common law derive their authority solely from usages and customs of immemorial antiquity, or from the judgments and decrees of the courts recognizing, affirming, and enforcing such usages and customs. The “common law” is all the statutory and case law background of England and the American colonies before the American revolution. It consists of those principles, usage and rules of action applicable to government and security of persons and property which do not rest their authority upon ant express and positive declaration of the will of the legislature. In other words- The people of each state are governed by what they do and wish; such being under a system of self-government that is under the guidance of Scripture; they are not governed by law that is ordained by someone who believes they know better- The “People of Station.” In other words- The Elitists in the current de facto governmental system- - THE RULERS!35 The statutory system of law does not allow people to govern themselves by their customs and usages. All such dictated law generally comes from the decree of the federal government. Said government is not suppose to have any interaction with the states that is outside the stipulations of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution; also, understand the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. TOTALITARIAN IS PROVEN TO BE APPLICABLE TO THE DE FACTO GOVERNMENT Two) We will now go over “dictator.” Shown below are two appropriate definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary which will set-up this premise: • Despotism. 1. Rule by or as if by a despot; absolute power or authority. 2. The actions of a despot; tyranny. 3a. A government or political system in which the ruler exercises absolute power. b., A state so ruled. • Autocracy. 1. Government by a single person having unlimited power; despotism. 2. A country or state that is governed by a single person with unlimited power. Do you think the above are appropriate? You question AUTOCRACY do you? Well, the de facto
See Title 42 USC § 1301 for solid evidence; the American republics are not defined in the operational sphere of the Social Security Act. As it is now, you have to expatriate U.S. nationality from being required to have a SSN. 35 People wonder and question why America is deteriorating. It is quite simple- People are not allowed to govern themselves; they are “Trained” and “Treated Like Animals” and told what to do by these “People of Station.”


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President of the United States can write an order referred to as an Executive Order. As Congress has nothing to do with such Orders, this usurps the purpose and protection of the Separation of Powers as set forth by the Constitution. THOUSANDS of these Orders have been written over the past several years. Some are being enforced; some are just sifting there waiting to be used and enforced. It must be said that the de facto Congress can nullify these Orders, but generally, they do not. See and understand the definition of “totalitarianism” in Title 8 USC § 1 101(a)(37).”36 Back in reference, and in conclusion, these facts translate into a government run by a single person having unlimited power: Ergo- Dictator!

Three) We will now go over “not representative in fact” found in Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(37). This one is easy to prove: Again the current sitting government is not the real government. They are impostors that have seated the state and federal governments under Terms of War via the fourteenth amendment. The real constitutional apportionment of congressional representation (de jure) is found in Article I of the organic Constitution. These apportionment parameters have not been repealed; wherefore, they are still in full force and effect. Therefore, all state and federal governments are not representative “In Fact.” The legal definition of “In Fact” states: “Actual, real; as distinguished from implied or inferred. Resulting from the acts of parties instead of the act or intendment of law.” Ergo: The current government[s] are seated in violation of the organic Constitution- The real “Intendment of Law.” Accordingly, to further prove this tacit fraud, see this text from Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(37): “The existence of a single political party, organized on a dictatorial basis, with so close an identity between such party and its policies and the governmental policies of the country in which it exists, that the party and the government constitute an indistinguishable unit.” Conformably, pursuant to the foregoing congressional definition, Franklin Delano Roosevelt may be quoted as saying: “There’s not a dimes worth a difference between the Republicans and Democrats.” 37



Four) We will now go over “Forcible Suppression.” To make a point: Go to Washington with a group of people, tell them you know that they are impostors and that you can prove it with legal and documented evidence; insist you want them to leave so that the government de jure can be seated; be commanding. Without a doubt- you will see some Forcible Suppression take place. Furthermore, for terminology of force being a factor of the insurgent governmental system de facto, look at most constitutional amendments that are past number twelve. The last section or clause states“Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” Ergo- FORCE! In other words- The forcing of communist/totalitarian doctrines. FORCIBLE SUPPRESSION IS PROVEN TO BE APPLICABLE TO THE DE FACTO GOVERNMENT. CONCLUSION: Without a doubt the sitting federal government fits into the definitional parameters of Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(37), which defines a Totalitarian Dictatorship. However, with some due respect, it is a somewhat benevolent one. It rules with a Velvet Glove instead of an Iron Fist. FOR NOW THAT IS! They cannot be too forceful, people would catch on to what is going on. You must note that it has taken them over 130 years to get to the point “THEY” are at. Let us now continue on this ugly exposure of truth with more affirmative evidence. To further prove that we are in a Quiet War, shown below is an excerpt from congressional records, Senate Report, 93rd Congress, November 19, 1973: • “A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency. . . from, at least, the Civil War in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency.”38 “The Civil War in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency.” In other words- The Fourteenth Amendment! Moreover, notice the term RULE was used in the report cited above. You might refer back to the above explanations of: Totalitarian, Dictator, Not Representative In Fact, and Forcible Suppression; in other words- The definitional parameters of Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(37) so-called Democracy.
The “Peace Corps” was established by Executive Order (the dictatorship). “Peace” is stealthy language for the implementation of socialism/communism- “Democracy is indispensable to Socialism.” V. I. Lenin; “Peace is the elimination of all opposition to socialism.” Lenin/Marx; “Socialism leads to Communism.” Karl Marx. 37 See the “Federalist Party” This was the original Elitist Party which had been taken down by Thomas Jefferson. 38 i.e. 14th amendment. Moreover, this is how these people (Elitists) talk, in stealthiness- in other words Vague!


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Remember this purported emergency canceled the de jure civil law, the common law, which is inherent in the Constitution, and installed the legislative control scheme referred to as the statutory system. This is a form of Martial Law. Refer back to the legal definition of “Martial Law,” it SUSPENDS ALL EXISTING CIVIL LAWS i.e. The Common Law. Moreover, this de facto government is a “Military Government,” which is evidenced in the following: • Military Jurisdiction. There are under the Constitution, three kinds of military jurisdiction: one to be exercised both in peace and war; another to be exercised in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States or in time of rebellion and civil war within states or districts occupied by rebels treated as belligerents; and a third to be exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the United States or during rebellion. . . when the public danger requires it. (Black’s Law, sixth edition). Such parameters may be found in a military code that was implemented during the Civil War entitled the Lieber Code. Such parameters, and use of the Law of Nations, defines Americans as being enemies. Further evidence that the state and federal governments are military governments can be found in the fourteenth amendment, which again creates a Quiet War. This Quiet War will be gone over in more detail in the explanation of said amendment herein. Furthermore, presence of war can be evidenced by all flags in use in government buildings and courts. Note all such flags have gold fringe on them. This is not just a pretty decoration; it is representative of a military flag. For proof, note Executive Order No. 10834, August 21, 1959, 24 F.R. 6865: “A military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a yellow fringe, bordered on three sides.” When you are in a de facto State court you are in a military court under a legal system pursuant to the International Laws of War. Moreover, do you remember the declaration of “keeping public peace” made by Congress in the Preamble of the Expatriation Act? (i.e. emergency). Refer back to the definition of dictator- it sets forth the following: “An ancient Roman magistrate appointed temporarily to deal with an immediate crisis or emergency.” In reference thereof, please take notice of the next definition: • National Emergency. A state of national crisis; a situation demanding immediate and extraordinary national or federal action. Congress has made little or no distinction between “state of national emergency and a “state of war.” Black’s Law, sixth edition. The emergency is your public “PEACE” as noted in the Expatriation Act. Before concluding this section, let us further establish “The Agenda.” Below is a quote from this subversive group: • “PEACE is the elimination of all opposition to socialism.” Lenin/Marx Now you are aware of what “WORLD PEACE” is all about. In accordance, most people are familiar with the term “World Democracy” uttered by Washington D.C. as of late. Such utterance is in reference togovernments of Democracy (so-called) being installed around the world.39 In reference thereof, here are other quotes from well known Communists: • “Democracy is indispensable to Socialism.” V. I. Lenin • “Socialism leads to Communism.” Karl Marx In further reference thereof, take note of the de facto federal government’s selected military engagements with NATO and the United Nations.40 The following definition from the United States Code will shed some extended light on such Peace Keeping matters: • Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(40). Definitions. The term “world communism” means a revolutionary movement, the purpose of which is to establish eventually a Communist totalitarian dictatorship in any or all the countries of the world through the medium of an internationally coordinated Communist political movement.41 Welcome to “THE AGENDA. You have heard it referred to as the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Modern Democracy = Communistic system of government. i.e. Totalitarian Dictatorship- by consent, of course. United Nations = unification of nationalities see also E Pluribus Unum- Ergo: Elimination of Nationalities- see Communist Manifesto & Title 8 USC § 1101 (a)(40)- i.e. Peace Keeping Forces = Forcing World Communism. 41 It is implied that these definitions, 8 USC § 1101 (a)(37)&(40), are placed to prevent communist operatives into America. If this is true, why are they allowed to sustain a Web-Site ( in America when there is a law that states they are outlawed?- War: Title 50 USC § 841- “The Congress finds and declares that the Communist Party of the U. S. should be outlawed” - The Pot calling the Kettle black, perhaps?
39 40


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America is the “NEW WORLD” and the “ORDER” is Washington D.C.. If this “PEACE” (aggression) persists, all nations of the world will eventually be at our doorstep wanting to kill us all.42 It is already in the making, most nations hate Americans. We thereupon will see a repeat of the fall of the Roman Empire. So go ahead- stay ignorant -and enjoy that sporting event this weekend guy!- - ALL NEO- ROMANS TO THE COLISEUM!

SUBVERSIVE EMPOWERMENT. Thus far it has been established that types of government which are considered to be repugnant, such as communist, dictatorships, military, etc., all subsist in the framework of the American governmental system- Ergo: You have been lied to and accordingly- BRAINWASHED! To empower this bastard 43 government, the principles of suffrage (voting) which are set forth by the de jure constitutional system had to be altered (negated); such alteration was needed to destroy the Republican principles which are inherent in the constitutional system. You may recall constitutional suffrage, and apportionment, is based on land ownership. Land ownership is where the “Sovereign Power” of America lies. The truth of the matter is, “THEY” knew that Democracy could be established and flourish with suffrage of the masses; in other words- in common definition- A Mobocracy. See mobocracy defined below: • Mobocracy. 1. Political control by a mob. 2. The mass of common people as the source of political control. American Heritage Dictionary. What this de facto voting system is orchestrated to accomplish is institute a “PUBLIC” that is dependent on a fictional/soulless surrogate father- “The State” (statism). The mobocracy places the State in control by the people who seem to want handouts. In other words- The Shiftless Ones (common people), which WE are all paying for. Such fictional dependency can be referenced, and secured to, political dicta found in the Communist Manifesto- The Breaking-up of Families. Such empowerment would not be possible if peoples had strong local community and family ties. SIMPLY PUT: Why do you need your family when you can get handouts from “The State.” Now it will be briefly explained how the fourteenth amendment formula tacitly provides subversive empowerment to the Communist System (so-called democracy) that is presently in place, which is done by the consent of Americans. The scheme used is as follows: => When a “U.S. citizen” votes section 2 of the fourteenth amendment induces them to participate in an insurrection, which is noted in section 3 of said amendment; hence all voters create a rebellion against their constitutional state government[s] de jure, which is then deemed a crime as to section 2 of said amendment. Such suffrage is deemed treason. Accordingly, this de facto suffrage brands a voter a slave pursuant to the insurgents’ thirteenth amendment. Thus, by voting they have voluntarily given-up their freedom as protected by the de jure Constitution, which is still in full force and effect by clauses in section 3. Accordingly, this fourteenth amendment suffrage creates a Quiet War.

Consequently, voting puts a “person” in control of the insurgent government[s] de facto, which also perpetuates the power of the bastard government de facto: The subversive “Elitists” who are the so-called Democracy! The submission of de facto suffrage can also be referenced in the Declaration of Independence, wherein it is stated: “. . . Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed . . .” The foregoing organic law is an American Doctrine which is based on the Law of Nations. SIMPLY PUT: You vote- You consent to your enslavement.44 This unwitting submission is due to your orchestrated ignorance, as no law or constitutional law is presented in schools whatsoever. Again, for your planned ignorance, see the dicta that is found in the Communist Manifesto, which isFree Public School Education.45 You may also observe the stealthy controlling of all American education, via
It is estimated that ‘The United States experienced over 32,000 consecutive coincidences between 1930 and 1970 related to wars, depressions and racial incidents.’ Info from ‘None Dare Call it Conspiracy’ by Gary Allen. 43 BASTARD. n. Something that is of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin. American Heritage Dictionary. 44 See the “Masonic” 13th amendment. The original 13th amendment disappeared after the Civil War, which will be further discussed toward the end of this treatise. The Civil War was really over freedom from Communism. 45 Nothing is free- but everyone thinks it is. Moreover, the World Elite own the Publishing Companies that supply most books to all schools, not just public; and, own/operate most all Universities and Colleges. Such ownership and operations to indoctrinate all teachers to the ways of “The Agenda.” See also “Rhodes Scholarship.”


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a Social Security Number, in the United States Code: Title 42- The Public Health and Welfare; and the Code of Federal Regulations: Title 34- Education.46 You may further reference this statutory plot in: Title 8 USC § 1151 Worldwide Level of Immigration, which is fundamentally the mass importation of common voters. In other words-People who perpetuate the mobocracy, which accordingly feeds the so-called Democracy. Ultimately what this is all about is creating a control source for the “Human Resources.” Of course in benefit of the World Elite. All the Elitists want are slaves to labor which perpetuates their wealth. Factually, they really do not care about anyone; although they have to pretend they do- Socialism. This to keep down the opposition of the people until their stealthy plan is fully executed- Communism. You must be advised, “THEY” are not yet done with their scheme.47

The populace; the community; “That vast multitude, which includes the ignorant, the unthinking and the credulous who, in making purchases, do not stop to analyze, but are governed by appearance and general impressions.” Definition of “PUBLIC,” in part, from BALLENTINE’S LAW DICTIONARY.

DE FACTO STATUS DEFINED. The fourteenth amendment creates a natural born subject status (servitude) over True Freedom. Are you saying: “That’s impossible!” A question is posed: How do you think the United States can pass laws violating your constitutionally protected Second Amendment Rights?. . . Well? Below is the definition of subject from Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition: • Subject. constitutional law. One that owes allegiance to a sovereign and is governed by his laws. The natives of Great Britain are subjects of the British government. Men in free governments are subjects as well as citizens; as citizens they enjoy rights and franchises; as subjects they are bound to obey the laws. The term is little used, in this sense, in countries enjoying a republican form of government. Black’s Law, sixth edition. The most compelling statement from the above definition is “The term is little used, in this sense, in countries enjoying a republican form of government.” It can be said as a definite fact that you are not enjoying a true Republican form of government, as guaranteed by Article IV, section 4, of the Constitution. You are in an Elitists’ DEMOCRACY! (see Influence below). Now this hypothesis will be proven using general definitions. Directly below are definitions from American Heritage and Webster’s New World [Order] Dictionaries.48 Such definitions will support the premises stated herein. The most relevant and reveling definitions are as follows: • Servitude, n. 1. the condition of a slave; subjection to a master; slavery; bondage. 3. In law, easement. SYN - slavery implies absolute subjection to another person who owns and completely controls one; bondage originally referred to the condition of a serf bound to his master’s land, but now implies any condition of subjugation or captivity. ANT - freedom, liberty.49 • Slave, n. bond servant divested of all freedom and personal rights. 2. a person who is completely dominated by some influence habit, etc. [see influence below]; slave, n. 1. person who is the property of another. (World Book Dictionary)
Note that the Department of Education (Communist Manifesto- Plank 10) and the Department of Transportation (Communist Manifesto- Plank 6) were both installed around the time the 14th amendment was instituted. 47 A partial list of stand-by Executive Orders: #10995- Seizure of all communications media in the United States; #10997Seizure of all electric power, fuels, and minerals, both public and private; #10998- Seizure of all food supplies and resources, public, and private, all farms and farm equipment; #10999- Seizure of all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and waterways; #11000Seizure of all American population for work forces under federal supervision, including dividing families as necessary according to governmental plans; #11001- Seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private; #11002- Empowers the Postmaster General to register all men, women and children in the United States; #11003 Seizure of all airports and aircraft; #11004- Seizure of all housing and finance authorities, to establish forced relocation. Designates areas to be abandoned as “unsafe, “ establishes new locations for populations, relocates communications, builds new housing with public funds; #11005- Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, public and private; #11051; Provides the Office of Emergency Planning complete authorization to put the above orders into effect in times of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis. [Common sense- Full implementation of slavery.] 48 The Elite publish these dictionaries; the definitions are interestingly fitting- Is it arrogant stealthy boasting? 49 See the Civil War; the so-called Civil War was about slavery all right, the enslavement of all Americans.


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• Subjugation, tr.v. 1. To bring under control; conquer. 2. To make subservient; enslave. • Serf, n. 1. originally, a slave. 2. a person in feudal servitude, bound to his master’s land and transferred with it to a new owner. 3. a person who is oppressed or without freedom. • Bond, n. a serf or slave. adj. in bondage; in serfdom; in slavery; unfree. • Bondage, n. 1 . serfdom; slavery. 2. subjection to some force compulsion, or influence. SYN - see servitude. • Influence, n. 2. a) the power of persons or things to affect others, seen only in its effects. b) the action or effect of such power. 3. the power of a person or group to produce effects without the exertion of physical force or authority, based on wealth, social position, ability, etc. 4. a person or thing that has influence.50 • Free, adj. free; AS. freo, not in bondage, “hence, not enslaved” 1. a) not under the control of some other person or some arbitrary power; able to act or think without compulsion or arbitrary restriction; having liberty independent. b) characterized by or resulting from liberty. 2. a) having, or existing under, a government that does not impose arbitrary restrictions on the right to speak, assemble, petition, vote, etc.; 51 having political liberty: as a free people. b) not under control of a foreign government.52 [-emphasis] • Freedom, n. 1. the state or quality of being free; especially a) exemption or liberation from the control of some other person or some arbitrary power;53 liberty; independence. b) exemption from arbitrary restrictions on a specified civil right; political liberty: as,freedom of speech. • Homage, n. 1. Ceremonial acknowledgment by a vassal of allegiance to his lord under feudal law.54 • Vassal, n. 1. A person who held land from a feudal lord and received protection in return for homage and allegiance. 2. A bondman; a slave. 3. A subordinate or dependent.55 • Subordinate, adj. 1. Belonging to a lower or inferior class or rank; secondary. 2. Subject to the authority or control of another. see Vassal and Free above. • Tenant, n. 1. One that pays rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property owned by another. 2. A dweller in a place; an occupant. 3. Law. One who holds or possesses lands, tenements, or sometimes personal property by any kind of title.56 • Feudalism, n. Abbr. feud. 1. A political and economic system of Europe from the 9th to about the 15th century, based on the holding of all land in fief or fee and the resulting relation of lord to vassal and characterized by homage, legal and military service of tenants,57 and forfeiture. [see forfeiture] 2. A political economic or social order resembling this medieval system.58 • Forfeiture, n. 1. The act of surrendering something as a forfeit. 2. Something that is forfeited; a penalty.59 Reference ‘feudalism’ above, it states a political system that resembles the system of vassal and tenant. In light of this, Property tax, under the Constitution, is unlawful- Are you paying Property Tax?60 Income Tax, under the Constitution, is unlawful- Are you paying Income Tax? 61 Generally, a License of any kind, under the Constitution, is unlawful- Do you have any kind of License? 62 Generally, not being permitted to do something that does not injure others, under the Constitution, is unlawful- Do you do something that is
See Communist Manifesto - “RULING CLASS” (i.e. Elite = Communist). See United States citizenship, this citizenship is repugnant to the original constitutional system. 52 Proof- the federal government is foreign to the people in the original arrangement of the Constitution. 53 The State of the Union is not suppose to have interaction with the people. It is an Elitists’ government. 54 i.e. “I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the “UNITED STATES” of America. . .” As a matter of law, this is not your primary flag or nation! America becomes a league of nations (Art. II, sec. 2) in time of foreign invasion. 55 As people of America have submitted to the U.S. government (lord), they are deemed children of the State- see the case of: Late Corporation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints v U.S., 136 U.S. 478 (1889). 56 The government holds all true titles, you basically have joint tenancy to your land, car too! See feudalism. 57 i.e. Draft. Uncle Sam says: “Go fight that Vietnam War, if you don’t you go to jail!” (U.S. citizen = U.S. property). 58 Feudalism = Communism i.e. Communism is a form of contemporary feudalism with the federal State as lord. 59 e.g. BIG BROTHER says: “You can't do those drugs. . . sorry, your property is now ours!” (Done at gun-point) 60 Property tax under the current de facto system, which generates taxation on a state level, is unlawful. 61 The communist mandate of Income Tax can be found in the Communist Manifesto referenced as Plank 2. 62 License is a term of war. Furthermore, do you have a passport as an “United States citizen.” Passport is a term of war. License and passport in their pristine state are as follows: LICENSE, international law. An authority given by one of two belligerent* parties, to the citizens/subjects of the other, to carry on a specified trade; PASSPORT, maritime law. A paper -containing a permission from the neutral state* to proceed on the voyage proposed. Bouvier’s Law, 1856. *Language of War! You're in a “Quiet War” which is structuring World Communism.
50 51


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not injuring others that is not allowed by law? 63 Social Security, under the Constitution, is unlawful- Do you possess a Social Security Number? In further reference thereof, see the definition of vassal aboveword: DEPENDENT. IN CONCLUSION: If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions, please refer to and fully understand: Feudalism, Servitude, Slave, Serf, Vassal, Tenant, Bondage, Bond, Subjugation, and Subordinate, as defined above, and TRY to have a nice day! Furthermore, take heed- your State allegiance was seized under the guise of peace. You may want to reference the “Pledge of Allegiance to the United States” (communist propaganda) and apply feudalistic vassal above. You really do not have to squint your eyes to see this one. SIMPLY PUT: You are not really a Free American as you have been told; you might as well be paying homage to Communistic Servitude.

Welcome to your New World Order!
THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT. Thus far the first reference to RED that the fourteenth amendment achieves has been proven, which of course is- COMMUNISM. Moreover, a conspiracy has been exposed that you thought did not exist. It is urged that an order of apology is due to the late Joseph McCarthy. Accordingly, the main purpose of the fourteenth amendment was to inflict the doctrines of communism on America via a de facto government. However, said amendment was just the main vehicle, several other measures were taken to permeate the debased political doctrines of the Communist Manifesto. The amendment also formulates the principal purpose of the Manifesto, which is to create perpetual debt- the second reference that has been made to RED. Before we go into the particulars of the fourteenth amendment, let us reference an item that is believed to be somewhat a service of mis-information; such service being: All people should question the “Emergency War Powers” discourse by Gene Schroder.64 Mr. Schroder makes a proficiently researched presentation stating that war powers were established to the “federal government” in war power acts; conversely, he totally overlooked the purpose of the fourteenth amendment. People should be aware that said Acts were just Stealthy Measures which had given the de facto government an excuse for further implementation of socialism/communism. 65 Maybe the misdeeds of Mr. Schroder missing the true purpose of the fourteenth amendment are innocent; maybe they are not.66 Notwithstanding, such error is elementary to comprehend. The fourteenth amendment case law that has been put forth dances around the real truth, which of course is all intentional. Pursuant to this fact, it must be stated that most judges in the de facto state and federal courts are members of the Masonic Orders. These secret societies have kept the actual meaning of the fourteenth amendment secret for years in their stealthy case opinions and rulings. They never come out and state the full truth. Although, it must be stated that most people present their cases in an improper manner- they generally tend to miss the proper issues of law. Before we continue with a detailed explanation of the fourteenth amendment, it is believed to be tutorially beneficial to evidence the Expatriation Act.67 This particular Act was passed the day before the infamous fourteenth amendment was announced ratified, which strongly implicates something. It is of firm belief that was setting up that Americans were going to be naturalized as federal citizens by the fourteenth amendment the next day.68 This provides the remedy to claim back one’s rightful citizenship; hence, the purpose of this Act is to expatriate the naturalization effects of the amendment; also, it is to protect de jure American citizens in the de facto States. 68 The Expatriation Act is legally referenced as Public Law, 15 United States Statutes at Large, Chapter 249, pages 223-224 (1868), and is as follows: CHAP. CCXLIX-- An Act concerning the Rights of American Citizens in foreign States.
The common law will govern people in a particular nation (country). It depends on their particular customs. If you have not read it- The “Emergency War Powers” treatise by Gene Schroder is available from PAC. 65 Everything FDR had accomplished during his regime, and all presidents of which are post-14th amendment, are principles that are based on Communist doctrine (Marxism/socialism/totalitarian/authoritarian). 66 Not to specifically target Mr. Schroder, but I have seen a surplus of information that evidences a definite stealthy communist agenda in American, likewise the cover-up. This is caveat to advise you to do your own research. In other words- Do not believe everything you hear and read. It is time Americans started using common sense. 67 It is just referenced as such. It has not been specifically entitled- The Expatriation Act. 68 NATURALIZATION CLAUSE. See footnote 24. And an important note: The day this Act was passed the term “citizen of the United States” did not mean a federal citizen; accordingly, the language as used in the Act refers to a de jure citizen. The day after the Act was passed “citizen of the United States” meant a federal citizen.
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PREAMBLE- RIGHTS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS IN FOREIGN STATES. WHEREAS the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and whereas in the recognition of this principle this government has freely received emigrants from all nations, and invested them with the rights of citizenship; and whereas it is claimed that such American citizens, with their descendants are subjects of foreign states owing allegiance to the governments thereof and whereas it is necessary to the maintenance of public that this claim of foreign allegiance should be promptly and finally disavowed. SECTION I- Right of expatriation declared. THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Senate of the and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That any declaration, instruction, opinion, order, or decision of any officers of this government which denies, restricts, impairs, or questions the right of expatriation, is hereby declared inconsistent with the fundamental principals of this government. SECTION II- Protection to naturalized citizens in foreign states. And it is further enacted, That all naturalized citizens of the United States, while in foreign states, shall be entitled to, and shall receive from this government, the same protection of persons and property that is accorded to native born citizens in like situations and circumstances. SECTION III- Release of citizens imprisoned by foreign governments to be demanded. And it is further enacted, That whenever it shall be made known to the President that any citizen of the United States has been unjustly deprived of his liberty by or under the authority of any foreign government, it shall be the duty of the President forthwith to demand of that government the reasons for such imprisonment, and if it appears to be wrongful and in the violation of the rights of American citizenship, the President shall forthwith demand the release of such citizen, and if the release so demanded is unreasonably delayed or refused, it shall be the duty of the President to use such means, not amounting to acts of war, as he may think necessary and proper to obtain or effectuate such release, and all the facts and proceedings relative thereto shall as soon as practicable be communicated by the President to Congress. Approved, July 27, 1868. At this juncture, the foregoing is evidenced as it will be generally referenced throughout the explanation of the fourteenth amendment. Please note that the term American citizen and citizen of the United States was used in this instant Act. This is the genesis of an artful word game. This language game will be gone over when the fourteenth amendment is explained below. It set up a real game of presumptions of which was not settled for over sixty years. The Nationality Act of 1940 was the first time that Congress fully defined the American state nationalities; until then it was totally undetermined by express law. Even then it is still vague unless one knows the true premise of the Union, the fourteenth amendment, and most importantly- The Law of Nations. Now, on to the explanation of the fourteenth amendment-FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT - SECTION 1. The fourteenth amendment was passed by Congress June 13, 1866 and purportedly ratified on July 9, 1868; 69 it was announced ratified on July 28, 1 868. First let us view section 1 ; it is as follows: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” The first order of explanation is that of the first clause of section 1. Again, it reads as follows: • “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Most people in “The Freedom Movement” believe that the fourteenth amendment does not effect them because: 1) They are not within the jurisdiction of the “United States,” due to the fact that they live in one of the American states; or 2) They are not of African descent so they believe it does not pertain to them. All such debased philosophy, and others, will be put to a dead rest forthwith- It is fact that the phrase subject to the jurisdiction of the United States does include all native inhabitants (or people) in the several American states; and that the fourteenth amendment actually naturalizes all natural born inhabitants in the American states at birth.” That is- all Americans are as a matter of law, or at minimum

It is said that the amendment was forced to be passed; in essence it was done by threat at gunpoint.


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presumed, to be “citizens of the United States” (federal citizens) at birth.70 Moreover, all Americans are deemed to have dual citizenship. Now, to explain the premise of this inflicted federal (dual) citizenship: The most prevalent fact is the fifteenth amendment, one of the so-called reconstruction amendments,71 was the amendment that allowed the slaves (black men) to vote. Much later, the women were also given (actually- legislatively forced) the right to vote under the nineteenth amendment. One must note that both these amendments have the phrase “citizen of the United States “ utilized in them. In the original constitutional system, prior to the fourteenth amendment, the common law governed a society’s decision to allow these people to vote or not. This was a State right that was held under the Ninth and Tenth amendments in the Bill of Rights. In other words- The federal government could not interfere with the people of the American republics or the States (their governments). Now, applying common sense- are the only ones that are federal citizens (i.e. citizens of the United States) black people and women? Common sense says NO. Are you saying- So, what does this all have to do with White Men and Dual Citizenship? Now, to now expand on such query: The most important fact to comprehend is that the government of the United States works on presumption under tacit agreement (i.e. contract), under international law; hence, like the others, black people and women, men too are considered to be “citizens of the United States” by their actions. In other words- If it looks like a duck- And acts like a duck- It must be a duck. Any and all facts of law and presumptions notwithstanding, now to completely expand on this premise as legal fact. Look again at the language of the clause in question: • All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. The language of “All persons born or naturalized in the United States are citizens of the United States, and of the State wherein they reside” (specifically “and of the State”) sets forth the dual citizenship. The words “and of the” imports the de facto dual citizenship. As a result, below is the legal definition of this citizenship as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition: • DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Citizenship in two different countries. Status of citizens of United States who reside “WITHIN A STATE;” i.e., persons who are born or naturalized in the United States are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside. Prior to the 14th amendment the phrase “citizen of the United States” meant a 'citizen' of one of the United States of America; however, this was never defined by Congress. Moreover, there was no such thing as so-called federal citizenship. Because the term (citizen of the U.S.) is now used in the fourteenth amendment as it is- IT SETS FORTH A SPECIFIC TERMINOLOGY IT CAN NO LONGER MEAN ANY OTHER THING! Wherefore, it means- A citizen of the federal government- A United States citizen- A citizen of the United States. Furthermore, in the case of Elk v Wilkins 72 the court stated the following in reference to section 1 : “. . . This section contemplates two sources of citizenship and two sources only. birth and naturalization. The persons declared to be citizens are “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” The evident meaning of these last words is, not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but completely subject to their political jurisdiction and owing them direct and immediate allegiance. . . . “ This premise can be further referenced in the Preamble of the Expatriation Act. Congress stated the following in its Preamble: “. . . and whereas it is claimed that such American citizens, with their descendants, are subjects of foreign states, owing allegiance to the governments thereof; and whereas it is necessary to the maintenance of public PEACE that this claim of foreign allegiance should be promptly and finally disavowed” (emphasis on ‘peace’) The only way people can be subject to their jurisdiction is if they (Americans) are citizens of the federal government. Before the passage of the fourteenth amendment the people were totally sheltered from the federal government by the Ninth Amendment in the Bill of Rights. If you would research, you will find no case law pursuant to the Ninth Amendment, which has not been used much since the Civil War. Now, back in reference to the Expatriation Act, the allegiance to foreign governments Congress had referred to is in reference to the several Union government[s] (the several American republics). Your birth state is where
With exception of the American aboriginal tribes (Indians); moreover, see this statement made by Justice Fuller in U.S. v Wong Kim Ark: “Mr. Justice Miller, indeed, while discussing the causes which led to the adoption of the fourteenth amendment, made this remark: “The phrase ‘subject to its jurisdiction’ was intended to exclude from its operation children of ministers, consuls, and citizens or subjects of foreign states, born within the United States.” 16 Wall. 73. *Foreign states that are foreign to the United States of America. 71 Reconstruction?- YES, into the communistic so-called democracy from the republican governmental system. 72 Elk v Wilkins, 112 US. 94 (1884). One of the best fourteenth amendment cases to study and review! Another one is U.S. v Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875). Both set forth the premises of the de facto citizenship.


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your natural constitutional allegiance is present, which is pursuant to the Law of Nations.73 Note that it states- state allegiance should be disavowed. That means that they desire for you to give up your allegiance to your country; however, they can not make you do it. It is a natural right held under the Law of Nations. Furthermore, the fourteenth amendment may be referenced in Title 8 USC § 1401(a) as applying to everyone in America, with exception of American aborigines of which we know are exempt. Subsection (b) of section 1401 references “Indians not taxed.” What this states is- The American Indian nations are generally exempt from our law. Additionally, in must be stated, that the case of Elk v Wilkins, Elk being an American aborigine, goes over their inherent right to their sovereign nations. The way we, the people of the American republics, used to be until the implementation of the fourteenth amendment. Which brings us to a subsequent point- The other language in this phrase, which is the use of the word resident. This implies that an American who lives in a state does not have a true domicile therein, but is a resident. The term resident is in relation to an alien status- i.e. a foreigner. It was established by Emer de Vattel, in his Law of Nations, that a resident is as follows- “Residents, as distinguished from citizens, are aliens who are permitted to take up permanent abode in the country.” What this infers is- An American that is resident “within a State” is not a true lawful citizen, but a bastardized version. In actuality, the American people are being treated as if they are corporations. If you would reference the United States Code you would understand that a corporation is also a citizen of a State.74 This presents prima facie evidence that people are not truly citizens, but something very different. A federal person (a United States citizen) has his primary domicile (citizenship) in Washington D.C..75 It really depends what legal issue is addressed. Simply put- It is truly legal chaos, as planned. IN SUMMARY OF CLAUSE ONE OF SECTION 1 : Regretfully, the 14th amendment applies to anyone born in the territory subject to the dominion of the “United States,” with some herein noted exceptions.76 If you do not think it is legally so, they will presume that you are a U.S. citizen. The general principle is that the presumption/fact must be broken before any legal matters arise. Now that it has been established what the first part of section 1 of the fourteenth amendment has accomplished, we will look at the next part of section 1. The next clause of section 1 of the fourteenth amendment is cited as follows: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of citizen of the United States.” The foregoing clarified: In reference to the clause above, the de facto state governments are not to deprive the privileges or immunities (that is- which are protected government granted rights, not all natural rights) of the newly formed United States citizens. In essence, this clause is suppose to extend Article IV, Section 2, in the Constitution, to these newly formed federal citizens. This purported protection can further be referenced in the Expatriation Act, Section 2; wherein it implicitly states: “. . . all naturalized citizens of the United States, while in foreign states shall be entitled to, and shall receive from this government, the same protection of persons and property that is accorded to native born citizens in like situations and circumstances.” The foregoing legal premise will be further explained, however, the term “foreign state” as used should first be clarified. As you may already be aware, foreign state in this particular Act’s usage means one of the several American republics. Such language is the birth of separating the de facto state governments from the republics, which may be further evidenced in Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(14) 77 This is a primary example that establishes that the several American republics are foreign to Washington D.C. i.e. the ‘United States’ or the ‘United States of America.’ Now, to continue on the rights of citizens of the United States in foreign statesNote that it stated that all naturalized citizens of the United States are due protection- this is legal trickery. One should wonder what naturalized citizens of the United States are really being referenced. It could be referencing all people that are going to be naturalized as federal citizens, such as black people, as the common law did not recognize them as lawful citizens; 78 or, it could mean people that become U.S. citizens from foreign countries. The reference to native citizens is just a general reference to the United States of America’s inherent duty to protect the citizens of the Union no matter who or where they are.

Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(21). The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state. e.g. Title 46 usc § 833-1; see also Title 28 for other examples of corporations being deemed citizens. 75 Evidence- Internal Revenue Code- Title 26 usc § 7701(a)(39). Persons residing outside United States. If any citizen (or resident) of the United States does not reside in (and is not found in) any United States judicial district, such citizen (or resident) shall be treated as residing in the District of Columbia for purposes of any provision of this title relating to- (A) jurisdiction of courts, or (B) enforcement of summons. See also footnote 80. 76 See Title 8 usc § 1401; and, definitions of jus sanguinis and jus soIl; see also U.S. v Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 704 (1898). United States naturalization authority as set forth by the organic constitution; Article I, section 8. 77 Title 8 USC § 1101 (a)(14). The term “foreign state” includes outlying possessions of a foreign state, but self-governing dominions or territories under mandate or trusteeship shall be regarded as separate foreign states. 78 Dred Scott v Sandford, 19 How. (U. S.) 393 (1856).
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The privileges and immunities clause is suppose to protect citizens from one state when they go into another state of the Union i.e. Law of Nations. Also, such clause can be coupled with the last clause, wherein it states that there shall be equal protection of law for all persons. As noted, one must understand that all this creates some of the confusion about this amendment; some of it coming from law such as follows: • Title 42 USC § 1982. Property rights of citizens. All citizens of the United States shall have the same right, in every State and Territory, as is enjoyed by white citizens thereof to inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property. As stated, the freed slaves were considered citizens of the United States, as they were taken under the protective arm of the federal government. The thing is, someone forgot to tell the white people that they were also considered to be citizens of the United States. The above law just states (enforces) that the freed slaves have the same property rights as white people. Such is just one of the purposes of what is stated in section 2 of the Expatriation Act. Another explanation is- All United States citizens in de facto States are entitled to the same rights as de jure citizens (i.e. native/natural born state nationals) in protection from the federal government. In other words- a de facto U.S. citizen (or national) has the same inherent natural rights as a de jure state citizen (national). Hence, all United States citizens are to stand on equal grounds as that of native born state national. However they do not. A citizen and national of the United States is still “within” the jurisdiction of the “United States” (the federal government), where a de jure state national, who is alien to the U.S. code/D.C., is not. As a matter of law, and under legal premise, a de jure state national is still under the protection of the Ninth Amendment in the Bill of Rights. IN SUMMARY OF CLAUSE TWO OF SECTION 1: The privileges and immunities clause in the 14th amendment is only for federal citizens. Such privileges and immunities are not the same as the ones secured by Article IV, Section 2, in the Constitution for non- 14th amendment citizens- So Beware! Do not claim any Roman Civil Rights under this section. It is all legal trickery. Now we will go over the rest of section 1 of the fourteenth amendment. The last 2 clauses in section 1 of the infamous amendment are as follows: (A) “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; (B) nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” The first clause (A) is simply stating that due process of law will extend to ANY PERSON (alien (or state national) or a United States citizen) while they are in the de facto foreign States. Further, clause (B) is extending all law (e.g. Title 18 USC §§ 241/242), that is available, to an alien (foreigner) who is visiting America from any where in the world;79 or, any other person within the jurisdiction of the United States, which also includes citizens (nationals) of the United States and American nationals. All such law includes anything that is held under the Law of Nations. As relevant to these sections, please note that the term person covers anyone. You must understand the variance in the usage of terms found in this sectioncitizen of the United States and person. The use of citizen of the United States limits a clause. The use of the word person broadens the meaning of a clause. Accordingly, know the legal language being used. IN A GENERAL REVIEW: The purpose of section 1 of the fourteenth amendment is to: 1) Create the de facto citizens; and, 2) Give anyone due process of law that is “without” or “within” the United States, e.g. state national = without the United States / US. citizen = within the United States. You must know who you are (what your status is) to achieve the appropriate due process to legally precede “out of the fourteenth amendment system” and “into the power and protection of the original (de jure/real) Constitution.” That is- IF YOU CAN! The fact of the matter is, if you are a United States citizen (or person) 80 who is participating in U.S. elections as a U.S. citizen, you have less rights than some foreigner visiting from Mexico. As briefly outlined above, if you are voting YOU ARE PUT INTO PENAL SERVITUDE TO YOUR MASTERS. As you will see explained in the next section, Americans are actually in rebellion against their republics. This enables the governments to do whatever they want in the way of legislation that is outside the
World Elitists’ loophole as they can enjoy their natural rights when they visit America. They are also aliens. PERSON. This word is applied to men, women and children, who are called natural persons. In law, man and person are not exactly synonymous terms. Any human being is a man, whether he be a member of society or not, whatever may be the rank he holds, or whatever may be his age, sex, etc. A person is a man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856. [To be a person you have to be a member of a nation.] Title 26 USC § 7701 (a)(30). United States person. The term “United States person” means- (A) a citizen (or resident) of the United States. [This simply states that a federal citizen is a member of the communist nation i.e. All “citizens of the United States” are deemed part of the federal nation that is created by the 14th amendment.]
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common law. This tacit function of law will be further explained forthwith in the most evil and veiled section of the fourteenth amendment Section 2. FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT - SECTION 2. Section 2 deals with new apportionment of representation for the de facto States. Accordingly, this section sets forth how the de facto citizens (nationals of the United States) are factored for their controlling representation (i.e. the masters) in the usurpation system of government. By the time you finish reading this section it is guaranteed that you will never vote again in the de facto system- that isunless you like servitude, which is a common sense consensus- Communism. Section 2 is notable as follows: “Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice-President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being 21 years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens 21 years of age in such State.” First notice the use of the clause “Indians not taxed.” This establishes that even under the fourteenth amendment that they are still immune from the legal arm of the Constitution; hence are still deemed separate nations. However, please note that they can be a citizen member of the communist nation, which is created under the fourteenth amendment. Again, Congress evidences this in Title 8 USC § 1401(b). Moreover, the language of this section states that they can be such a person if it does not hinder their right to tribal property and rights.81 Such infers that anyone that accepts this de facto federal citizenship is giving up their nationality; and accordingly, their sovereign rights that are held under the Law of Nations. Again, note that native born Americans are covered under Title 8 USC § 1401(a);81 hence, such Americans have given up their natural sovereign rights by accepting the de facto citizenship, as would the Indians. Communism is really eminent- It takes matters of away from God and puts them in the hands of man (666). Now, back in reference to the fundamentals of section 2: The primary purpose of this section is to have Americans unwittingly give up their natural rights to the federal government. Now we are going to cover the basics of what is encompassed in the operations of section 2. The primary goals of this section are to: 1) Make the people of the several American states unwittingly rebel against their de jure law forms, of which a war is required to engage the constitutional authorities for federal emergency intrusion; and, 2) Accept the federal government as their primary body politic over their state, which encompasses alternate (de facto) federal and state representation. As a result, section 2: A) Creates civil wars, as a matter of law, in the American republics, which will be gone over in more detail in the chapter that is entitled- Internal War[s]; and, B) Sets up the new government officers for the de facto governmental system, which will also be gone over in more detail in the aforesaid chapter. ERGO- Usurpation by deceit and unwitting consent. Before going further, the legal language of this section brings into play the de facto language of the de facto system. If you have noticed, “United States” has been set- off throughout this treatise on occasion. The reason being- Such phrase has varied meanings. In original usage it generally meant the Union government. In other words the several States united are combined to make the federal government. The greatest example of this can be found in the new thirteenth amendment. Its purpose works concurrently with section 2 of the fourteenth amendment in a stealthy and evil manner. The new thirteenth amendment reads as follows: • “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States (the states united, not the federal government), or any place subject to their Jurisdiction.82 No one can disagree that slavery needed to be abolished; however, it is believed not to be the main purpose of the alternate thirteenth amendment. Again, it works concurrent with section 2 of the fourteenth amendment, which will be fully explained herein below. As voting is a crime, you will then
Title 8 USC § 1401. Nationals and citizens of United States at birth. The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth: (a) A person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof; (b) A person born in the United States to a member of an Indian, Eskimo, Aleutian, or other aboriginal tribe: Provided that the granting of citizenship under this subsection shall not in any manner impair or otherwise affect the right of such person to tribal or other property. [Note the language of the fourteenth amendment used herein.] 82 Referenced is the 13th amendment that has replaced the original. Briefly, the original thirteenth amendment had disappeared after the de facto government had inserted (insurgent) itself after the Civil War. The purpose of the original 13th amendment was to prevent any conspiratorial interference from foreign powers. As you read further into this article, you will have a general understanding of why it disappeared. See “Silent Army” herein.


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understand that you are put into involuntary servitude, which establishes the true tacit purpose of the new ‘alternate’ thirteenth amendment. This alternate thirteenth amendment was passed by a quasi-de jure Congress. In other words- it was still acting somewhat de jure. The real change did not come until the insurgents passed the fourteenth amendment. At that point people were duped into voting for these impostors; thereafter the language began to change. Now, back in respect to the introduction of term usage in the new thirteenth amendment, it states“. . . shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” The key word in this clause is- “THEIR.” Please note that the word “ITS” was not used. The use of the word “THEIR” is in reference to the sovereign American states united. In other words- the American states making up the federal government. If the word “ITS” were used it would infer to a separate sovereign state or entity.83 The language references are suitably noted in the fourteenth amendment. There you can see three distinct entities being referenced- they are: 1) The [U]nited States- i.e. The Union’s federal government; 2) The “United States”- i.e. The self-proclaimed sovereign de facto federal government; and, 3) The de facto States- i.e. Political subdivisions of said sovereign de facto government, as a matter of law- Colonies. In other words- The federal government was no longer a voluntary and unified entity of the several sovereign States, which power and sovereignty was derived from the American people. It had birthed into its own entity; in essence, a self-proclaimed sovereignty and fictional lord- THE ORDER. The preceding was explained so you have an integral understanding of the following, wherein section 2 of the fourteenth amendment is broken up for easier clarification. Such references will be outlined for your vital understanding; accordingly, please pay close attention to the words in parenthesis as they indicate who or what is being defined. Now, see section 2 clarified below: • Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States (American republics/federal colonies) according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons (de facto federal citizens and de jure citizens) in each State (American republic/federal colony), excluding Indians not taxed. THE PREVIOUS EXPLAINED: This is signifying that the United States representatives are going to be changed from the original Constitution. It is specifying that such representatives are based on all persons that are living in each state, precluding Indians. Now, on to the next part: • [But when] THE PREVIOUS EXPLAINED: The words “But when” is signifying that the first clause is going to be altered or changed by some parameter yet to come. Now, on to the next part: • THE RIGHT TO VOTE AT ANY ELECTION, 1. For the choice of electors for President and Vice-President of the “United States” (de facto federal government), 2. Representatives [in] Congress (de facto federal government),84 3. The Executive and Judicial officers (de facto) of a “State” (federal colony), or 4. The members of the Legislature (de facto) thereof, (thereof meaning- the State) THE PREVIOUS EXPLAINED: Note it states the right to vote in any election for the particular officers mentioned. They are all de facto. This is done by deductive reasoning. These insurgents will further be clarified by section 3 in this instant chapter. The “State” in mention is a fourteenth amendment State, not a Tenth Amendment de jure State. Lines 3 and 4 describe the insurgent State (State means- government) that is defined by Title 18 USC § 11. Note that line 1 is setting forth that the electors for President/VicePresident may be altered too. Now, on to the next part: • Is DENIED to any of the male inhabitants (all male inhabitants) of such State (American republic/federal colony), being 21 years of age, and citizens of the United States (de facto federal citizens) or in any way abridged... THE PREVIOUS EXPLAINED: The words “is denied” is linked to the right to vote in elections for the mentioned de facto officers- State and Federal. The words combined- “is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State” precludes all males, at that juncture, from being able to vote. The words that state “being 21 years of age and citizens of the United States” sets forth that in order to vote a male must be at least 21 years old and a federal citizen; moreover, this adds such persons back into the equation as being able to vote. Now, the unconscionable catch: • EXCEPT FOR PARTICIPATION IN REBELLION or other crime, THE PREVIOUS EXPLAINED: Using sentence construction, which is referred to as syntax, and deleting the unnecessary verbiage, and leaving the necessary words, we get- “. . . the right to vote at any election. . .
83 84

See “Neutrality Act of 1939” herein for this premise. Note: Federal Senators are now voted in/for by the rebels of the 14th amendment States via 17th amendment.


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is denied . . to all male inhabitants... except for participation in rebellion, or other crime” A person cannot vote unless he participates in a rebellion, or if he commits another crime.85 Yes- that is right- voting is rebellion - thus a crime! Now, the formula completed: • the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens (21 year old-federal citizens involved in rebellion (voting)), shall bear to the whole number of male citizens 21 years of age in such State (federal colony). THE FINAL OUTCOME EXPLAINED: The section in its entirety sets up the empowerment of the insurgent state governments. The last clause concludes the stealthy formula- It states that the only persons represented by the federal representatives are the ones that are voting. The section fundamentally separates inhabitant persons (state nationals) from voting U.S. citizens, who are thus subject to private federal law that will be passed by the Congress of the United States. The federal government is then the national government of rebels; their state government is no longer their national government; they now live in a colony of the United States sovereignty.86 CLARIFIED: To hopefully clear up any problems in your understanding of this, here is section 2 with the relevant text: “Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers counting the whole number of persons in each State. But when the to right vote ... is denied to... the male inhabitants of such State. . .except for the participation in rebellion ... the basis of representation. . shall be reduced in the proportion... which the number of such.. . citizens shall bear to the whole number of citizens... in such State.” Accordingly, you have to be a U.S. citizen (person) to vote. You may verify this by checking your State (colony) statutes. The people voting are represented and are in servitude. When they vote they commit the crime of rebellion against the law of their republics. The crime referenced is treason against the de jure law of their States, under the Law of Nations. As stated, this works concurrent with the new thirteenth amendment. If you remember, involuntary servitude is not allowed in the United States except for the punishment of a crime, which is rebellion. All such people are then put into slavery/servitude as a lesser punishment. If one does not vote, he is not in rebellion; therefore, not federally represented, thus not subject to involuntary servitude. The one’s that are participating give up their common rights that are held under the Ninth and Tenth amendments, which secures American’s unalienable rights; furthermore, such people give up their rights to be component of the sovereignty of their country, which is an inherent right of the American constitutional system. Hence, such people are no longer immune from the foreign state know as the United States. Any such person is, as a matter of law, in rebellion against his de jure law form, which is inherently the natural and common law. Such persons unwittingly want the United States to take care of them- Socialism -not the natural/common law of their society. They have fallen right into the communist agenda. This puts them in the full control of- THE STATE. As set forth in the chapter- Subversive Empowerment- The one’s that are voting empower the de facto government system, which in turn negates the inherent right of people to own property in allodium. They are in servitude.87 They do not have the lawful control of the land in their states; moreover, they are fundamentally resident aliens (vassals) of their states (countries)- and are not actually considered lawful citizens.88 Of course, please take note, things were slightly changed by the addition of the 15th, 19th and 26th amendments. It is no longer just a white man’s world. Now all African descents, women & 18 year olds, respectively, can be Federal Slaves too! In relevant review, please look at the definition of Military Jurisdiction below: • Military Jurisdiction. There are under the Constitution, three kinds of military jurisdiction: one to be exercised both in peace and war; (-emphasis) another to be exercised in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States or in time of rebellion and civil war within states or districts occupied y rebels treated belligerents (-emphasis) and a third to be exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the United States or during rebellion within the limits of states maintaining adhesion to the National Government when the public danger requires its exercise Black’s Law, sixth edition. The scenario portrayed herein is the justification for the Military Government and Servitude. The orchestrated rebellion and the military jurisdictions, created by section 2, will be more aptly discussed in
As you may be aware, a person (felon) cannot vote if he has a criminal record. At the time this was passed the criminal law of the time was the common law. However, today a felony can amount to anything e.g. Drugs. 86 See national government; also see Dred Scott case for description of state citizenship being that of domestic. 87 Servitude is defined in law as- The subjection of one person to another person, or of a person to a thing, or of a thing to a person, or of a thing to a thing; Or- A charge or burden resting upon one estate for the benefit or advantage of another. They are subject (in servitude) to the “it” (juristic person) entitled the United States. 88 RESIDENTS, as distinguished from citizens, are aliens who are permitted to take up a permanent abode in the country. Chapter XlX of de Vattel’s Law of Nations. In other words- U.S. citizens are vassals.


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detail in the chapter which is entitled- Internal War[s]. IN SUMMARY OF THIS PART: How many Americans do you think realize that they are committing a crime against their country by voting, then accordingly being put into servitude?... Well? Is section 2 evil?.. THERE IS NO QUESTION! FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT - SECTION 3. Before we proceed with section 3 in its entirety, it is required that you understand what is being executed by section 2 and 3 of the fourteenth amendment. In brief- you cannot create citizens of the United States and create a governmental system of communism without violating constitutional premises; wherefore, the constitutional governments need to be usurped. As shown in the last part, this is done by making voters unwittingly throw off their allegiance to their lawful state governments; the rebel clause in section 2 of the fourteenth amendment tacitly accomplishes this. Consequently, this gives foundation to create the de facto governments using inherent constitutional provisions and the Law of Nations against the people of the several American states. In due course, section 3 of the fourteenth amendment is where the insurgent de facto government[s], by approval of the unwitting US. voters, are seated. Before proceeding with section 3 of the fourteenth amendment, please understand that such section has been sold, in commoner (vassal) publications, such as World Book Encyclopedia, to preclude the Confederates that participated in the Civil War from participating in government, state or federal, after the Civil War. Such tale is Falsehood! For one thing, it was determined that they, the Confederates, had not committed the treason89 - that is- to elaborate- the falsehood about the Civil War is that it was really an international war not a civil war-90 The main reason being- The Union is a Federation of states, nations or countries- it is not, as a matter of law, a state or nation; it is just loosely referred to as such. Since the forming of the American Union, which was initially a confederation to ward off a foreign foe, such falsehood has been continued- that is to say- that the united states is a nation- It is not. The federal government is referred to as the State of the Union (i.e. Union of nations), not the State of the Nation. There is nothing in the Federal Constitution that divests “the people” of the several American states of their status of being independent peoples; there are just some matters of which their States relinquish some rights.91 Hence, the two sides of the so-called Civil War, the North and the South, were actually two confederations.92 The southern nations wanted out of the Confederation (Union) to exercise their full sovereign rights under the Law of Nations. Hence, the so-called Civil War was actually a war between several allied nations. However, one must note that there are parameters that are found in the United States Constitution that govern these international matters, thus allowing the Union government 93 to get involved. Again, such matters will further be covered in the chapter- Internal War[s]. In truth, our federal (federation) government was just a step in constructing the United Nations, which is the main component of the New World Order. Legal scholars are now being programmed (brainwashed)94 to accept that the many world federation governments (such as our federation State and Mexico’s) to be general premise for International Law.95 That is to say- They are stating that the true relation of international law resides between the several federation States of the world, not the several States/nations of the world under the Law of Nations. All such international falsehoods are connected to the progressive New World Order agenda, which is
Properly applying the Law of Nations, it was determined by the Supreme Court of the United States that the Confederates were not in rebellion. Such appears in the books of American jurisprudence- REBELS. A term loosely but incorrectly applied to the Confederate Forces engaged in the Civil War. 30 Am J Rev ed Insurr § 2. 90 WAR. A contention by force; or the art of paralysing the forces of an enemy. 2. It is either public or private. It is not intended here to speak of the latter. 3. Public war is either civil or national. CIVIL WAR is that which is waged between two parties, citizens or members of the same state or nation. NATIONAL (international) WAR is a contest between two or more independent nations carried on by authority of their respective governments. Bouvier's, Law Dictionary, 1856. This is based on international law (the Law of Nations). 91 The term ‘state’ if in reference to a nation’s government. Such nations are several societies- i.e. comitatus’. 92 CONFEDERACY, international law. An agreement between two or more states or nations, by which they unite for their mutual protection and good. This term is applied to such agreement between two independent nations, but it is used to signify the union of different states of the same nation, as the confederacy of the states. Bouvier’s, Law Dictionary, 1856. In other words- The Union State (federal government) is a confederacy State. 93 The “State of the Union,” as a matter of law, is a corporation that handles international matters for the American States- UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The United States of America are a corporation endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive property. 1 Marsh. Dec. 177, 181. Bouvier’s Law, 1856. 94 BRAINWASHING. The application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation. American Heritage Dictionary. 95 See “International Law and World Order, 3rd edition”- Weston, FaIk and Charlesworth- The new Law of Nations.


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actually World Communism. In view of such, one should note that E Pluribus Unum means- MANY UNDER ONE; hence, note that the following information is applicable: • “The Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality” AND “But communism abolishes eternal truths. . . instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.” The foregoing is dicta from the Communist Manifesto of 1848. Accordingly, the fourteenth amendment (1868) terminates all state nationalities of the Union, under the color of law.96 The term color of law is a legal term that, in essence, is defining the twisting of the factual Law of Nations, which was established and observed for hundreds of years. As things are being done under color of law, which this author refers to as basic fraud, the several American nationalities are lawfully defined in the United States government Style Manual (1984) in chapter 5.22/5.23. Communism is being implemented under the color of law as the premise of the state/nation cannot be dishonored, because it violates the Law of Nations. When this is done it constitutes slavery (or involuntary servitude) of nations. Everything has to been done voluntarily or it would violate this premise. To clarifyOur Federation State is using the rules of the Law of Nations against the American people, which includes the premises of civil war of a nation, to implement a form of voluntary totalitarian socialism/communism. Such measure is actually the taming of the masses to gear them toward industrialized servitude for profit of the Ruling Elite. Accordingly, now we will investigate this unwitting voluntary servitude and how it has been implemented under section 3 of the fourteenth amendment. They were very clever on this section. It is ventured that most people do not understand it; however, remember it has one key word that defeats the premise that it pertains to the Confederates who participated in the so-called Civil War. Section 3 of the fourteenth amendment is as follows: “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.” As stated there is one key word in the section 3. Did you detect it? Accordingly, we will now go over particulars of said section: THE INSURGENCY. It is broken up for clarification: • (A) No person shall be a Senator or Representative [in] Congress, or elector of President and VicePresident, or hold any office, civil or military, under the “United States” (de facto federal government), or under any “State” (federal colony), who: 1. Having previously taken an oath, as a member [of] Congress (de jure), or as an officer of the United States (de jure - i.e. federal Union offices), or as a member of any State legislature (de jure), or as an executive or judicial officer of any State (de jure), to support the Constitution of the United States (Union); 2. Shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same; 3. Given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. (enemies of the de jure States) • (B) But Congress (acting de jure and/or de facto) may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability. [what disability?] The first clause (A) sets up the de facto government by using the word- IN. Accordingly, note that it is establishing the “United States” (i.e. the insurgent feudal Lord) and “States” (i.e. its 14th amendment States). Such entities that are not the true Union of States. Again, this is established by using deductive reasoning. Moreover, note that military is prominent in the clause for the de facto governments (A). It should be noted that the United States Constitution does not allow for a permanent army; such being noted by Article I, section 8, paragraph 12.97 This would be the permanent army that is implemented under the so-called War Powers of the Constitution, which in turn is used for implementation of the New World Order. (i.e. understand use of our military in World Wars under direction of the United Nations World Government by treaty/contract). Now that the purpose of clause (A) has been established, let us look and the parts noted as 1, 2 and 3. Part 1 is defining the de jure Union government and the several sovereign American state governments,
COLOR OF LAW. The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. [This phrase was devised to make themselves feel good in committing fraud, further its purpose is to cover up the fraud. i.e. color of law = legal fraud/fraud- but fraud is A-O.K. in the name of communism.] 97 United States Constitution- Article I, section 8, paragraph 12- The Congress shall have power to raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years.


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SERVITUDE. A charge or burden resting upon one estate for the benefit or advantage of another. Black’s Law Dictionary. [This is how land is procured from the states for Federal Parks- see Communist Manifesto- Plank 1] 99 Thorington v Smith, 8 Wall. U.S. I (1868)- see full definition on page 8. This case was ruled on the same year of the implementation of the 14th amendment. The Justice sneakily states what is transpiring in his statement. For years the statement in this case was the definition of government de facto that was found in Black’s Law Dictionary; however, it disappeared in the 7th edition that was released in 2000- the cover-up continues!

which are defined by the Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights. The three parts are actually commands that set forth that- A person (government officer) cannot participate in the de facto governmental system (A) unless he obeys the rules of 1, 2 and 3. To establish this premise- please take note that part 1 outlined above utilizes the word ‘OF’ in contraposition to 'IN' as utilized in clause (A). The word ‘OF’ in part 2 is actually defining the de jure Union governmental system- i.e. the true state and federal governments. The general purpose of part (A) and part 1 is setting forth the temporary suspension of the de jure governmental system for emergency power under the Constitution (which then links to part B above). The two working in conjunction fundamentally sets forth that a person (government officer) is not participating in the de jure governmental system (part 1), but rather the de facto governmental systempart A. The perplexing language is found in “having previously taken an oath. . .” establishes this. In other words- the word previous imports the meaning of- When they take an oath to support the Constitution (the Union), the oath is immediately transferred from the de jure (part 1) to the de facto (part A)Understand?- They previously took the oath. To further clarify- The oath they take, the first rule of participating in the insurgent de facto system (part 1), establishes that they are not participating in the Union de jure, but rather the Union de facto. The other parts, part 2 and 3, establish rule 2 and 3 of insurgent participation, which are as follows: Rule 2 is a savings clause. The word “shall” is the word that puts to rest that this section is not to restrain Confederates from participating in government post-Civil War. The word ’shall' imports the meaning of things to happen- IN THE FUTURE or implies- A COMMAND! In other words- The participants (government officers) will not be in rebellion against the governments de jure. This is why it is a savings clause- it saves them from committing treason. However, they are actually in insurrection to their nations under premise of International Law. Part 2 fundamentally states that they will not technically be in rebellion against the absent de jure system- part 1. In other words- the words “the same” utilized in part 2 are in reference to the de jure governmental system- part 1. The ones that are really deemed to be committing treason, or are in rebellion, are the ones that are supporting the new system by voting, or by accepting it by not terminating the federal citizenship (which is considered tacit consent of nations under the Law of Nations). Part 3 is simply stating that they must punish the rebels (i.e. do not give the enemies comfort) that do encourage the new system, who are in fact violating the law of their respective states/nations. Such punishments include the taking of property (see servitude)98 of rebels and immigrants. This can be found in Plank 4 of the Communist Manifesto. These factors will gone over in more completeness in the chapter entitled- Internal War[s]. If you do not follow this legal premise you may have to study it several times. As this author was not invited to the secret meetings of the conspirators who wrote this piece of work (the 14th amendment), it took a certain amount of time to understand section 3. Because all sections of the fourteenth amendment work in conjunction, they all have to be incorporated together to establish its stealthy and malevolent purpose. And most important The Law of Nations, and its application to the Federal Constitution, must be understood. Without this understanding- one will be lost. This section allows the de facto participants to be cleared for treason against the ‘absent’ constitutional de jure governments; for, they are not rebelling against it, nor do they give aid and comfort to the enemies of the rebellion[s]. It actually creates a dual system of government. The new- Communist, under the rule of man (666); and the old- Freedom, under the rule of God. Ultimately, they shall support all de jure nationals (i.e. non-rebels) in all decisions which are brought forth that are properly declared and stated in legal presentments. In a true sense- They are wearing two hats. If they do not follow the Constitution, when a matter is addressed (presented) properly, they will be drifting into rebelling against the ‘absent’- de jure governments. The last clause in section 3 mentions a disability, such as outlined as (B) above. This clause is referencing the repealing of the fourteenth amendment; thus ending the “Communist War Game.” The reference of clause (B) can be established by the stealthy Supreme Court language found in the case of Thorington v. Smith,99 wherein it was stated by the Chief Justice: • “The distinguishing characteristic of such a government is that adherents to it in war against the government de jure do not incur the penalties treason; and, under certain limitations, obligations assumed by it in behalf of the country or otherwise will be respected by the government de jure


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when restored.” Accordingly, as you can see, the plan is to restore the government de jure. Also notice the de facto government will not suffer penalties of treason. Well- so they believe. Maybe they (Marx’s Ruling Elite) will be held for crimes against the humanity i.e. Political/War Crimes. However, you must be aware that they are seated by consenting federal citizens; therefore, really cannot be held criminally liable; moreover, please be aware that they are not and cannot represent the de jure government. Accordingly, the de jure seats are empty and have been for over 130 years. As a matter of law, constitutionally, a de jure government could be seated by de jure citizens and the de facto government would have no lawful power whatsoever.100 The fourteenth amendment is full of clandestine language, you have to be totally aware of its intent. In general, this whole scenario is corrupt and a joke; SIMPLY PUT- Criminal. But you must understand it was done in the name of “Peace,” you know- Socialism/Communism. We are now ready to analyze section 4 of the fourteenth amendment, which deals with the second reference to RED. It puts America in perpetual debt... in other words- IN THE RED!
FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT - SECTION 4. Now we will look at section 4 of the infamous fourteenth amendment. It deals with the purpose of what has been orchestrated and has actually transpired: Totally bankrupting the United States of America; accordingly, keeping Americans in planned perpetual debt. Such being for purpose of benefiting the World Bankers (Elite) that own the private Federal Reserve System. Section 4 has a very complex, but yet, simple premise. You will not believe what is truly involved in it. It is as follows: “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.” Now, the foregoing is broken up into two sections for easier clarification: 1. The validity of the public debt of the United States (the de facto federal government), authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. 2. But neither the United States (the de facto federal government in so-called emergency operation) nor any State (de facto State- 14th amendment State-colony) shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States (the Union States de jure), or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void. First note what it states in part 2 above. Do you understand why the Congress of the United States lets the federal debt seemingly keep escalating and fails to pay it? Simple- section 4 of the fourteenth amendment instructs that the de facto entities do not have to pay it! The rebels (i.e. communist federal citizens) have unwittingly agreed to have the perpetual debt that the Federal Reserve System creates and operates on; moreover, said rebels cannot question it (see part 1). The Federal Reserve book-entry currency system works on Income Tax. Book-entry currency system means that the ones that own the private Federal Reserve System essentially own the presses that print the money. The money is printed when it is needed- and the United States pays the interest on it as pursuant to a book-entry. THEY, the Money Changers, are lending nothing of value, but yet make a profit. The debt is never going to be paid in this system. The neo-Money Changers101 are making profit off issuing paper. Rebels must pay the Income Tax (Communist Manifesto- Plank 2). If income tax would not be taken from circulation, hyper-inflation would occur. The same holds true for the Federal Reserve controlling the interest rates for bank lending. This currency system induces the rebels (i.e. economic slaves) to continue working to increase production to create corporate profit for the Elite. Accordingly, it wholly benefits the World Elite and the general banking system. If perpetual debt was not instituted, people would not work as they would have sufficient provisions of God to survive on. Moreover, this is why Communist principles must destroy Biblical principles- Materialism is not harmony with the word of God. All such principles can be found in Communist writings (i.e. training manuals) such as- A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics.102 In such book the Communists, in reality the Capitalists- the World Elite, set forth that if man were to enjoy plenty he would no longer work, thus he would not create
See page 76 for this premise. In essence, Congress had made this provision in the “Nationality Act of 1940.” As compared to the Scriptural money-changers, THEY are the modern day ones. 102 The manual appeared at Eugene Debs Labor School, Milwaukee Wisconsin- Available from PAC.
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profit; therefore, is not a valuable- HUMAN RESOURCE.103 Now to continue on this section- Presented is some evidence that the statement made in part 1 above sticks the de jure government (Union) with the federal/national debt. See below: • “The distinguishing characteristic of such a government is that adherents to it in war against the government de jure. . . under certain limitations (emphasis added), obligations assumed by it in behalf of the country or otherwise will, in general, be respected by government de jure when restored.” 104 DON'T THINK SO!... WHY YOU ASK!? If you will reference part 1 above, it is distinct that this references the de facto government. Such de facto entity is the only government that can pass laws during the insurrections. In fact, this governmental system has been seated by de facto citizens, so this basically implies that it is a null government. However, it gains its power from an ignorant voting public. Moreover, in part 2 above, all such debts that are incurred by these de facto governments, because all such people are involved in the orchestrated rebellion, are illegal and void; thus in legal effect- The debt does not really exist!105 But as long as the rebellion[s] continue- The debt shall not be questioned! In other words- As long as America is enjoying communism- it will stay in perpetual servitude. Now, let us go forward in a more in-depth interpretation and look of section 4: • The validity of the public debt of the United States (the de facto federal government), authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. Again, note- “the public debt. . . shall not be questioned” in the first sentence and clause. This clause essentially emits the force of the government de facto. This particular clause can be further referenced in Black’s Law Dictionary deluxe, sixth edition: • “Such a government might be more aptly denominated a “government of paramount force” being maintained by active military power against the rightful authority of an established and lawful government; and obeyed in civil matters by private citizens. They are usually administered directly by military authority, but they may be administered, also, by civil authority, . . supported more or less by military force” 104 In other words- no one will question what they are doing- SUBVERT FORCE -to initiate the servitude! Further, note that there are pension and bounties for payment in suppressing the orchestrated rebellion. In relevance, below are definitions from American Heritage Dictionary: • Pension. A sum of money paid by way of patronage. Support, encouragement, or championship, as of a person, an institution, an event, or a cause, from a patron. • Bounty. A reward, inducement, or payment, especially one given by a government for acts deemed beneficial to the state.* *[e.g. The Communist State] • Suppressing- mask, bury, cloak, conceal, cover up, hush up, hide, keep in, shield, stifle, veil, disguise, shroud. Perhaps suppress the truth to perpetuate the scam? Now, you might deduce from the above definitions that THEY have been taking money out of the pockets of Americans, by way of slave labor, and paying off certain people to keep this whole thing quiet. Is that what you get out of this clause? Think about it. And you question why politicians, not statesmen,106 seem so corrupt and will not listen to Americans (so-called- Taxpayers). Especially when it comes to matters that involve government. Applicably, you might refer to such clause as the “Corruption Clause.” Now we will move on to a more in-depth look at part 2. Again, it is as follows: • But neither the United States (the de facto federal government) nor any State (de facto) shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States (Union), or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations
Note that this has replaced Personnel Department in past years- Why?. . Coincidence? I think not- Welcome to the language of the New World Order- which is actually Corporate Servitude- “You are a slave- Neo.” 104 Thorington v Smith, 8 Wall. U.S. 1 (1868). Again, the Justice sneakily states what is transpiring in his opinion. 105 However it is the voters rebellion. Maybe they are paying for it through the taken of land and unconstitutional taxation. Simply put this is a formula for covert theft by the enemy- The UK. It is all a set-up! CONSPIRACY? 106 POLITICIAN. 1.a. One who is actively involved in politics, especially party politics. b. One who holds or seeks a political office. 2. One who seeks personal or partisan gain, often by scheming and maneuvering: “Mothers may still want their favorite sons to grow up to be President, but ... they do not want them to become politicians in the process” (John Fitzgerald Kennedy). 3. One who is skilled or experienced in the science or administration of government. STATESMAN. 1. A man who is a leader in national or international affairs. 2. A male political leader regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good. American Heritage Dictionary.


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and claims shall be held illegal and void. It has been established that the debts from the several de facto entities are Illegal and Void; however, now the “Slave Clause” must be explained. It has been established that by voting you are committing a crime, which then puts you in servitude (see definitions herein above). Actually, you are committing a crime- so it is really- Involuntary Servitude, pursuant to the new thirteenth amendment. Although you are not duly convicted by jury, the judge or agency will take silent notice of such fact and condemn you without a trial. Accordingly, if you are participating in the rebellion the income tax is mandatory, not voluntary, like most freedomists believe. Pursuant to these instant matters, if you would study case law, you would know the Supreme Court rules of thumb that are referred to as the Ashwander Rules.107 The principal rule is: • “The Court will not pass upon the constitutionality of a statute at the instance of one who has availed himself of its benefits.” The above explained: The courts will not come out and tell you that you are a slave, and that there is a Quiet War set up (see pensions and bounties). As stated herein, they put forth stealthy opinions- in other words- they kind of beat around the bush, so to speak. Moreover, one should note that courts are like computers- They will only give data of which data they are fed. In other words- If someone argues the wrong issue of law, which is done consistently, mainly due for not understanding the fourteenth amendment, it will base its decision on what is presented; or, not to disclose the real truth, it will find the easiest way to dismiss the action on some other error. So the Ashwander Rule basically applies as follows: If you are voting, or taking any benefit from a statute, you cannot claim constitutional protected rights because you are a person being punished in the Quiet War against the States of the Union. You must remember the whole statutory scheme is of a de facto “Police Power/State” nature- a Penal Code (punishment) if you will. Hence, you do not have your bona fide First Amendment right of redress against the governments- State or Federal. In added clarification, which is in line with the language, you cannot file a CLAIM against the government[s] for damages- You are a subject/slave- Such claims are illegal and void. You may substantiate this condition of redress for yourself; most de facto States have privilege statutes that give permission for any such claims. Understand that you are dealing with a just and friendly totalitarian governmental system- The posture of immunity from suit imports the doctrine of-

“The King (Lord) Can Do No Wrong.”
Now we will go into the emancipation (i.e. expatriation stipulations) clause which is found in section 4 of the fourteenth amendment. Most would think that this clause is in reference to the emancipation of the slaves during the Civil War; however, it is not. You must remember that the people who throw off their allegiance to their states also throw off their unalienable rights that are protected under the original constitutional system. As a matter of fact and law, these people have become wards of the State under doctrine of Parens Patriae,108 which literally means- Parent of the country. It refers to people under a legal disability who are under the care of the State. In reference to such, such people are not claiming to be sui juris. A person that is sui juris is: • 1) One who has all the rights to which a freemen is entitled; one who is not under the power of another, as a slave, a minor, and the like. To make a valid contract, a person must, in general, be sui juris. 2) Every one of full age is presumed to be sui juris. Of full capacity. In his own right; capable of entering into a contract.109 The first definition is from taken from Bouvier’s Law, 1856; the latter is from Ballentine’s Law Dictionary. First, note that both definitions have the element of- Contract. Now, note that the first definition states- One who is not under the power of another, as a slave, a minor, and the like. Consequently, all such persons of such nature are not considered to be that of a sui juris status because they are under the power of another. Now, let us consider some relevant elements to see if you are- Of The Like. To make certain that you are or are not- “of the like” and- “not under the power of another” -in review, please answer the following questions: • Are you a United States Citizen and are you willing to be one? • Do you have a Social Security Number and do you plan to take benefits?
Ashwander v T.V.A., 297 U.S. 288. This was a major case during the FDR reign. See case of: Late Corporation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints v U.S., 136 U.S. 478 (1889). 109 The first definition is from- Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856; the latter- from Ballentine’s Law Dictionary.
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If you answered yes to either one of the above questions- You are not truly sui juris; and, you are under the guardianship of the foreign state known as the- United States. When you turned 18 you had the choice to be a dependent of the government or become fully sui juris. As you have voluntarily elected to be a “U.S. citizen,” thus having to take a SSN based on positive law of the federal nation, you basically went from being a- child of your parents -to being a- child of the government[s]- by definition- You are a Vassal- The United States is the Lord: • Vassal, n. 1 . A person who held land from a feudal lord and received protection in return for homage and allegiance. 2. A bondman; a slave. 3. A subordinate or dependent.110 Unbeknownst to you, this was your first contract when you reached your age of majority. You accepted the U.S. citizenship. In law- it is called tacit acquiescence. It does not matter if you are voting or not, you are still a subordinate child of the governments. Pursuant to these matters, first look at the following definitions from Webster’s and American Heritage Dictionaries: • Father, n. 1. A member of the senate in ancient Rome (author- emphasis added). 2. Usage. To act or serve as a father to (a child). 4. To acknowledge responsibility for. • Emancipate, v. 1. to set free (a slave, etc.); release from bondage. 2. to free from restraint or influence as of convention 3. in law, to release from a father’s control.111 • *Convention, n. 2. An agreement between states, sides, or military forces, especially an agreement dealing with a specific subject, such as the treatment of prisoners of war. The parallel to convention may become more apparent when you read- Internal War[s]. This is where we will go over why an American is considered an- Enemy of the State. In context to the Slave Clause in relation to your emancipation- SIMPLY PUT: When you expatriate from the communist country created under the fourteenth amendment, the federal government is no longer your guardian (father); and, you are a neutral in the Quiet War. In other words- You remove yourself from the “Insurgent Democracy” and place yourself in one of the republic[s]. To properly emancipate yourself, first and foremost, you cannot vote because voting makes you a combatant (slave). Further, you can no longer get loans from the Federal Government. You cannot participate in the Social Security program. You cannot file Bankruptcy. You cannot pay Income Tax. (DARN!) -and so on and so on. If you are doing any of these you cannot CLAIM your emancipation because you are participating in the de facto system. Participating in the socialistic and communistic system is illegal; hence, any such claim of emancipation would be void. The Slave Clause is truly clandestine language. Your emancipation (expatriation) will render your freedom; however, this means that you have to be totally responsible for yourself. And, a final note on this chapter- If you do not believe the above presentment- this question is posed: As a constitution is something that represents perpetual law- Why would these sections be instituted if they only served a temporary legal purpose- Such as dealing with post-Civil War matters? The Congress could have passed law to cover such temporary measures... Well? IN SUMMARY: Is the FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT an open and public proclamation made by a self proclaimed sovereign- The new governmental system of the United States? Does the fourteenth amendment circuitously proclaim its reasons and/or its motives for declaring a war? Does the Communist Manifesto put forth political and/or social principles which can be- or are -applied in America? Have these said implemented principles caused the bankruptcy of America, that is obvious in the federal debt, which has/is consequently stolen wealth from Americans? 112 Unfortunately the answer is “YES” to all of the above questions, which consequently is tied to the insurgent totalitarian fourteenth amendment governmental system. The actual purpose of the fourteenth amendment is obvious by the placement of section 4, Perpetual Debt- The second reference to RED. The first reference of RED, Communism, being a Blueprint to achieve the former, which translates into NEO-SLAVERY. CONCLUSION: The purpose of the fourteenth amendment is to steal what was gained in war, purchase, and treaty by our forefathers. The wealth of America is being funneled out to European money powers in slave labor via the fourteenth amendment. AND FURTHERMORE, who’s rebellion is this anyway? It is doubted very much if the American peoples saidAmerican Heritage Dictionary. See also the list of definitions on page 16. i.e. The federal baby-sitting government. e.g. Daddy, please handle my retirement fund (SS), I'm incompetent. 112 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES. Such have replaced silver and gold certificates which were backed by silver and gold. Such reserve notes are direct obligations of the United States. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition.
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“Please take our freedom away, we don’t care what you do to us. We want to be oppressed under a totalitarian-dictatorship military style government under the rule of man rather than God. Oh, and furthermore, while you’re playing these Communistic War Games, don’t forget to steal our lawful money, land and tax us to death.”
THE PRECEDING WAS JUST A SIMPLE OFF-COLOR ASSERTION To ILLUSTRATE WHAT A JOKE THIS WHOLE THING IS; UNFORTUNATELY- -IT IS VERY REAL! AMERICAN NATIONALITIES. This chapter will review many matters of which have been touched on herein. It is of purpose to unify them so you have an enhanced understanding of what is being established in this treatise. Furthermore, it is going to establish what system of law Americans are suppose to have. As in the last chapter that explained the purpose of the fourteenth amendment, it will be quite lengthy. Entering into this chapter, it must be said that states are generally nations under the Law of Nations; however, what has not been brought to the forefront in American law is nationality. This legal issue was never really addressed in the history of the Union. Such understanding is just for the people who truly understand international law in its entirety. To reiterate, the Congress of the United States did not really establish what a “citizen of the United States” really was until the passage of the Nationality Act of 1940. Although on its face it is really simple, before then it was up to the lawyers to figure out, and the courts to toy with, the dubious federal citizenship. Even before the fourteenth amendment, the term “citizen of the United States” came under scrutiny in a California Supreme Court case entitled: Ex Parte- Frank Knowles.113 In this instant case the court stated that there was no such thing as a citizen of the United States -that is to say- there was no such thing as a citizen of the Federation State, only a citizen of one of the united states. This confusion has been around since the forming of the Union. It is apparent that it was planned. As referenced herein, the Union was always considered to be by a certain faction- one nation. Even before the fourteenth amendment was installed it is apparent that there is a concerted effort to keep the truth hidden in the progressive communistic E Pluribus Unum agenda.114 Even prior to the implementation of the fourteenth amendment it was apparent that the “Union” was being sculpted to be one nation, socalled. In reference, the drafters of the Federalists Papers even used the term “national government” in their writings. Such term imports that the Union is a nation. It is most apparent that the government of the Union is that of a “federal government” in relation to the people of each American republic. This principle of the Union being a nation was improbable from day one, as a matter of established law. Even in the original form of the Constitution this is evidently clear. The Bill of Rights is the most supportive evidence of this. As there were many that suspected that there was a hidden agenda to covertly control the recently freed British colonies under the proposed Constitution, its purpose was to protect the sovereign rights of the American states, and their respective nations, from the urged “federation government”. One must understand the general premise of the Union and the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution is nothing more than an international agreement, or contract, that the several American states had established to handle certain legal matters of an international character. In strict de jure legal premise, its court system is nothing more than an appeals court for the Union States; or, an international tribunal that handles matters between the several nations of the American Union. The United States of America is nothing more than a trustee for the American States. Most all Americans, even lawyers, fail to understand this, especially after 130 years of federal citizenship. Such notwithstanding, the premise of the state/nation still does exist. Everything is or has been done by contract or treaty between people or nations. Accordingly, one must understand that the United States is not internally a nation; however, understand that the federation government is a state in international stature, even under de jure premises; because the several American States have contracted (given up) particular sovereign rights to it. The main duties that the federal State performs (in its de jure premise) are of international matters (which are exterior to the United States of America), such as Commerce, War, and Treaties. These are sovereign rights of the American nations, which are held under the Law of Nations, that have been transferred to the- STATE OF THE UNION -for it, the trustee, to execute. Such establishes a legal premise which is called clipped sovereignty. The sovereign powers of each American State, such sovereignty that is inherent in the body of people of such states, that are not found forfeited to the Constitution are protected by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in the Bill of Rights. Before we go into the premise of de jure nationality (citizenship), let us briefly look at the de facto citizenship. Applying the rule of- Which came first the chicken or the egg? i.e. Imagine that the federal government does not exist, you can readily understand that, in strict legal sense, the United States of
113 114

Ex Parte- Frank Knowles, California Supreme Court, July term-1 855. This was the motto of the United States since day one. The secret societies just took awhile to totally fulfill it.


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America is not a country, nor is it a state. A state needs land to maintain a nation. Hence, as a matter of law, the United States of America does not “lawfully” own land to sustain a nation; conversely, it is claiming to possess land in the American states, as Americans, in essence, abandoned their states by accepting feudal citizenship. U.S. citizens are claiming that their country is the United States of America; thus, creating a feudal state, hence- a communist nation. Consequently, U.S. citizens claim that Washington D.C. is their national government; hence, the “State” they live in is actually a political subdivision of that State’s nation- a county of sorts. Such people are basically residents of the state, they are not domicile in the country. When the slaves were given the right to own property (vide Title 42 USC § 1982 herein), all Americans were actually brought down the same status as them. The property they own is that of a resident alien status- It is not of absolute right. The title they possess is not that of allodium, which is absolute perfect title- It is of quasi-joint title with the government i.e. the fourteenth amendment State, of which- in consequence- taxes are laid. The premise of such land ownership is feudal. Such fourteenth amendment States are deemed to be foreign states to the federal government; as such States are also professing to be Tenth Amendment sovereign States, which is a fraud. To better understand what de facto federal citizens are legally considered, please examine this legal definition of “citizens” below from Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition: • Citizens are members of a political community who, in their associated capacity, have established or submitted themselves to the dominion of a government for the promotion of their general welfare and the protection of their individual as well as collective rights. The foregoing was from the post-fourteenth amendment case- Cruikshank 115 This case was one that set forth the general principles of the federal (feudal) citizenship. Note that the court said submitted- If one is naturally born into a state/nation he has not submitted. The court was tacitly stating that people of America accepted the naturalized citizenship of the fourteenth amendment; hence, they have submitted themselves to its created system. As expected, the court failed to be forthcoming and state that this citizenship is a fraud; however, the court did say: “The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government . . . . he owes allegiance to the two departments, so to speak, and within their respective spheres must pay the penalties.” Quote: “The citizen voluntarily submitted and must pay the penalties.” These are just some of the halftruths of which have been aforementioned. One has to be able to read between the lines to understand what is truly being said. As a member of a nation, one is subject to the laws of his country, the penalties mentioned by the court are the full subjection to all law that the state and federal governments enact; however, note those are just some of the penalties. As stated by the Supreme Court in Cruikshank, again note that “citizens are members of a political community”. In relation thereof, back in reference to the fourteenth amendment States, such States are- in fact -colonies, as they are dependencies of the federal government: • Colony. A dependent political community, consisting of a number of citizens of the same country who have emigrated therefrom to people another, and remain subject to the mother country. Territory attached to another nation, known as the mother country, with political and economic ties e.g. possessions or dependencies of the British Crown.116 (e.g. thirteen original colonies of United States). Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition Note that the above definition maintains: “a dependent political community, consisting of a number of citizens of the same country who have emigrated therefrom to people another, and remain subject to the mother country.” IT IS SIMPLE: A citizen of the United States is fictionally transported to D.C. at birth via the 14th amendment; then fictionally transported back to the State where he resides. As a matter of law, such a person is actually in a federal territory, also referred to as a “State,”117 the one in the 14th amendment, section 1, first clause. Do not forget, he is also subject to the federal government- The Sovereign Lord- The Mother Country- THE ORDER. Is the foregoing premise that hard to understand? Under the Law of Nations a national, or citizen, owes his allegiance to his nation or sovereign. In the case of the United States of America the sovereign is the collective sum of “the people”118 of each state or country. The people of the several states are under obligation to protect their nations from foreign foe. In collective sense, the Union of states come together, under the guidance of the their respective governments- the State- and are in compact alliance to form a confederation to ward off nations that aggress against the Union. They are still all independent. The American Colonies owed their allegiance to the King of England for their protection, and were dependent.
U.S. v Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875). A post-fourteenth amendment Supreme Court case. It is very suspect that England is not still in complete control. Who won the War of 1812 anyway? 117 See USC Title 4, chapter 4- The States; section 101 et seq. i.e. self-governing dominion under mandate. 118 PEOPLE A state; as, “the people” of the state of New York. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856. [i.e. a nation]
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The land that they lived on was not connected, although these factors still stood- that is the Colonies owed allegiance to the King. Accordingly, Americans have given up this sovereign right and forfeited it to the United States; hence, forfeiting sovereignty. So you see- one has primary allegiance to his nation, not the Union. Allegiance to the federal government is contractual- not natural. The United States had this contractual obligation, which is inherent in the Constitution, even pre-fourteenth amendment, to protect all nations that are loyal to the United States in such contractual premise. If the federal government acts in belligerence, a Union member (nation) has the inherent right to resist. Accordingly, the Cruikshank court stated that de facto citizens owe allegiance to both state and federal governments and must pay the penalties, which tacitly states that non- U.S. citizens do not owe allegiance to the United States. This was the force (peace) that was implemented after the Civil War. The so-called Unionists had forced the Confederate States, by conquest, to stay in the Union; wherefore forcing their nations to give allegiance to the United States government. Of course this was followed up with progressive brainwashing. If you would research, you would find that the origin of the “pledge of allegiance” was composed by a socialist named Francis Bellamy in the year 1892. The original version did not have the words “of the United States” in it; such alternate language was not implemented until about 35 years later. At first, the pledge only had “my flag” in it, which could mean the flag of an American’s state- not the United States. Communist programming had to be done slowly or would not have been able to be successfully implemented. Moreover, note government officers give allegiance to the ConstitutionPaper- not Americans. Is this not very strange? This is fundamentally how the Military Machine is created to aggress against other sovereign nations. Such is to socialize nations to industrialize, or rather, communize them. It is really an allegiance to the Elite. Giving such allegiance, to uphold a piece of paper, is, in essence, saying that there is no loyalty to one’s nation, nor the Union- simply put- IT’s THE MONEY! In relation to this, again, Jean Jacques Rousseau set forth in his “The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right” that political rights of people would be best guarded if they were kept very local, not broad i.e. Bigger is not better- it creates chaos and corruption. In view of all such matters, “citizens of the United States” are also “nationals of the United States.” Please bear in mind- “The Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality” Because these de facto citizens/nationals are members of the federal communist nation, that has been instituted by the fourteenth amendment, they do not actually possess their state nationalities; and they do not know their states are their lawful countries. Their elected status is defined in Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(22)(A). They are also considered to be federal persons (Internal Revenue Code- Title 26 USC § 7701(a)(30)); consequently, they owe their direct allegiance to the United States, of course- under the color of law (by volunteering). Now let us go into the premise of de jure nationality that is held under the original system of the constitutional Union. To assist you in understanding the premise of such status, again, if you would imagine that the federal government of the United States of America does not exist- What nation would you belong to?- and, Where would your country be? . . . . . . . . . Under reputable law that has been about for hundreds and hundreds of years, it is the country that your father is born in or is from. This was set forth in an extensive discourse by Emer de Vattel entitled the Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law.119 Such premise is derived from Biblical principles. A nation inhabits a distinct territory which is referred to as a country; the country has a national government which is referred to as the State. The nation that inhabits such territory (or country) are considered nationals, who are the dominion and are subject to the law of the national government (i.e. State). The term national is relative to the term nationality, which depicts the state/nation. A republic is defined as a nation/country that is independent of its form of government.120 It is a rule when one is born into a nation he has natural allegiance to it, via his father;121 the child has natural right of citizenship of such nation. A citizen and national of a state or country is where his domicile is, be it natural or acquired; he is not a resident of the state or country of which he lives. In review, the international definition of country: • Country. By country is meant the state of which one is a member. Every man’s country is in general the state in which he happens to have been born. Bouvier’s Law, 1856. As early stated herein, the several American nationalities are lawfully defined in the United States government Style Manual (1984). In relation to this, if you would reference said manual, you will find chapters 5.22 and 5.23, which defines the American nationalities e.g. Californian, Iowan, Vermonter, etc..122 Congress has given the Secretary of State of the United States the authority to confer nationality to an
Law of Nations, Emer de Vattel, Library of Congress CN 95-77192- ISBN 0-89941-944-5. REPUBLIC. It signifies the state, independently of its form of government. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856. 121 NATURAL ALLEGIANCE. Allegiance to the sovereign of one’s native state or country. Ballentine’s Law. 122 Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(21). The term “national means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.
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American under the authority of Title 8 USC § 1502.123 In lawful form, chapter 5.22 defines the several American nationalities are set forth by the office of the Secretary of State of the United States of America and are established as follows: • AMERICAN- noun: a) citizen of the United States,124 or, b) a native or an inhabitant of America; AMERICAN- adjective: “of or relating to the United States of America or its people, language, or culture", in other words- as in one of the several state nationalities that are found in chapter 5.23 (i.e. an American national). In sense of a noun- lawful nationality is in reference to b, not a, which is in reference to the inflicted communist nationality. These forms are the true law which is held under the Law of Nations. Remember, everything that has been done by presumption under the color of law. One’s true country is the one he is born in. Accordingly, one must note that the above styles that are set forth in chapter 5.23 state that one has nationality of the state he was born in, not the country of his father. This is due to the feudal system of law that is in place, as one’s father is presumably a vassal (U.S. citizen); hence, the authority listed is based on the rule of jus soli.125 Furthermore, chapter 5.23 positions that these nationals are natives of such states; which infers that when one moves to another state in the Union his nationality actually does not change. So, when a person is referred to in nationality sense, e.g. Iowan, he may not- if fact-be an Iowan.126 Wherefore, unless it is requested, any such person maintains his natural nationality until he terminates the status.127 Moreover, such person is also considered by the governments, and is by law, a- 14th amendment citizen. Most people are wandering around the Union without a clue of who they really are.128 The lawful authorities that are set forth by Congress which reflect the lawful nationalities of Americans under the principles of the Law of Nations are currently found in Title 8 of the United States Code (USC). Such was established by the United States Congress in the Nationality Act of 1940; such being way after the de facto citizenship was deeply ingrained. The authorities that relate to the de jure nationalities are found in Title 8 of the United States Code, section 1101(a). The genesis of these definitions are all from the Nationality Act of 1940; they are as follows: • (3) The term “alien” means any person not a citizen or national of the United States. • (21) The term “national” means a person owing permanent129 allegiance to a state. • (23) The term “naturalization” means the conferring of nationality of a state upon a person after birth, by any means whatsoever. Again, a 14th amendment citizen is defined by Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(22), and is as follows: The term “national of the United States” means: (A) a citizen of the United States or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States. The former, 'A,' is a fourteenth amendment citizen (Title 8 USC § 1401(a)); the latter, 'B,' is e.g. a person that has a citizenship in a possession of the United States (Title 8 USC § 1408). An interesting thing is that- Congress does not expressly state that a citizen of the United States (A) owes allegiance to the United States, as they did a person that is in a possession (B); however, it is inferred by statute construction. It is not expressly statedBecause they do not owe allegiance to the United States. Again, they want such a brainwashed/ignorant person to believe they do- It is all smoke and mirrors i.e. submission by deception. And, under the rule of presumption, the United States believes it owns the land in the American states; this is apparent by the

Title 8 USC § 1502. The Secretary of State is authorized to issue, in his discretion and in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by him, a certificate of nationality for any person not a naturalized citizen of the United States who presents satisfactory evidence that he is an American national and that such certificate is needed for use in judicial or administrative proceedings in a foreign state. Nationality Act of 1940, section 502. 124 Also: U.S. citizen; federal citizen; national of the United States- Title 8 USC § 1401 (a). 125 JUS SANGUINIS. The right of blood. The principle that a person’s citizenship is determined by the citizenship of the parents. JUS SOLI. The law of the place of one’s birth as contrasted with jus sanguinis, the law of the place of one’s descent or parentage. It is of feudal origin. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. 126 This is part and parcel of the presumptional fraud under color of law that is caused by their 14th amendment. 127 Another purpose of the Expatriation Act- section 1. Also see Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(23). 128 The ultimate communist (capitalist) purpose to terminates one’s allegiance (unity) to his nation is to have him ready to leave his nation, home, and family so he can be moved for benefit in industry for corporate benefit. As you see, now that America has been corrupted (used to its best advantage), American corporations are now going over seas to get slave labor. This has been evidenced by non-loyal treaties such as NAFTA and GATT. 129 Title 8 USC § 1101 (a)(31). Definitions. The term “permanent means a relationship of continuing or lasting nature, as distinguished from temporary, but a relationship may be permanent even though it is one that may be dissolved eventually at the instance either of the United States or of the individual, in accordance with law.


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federal parks, which is blatant unconstitutional Possession.130 So, in a broad legal sense, even though it has not been congressionally defined,131 the American states are really possessions of the United States. Remember, the American peoples have abandon their inherent sovereign right to land in their countries by accepting the feudal citizenship.132 They are a Vassal in a Vassal State.133 Now, back in reference to de jure national authorities, note that a de jure national, (a)(21), is an alien, (a)(3). Below is the common definition of an alien: • Alien. Owing political allegiance another country government foreign. alien residents. An unnaturalized foreign resident of a country also called noncitizen. Of course this definition is taken from American Heritage Dictionary. The legal definition is not quite as intelligible. Not only are the commoners dumb-down, THEY are keeping the law profession ignorant too. The definition of alien perfectly depicts what has been set forth herein. A true national of an American state is an alien to another state in the Union. Such a person is also an alien to the federal State and all of its jurisdictions. That is why such a person is defined as such- In de jure premise, an American citizen is foreign to said State. Remember, there is no political allegiance to the federal government- just contractual. A state national, (a)(21), is not looking for any right enforcement from the federal government; such is naturally inherent in his nation and country. The current naturalization law134 for the Union states, which is authorized by the U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 8, paragraph 4,135 under Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(23). Remember, you are just a resident of your state UNLESS you have terminated your communist nationality;136 moreover, you are also a resident (alien applying Law of Nations) in another state if you are not in the country of your birth. Naturalization is necessary in resolution of this. Now that it is established that it is most obvious that the United States is not, in strict lawful sense, a nation, the most prevalent evidence to set forth that each state in the Union is a separate country and nation is found in Article I, section 8. It states that “The Congress shall have power to establish an uniform rule of naturalization. . throughout the United States”. This is the controlling authority for the United States Congress to establish the current law of naturalization under Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(23). The word “uniform” establishes conclusive evidence that each American state was a nation when the Constitution was drafted. There is nothing that divests “the people” of a state of the American Union their lawful nationality, under the Law of Nations, with exception of the fourteenth amendment. Generally, when a state, or the United States, establishes statehood, it automatically creates a nation from the inhabitants thereof.137 When this happens the government of the state, or the United States, generally passes an act to collectively naturalize the people who wish to remain part of the newly formed state/nation. To further expand on evidence of each state of the Union being a nation, below are the relevant definitions from Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856, that establish what a nation is, and what its elements consist of: • Nations. Nations or states [i.e. same thing] are independent bodies politic; societies [vide society comitatus] of men united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage by the joint efforts of their combined strength.
Article I, section 8- The Congress shall have power to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (Washington DC) as may, by cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the State in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings. HEY! Wait just a minute- Federal Parks are not NEEDFUL BUILDINGS! However, note such acquisition of land is defined in the Communist Manifesto- Plank I and 4. 131 However, maybe Congress did define such land: Title 8 USC § 1101 (a)(14). Definitions. The term “foreign state includes outlying possessions of a foreign state, but self governing dominions or territories under mandate or trusteeship shall be regarded as separate foreign states. NOTE: Territory under trusteeship- see footnote 132. 132 See all federal lands within the several American republics (e.g. federal parks) which are not being used for the particulars listed in Article I section 8 of the Constitution. These lands are being given away (a covert land grab) to the United Nations (UN), via the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in payment of the purported federal debt, which has been criminally orchestrated via the doctrines of communism. See TRUST TERRITORY. Abbr. U. A colony or territory placed under the administration of a country or countries by commission of the United Nations. Also called trusteeship. American Heritage Dictionary. For more information- see footnote 203. 133 VASSAL. A feudal tenant or grantee; a feudatory; the holder of a fief on a feudal tenure, and by the obligation of performing feudal services. The correlative term was “lord.” VASSAL STATES. In international law, states which were supposed to possess only those rights and privileges which had been expressly granted to them, but actually they seem to have been very independent. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. Vide vassal- page 17. 134 NATURALIZE. To grant full citizenship to (one of foreign birth). American Heritage Dictionary. 135 Article I, section 8- The Congress shall have power to establish an *uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States. *i.e. consistent throughout the Union states. 136 The right of expatriation currently purviews through Title 8 USC § 1481(a). This is where an American can either terminate 1) United States nationality; or, 2) American nationality. Beware they like to play word games. 137 See how the American aboriginal tribes were mistreated. They were stuck on land within an American state.


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• Society. A society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine, and act jointly for some common purpose. By civil society is usually understood a state, (q.v.) a nation, (q.v.) or a body politic. (q.v.) • Body Politic, government, corporations. When applied to the government this phrase signifies the state. As to the persons who compose the body politic, they take collectively the name, of people, or nation; and individually they are citizens when considered in relation to their political rights, and subjects as being submitted to the laws of the state. [emphasis added- subject to laws of the state] • State, government. This word is used in various senses. In its most enlarged sense, it signifies a selfsufficient body of persons united together in one community for the defence of their rights, and to do right and justice to foreigners [see Law of Nations]. In this sense, the state means the whole people united into one body politic; (q.v.) and the state, and “the people” of the state, are equivalent expressions. • People. A state; as, “the people” of the state of New York. • Sovereignty. Strictly speaking, in our republican forms [plural] of government, the absolute sovereignty of the nation is in “the people” [vide people] of the nation; (q.v.) and the residuary sovereignty of each state (nation), not granted to any of its public functionaries, is in “the people” of the state. (q.v.) It is apparent- Each state is a nation- each state has its own nationals. Even in broad sense the United States of America is not a nation. It is a federation, or rather, a league of several nations. Moreover, you must note that the “We the People” as used in the Preamble of the Constitution means the individual representatives of the several united States.138 I does not mean the people of America. This has been another blatant misapplication of legal terminology. Such misuse or misunderstanding aforementioned, or when the Union is referenced to as a nation or country, is either dolus or ignorance. All things considered, it is all pursuant to communist programming. To further set the premise for which this chapter is grounded, we must look at the progression of one’s legal duty to his fellow man, his society and nation. Many have heard, or been told, that the United States of America is the greatest governmental system that has ever been existent on earth. This is because the law among the American peoples' was based on the law of nature. This principle, which is based on belief of Scripture, and using such belief as moral guide in one’s society, was the first time in history that a people could truly govern themselves under God. Accordingly, as most know and understand, the United States of America was founded on the basis of reverence to God by obeying the principles of Scripture.139 This may be observed and evidenced by referencing the preamble of many American constitutions. Such made the land of God free for use of “the peoples” of America. This had allowed Americans to establish a unique legal system (common law/true republican) that was free from the oppression of men of evil nature. As it was established in the last chapter, in reference to sui juris status, people have given up their sovereign right to be self-governing under the guidance of God; thus, look to government for guidance, rights and protection. When this happens the transfer of absolute sovereign power went from them to the government; in this case- the United States- a foreign State. Now let us view what has been established as legal reference by Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856, in reference to the de jure civil law that was present in America: • Law of Nature. The law of nature is that which God, the sovereign of the universe, has prescribed to all men, not by any formal promulgation, but by the internal dictate of reason alone. It is discovered by a just consideration of the agreeableness or disagreeableness of human actions to the nature of man; and it comprehends all the duties which we owe either to the Supreme Being, to ourselves, or to our neighbors; as reverence to God, self-defence, temperance, honor to our parents, benevolence to all, a strict adherence to our engagements, gratitude, and the like. Bouvier’s Law, 1856 In view of that, and in review, the next step of the conventional de jure civil law of America is: • Common Law. The common law is that which derives its force and authority from the universal consent and immemorial practice of the people. It has never received the sanction of the legislature, by an express act, which is the criterion by which it is distinguished from the statute law. Bouvier’s Law, 1856 A general rule of the common law is- There has to be an injured human being for a crime to attach. In other words- There can be no offense against the State brought by the State unless there is an injured party.140 Further, the person causing the injury would have to be proven to have the intent to have commit
The popular leaders who in all ages have called themselves the people. see 4 Black’s Commentary, 438. See the book “Christianity and the Constitution” The Faith of the Founding Fathers, by John Eidsmoe. 140 In America, each state of the Union had its separate common law- such is the general premise of a nation.
138 139


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such crime in his indictment. Grand Juries today are indicting people on speculation in the realm of legislative law- Such is barristry in its systematic grandeur.141 A modem day example of common law would be- If one were to get intoxicated by liquor and get in a motor vehicle and cause damage of some kind, he then would liable to any such man. In common law, such a person then would have to be tried by jury (be it civil or criminal) and held liable for his mistake. This then sets precedence. Such precedence may then be used by courts to settle future matters of a similar nature. If the jury (the people of a local society) finds that such a person is incompetent and may not ‘operate’ a motor vehicle the rest of his life or that he requires a license to ‘drive’142 they so mandate it by their (jury’s) decree. This legal premise is in reverence to Scriptural Law of personal responsibility to your fellow man. The State today- The laws are established by the will of the legislature. This is the law of man- The Police Power if you will. As you may be aware, as money governs America today, it does not matter if a drunk driver kills someone; he is generally out of prison in no time at all and out driving drunk again. This due to the liberal laws on such matters. Under the common law it is doubtful that this would happen. Such act would not be tolerated by a society. Such a person would not be driving at all- He would be in prison. If this were the standard, people would not drive drunk as they now do. As it is, they know the punishment is not that stiff- so they engage in stupidity. One must note that the State and attorney’s make a bundle of money on such cases. It stands to reason that they want this perpetual business. Mind you- you are paying for this through taxation. Today it is doubtful that most could live under the common law system in America as people have been subjected to too much liberalism, which is pursuant to the law of man. Due to this inflicted cancer, it would take years of correction to go back to Scriptural law. To further look into the premise of the founding de jure civil law (God’s law) of America, in contra position, as aforementioned, is legislative. To further expand on these premises, one must understand that one of the most important of common or natural rights that one of God’s people has is- The right to contract. In reference to this founded right, the Founding Fathers established that “Governments are instituted by the consent of the governed.” Such legal proclamation is a fundamental statement of one’s (or nation’s) right to contract that is protected under International Law. This is further set forth as a natural right that is protected by the Constitution of the United States by Article I, section 10- “No State shall... pass any... law impairing the obligation of contracts. . .” Of course, this limitation extends to the federal government as well. Such clause is nothing more than a limitation which protects such common right under the Law of Nations. This right of contract is then extended to the right of contract of nations. Remember this important fact, your absolute right to contract is considered to be a natural right, which is also referred to as an unalienable right; it comes from your Creator- not a constitution, a government, or man. Accordingly, now let us view what has been set forth and used as world legal reference by Vattel in reference to contracts or consent of a nation in relation to such matters: • Law of Nations. The science which teaches the rights subsisting between nations or states, and the obligations correspondent to those rights. International law is generally divided into two branches: 1) The natural law of nations, consisting of the rules of justice applicable to the conduct of states; 2) The positive law of nations, which consist of: a) The voluntary law of nations, derived from the presumed consent of nations, arising out of their general usage; b) The conventional law of nations, derived from the express consent of nations, as evidenced in treaties and other international compacts. What we are mainly concerned with is the positive Law of Nations, which involves voluntary or presumed consent of nations. In the researched legal opinion of this author, that this is how the system of American law now operates; especially under the fourteenth amendment.143 That is to say- America is operating under people’s personal contracts; and also, government presumptions. This translates into- The current system of law is so convoluted that they can engage any rule of law at any time they want, when they need to, to justify their actions.144 Is this fair? Hardly!
i.e. Police State- The American legal system is for profit, which funds the socialist State; further, it perpetuates the profit for the legal profession. see this- Barretor. One who stirs up groundless suits. Black’s Law Dictionary. 142 Yes, that’s right- a license under common law would not be required. The way it is set up now- everyone is guilty of being incompetent up front. Why should all the people of a state suffer due to a few incompetent people? 143 There are many legal premises set forth in cases (see Dred Scott case) that establish why the fourteenth amendment was purportedly needed. Such as- Giving the slaves right to citizenship; and, the people who lived in the federal territories, not the States, right to American citizenship. Nobel causes (or excuses), but, as you may have already ventured, is “defiantly” not to be the real intent and purpose of the fourteenth amendment. 144 FICTION OF LAW. An assumption or supposition of law that something which is or may be false is true, or that a state of facts exists which has never really taken place. An assumption, for purposes of justice, of a fact that does not or may not exist. A rule of law which assumes as true, and will not allow to be disproved, something which is false, but not impossible. Black’s Law Dictionary. [Silent Judicial Notice i.e. I know- you don't- we win!]


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In reference to Positive Law, as you may note above such law is based on the tacit consent of nations (2-a). This allows a government to enact law of which maintains its validity as long as it is obeyed by the majority of its nation. In due course, by one accepting the U.S. citizenship, he is bound to all law, subject to, all law that Washington D.C., a foreign State, enacts. Such law is called Private Law145 and it only pertains to citizens of the United States. One that maintains his nationality de jure (i.e. a non-federal citizen), as being a non-rebel or as being non-tolerant of the voluntary federal citizenship (vide Cruikshank supra), is protected by the Ninth Amendment in the Bill of Rights; and accordingly, only subject to the Public Law146 under the real Constitution; moreover, the public law of his state, which is his state constitution. This is a dual system of law; in other words- Bifurcation. As shown herein, it is a so-called emergency. As nothing has been repealed in the real Constitution it is still in full force and effect- parts are just dormant.147 Accordingly, one must understand that a foreign state, such as the United States, cannot interfere in the law form of an American republic without consent of its nation. This is a right that is guaranteed to the States by the Tenth Amendment; and once again, a national of a country has his rights protected, from the United States, by the Ninth Amendment. Vattel had covered a nation submitting to a foreign State in his Law of Nations; wherein he set forth the premise any such submission is due to not being able to sustain its ability to maintain strength against a larger more over- powering nation. However, such a state/nation still preserved its sovereignty. In this instant case, under the fourteenth amendment, the nations (but is infact most people individually) of the American republics have consented to be interfered with and have lost their sovereignty that is to say- the people thereof have lost sovereignty the government thereof is still sovereign. As will be illustrated in a chapter herein, such people are in treason to their countries. Prior to this submission, each state of the Union had its own common law, which was also found in the several counties (comitatus)148 of the state; such societies (counties) of the state also had their own “local” common law customs. Generally, the only matters that were subject to the will of state legislature, in manner of statutory law, were that of the criminal common law and matters that related to the operation of the State. This was the de jure civil/criminal law. In sense, people of the state were not subjects (vide body politic), the people were only such in reference to criminal common law, and duties held under the Law of Nations, such as allegiance. Tacit positive law, under the Law of Nations, is what fuels the communist system. Such system depends on ignorance and subversive empowerment of the masses- i.e. DEMOCRACY. IN SUMMARY OF THIS CHAPTER: One must comprehend that prior to the fourteenth amendment Americans were not subject to, or of, the United States government. It had the power to handle matters that were in violation of the Law of Nations; the court system was that of an international tribunal- for the States and the American peoples. The peoples of America had no political ties to the United States government, whatsoever; they were just a member of a separate country that was in the union of American states. The most evident “firewall” was established by the Bill of Rights. Such fact notwithstanding, as being a citizen member of one of the nations of the Union, they had the right to participate in the government of the federation. Moreover, one must note that the government of the Union had the contractual duty to protect all American states, and the people thereof, from all nations foreign to the Union.149 That is to say- When they are at home in their country or abroad (ConstitutionPRIVATE LAW. That portion of the law which defines, regulates, enforces, and administers relationships among individuals, associations, and corporations. As used in contradistinction to public law, the term means all that part of the law which is administered between citizen and citizen, or which is concerned with the definition, regulation, and enforcement of rights in cases where both the person in whom the right inheres and the person upon whom the obligation is incident are private individuals. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. 146 PUBLIC LAW. A general classification of law, consisting generally of constitutional, administrative, criminal, and international law (Law of Nations), concerned with the organization of the state, the relations between the state and the people who compose it, the responsibilities of public officers to the state to each other, and to private persons, and the relation to states with one another. An act which relates to the public as a whole. It may be (1) general (applying to all persons within the jurisdiction), (2) local (applying to a geographical area), or (3) special (relating to an organization which is charged with public interest). Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. 147 Note that the 18th article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is repealed by the 21st. They have not repealed anything else. Do not let anyone fool you, such was part of the communist constitution. They are like a parasite that has attached to the original Constitution. Moreover, further note that the 18th amendment prevented the people from doing something, not the governments. A constitution regulates government- not the people. This is prima fade evidence of the bastard federal government, they [it] cannot even follow the law. 148 COMITATUS. A county. Most of the states (of the Union) are divided into counties; some, as Louisiana, are divided into parishes. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856. 149 This is just not this author’s opinion- Attorney General’s opinion that is pre-Civil War, thus, pre-14th amendment,that is evidence of such- “In regard to the protection of our citizens in their rights at home and abroad we have no law which divides them into classes, or makes any difference whatever between them. A native and a naturalized American may, therefore, go forth with equal security over every sea and through every land under heaven, including the count,',' in which the latter was born.” 9 Op. (US) Aft.-Gen. 360 (1859).


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Article I, section 8, paragraph 10). Of course the term abroad means- out of one’s country.150 Naturally, as the indoctrination of the communist nation is deep, most Americans do not understand this- They believe abroad to mean ‘overseas’.151 Being a citizen of a nation is a natural right that is held under the Law of Nations; such right that is obtained by birth into a nation; hence a citizen is a member of a nation- in other words- a national. The terms generally mean the same thing and are reciprocal; however, not always. A citizen has right to participate in government- A national may be a citizen, or, may be a man or a nation that has asked for protection, rights or privileges from another sovereign or government. As most Americans have embraced the federal citizenship, and rather have totalitarian law (666) govern them rather than natural law, most all this inherent freedom of natural right has been forfeited to the federal government, and respectively- the States. As a matter of fact and law, such people have become wards of the State under doctrine of Parens Patriae. This creates a planned effect on all American citizens, which sets forth a multi-pronged effect. Such effects are: 1) It causes civil wars within the American republics; 2) It sets up a law system that is similar to what was established in Rome (i.e. Roman Civil Law); 152 and, 3) The guarantee of a Republican form of government for each American republic is preserved for state nationals (i.e. non-rebels). The ignorant acceptance of the federal (feudal) citizenship has been the downfall of the American people. Such is part and parcel of E Pluribus Unum. Accordingly, the American peoples are not the collective sovereign power of their states; the government[s] now possess sovereignty. This has been negated by a form of convention, which will be further examined herein.

SO... Are you an American (communist/vassal)- or an American (freeman)?
FURTHERANCE OF THE BLUEPRINT. As you are now aware, the fourteenth amendment was a tool to implement communist principles by totalitarianish force under a benevolent insurgent government- i.e. DEMOCRACY. Anyone who tells you that we are suppose to exist in this political setting is either brainwashed, ignorant or involved in a conspiracy, of course, which is said not to exist.153 Consequently, there is further pursuing dicta to observe in the world communist agenda. This chapter will further evidence the dicta from the stealthy political agenda, how it works and what its true purpose is. The transition was done very slowly over many years. The founding fathers were not wrong about the political system that they had implemented. A political system of true freedom. They knew what would happen if the Republican systems of government were usurped and a system that looked after the people was instated. Again, this was a paramount fear of Thomas Jefferson, as he stated: “If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.” Their newly developed and unique system of self-government was based on freedom for all nations that were in the United States of America. Of course there will be those people who argue- The chattel ownership of men was wrong and needed to be put right; and that- Women were oppressed by men; they needed their so-called rights. However- For what price must we pay for these corrections? One must comprehend that it was not a matter of Rights. The candid truth is- It was a matter of Human Resources• Communist Manifesto- Plank 8: Equal OBLIGATION for all to work. So you see- it is not a matter of right. Americans have been, and are still being, subversively programmed to work. Part of this plot of the communists (capitalists)154 is to propagate and/or fund

ABROAD. adj. 1. Out of one’s own country; away from one’s home. American Heritage Dictionary. COUNTRY. The territory occupied by an independent nation or people, or the inhabitants of such territory. In the primary meaning “country” denotes the population, the nation, the state, or the government, having possession and dominion over a territory. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth. [vide dominion- In other words: The United States conquered the states; moreover, compare to definition of country from Bouvier’s 1856- Black’s- a bit vague?] 152 See Roman Civil Law; see also State: Police State. Both defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, seventh edition. See also “Roman Private Law, founded on the ‘institutes’ of gaius and justinian” by R.W. Leage MA., B.C.L. 153 e.g. Rush Limbaugh. Ditto!... you ditto heads. It is a shame people make money off deception. Wonder if Mr. Limbaugh studied under the doctrines of the propaganda minister of Adolf Hitler- Paul Joseph Goebbels. As Mr. Limbaugh (talking head/propaganda minister of the elite) persistently praises the governmental system as being a Democracy (which it is by insurgency) he will continue to be suspect until he acknowledges a conspiracy and states the truth about what government the Constitution sets forth. Until then, one should expect he is a member of the upper echelon of the secret societies and his presence is to misguide Americans from the real truth. 154 The founder of Arm and Hammer, Armand Hammer- Capitalist, was a Communist- see
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subversive instigators to influence people to accomplish their goals.155 Accordingly, one must remember and understand the following dicta from the Communist Manifesto, 1848: “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.” Further“Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.” And, further- “Communists might be reproached with is that they desire to introduce. . . an openly legalized system of free love.” Do you believe divorce is not a disparaging epidemic? Why do you think that most American children are basically lost today? Do you really think that things happen by coincidence? So you see- Americans have been intentionally corrupted to lull them into an animal state to make use of their labor; such measures further induces them into spending and debt. In relation to this, the specialized purpose of the elimination of nations and unification of countries is to have people that are able to be moved around more freely for employment. If people had love of their native land, which would include dedication and love of their family, they would be less likely to be transplanted by a corporation to be used as a- HUMAN RESOURCE.156 Now you will be given a brief explanation on how the above stated is accomplished. That is to say, how the industrial slave nation functions by the unseen hand of the World EliteAs you may be aware, Scripture establishes that the land is for God’s people; the land and His other creations provide for man and his family. As stated herein, communism requires socialism, which is in its simplest structure- Government Dependency. Accordingly, it should be noted that communism establishes that the people be separated from the land and its wealth (Communist Manifesto- Plank 1). This is achieved by slowly merging the middle and lower classes through so-called Democracy,157 which is accomplished through socialism by having government act as a demagogue. The lower classes look to the State to provide for them; eventually, as a result, this makes all dependent on the State. The funding for the Socialist State has to be procured; hence, taking down the middle class to an inferior standard. It ultimately causes hatred and division so force (law) is necessary. The industrial slave force is fed by a group that undertakes agricultural production (Communist Manifesto- Plank 9). Government education is indispensable to groom the people toward an industrialized career (Communist Manifesto- Plank 10), which the people pay for through taxation. The State, in general, needs to control the transportation of people and product distribution for extra taxation to have funding to operate the Socialist State (Communist Manifesto- Plank 6); therefore, centralized government is essential; along with Universities and Colleges, which are owned by the Elite, that employ liberals (i.e. Communists). Most important, it is necessary to keep the people in perpetual debt so they have to continually work; hence, the bank system (Communist Manifesto- Plank 5) is the key mechanism that accomplishes this. The current money system, which is not based on substance, i. e. gold and silver, is needed to create perpetual debt. The income tax (Communist Manifesto- Plank 2) is needed to keep the economic machine in continuous operations.158 The profit from money system (income tax) goes to the ones that own the bank system- THEY. Of course, one of the most important factors is, people need to be turned away from God because materialism is against His word; accordingly, the involvement of the State in the family facilitates replacement of God as
e.g.- Anthony, Susan BrowneD. 1820-1906. American feminist leader and suffragist who was instrumental in the passage of legislation that gave married women legal rights over their children, property, and wages. In 1869 she cofounded the National Woman Suffrage Association. AND- King, Martin Luther, Jr.. 1929-1968. The actions of Susan Anthony promoted divorce and also caused the 19th amendment (women’s right to vote) to be implemented, which causes women to perpetuate the Demon-ocracy. Martin “Lucifer” King had attended the communist based Highlander Folk School in Tennessee for his instruction. Also see anti-Republican/Scriptural organizations such as: Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti Defamation League, and Civil Liberties Union. 156 It seems peculiar that most people were under the guidance of Scripture during the first part of the birth of the Union. Today, most Americans are entrenched with materialism. Matter of fact, it used to be unlawful to work on the Sabbath; moreover, retail establishments were closed on the Lord’s day. Now everyone ignores this; people have no problem going to work or being a consumer on Sunday, or watching their favorite Gladiators. 157 Demon-ocracy. dã-. Important derivatives are: democracy, demon. dã-. To divide Contracted from *dae I. Suffixed form *dã-mo perhaps “division of society” [i.e. divide and conquer]. See: DEMOS, DEMAGOGUE, DEMOCRACY, from Greek demos, people, land; popular leader. DEMAGOGUE. A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace. DEMOCRACY. Principles of social equality [vide social] and respect for the individual within a community. DEMOS. The common people; the populace; The common people of an ancient Greek state. [strong emphasis]. SOCIAL. 1.a. Living together in communities. b. Of or relating to communal living. c. Of or relating to society. COMMUNAL. I . Of or relating to a commune. 2. Of or relating to a community. 3.a. Of, belonging to, or shared by the people of a community; public. b. Marked by collective ownership and control of goods and property. American Heritage Dictionary. [Socialism is taking from one to give to another, via State- communism is forced socialism over a vast territory] 158 In 1946, Beardsley RumI, governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of NYC at the time, addressed the American Bar Association and said to them “Taxes for Revenue are Obsolete.” However, he said they were needed to prevent hyperinflation; moreover, if people have too much money they would not work- ERGO- No profit!


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guidance for family; moreover, the community. This in turn creates defiance against natural law, which in turn creates housing problems, divorce, crime, creates jobs (i.e. the goal), and a plethora of other social dysfunctions within a society. And one more most important thing to remember in this diabolical scheme, the elite make the laws and can afford lawyers and proper schooling; hence, go unscathed. Accordingly, and simply put, the fundamental goal of communism is the division of families to achieve a general redistribution of wealth so that more industrial or commercial product can be sold to more people; hence, creating a more extensive profit margin for the Elite.” 159 The foregoing illustrates the general premise of the Communist Manifesto’s operation, to one that is cognizant. Obviously, Americans are not- because they listen to the Elite’s media. And one more important point- With the above formula, you should understand that there is fundamentally no difference in the Republicans and the Democrats- One fuels the other.160 As stated, the most important cog in the communist machine is the monetary system, and the income tax that keeps it in check. To further enlarge on this most crucial point, below is content from a manual used to indoctrinate Russian agents. The manual is entitled: “A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics” (1930).161 Behold its blatant-revealing content: “The handling of economic propaganda is not properly the sphere of psychopolitics but the psychopolitician must understand the economic measures and Communist goals connected with them. The masses must at last come to believe that only excessive taxation of the rich can deliver them of the “burdensome leisure class” and can thus be brought to accept such a thing as income tax, a Marxist principle smoothly slid into Capitalistic framework in 1909-1913 in the United States. This, even though the basic law of the United States forbade it and even though Communism at that time had been active only a few years in America. Such success as the Income Tax law, had it been followed thoroughly could have brought the United States and not Russia into the world scene as the first Communist nation. But the virility and good sense of the Russian peoples won. It May not be that the United States will become entirely Communist until past the middle of the century. . .” THERE IT IS IN THEIR OWN WORDS!... COMMUNIST DICTA IN AMERICA! They stated that- The communist principle “income tax” was slid right into use in the United States. Further, the “basic law” referenced is the real Constitution. It did not allow what has been done in pursuance of these communist principles; therefore, all Americans had to be pulled into a foreign jurisdiction to FORCE all these principles. As you are now perfectly aware that foreign jurisdiction is- The United States. Without the unification of the American nations into one, and the de facto government to constrain these political principles, the communist machine could not operate. And, note the above quote said: The United States will not become entirely Communist until past the middle of the century. That time is past- It was well-over 30 years ago. It is with no doubt this has been a very well thought-out and orchestrated conspiracy. One of the main conspirators, Mayor Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812),162 said: “Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” Unfortunately, to get that currency in place the de facto government had to be put in place first; thus, implementing several illegal laws which has established involuntary servitude for unknowing Americans in a Quiet War. Back in reference to the above statement concerning Income Tax from Psychopolitics, before Income Tax could be pragmatically implemented, the Federal Reserve had to be installed. This was done in the year of 1913 by the Federal Reserve Act. The installation of the Federal Reserve is in pursuance of what Rothschild said about controlling the currency; consequently, the Federal Reserve is a privately owned with private investors, which consists of the following entities: • Rothschild Bank of London • Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy • Rothschild Bank of Berlin • Chase Manhattan of New York • Warburg Bank of Hamburg • Goldman Sachs of New York • Warburg Bank of Amsterdam • Lehman Brothers of New York • Lazard Brothers of Paris • Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
In other words in example- They can sell a TV to a husband and wife that have separated and a TV to a middle class family and a lower class family. This is what communism (Marxism) is all about- THE MONEY! The State has to do this under force through taxation and government involvement or it could not be accomplished. 160 ERGO: Federalists. Which brings up the most important point: The best way to accomplish communism is from a central source- i.e. Federalism. That is why the E Pluribus Unum agenda is necessary. 161 To continue your understanding of how these people operate, this manual is available from PAC. 162 This British family is still around. It is an on-going baffle. This family does not know the meaning of “How much is enough?” This family is one of the driving forces behind the “New World Order.” “THEY” want it all! “THEY” all hide in European seclusion, and via NWO, make all nations hate Americans so we look like the Bad Guys!


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Of course these banks are owned by the World Elite.163 These banks are intertwined with the World Bank (IMF- International Monetary Fund). The IMF is the financial control center for the World Elite, which is of purpose to steal wealth from all nations of the world. Some off- shoot organizations are noted as: The Council on Foreign Relations; The Trilateral Commission; and The Bilderbergers. All such subversive groups are World Elitists’ societies which perpetuate the enslavement of the Human Race through the dicta of communism under guise of a State.164 As stated above, one of the progressive tools to implement this Private Banking System was the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. The sixteenth amendment was supplement to said Act. Said amendment was passed by our communist Congress July 2, 1909, and claimed to have been ratified on February 3, 1913. The sixteenth amendment reads as follows: • “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” As aforementioned, the implementation of Income Tax is found in the Communist Manifesto referenced as Plank 2. This was just one step in the covert takeover of America. There are several people in “The Movement” that prefer to argue that the amendment was not ratified.165 This fact of law is beneficial to know; however, with the doctrine of positive law under the Law of Nations it is really trivial. All such income tax gurus fail to realize that the real legal story is much deeper than they comprehend. The whole “Income Tax Scheme” was orchestrated through the guise of the fourteenth amendment. Hence, they fail to understand that anyone that accepts the federal citizenship has given-up his sovereign rights and is subject to private law that the United States enacts. Moreover, they further fail to understand that all such people are fundamentally traitors to their countries. Hence, arguing matters which pertain to income tax issues are thus futile. None of these arguments will get anyone anywhere. All matters default to the federal citizenship. To continue on the explanation of the schemes operation, to extract the funding from people to keep this fiat money system in check, and to keep people perpetually enslaved, a dole has to be offered. That dole is Social Security. The Social Security system appears to be a feeble retirement system, when in fact it is a crucial component of the scheme. To assist you in understanding this, below is said to be dialogue from a meeting with Woodrow Wilson166 during his presidency: “Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda which will effect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund the government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the
Note the origin of the names in most owners (moneychangers) of the Federal Reserve System- see footnote 11. To get a better idea on the details, you should read “Financial Terrorism” by John F. McManus- see footnote 4. 165 Bill Bensen, who worked for the Revenue Department of Illinois, and Joe Banister, who was an agent (CID) for the Internal Revenue Service, both did their own research on the legality of the Federal Income Tax. Mr. Bensen had done extensive research and has determined that the 16th amendment of the Constitution was not properly ratified. Mr. Banister has verified that and much more; he presented an extensive report to his [ex]superiors (IRS), 'ex' as he was fired forthwith, based on his research verifying everything that patriots (so-called) or illegal tax protesters (so-called, which they are) have brought forth is true- That is- Income Tax is voluntary and that the 16th amendment was not ratified. News Flash! Wrong answer Einsteins - It’s the 14th amendment citizenship! 166 Wilson, Woodrow. 1856-1924. The 28th President of the United States (1913-1921), whose administration was marked by World War I and the introduction of prohibition. At the Paris Peace Conference (1919) he included the establishment of the League of Nations (i.e. UN) as a proviso of the Treaty of Versailles. The winner of the 1919 Nobel Peace Prize, he was unable to convince the U.S. Senate to ratify the treaty. American Heritage Dictionary. [Wilson- Obviously a NWO conspirator. Remember, it is not one big conspiracy- Congress shunned the UN at the time of Wilson’s presidency. The UN took years to get congressional approval. Accordingly, the United Nations is the crux of the NWO. It is the arm that forces so-called Democracy on sovereign nations.]
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high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.” 167 The foregoing citation is said to be taken from the minutes of a confidential meeting that included the presence of Wilson and his chief advisor, Colonel Edward Mandell House. As stated herein, the fourteenth amendment was just the vehicle. Pulling the people into the foreign jurisdiction with the fourteenth amendment was just the first phase. After people were trained to accept the foreign state as their government, they were then able to be tagged with a number. Similar to how and why a rancher tags or brands his livestock.168 As many are aware, Social Security appears to be being phased out. Now that everyone is tagged, they no longer need to offer the dole; however, income tax will certainly continue. As long as Americans accept the federal (feudal) citizenship, the money, and the fourteenth amendment, the “income tax” will continue. It is needed to keep America in perpetual debt, and accordingly- Enslave Americans. Pursuant to all these matters of law, now some information form the federal tax code will be evidenced. If you read the Internal Revenue Code (Title 26 USC) you will find a quagmire of legal terminology. A layman cannot figure the Code out. It takes several years of study and a full understanding of the law to begin to comprehend what has been executed. However, once the CODE is broken you will understand that- Income Tax is voluntary! In concurrence, it has been stated by the Supreme Court “wages” are not within the definitional meaning of “Income.” This is true; but again, the courts do not come out and state the full story. So the whole story is- Under the color of law wages are considered income for federal citizens. This is part and parcel of the punishment of being a complacent voluntary member of the communist nation (see statement by Cruikshank court). Accordingly, for whom the income tax applies, you may reference Title 26 CFR, section 1.1-1 (IRC- Code of Federal Regulations), which is Income Tax on Individuals: • 26 CFR § 1.1-1(a) General rule. (1) Section 1 of the Code imposes an income tax on the income of every individual who is a citizen or resident of the United States.169 26 CFR § 1.1-1(c) Who is a citizen. Every person born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction is a citizen. Surprise!... fourteenth amendment language! Of course, a “citizen” is in direct reference to a fourteenth amendment citizen; and “resident” is in reference to an alien admitted for permanent residence (i.e. a foreign person in America by privilege which is defined by the tax code).170 The most important thing to understand about the complex Internal Revenue Code is that- the United States of America (i.e. the land) is defined very differently. Such is defined as follows: • Title 26 USC § 7701(b)(9). United States. The term “United States” when used in a geographical sense includes only the States and the District of Columbia. The term “States” is in reference to the states of the federal government- such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.- Not the 14th amendment States.171 In the United States Code when public law is passed pursuant to the real Constitution it is phrased the “several States” not the “States.” For that reason, the Internal Revenue Code is private law that is internal to the District of Columbia; hence, all taxation, including Social Security, is internal to that State. For more evidence, inspect the Social Security Act, the “several States” are not defined in its operational sphere.171 Of course the codified legal quagmire is intentional. It has been said the legal language that is used in the United States Code is comparable to that of a 31st grade level; accordingly, all in pursuance of your planned ignorance. The conclusion is: How can you steal from people if law is too easy to comprehend? The dark scenario that is portrayed herein can be directly attributed to what Thomas Jefferson had once said: “A country cannot be both ignorant and free. . .” And, as this cabal has been executed in stealth right under the noses of Americans, below is the current definition of communism American style as illustrated by American Heritage Dictionary: • Communism. An economic and social system under which all means of production are owned by the workers and controlled by the state for the common good. In most cases, economic and political control is held by a single, often (but not always) authoritarian party. Economic growth and planning are controlled by a central authority.
This quote was taken from the book- Administrator, by Philip Dru. Hey, what is wrong with your Christian name? It works just fine. Who really wants the pre-Mark of the Beast? 169 After the correction of your nationality you are “without the United States.” Moreover, you are not a “resident” as long as you are in the republic, not the state. However, you are an alien to the “United States.” This is where the nonresident alien language is from in the tax code. One is not a resident but is an alien, to the United States. 170 See the Internal Revenue Code- Title 26 USC § 7701(b)(6). Definitions 171 See SSA section 1101(a). [42 USC § 1301]. And to keep the appearance that the 14th amendment States are sovereign, said States can enter into a separate private contract for state employees- see Title 42 USC § 418.
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Economic system owned by the workers and controlled by the state: Corporations and stocks are regulated by government. Political control by an authoritarian party: See Totalitarian Party herein. Economic growth and planning are controlled by a central authority: The private Federal Reserve System controlling interest rates/economy-

INTERNAL WAR[S]. It has been said that Benjamin Franklin was asked by a journalist when leaving the signing of the Constitution in 1787- “What have you given us?” Of which Mr. Franklin replied- “We have given you a Constitutional Republic- If you can keep it” Of course, Mr. Franklin, showing an acute knowledge of human nature by his statement, additionally can be quoted as saying- “Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you.” Unfortunately, he was accurate in both aforesaid statements. As Americans are sheep seeking a demagogue to appease them, it took less than 200 years to lose the Republic, and for them to eventually get devoured by wolves- THEY. To set premise on the main issue of this chapter, treason, you must understand who you are in relation to the Law of Nations; and, how your birth country fits into the constitutional system of America. Hence, this chapter will explain what you may have unwittingly done and how. As you are now well aware, all Americans are subversively made citizens of the United States via the fourteenth amendment. All such persons have unwittingly succumb to the foreign state, known as the United States, by voting, unobserved contracts, and by not terminating the imposed federal citizenship, which has been established and praised as being a great thing. If you have had chance to read Lysander Spooner’s No Treason172 (1870) you would know about the “Government of Consent” that was created after the Civil War (so-called). If one could imagine, for Mr. Spooner to write about such a government, he would have to have been apprised of some scuttlebutt about such a government after such war; thus, it must have been the general talk of the Unionists after the War. What they (the conquerors) were tacitly stating is: What we are invoking in this new system of government (implemented through the so-called “reconstruction amendments”) is a new governmental system of consent. Such being based on the willingness of an individual to contract with this government; and, the implied consent of his nation. Of course, as you are now aware- The fourteenth amendment only allows US. citizens to vote in elections. This is a total violation of one’s right to participate in the government of his country;173 however, such is the foremost unwitting personal contract that is made with the insurgent fourteenth amendment governmental system. In other words- The presumption is broken- You completely agree with this system by voting. In contraposition, the treason that Mr. Spooner was referencing in his No Treason discourse was the treason that the Unionists were attempting to pin on the Confederates, of which he was correct- there was- No Treason. However, it is ventured that Mr. Spooner did not understand the true treason that was being performed- The one that is arranged by the subversive-diabolical fourteenth amendment governmental system.174 As you are aware- voting is a crime. You will now be shown why. Before we go into the specific factors, let us first view the underlying matters that set-up what has been implemented. You may think it odd, but the intent from day-one was to create a slave nation. This is evident, because the provisional factors appear in the original Constitution. Before these factors are noted, again, please understand that it was not one big conspiracy. All it takes is a legal tool, or more, to be secretly planted to implement the necessary factors at a later date. On the other hand, one must further note that there are many good aspects that the Constitution of the Union encompasses. There had to be or the Union premise could not have been sold to the other founding fathers. All things considered, the three most prominent negatives factors are: 1) The United States controlling the naturalization law for the several States; 2) The United States controlling the commerce for the American States; and, 3) The central monetary system that is controlled by the United States, which includes the States having to pay their
Lysander Spooner’s “No Treason” (1870) is included in the Deluxe Version of The Red Amendment. Not being able to participate in one’s government is a violation of natural rights: RIGHT. Political rights consist in the power to participate, directly or indirectly, in the establishment or management of government. These political rights are fixed by the constitution. Every citizen has the right of voting for public officers, and of being elected; these are the political rights which the humblest citizen possesses. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856. 174 SUBVERSIVE. Intended or serving to subvert, especially intended to overthrow or undermine an established government. SUBVERT. To destroy completely; ruin: “schemes to subvert the liberties of a great community” (Alexander Hamilton). 2. To undermine the character or allegiance of; corrupt. American Heritage Dictionary. DIABOLICAL. 1. Concerning or characteristic of the devil; satanic. 2. Appropriate to a devil, especially in degree of wickedness or cruelty. American Heritage Dictionary.
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debts in silver and gold and preclusion from coining their own money (Article I, section 10).175 A central monetary system for the Union is not considered a major shortcoming; however, it laid the preliminary groundwork for the central bank system, which is the main vehicle for the elitists' communism. The most suspicious factor is the mandating of the States to pay their debts in gold and silver, which would easily put them into bankruptcy (which was done through harassment- by war). All these strategically placed legal tools are instrumental to what has transpired as of today. It is interesting that Alexander Hamilton, one of the authors of the Federalist Papers, was a known promoter of a central bank system, of course, that would be under control of the federal government. Hamilton, a Federalist,176 in present terminology, would undoubtedly be deemed a communist. In simple terms- Communism is nothing more than a strategy to control commerce under the guise of the State. Moreover, one should note that Statism, in effect, is communism.177 A Nationalist178 is in contraposition to aFederalist. Such term imports the belief of keeping commerce closer to ones country so that the fruits of labor of his nation would benefit its people. And, do not get the wrong idea, trade between nations is indisputably desired; however, when it takes away from one’s country, it is not to any benefit to such country or its nation. Now, to further explain how usurpation was accomplished. If you would again imagine that the federal government does not exist, of which it cannot without people. Accordingly, people were needed to establish a population on the land of America to create the several states/nations. The United States was in charge of land acquisition through treaty, purchase and war; which therefore put the United States in charge of granting statehood to all new states in the acquired territories.179 Let it be known that the unification of the American states (Union) was only the first step. It established the union of the American States; while at the same time created a force (military) to take away the territorial lands from the American aboriginal tribes (which involved murdering most of them).180 After the States were established, the American people needed to be removed from their lands- they were no longer needed as the States (or states) were established. As you are aware, as a matter of law, this was done via the fourteenth amendment. The creation of the States was necessary to create ruling subdivisions for easier control of people over a vast territory. Moreover, to create an efficient industrial slave force, and have control, it is necessary to break down the predominate one-race nations that originally existed in America. That is why the melting-pot mentality was employed in America over the past 100 years. Naturally, people of the same race have a stronger unity. Again, it has nothing to do with rights.181 This is component of the taming of the masses toward a- One country-Communist- Slave Nation. It is ventured that Benjamin Franklin knew what eventually was going to happen; hence, his statement- “If you can keep it.” Please note- Franklin was a Mason. After this author’s research, it is held that the likes of the fourteenth amendment was planned even at the time of the signing of the Constitution. Although no evidence has been accessible to prove such theories; such is just conjecture based on the legal tools found in the original Constitution, that were aforementioned, and language- such as citizen of the United States, which laid the groundwork for a major word of art language game; moreover, the Constitution is vaguely written (intentionally?). And, if all the herein stated pre-established measures are not true, some real criminal-genius legal minds thought up what it going to explained forthwithWhat will be explained now is the usurpation of the republican governmental system that was originally established for the Union. The biggest falsehood that has been fed to the American peoples is that they believe they are receiving their rights from the Bill of Rights; when actually it generally protects natural rights that are held under the Law of Nations. Said bill is of purpose to protect the sovereign nations of America from the federal government. The big lie is it now being used as a privilege bill for
United States Constitution, Article I, section 10- No State shall. . . coin money. . . [or] make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts. 176 FEDERALISM. 1. A system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and constituent political units. 2. Federalism. The doctrine of the Federalist Party. American Heritage Dictionary. 177 STATISM. The practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government [could even be a state government] control over economic planning and policy. American Heritage Dictionary. [This term is fundamentally the same as communism. As has been stated herein, they just make up new terms to confuse people from the truth.] 178 NATIONALISM. 1. Devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation. 2. The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals. 3. Aspirations for national independence in a country under foreign domination. American Heritage Dictionary. 179 United States Constitution, Article IV, section 3- New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union. 180 If anyone should be complaining it should be the American aborigines, not the so-called African-Americans. It does get tiring hearing people like Jesse Jackson complain about how oppressed his people are. And another thing- How come people that- in example- have German roots- do not call themselves German Americans? 181 When they try to institute race wars- Do not fall for it- THEY love Order out of Chaos- It is how THEY control.


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federal citizens that are living in the federal colonies.182 This is part and parcel of the reversing of the governmental system of the Union. As early stated, each State is a sovereign nation of which all power extends outward from each state via its peoples/societies. The way it is now, it operates backwards. This usurpation had to be done by the consent of the people or it would have been a violent usurpation, which is criminal. See below: • Usurpation, government. The tyrannical assumption of the government by force contrary to and in violation of the constitution of the country. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856. The fourteenth amendment essentially accomplished: 1) Making Americans federal citizens; 2) Made the American states (States) dependencies of the United States; 3) Placed insurgents in the governments of the American states, via the United States; 4) Created a dual system of law by having people of a fourteenth amendment State vote for their representatives; such people then to be governed by private law enacted by Washington D.C. Accordingly, the progressive, planned usurpation continued from the fourteenth amendment. This included the people of the fourteenth amendment states/colonies to vote directly for the United States Senators, which was set forth by the seventeenth amendment. Please note that the de jure United States Representatives went to Washington D.C. to guard the people of their states, from the actions of their States. The States originally handled matters that pertained to the commerce of the Union on an international level, and other matters that pertained to the Union at large. To make clear, the United States Congress did not go to D.C. to see how much money they could get back from what was taken from their State (or people), or to pass laws to oppress other countries in the Union. All such law not even pertaining to their states- This is entitled- Sticking your nose in other people’s business (see totalitarian party defined herein i.e. PEACE). You see, the republican “firewall” that protected the people of the American states, from the federal government, is being systematically torn down. The next stage is to have the electoral college done away with. This will dupe the people into electing the President by popular vote- ERGO- No more protective firewall. Thus, the Executive Orders that the President issues will not have to get the “stamp of approval” from the Congress. At that time the people will unwittingly have a dictator.183 In review- Refer back to Communist Totalitarian Dictatorship that is defined in the United States Code- Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(40). This will be the American version. Accordingly, Marx stated this about the Manifesto Planks: • “These measures will, of course, be different in different countries. Nevertheless, in most advanced countries, the following will be pretty generally applicable.” All the Planks are applied in America in one form of law or another. Accordingly, this will be the relished “DEMOCRACY,” not Republican government mind you, in its FULL GLORY. Of course, you must be further reminded- All by consent- You vote for it- You asked for it. 184 Now to go through how they are justifying what they are doing, and how they have devised it, as a matter of law. Of course, in the name of so-called PEACE During the infamous Civil War, a Military Code entitled the Lieber Code was established.185 This Code established many things that the United States claims to be present during the course of a war. Among them were the definitions of what an Insurrection, Civil War and Rebellion are under American law, which is pursuant to the Law of Nations. They are as follows: • Insurrection is the rising of people in arms against their government, or a portion of it, or against one or more of its laws, or against an officer or officers of the government. It may be confined to mere armed resistance, or it may have greater ends in view. • Civil war is war between two or more portions of a country or state, each contending for the mastery of the whole, and each claiming to be the legitimate government. The term is also sometimes applied to war of rebellion when the rebellious provinces or portion of the state are contiguous those containing the seat of government. • The term Rebellion is applied to an insurrection of large extent, and is usually a war between the legitimate government of a country and portions of provinces of the same who seek to throw off their allegiance to it and set up a government of their own.
But not all of it. You will-find little case law on the 2nd and 9th Amendments past the Civil War. The 1st, 4th and 5th are really the only amendments that are being perversely utilized in the de facto system. 183 As you may have witnessed in the Dog and Pony Show that was played out during the most recent Presidential Election, there is a seemed agenda to have the electoral college done away with and have the President elected by popular vote. MARK THIS AUTHOR’s WORDS ON THIS ONE! Note the Hegelian Dialectic used: Thesis- A problem is intentionally created: Election dilemma constructed, my vote did not count; Antithesis Opposition to the problem is created: People getting upset about their vote not being counted; Synthesis- The desired result is brought in as a solution: Electoral College terminated. Americans are so gullible- They are walking right into it. 184 “There can be no really pervasive system of oppression without the consent of the oppressed” (F. R. Kennedy). 185 All sections of the Lieber Code are cited from General Orders of the War Department, Adjutant-General’s Office, Washington, April 24, 1863. Such being issued in the middle of the Civil War, so-called.


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QUOTE: INSURRECTION IS THE RISING OF PEOPLE [in arms] AGAINST THEIR GOVERNMENT... OR AGAINST ONE OR MORE OF ITS LAWS And- REBELLION IS APPLIED TO AN INSURRECTION OF LARGE EXTENT... AND IS USUALLY A WAR BETWEEN THE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT OF A COUNTRY... WHO SEEK TO THROW OFF THEIR ALLEGIANCE. Please, read it again if you do not understand it. First understand there are no guns or force necessary in this war, per definition. This is why it is a Quiet War: 1) No guns are used [note in arms removed above]; 2) It is accomplished in stealth by applicable law in tacit operation. Accordingly, please understand that law is silent. It can function without detection. As long as it is written, it can be engaged at anytime- by anyone who wants to accomplish an objective at the time it is desired. Again, one must understand that it is necessary to keep people ignorant in a communist slave nation; or the goals of the World Elite could not be executed to create their economic machine i.e. the New World Order. To explain what this means- One must understand that the fourteenth amendment, section 2 and 3, established new apportionment of representation based on federal citizenship. Section 1 naturalizes everyone at birth. Before the fourteenth amendment was passed, the States and the federal representation was based wholly on state citizenship. That was the law of the State. The sovereign State consisted of the people of any such Union state (i.e. country); hence, the State was the government and consisted of such people (“the people”). This brings us to the point of treason against one’s country and nation. Using the American standard (set forth in the Lieber Code), an insurrection is set forth as the rising of people against their government or against one or more of it laws. You see, the law of the American republics was to seat the legislature of the state with state citizens; such was legal fact prior to the United States Constitution or the original form of the American federation. In the body of the fourteenth amendment this was changedThe state legislatures are now seated by federal citizens- not state citizens. This puts the people voting in insurrection, by their definition (-emphasis), to their countries. This in fact then causes a civil war, by their definition (-emphasis), in each American republic. This creates an insurrection of large extent, by their definition (-emphasis), of which is caused by people (U.S. citizens) of the provinces (i.e. a state’s counties), of an American state. The crime is voting for alternate state government officers, which are quasi-political subdivisions of Washington D.C., as set up by the fourteenth amendment, sections 2 and 3. ErgoREBELLION. This is why you will find the stealthy language of- “the right to vote. . . in any election... is denied. . . except for participation in rebellion, or other crime” detected in section 2 of the fourteenth amendment. Moreover, the people that are claiming to be U.S. citizens (by failing to claim they're not), even though are not voting, are part and parcel of the presumed consent of nations; accordingly, they are also deemed rebels; hence they are part of the rebelling nation; be they in the country of their births or another country of the Union. As a matter of law, all natural born Americans that are wandering around the Union are deemed in rebellion to their native countries. Accordingly, the Supreme Court said in Cruikshank supra that U.S. citizens owe allegiance to the state and federal government- so to speak, which translates that one owes his political allegiance to the United States and its State[s] over his nation. The court did not disclose the full truth. It most certainly understood that people were committing an act of treason, or a breach of allegiance, to their States/countries. This is unification of all nations, under color of law, into one federal nation, which is in violation of the Law of Nations. In broad sense, this government system turned- the United States of America into- the State of America- THE ORDER. Moreover, if you remember, in the Preamble of the Expatriation Act Congress declared that Americans should forever give up their allegiance to their state governments. It is fact that any breach or violation of that allegiance to their State is a violation of the Law of Nations. However, again, nothing has been repealed in the real Constitution; hence, this sets up a dual system of law for people who wish not to rebel against their de jure law form- natural and common law. This is evident when one reads case law that has been set forth by the Supreme Court of the United States. To further expand on this, and for a more integral understanding, one must note that after the Civil War (so-called) General Grant had stated- “Let there be peace.” So, the United States is at so-called peace with all the American states; however, again, there are still wars present, by their established definitions, further executed by the tacit legal actions of the fourteenth amendment. It is an established fact that the so-called Civil War was not a civil war, but rather an international war; moreover, it was a conquest as a matter of law, the Constitution notwithstanding. Hence, under the rules of war, set forth by international law, the conquest is further set forth by rules. This is established by the dicta in the following sections of the Lieber Code:


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• A place, district, or country occupied by an enemy stands, in consequence of the occupation, under Martial Law of the invading or occupying army, whether any proclamation declaring Martial Law, or any public warning to the inhabitants, has been issued or not. Martial Law is the immediate and direct effect and consequence of occupation or conquest. • Martial law does not cease during the hostile occupation, except by special proclamation,- ordered by the commander-in-chief; or by special mention in the treaty of peace concluding the war, when the occupation of a place or territory beyond the conclusion of peace as one of the conditions of the same.186 • Martial Law in a hostile country consists in the suspension, by the occupying military authority (i.e. the state governments installed by the 14th amendment, via the federal government, by consent of the people), of the criminal and civil law, and of the domestic administration and government in the occupied place or territory, and in the substitution of military rule and force for the same, as well as in the dictation of general laws (i.e. the will of the current insurgent state legislatures), as far as military necessity requires this suspension, or dictation. Was there a treaty signed between the North and the South? It is believed not; just Grant187 declaring peace after his conquest of the South (see above Lieber Rules, vide #42; footnote 187). In essence the so-called Civil War has been continued by the consent of the ignorant voting American people; such being done by the stealthy use of the fourteenth amendment. However, now there are genuine civil wars pursuant to the Law of Nations, not the international war the Unionists tried to pull over on people, and other legal scholars (Supreme Court), widely know as the Civil War.188 Now all the other Union states are now under the same Martial Rule as were the conquered Confederate States.189 Please refer back to, and carefully read, the foregoing listed Lieber Rules- The combination of the three rules listed establish that the states are yet under a form of Martial Law i.e. Martial Rule. Ergo- the cessation of the de jure civil law, which is (was) the common law. Now the states are under convention of de facto legislatures or States: • Convention. An agreement between states, sides, or military forces, especially an agreement dealing with a specific subject, such as the treatment of prisoners of war.190 Remember the participatory mandates that are in section 3 of the fourteenth amendment? The state participates cannot participate if they shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same or give aid or comfort to the enemies. As all state officers de facto are not to give aid and comfort to the enemy, they can do whatever they want with a rebel (see convention above). The fourteenth amendment is letting Americans vote for their oppressors, of which they wear the de facto hat to get elected, thereafter, they put on the de jure hat when they are in office, and follow the rules of war. 191 A U.S. citizen is treated as an Enemy of the State! He is in servitude in a penal colony! Accordingly, as the law is followed, the fourteenth amendment States (so-called emergency governments) are defined by Congress in the United States criminal code as such: • Title 18 USC § 11. The term “foreign government,” 192 as used in this title, includes any government, faction, or body of insurgents within a country with which the United States is at peace, irrespective of recognition by the United States.193 Fundamentally, what this is saying is- The state governments are not permanent and they are not
Was there ever a treaty between the North and the South? See footnote 187 on Grant in further relation to this. GRANT, ULYSSES SIMPSON. Originally Hiram Ulysses Grant. 1822-1885. The 18th President of the United States (18691877) and a Civil War general. After his victorious Vicksburg campaign (1862-1863), he was made commander in chief of the Union Army (1864) and accepted the surrender of General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox (1865). Grant’s two-term presidency was marred by widespread graft and corruption. (American Heritage Dictionary). Hmmm, if Grant’s two-term presidency was marred by widespread graft and corruption do ya think that the Civil War and its purpose was filled with the same? Grant- One of America’s 1 st communists? 188 REBELS. A term loosely but incorrectly applied to the Confederates in the Civil War. 30 Am J Rev ed Insurr § 2. 189 There is no law whatsoever that circumstances that an American State (nation) cannot secede from the Union. 190 American Heritage Dictionary. Another definition hidden in the properly entitled- American Heritage- Dictionary. 191 They still have to uphold the American constitution[s] in the federal districts (overlays); see Title 4 usc § 101. 192 It is an established fact that the state governments are considered foreign governments to the united States; see Preamble of Public Law, 15 united States Statutes at Large, chapter 249, pps 223-224 (1868) for evidence. 193 If you would look at the complete statute you will find that there are other statutes that preclude people such as foreign diplomats from countries foreign to the united States. This indicates that the statute is in reference to the American states. Moreover, why would the united States be defining foreign governments in the u.s. Code; especially in a criminal code that has to do with matters within its jurisdiction? They wouldn't; it means the state governments. Also, you may want to review “Military Jurisdiction” as defined on page 28 and Title 18 USC § 7- Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the united States defined. “SPECIAL” INFERS DIFFERENT FROM NORMAL.
186 187


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recognized as being such by the United States.194 The American states are at peace with the United States under the so-called emergency- ERGO- not permanent.195 However, under the law they are insurgents, because the law is not of the country of which they exist i.e. The natural Law of Nations is not followed. One reason is: The States are seated by federal citizens, not the state’s sovereign people; hence, under international law they are considered- INSURGENTS. However, they are not involved in insurrection. Their purpose is that of Martial Rule- to keep the peace of the conquest. Again, the fourteenth amendment is an emergency measure; but, under the Law of Nations, it makes the rebelling natives (nation) of such states an- Enemy of the State. Yes, Americans have been SET UP. But in ignorance, they have submitted to this fraud due to their tacit consent: Individually- by voting; and, collectively- by failing to state they are not federal citizens, and by participating in de facto contracts- In other words- Looking like a Duck. Of course, no one can lawfully contest this Quiet War. The so-called Civil War and the real civil wars (domestic to an American republic) are warranted by the following authorities: • Article IV - Section 4. The United States shall protect each of them [the several States], on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened),196 against domestic Violence. • Article I - Section 8. The Congress shall have Power to provide for calling forth the Militia to suppress Insurrections. • Article I - Section 8. The Congress shall have Power to define and punish Offenses against the Law of Nations. All provisions were used to make the Southern States stay in the Union, by use of militias of the Northern States. However, note that insurrection and domestic violence have to be internal to a state; not internal to the Union. In other words- The Union government cannot go into a state without the permission of its government. In the case of the so-called Civil War, the Confederate citizens supported their governments, thus, there was not an insurrection, rebellion, thus, no civil war. There is no constitutional provision to interfere in a State’s business; and, there is nothing that can make a State (nation) stay in the Union; hence, an international war transpired. A war that was part and parcel in constructing the “World Order” in North America.197 The latter two clauses, mentioned above from the Constitution, are used to implement and justify the fourteenth amendment and also its punishments. What a catch 22! In essence, what the United States is doing is protecting the states against the bad American people, because they are rebelling against the governments of their republics (i.e. violation of the Law of Nations). In fact, these American rebels are committing an act of treason against their republics under the rules of international law, the principles of natural law, and the Lieber Code. As a matter of law, it can be well founded that the States are acting under military authority as a quasi-militia under Article I, section 8 of the Constitution. The United States government, with its so installed insurgent state governments, are making all the rebels behave under Martial Rule. Under universal premise of international law, the state governments must be deemed insurgent factions due to the nature of their existence. Again, the states have government officers that are elected by federal citizens, which have supplanted the de jure officers elected by state citizens- its their government.198 Accordingly, the United States is constitutionally justifying everything that it is doing under the authorization of the United States Constitution. Remember, the fourteenth amendment, which installs these alternate state governments under its section 3, has a savings clause that holds the participants (state officials) from being in insurrection or rebellion; accordingly, both the States and the United States,
RECOGNITION. Official acceptance of the national status of a new government by another nation. American Heritage Dictionary. [In other words- The United States has not given the state governments recognition.] 195 NATIONAL EMERGENCY. A state of “national- crisis; a situation demanding immediate and extraordinary national or federal action. Congress has made little or no distinction between a “state of national emergency” and a “state of war.” Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. [*national so-called; see also dictator defined herein]. 196 This is where Lincoln exercised his Executive Power. The Southern States were not in congressional session as they refused to participate; however, the North (Union) did not accept the secession of the Southern states and the federal government-was acting under force under Executive war powers- Ergo: Lincoln has been deemed a dictator because he bypassed congress. For more information, see PAC Web-Site- The Major Premise. 197 Hitler was after a “World Order.” His world order wasn’t okay i.e. Killing Jews- Bad. Killing Americans- Good. 198 This creates a dual jurisdiction in each state. As a matter of law, there are two states in each American republic: 1) a State, foreign state is in reference to a foreign jurisdiction (de jure); 2) The Military jurisdictions that apply de facto legislation against the rebels of which these state governments owe their existence to. Also, see this in reference to de jure nationals “In such cases the inhabitants pass under a temporary allegiance to the de facto government, and are bound by such laws, and such only, as it chooses to recognize and impose. From the nature of the case, no other laws can be obligatory upon them, for where there is no protection or allegiance or sovereignty, there can no claim to obedience.” Per Story, J., in- U.S. v. Rice, 4 Wheat U.S. 246 (1819).


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due to the savings clause in section 3, must uphold the original premise of the real constitutional governmental system in this Quiet War. The other relative clause that can be found in the original Constitution that mandates such is set forth by the following: • Article IV - Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of Government. As defined in this section, the current state governments are not republican, they have been usurped by the fourteenth amendment and most amendments that follow it; moreover, they are not following the common law. As the current de facto state governments cannot be involved in insurrection, which would include being party to installing a de facto state government that will not uphold the law of the republic of which it exists, it must uphold the Constitution in its entirety. This is evident by the law Congress passes, as it is in conformity with the Constitution, with the exception of the private law that pertains only to federal citizens.199 Again, nothing in the original Constitution has been repealed; although some will say the overwritten segments are obsolete (yeah, whatever they say), the United States must guarantee a de jure law form. The true Republican forms of government are defined in the Federalist Papers as written and defined by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. Since the current system is not based on the American republics operating under such premise, it would be safe to say that such states do not have a Republican form of government. As most understand they are living under a Democracy, not a Republic.200 However, the United States must guarantee it. So the people who do not rebel against their law form of right, which would include being able to enjoy a Republican form of government and the common law (of which that is inherent in that government form), are entitled to live under it. This being guaranteed by Article IV, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. Of course one must note that the common law has been preserved for non-rebels.201 The two most compelling acts that have been instituted by the United States Congress, which indicate the position of the United States in these wars within the Union, are as follows: • AN ACT Dealing with the Control and taking of Private Property for the Public Use, Benefit, or Welfare (a.k.a. Trading With The Enemy Act), 1917. • AN ACT termed The Neutrality Act, 1939. The former Act mentioned is the most prominent, but most unknown, act of communism set forth by this de facto governmental system. We will now look at Plank 1 and 4 of the Communist Manifesto for the instituted purpose. The two planks are as follows: • 1) Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. • 4) Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. The two Act’s somewhat work in conjunction with each other to achieve the purpose of the two Planks. Of course, this is all set up by the fourteenth amendment. The two Acts are pursuant to the fourteenth amendment enforcement clause, which is section 5 (of which was not covered herein). As it has been set forth herein, Americans are deemed enemies of their countries. The Trading With The Enemy Act deems Americans enemies. The Neutrality Act set forth that the United States will stay of the states' internal wars; however, will pass law to keep its citizens in line (See preamble herein). Of course the rebel portion of Plank 4 is people in violation of their natural law that is set forth by the Law of Nations; and, the emigrant portion of Plank 4 is in reference to people wandering around the federation and acting like they are a rightful citizen in another country- The fourteenth amendment sets forth these premises in its operation. Note the date they were implemented- Again, law can be instituted at anytime. The fourteenth amendment was the tool needed to engage the two Acts. Again- slow implementation to avoid suspicion. Such Acts have been used as a major legal device to allow the United States, and the States, to continually take people’s property and adversely control their commerce. An example is- The infamous War on Drugs. To give you some general specifics, as you are probably aware, when one is caught selling drugs he is deemed to be trafficking. In a free world all items of trade would be deemed lawful; any such item would just have tax on it. Such items distribution (or use) would then be governed by a society under its common law i.e . generally no one would go to jail unless an injured party could be produced. The way it
See the Neutrality Act of 1939, chiefly the Preamble. See Hollywood telling Americans the tacit truth in “Gladiator” The system of law that Americans are currently under is Roman civil law. In Gladiator, Maximus was advised to take Rome out of the dictatorship and back to a Republican form of government under control of the Senate. NOTE: One must understand that the American Republican form of government differed from the Romans. We have representatives which speak for the people. The Roman Senate was more of a dictatorial faction that represented Rome (the State). Our dual system of representation, representatives who represent the people and the senate who represents the State, is (was) a firewall that protects us against government; however, in its current bastardized form it does not function proper. 201 Some common law remedies can be accessed under the federal court system by 28 USC § 1333(1). Moreover, please note that the federal territories (or jurisdiction) that are defined by Title 18 USC § 7. This defines the special jurisdictions of the United States e.g. In some instances the FBI has jurisdiction to go into a state.
199 200


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is now- both state and federal governments are taking people’s property if they are caught “trafficking” drugs.202 To continue, Plank 1 of the Manifesto is fully instituted by the fourteenth amendment. People that have accepted the federal (feudal) citizenship and nationality have given up their absolute right to land. This is how the land the federal government has (or controls) is acquired that is located in the several American states. Accordingly, to establish such an adverse possession, the United States Constitution only allows the federal government to obtain property pursuant to the following: • Article I - Section 8. The Congress shall have power to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over... all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the State in which the same shall be, for the erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, Dockyards, and other needful Buildings. The taking of land to save a tree or a spotted owl that is in a state is not for the purpose that is lawfully delegated by the Constitution. Parks are excellent for all to benefit, but not federal parks within a state, as dictated by the United States. Unknown to most Americans, such land is being given to the International Monetary Fund (via the UN) for payment of the purported federal debt. Saving trees and owls is just a ploy.203 Because Americans have elected to be vassals of the state in which they live, and also oppose the law of God (natural law), their oppression is allowed under the Trading with the Enemy Act and their property is taken under the law of convention set forth by both federal and state legislatures. Again, this was all slowly orchestrated. The next presentation will provide further evidence that there are quiet internal wars going on in the several republics of America. The Neutrality Act simply establishes that the United States government will not involve itself in the wars that are within the American republics (unless it is necessary e.g. FBI). This major piece of the puzzle was put into operation during the Roosevelt reign (emphasis on reign). Its particulars include the limiting the United States' involvement in the wars within the states; and also, imposing federal law on its citizens to control them.204 Now, behold the piece of evidence that proves the foregoing assertion. It is found in Section 20 of Joint Resolution November 4, 1939 and is cited as the Neutrality Act of 1939. You are asked to note that such Act maintains stealthy language. See the Preamble of the Act below: • PREAMBLE. Whereas the United States, desiring to preserve its neutrality in wars between foreign states and desiring also to avoid involvement therein, voluntarily imposes upon its nationals by domestic legislation the restrictions set out in this joint; and Whereas by so doing the United States waives none of its own rights or privileges, or those of any of its nationals, under international law, and expressly reserves all the rights and privileges to which it and its nationals are entitled under the law of nations; and Whereas the United States hereby expressly reserves the right to repeal, change or modify this joint resolution or any other domestic legislation in the interests of the peace, security or welfare of the United States and its people. Neutrality Act of 1939. The Preamble of the Act sets forth the following: “Whereas the United States (de facto), desiring to preserve its neutrality in wars between foreign states and desiring also to avoid involvement therein.” In other words- The de facto government is not getting involved in the America state wars; however, it is going to impose restrictive laws (domestic) on ITS nationals. Again- ITS nationals! (United States nationals) Not their nationals. Pursuant to that, note what else Congress establishes: “Whereas the United States hereby expressly reserves the right to repeal, change or modify this joint resolution or any other domestic legislation in the interests of the peace, security or welfare of the United States and its people.”205 It states: “modify this joint resolution OR ANY OTHER DOMESTIC LEGISLATION in the interests of the peace, security or welfare of the United States and its people.” ITS people not their people. This is in reference to the control of citizens of the United States, who do not have sovereignty- IT does. Domestic means internal to the country referenced. In the case of this Act, it is in reference to the communist country that is created under the fourteenth amendment. In other words- Internal to the fourteenth amendment jurisdictions of the United States i. e. “within the United States.” The two different jurisdictions are plainly defined by Title 28 USC § 1746. Title 28 of the United States Code (USC) is where the federal court system is defined. Accordingly, section 1 746 sets forth the two different jurisdictions: The de jure jurisdictions, which are under premise of the original Constitution; and, the de facto jurisdiction,
The attorneys and governments are making billions and billions of dollars on the prosecution, and housing, of this form of crime, which does not have an injured party-That you are paying for through taxes! 203 See article “U.S. National Parks to be off limits to Americans” by Patricia Neill- . . “Inside Yellowstone, the Park Service is shutting down campgrounds as the park is being prepared to become the core of a huge biosphere reserve, as part of the United Nations global plan. This represents fulfillment of plans outlined in the UN’s Biodiversity Treaty.” [Its a scam! This is part of a feel-good Elitists’ covert land grab.] 204 The separation of the jurisdiction between nationals de jure and United States nationals (citizens) can be found defined by Title 1 8 USC § 7- Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States. Generally, maritime jurisdictions have to do with the sea- however may be special in some instances- such as contract or debt. 205 Note that all these people rights are held under the Law of Nations. This is the primary law that applies.


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under the fourteenth amendment. Now, to see how the Neutrality Act is applied in a section of the United States Code. It is also found throughout the United States Code. The two main Titles are Title 8 and Title 22. Title 8 is: Aliens and Nationality; and, Title 22 is: Foreign Relations and Intercourse. Please note that pieces of the puzzle are put all over the place in the Code. Title 8 tells a person who he is; and, Title 22 gives a better insight of who the de facto nationals and de jure nationals (state) are. Moreover, please note that along with Title 22, Title 4 is where one can establish how they have created, under color of law, the fourteenth amendment overlays in the federal districts (States) for U.S. citizens. In other words- The fourteenth amendment States that are set up by the fourteenth amendment. Now, let us see how devious the Neutrality Act has been applied in Title 22: • Title 22 USC § 449. American republics. This joint resolution shall not apply to any American republic engaged in war against a non-American state or states, provided the American republic is not cooperating with a non-American state or states in such war. So. . . What is an American state? An American republic (one of the states). So... What is a nonAmerican state? This is not quite as simple. A bit of conjecture is implemented here; but, could a nonAmerican state possibly be a fourteenth amendment State? Is such a state not a political subdivision of Washington D.C.? It is fact that Washington D.C. is not a state, it is a district, a location for the Union to do its business; hence, as Washington D.C. is not a state, thus it cannot be a republic- It does not have a natural nation; hence, it cannot be a state or a republic; wherefore, its political subdivisions (colonies or States) are not republics, they are dependencies. In review, a republic is an independent people or nation that is in full control of its sovereignty. The people of America have given up this natural right and have taken sanctuary with the United States, hence, are its nation. Because a state is a sovereign republic, U.S. citizens are not an American nation, just dependents (a dependency) of IT, a non-American state.206 To further decode this puzzle, one must apply the two hat principle; then he must turn to the definitions of the chapter, which are found in Title 22, Foreign Relations and Intercourse: • Title 22 USC § 456. Definitions. For the purposes of this joint resolution, subsection (e) the term “state” shall include nation, government, and country. (government = state) As you are now aware, the several States of the United States are under direct mandate of the fourteenth amendment; this mandate is evidenced in Title 8, Nationalities: • Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(1 4). The term “foreign state” includes outlying possessions of a foreign state [i.e. the land], but if self-governing dominions or territories under mandate or trusteeship shall be regarded as separate foreign states. SELF-GOVERNING DOMINIONS UNDER MANDATE SHALL BE REGARDED AS SEPARATE FOREIGN STATES. In essence this has defined a republic, republic = people and land or republic = state, i.e. a sovereign state or State. In essence, 1101(a)(14) is defining the de facto government and the land as separate bodies.207 In other words- The fourteenth amendment States (i.e. governments) in a foreign state acting as sovereign (i.e. an American republic), however, does not have true dominion; the land legally belongs to the de jure nationals of the state.208 Now, by inserting the definitions from section 456 we can see what is stealthily defined in the following section: • Title 22 USC § 449. This joint resolution shall not apply to any American republic (State) engaged in war against a non-American state (nation), provided the American republic (State) is not cooperating with a non-American state (nation) in such war. Remember, the state de facto governments cannot give aid and comfort to the enemy (voting nation[als] of the United States and their participating nations). Now, let us apply the two hat principleThe fourteenth amendment States are acting as sovereign states- that is- a belligerent de jure. Well, such state, the American republic (de facto state government) is not cooperating with the non-American state (the D.C. nation); thus, the United States stays uninvolved unless the mandate is breached- i.e. Totalitarian Force. In other words- No natural rights for citizens of the United States via the fourteenth amendment convention, which in essence is government granted privileges in pursuance of a Socialist State. Accordingly, one should note that license is utilized in international law as a term of war. License in its pristine defined state is as follows:
It should be noted that the District of Columbia came up with its own constitution in the mid 1980’s. Of which this question is asked- Is the District of Columbia a state or district? This is one example how the frauds keep being perpetuated. Just like the confusion with the fourteenth amendment, the District of Criminals (DC) will keep on creating a legal quagmire that no one will be able to figure out except the best lawyers (i.e. the insiders). 207 The insurgent governments are acting as an offended State; hence, are quasi-de jure. Evidence of the separate sovereignty is noted in the U.S. Code under Title 42 USC § 418- Separate State agreements for Social Security. 208 See footnote 132 for the information on the public debt of the United States and the mandates of land.


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• License, international law. An authority given by one of two belligerent parties, to the citizens/subjects of the other, to carry on a specified trade. Bouvier’s Law, 1856. The term belligerent is language of War! You are in a “Quiet War” that is structuring World Communism. This is component to the stealthy agenda of the Quiet War. Accordingly, now let us look at true purpose of the Neutrality Act, which ties to the real purpose of the Quiet War- The procurement of profit for THEY, which mandates Americans to be tenants (serfs) on the land. Oddly enough, the term “citizen,” pursuant to the resolution, cannot be found used anywhere in this particular chapter of Title 22’s sections; however, they are defined for the section of the Code. This is highly suspect. Moreover, when you read the below definitions, note that the patent inherent vagueness of the United States Code appears in the definitions. In reality, the definitions are simply defining all fictions of law (the presumptions) which are found in the war zones (e.g. for the Internal Revenue Code). Accordingly, the Act defines who and what is in the fourteenth amendment federal areas (i.e. war zones). Examine the following definitions: • Title 22 USC § 456. For the purposes of this joint resolution- (a) The term “United States,” when used in a geographical sense, includes the several States and Territories, the insular possessions of the United States; (b) The term “person” includes a partnership, company, association, or corporation, as well as a natural person; (f) The term “citizen” shall include any individual owing allegiance to the United States, a partnership, company, or association composed in whole or in part of citizens of the United States, and any corporation organized and existing under the laws of the United States as defined in subsection (a) of this section. If you review subsection ‘f’ it states- An individual owing allegiance to the United States. Accordingly, it further goes on to define who are such persons- citizens of the United States; in other words- a federal citizen (a citizen and national of the United States). As you are aware, this status has been addressed in previous chapters. They presume that you are a federal citizen. Again, note a person owing allegiance to the United States in contraposition to: A national being a person owing permanent allegiance to a state (see Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(21)). If one is not included in one of the entities that are noted in the definitions set forth by Title 22 USC § 456, he is precluded from the federal areas- PERIOD! Note, fraud has to be continually covered up. Accordingly, to continue on this fourteenth amendment fraud, the federal areas, which are, for legal purposes, referred to as fourteenth amendment states (or colonies under control of the insurgents), are further noted and defined in Title 4 of the United States Code as follows: • Title 4 USC § 110. As used in sections 105-109 of this title (i.e. Title 4)(a) The term “person” shall have the meaning assigned to it in section 7701(a)1 of Title 26.209 [i.e. a federal person- see Title 26 USC § 7701(a)(30) footnote 80] (f) The term “Federal area” means any lands or premises held or acquired by or for the use of the United States or any department, establishment, or agency, of the United States; and any Federal area, or any part thereof, which is located within the exterior boundaries of any State, shall be deemed to be a Federal area located within such State. IN OTHER WORDS- Anywhere “within the State” de facto an enemy of the state (voter), or United States citizen (non- voter, presumed guilty by association), can be taxed or subject to domestic/internal law (private law) of the United States and its political subdivisions, which are the 14th amendment States. However, you should note that de jure nationals are protected from such jurisdictions. That is- Once one terminates the federal nationality, he possesses his natural rights protected by international law (i.e. the Law of Nations). The “domestic” federal legislation then does not pertain to him. In other words- Such status is absent the jurisdiction of the United States government,210 one is back in the realm of de jure constitutional protections. IN SUMMARY OF THIS CHAPTER: As a matter of stringent law, the United States of America is not a country and it is not a nation- it is a federation of countries or nations. There is no legal way a civil war can exist within the United States of America that is not within one of the American republics. The only war that can transpire “within the Union” is an international war. Hence, the so-called “Civil War” was a fraudit is a fraud- it was a lie- it is a lie- it is a pipe dream- it can not happen- it will never happen- as a matter of law. What has transpired is a communist fraud scheme of unthinkable proportions. Americans have been,

The Internal Revenue Code- Title 26 USC § 7701(a). Definitions. When used in this title, where not otherwise distinctly expressed or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof- (1) The term “person” shall be construed to mean and include an individual, a trust, estate, partnership, association, company or corporation. see Title 22 USC § 456(f)- war. All these entities are found 'within the United States.” Ergo: Internal = Domestic = Union. 210 See Title 28 USC § 1746(l). i.e. “outside the United States” = not “within the United States”


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and still are, being lied to.211 However, one must not forget- It is all in the name of peace. YEAH WHATEVER! And, remember the Preamble of the Neutrality Act states: “. . . modify this joint resolution or any other domestic (federal) legislation in the interests of the peace, security or welfare of the United States and ITS people.” In other words- What Congress is stealthily saying is- Bye-Bye natural rights for citizens of the United States, and HELLO TOTALITARIAN OPPRESSION! And, as you may have noticed in the Preamble above, the infamous word “Peace” is utilized. Actually, the true definition of “Peace” is killing over 500 thousand Americans in the so-called “Civil War” to have order, the NEW WORLD ORDER that is. Equally, as you should now be aware: Peace = Totalitarianism = Law of Man (666)- Now, that is the true definition of PEACE. And, a final note: As the international definition of license is a term of war,212 the next time you go into get any kind of license from the state or county of which you live, you might ask the following question of them: Is this a license that is established by the common law of the people of this country? Or is it a license issued to me as a belligerent (rebel) to grant me permission to do some specific thing that is deemed unlawful in this occupied territory? ORCHESTRATED AFTERMATH. So why is there a national debt if it is illegal and void? We will now go into this matter- If you remember in the introduction of this article it was stated that England (power-structure thereof) was tired of getting physically beat in war, thus a quiet one was developed- COMMUNISM.213 Franklin D. Roosevelt,214 who is said to have British bloodline, was a principal conspirator in causing the United States of America to go into grave, perpetual and irreversible debt. Such debt being as designed, as set up by section 4 of the fourteenth amendment. Accordingly, you must comprehend that the Great Depression was premeditated and hence orchestrated. One measure to accomplish this was- There were tons of Federal Reserve Notes (in 20 dollar denomination) dumped into circulation just prior to the big crash. Like the income tax takes money out of circulation to thwart hyper-inflation, this planned measure was meant to cause hyper-inflation; moreover, it accordingly accelerated the devaluation of the Lawful Money that was backed with gold and silver; such Lawful Money was then stolen from the American people by Executive Order (i.e. a dictatorship measure) issued by Roosevelt. This allowed the banks to foreclose, as planned, on many American people. First Roosevelt allowed our gold to be stolen; thereafter, he instituted several NEW DEAL, which should be referred to as the “SCREW DEAL,” giveaway plans during his four term reign. His “worshiped” New Deal measures were basically communistic. As it has been said: “You don’t get something for nothing” Below is the codified aftermath of what Roosevelt perpetrated against the American people: • Title 22 USC § 286-1. British loan;215 authorization to Secretary of the Treasury to carry out agreement. The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Problems, is authorized to carry out the agreement dated December 6, 1945, between the United States and the U.K. which was transmitted by the President to the Congress on January 30, 1946, and the action of the Secretary of the Treasury in signing the agreement dated March 6, 1957, amending... The foregoing is component of the “Bretton Woods Agreements Act” of 1945, a United States Treaty.216 Furthermore, the “United States” is now giving your “Federal Land” away as additional payment on this criminally orchestrated debt. Land which the “United States” does not and cannot constitutionally own, pursuant to Article I, section 8, of the Constitution.
While on the subject of deceit, lies and fraud, some or most of the states in America were letting women, black and American aborigines participate in elections prior to the 14th amendment, or other pertinent amendments. These were/are all lies to instigate hatred and further advance, and keep installed, the communist governmental system. Do your own research, you will be surprised, and disgusted. It is called brainwashing. 212 LICENSE, International law. An authority given by one of two belligerent parties, to the citizens or subjects of the other, to carry on a specified trade. The effects of the license are to suspend or relax the rules of war to the extent of the authority given. Bouvier’s Law, 1856. 213 The REDCOATS are coming! This time they are cloaked in communism (RED) in a “Quiet War” of covert theft! 214 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. 1882-1945. The 32nd President of the United States (1933-1945). Governor of New York (1929-1932), he ran for President with the promise of a New Deal for the American people. His administration was marked by relief programs, measures to increase employment and assist industrial and agricultural recovery from the Depression, and World War II. He was the only U.S. President to be reelected three times (1936, 1940, and 1944). He died in office. [This president is praised by people that are Socialists. His New Deal put the United States in perpetual debt. Socialists think money grows on trees- through taxation.] 215 Rothschild Bank of London is one of the “private owners” of the Federal Reserve Bank. 216 This act can be found codified in the United States Code as Title 22 USC § 286-f.


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Why and how can they do this? Why is simple- That is their purpose, to draw wealth out of America. To answer the question how, look at this clause (loophole) in the Constitution: • Article VI. This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding. Basically, it appears that foregoing clause sets forth that treaties override the Constitution, but they really do not.217 However, maybe it was interpreted to mean they do? Further, note that all United States treaties override all American state constitutions; and that the judges of the states have to obey all such federal treaties. This is part and parcel of the questionable establishment of the Constitution. Moreover, is not there a clause in the fourteenth amendment that states the debt is illegal and void? As it appears, they did not have to pay it, but they did and still are. That is because the American people are fundamentally chattel property pledged for the debt. They are being punished for the crime against their counties i.e. Involuntary Servitude. Again, this plot is empowered by the unwitting ignorance of the voting public. Democracy is simply a Formulated Conspiracy to gain back what European money powers had lost by war. The gold Americans had once possessed has been stolen. And now their land is covertly being stolen. Moreover, one should note that these communistic measures are now being implemented in other countries around the world. These peoples really have a rude awaking coming.218 Through research it has been learned that this plot of servitude was set up long ago. Even before the Union was formed. As people were more willing to fight for liberty in the past, the “Old World” Elite had to progressively tame everyone. Now everyone is soft and they will not fight back against the abuse of slavery of which these Old World Elitists have inflicted on the human race. That is what socialism is all about. Now that Americans are soft socialists, and our militaries are in the full control of the World States, said militaries have to be conditioned so they are sociable with each other. Why? So European money powers can keep what they have gained by their fraud and other criminal acts. Accordingly, please reference the following: • Title 22 USC § 276-bb. Acceptance of funds and property from Mrs. Kermit Roosevelt; purpose and use; disbursement and investment of fund. The board is authorized to accept from Mrs. Kermit Roosevelt such money and property as she may tender, to receipt therefor on behalf of the United States... which shall be used for the purpose of fostering a better understanding and a closer relationship between the military forces of the United States and those of the United Kingdom by sponsoring lectures or courses of instruction to be delivered by officers of the British Army at the United States Military Academy ....... Go figure, more Roosevelts! To learn even more on this treasonous “British Reunion,” look in the United States Congressional Record of 1940, 3rd Session under “Thorkelson.” THE DE FACTO CONGRESS KNOWS EVERYTHING! Collaborators- Communists- Traitors: The same Congress that was calling the Wisconsin Senator, Joseph McCarthy, a kook.219 Accordingly, now referenced is the seditiously inserted Federal Reserve (private bank) and their bogus “War Script” debt notes which keep Americans in perpetual debt: • Federal Reserve Notes. Such have replaced silver and gold certificates which were backed by silver and gold. Such reserve notes are direct obligations of the United States.220 DIRECT OBLIGATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES . . . . . . . . DEBT! DEBT! DEBT! DEBT! DEBT! DEBT! DEBT! DEBT! DEBT! DEBT! REMEMBER THE GREAT DEPRESSION? 221 This is your brain on communist propaganda- Shit Happens. This is your brain on the truth “In politics nothing ever happens accidentally. If something occurs, you can be sure that it had been
However, see the Dred Scott case- Dred Scott v Sandford, 19 How. (U.S.) 393 (1856). Note the Executive Orders issued by William Jefferson Clinton in 2000 giving away more federal land, so-called. Russia, China and Cuba are bogeymen to implement democracy around the world- The truth- The Manifesto. 219 The McCarthy “Communist Hearings” are believed to be just a Dog and Pony Show for the American people; the purpose of the hearings was to detract attention away from the truth, as- Americans were being communized. 220 Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. [The American people do not have a clue how the currency operates.] 221 Great! What was great about it? This is the language of THEY. It was a great accomplishment of THEY.
217 218


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planned this way.” F. D. Roosevelt: COMMUNIST/TRAITOR. “The surest way to overthrow an existing social order is to debauch the currency.” V. I. Lenin: COMMUNIST. ANY QUESTIONS? The scenario portrayed is a crime against the humanity of Americans. We have been lied to in school and kept intentionally ignorant so THEY can get away with this plot. Again, no one can argue the point of our planned ignorance. Naturally, the “conspirators” sold the malevolent 14th amendment as being a good and compassionate measure; thus, it is suspect that all in government were involved. Accordingly, what has transpired has been very carefully, very slowly, and very subvertly executed- Bit by Bit. Hence, this tyranny is a well thought out scheme- the Blueprint is: The Communist Manifesto. In relevance thereof, forefather Thomas Jefferson had once said: “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency... the banks. . . will deprive the people of all property, until their children will wake up homeless, on the continent, their fathers conquered. . .” Mr. Jefferson, HOW PROFOUND! ... ... Unfortunately, it appears the Neo-Serfs don't give a damn!

This may be more aptly be put out by someone that is attempting to wake up Americans; in either sense- The manual reflects the truth- Everything in it is conducive to the way the Elitists' think and the way things operate. 223 Ritalin is a CIA experimental drug. Note all the child violence as of late. The PUBLIC schools are pushing it.

It takes more than one person to give birth to a conspiracy. All this Communistic Activity can be vividly evidenced in a document entitled “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.” Such document is said to be a CIA Training Manual.222 Such manual was exposed by someone who did not agree with the subversive acts of inhumanity being contrived. Now the document is in the hands of the American people. Below is some textual content from this unconscionable training manual: 1) Keep public ignorant to achieve less public organization; 2) Create preoccupation to lower defenses; 3) Attack family unit to get control of the education of the young; 4) Give them less cash and more credit and doles to get more self indulgence and more data; 5) Attack the privacy of the church to destroy faith in this sort of government; 6) Minimize the tax protest to get minimized enforcement problems; 7) Maximum control is ultimate objective; 8) Collapse of currency to destroy the faith in American people in each other. FACTOR II FATHER - The man of the household must be housebroken to ensure that junior will grow up with the right social training and attitudes. The advertising media, etc., are engaged to see to it that father-to-be is pussy whipped before or by the time he is married. He is taught that he either conforms to the social notch out for him or his sex life will be hobbled and his tender companionship will be zero. He is made to see that women demand security more than logical, principled, or honorable behavior. By the time his son must go to war, father (with jelly for a back bone) will slam a gun into junior’s hand before father will risk the censure of his peers, or make a hypocrite of himself by crossing the investment he has in his own personal opinion or self esteem. Junior will go to war or father will be embarrassed. So junior will go to war, purpose of the war notwithstanding. FACTOR III MOTHER - The female element of human society is ruled by emotion first and logic second. In the battle between logic and imagination, imagination always wins, fantasy prevails, maternal instinct dominates so that the child comes first and the future comes second. A woman with a newborn baby is too starry-eyed to see a wealthy man’s cannon fodder or a cheap source of slave labor. A woman must, however, be conditioned to accept the transition to “reality” when it comes, or sooner. As the transition becomes more difficult to manage, the family unit must be carefully disintegrated, and state controlled public education and state operated child care centers must become more common and legally enforced so as to begin the detachment of the child from the mother and the father at an earlier age. Inoculation of behavioral drugs can speed the transition for the child, mandatory.223 FACTOR VI CATTLE - Those who will not use their brains are not better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jellyfish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same. Well now!. . . Any questions on this evil tripe? The foregoing is what the World Elite think about the “Typical American.” If you would further reference communist dogma, you will find that most of the variables mentioned in this training manual can be applied. Coincidence? Accordingly, one should read- “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.” Another document that one should acquire and read to understand the hidden enemy is- “A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on


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Psychopolitics.” These particular documents are unarguably tied to dicta which can be found in the Communist Manifesto. Moreover, for further understanding of our dilemma, one should read- “Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion.” This material will assist you in understanding the sick minds of these World Elitists in their pursuit of World Slavery. IN CONCLUSION: Since the debt was incurred by a planned psychological warfare, if this scam comes to light, would it not be deemed a criminal act against Humanity? Moreover, as we are professedly in a war, cannot anyone knowingly involved be tried for Political/War Crimes? 224
GOD’S DA Y OF RECKONING WILL SOON COME! SILENT ARMY. If you will recall it was stated earlier that there is a missing thirteenth amendment. This missing thirteenth amendment was referred to as the “Title of Nobility” amendment. Extensive research has been done on this amendment by a Mr. David Dodge. His research has confirmed that this particular amendment was proposed225 in January, 1810, by Senator Reed. On April 27, of that same year, the Senate passed the thirteenth amendment; the House resolved in the affirmative. The following resolve was sent to the States for ratification: • If any citizen of the United States226 shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them. This original thirteenth amendment remarkably disappeared after the Civil War. It was then replaced with the “Slavery/Involuntary Servitude Amendment.” Soon thereafter, the fourteenth amendment was passed to accompany said amendment. The Lawyers Bar (The Guild of Great Britain) appeared soon after the dust of the Civil War settled. The real thirteenth amendment is well documented to have been in existence and properly ratified; there is even current record of it in Washington D.C.. It also has been discovered in many state archives in the United States of America. It was never formally repealed, which is prima facie evidence of the illegitimacy of the current governmental system. Of course the story on this is: The secret saboteurs of Great Britain could not have been put in control unless this amendment was removed, or masked over. This was done after tens of thousands of Americans were murdered after the infamous Civil War. In essence, this is what the “missing” amendment stated: If a man did any of its (the above listed) included acts, he lost his rights of American citizenship. Moreover, he could not retain office in government, state or federal, or any thereafter- He was politically dead. Accordingly, he was thereafter unable to participate in government in America. However, it is unnoted that such a person was then banished from the [U]nited States of America. In view of such, the original thirteenth amendment was to prevent corruption/treason and/or special type endorsements/bribery from foreign powers.227 But most importantly, this also meant that people involved in government could not be a member of the infamous “Bar Associations.” All American Bars are a franchise of the Lawyers Guild of Great Britain. In general this is an office of foreign power. As most politicians today are lawyers, and as well, members of these off- shoot bar organizations of the Guild of Great Britain, such politicians are unlawfully in office, the fourteenth amendment notwithstanding! This illegal infiltration, in conjunction with British owned publishers of law, such as West Law,228 has been the
POLITICAL CRIME. An offense against the government. Ballentine’s Law dictionary Suitably- WAR CRIMES! History of Congress, Proceedings of the Senate, p. 529-530. 226 At the time this amendment was drafted citizen of the United States meant a “citizen” of one of the United States of America, and not a “citizen of the United States.” Moreover, one should note that the term “citizen of the United States” appears in the body of the original Constitution defining who could be President. Such is noted in Article II, section 1- “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.” In this author’s legal opinion, this usage is just referencing a person that was naturalized in some manner and not a native of one of the America states. Needless to say, this clause confuses people. 227 MONROE DOCTRINE. A principle established as a policy of the United States, asserting its right to resist any European interference with the affairs of the governments of the American republics. Ballentine’s Law. 228 British owned corporation in Minnesota West Law Publishing, said to be a heavily guarded fortress, supplies law materials to all America lawyers. One need not wonder why it is heavily guarded- they twist things to the NWO. See “International Law and World Order, 3rd edition "Weston, Falk and Charlesworth- The new Law of Nations.
224 225


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main weapon in the destruction of the several American nations and their respective sovereignties. That is to say, without question, the main weapon of destruction is the Silent Army- THE LAWYERS.229 WASN'T IT WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE THAT SAID: “KILL ALL THE LAWYERS”230 REMEDIES. Do not think that you or others are going to change things by voting. The system is designed to be perpetual. And furthermore, do not think the average American will change things. Americans are so inured with the television, which its media is controlled by the Elite, that they believe everything they see and hear on it.231 Moreover, most people are the real problem- They want the government to baby-sit them. Accordingly, the only remedy is for you is to remove yourself from the system as legally provided; and, to personally educate as many people as possible. We have a long road to hoe. You must understand, this task will not be easy- 130 years of propaganda and brainwashing has to be reversed. And take note, the programming is still ongoing. The fourteenth amendment has recently been given “a boost” during the recent presidential election. This was done by puffing the “Equal Protection Clause.” Largely, such clause sets forth and establishes the Police Power of the United States and its quasi-political subdivisions. As a result, it thwarts the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the Bill of Rights, which therefore cancels the natural and common civil law (de jure) and establishes the totalitarian style governmental system. To initiate the correction process: First) Do not vote, a) Congress does what ever it wants no matter who gets elected; ones that do get in office can still be guided by you whether you vote or not; b) Although the original voting process was to be by secret ballot, your voter registration can be used as prima facie evidence of committing the crime. Second) Break all contracts with the government, especially the federal government, which includes terminating Social Security and making a formal protest against the Federal Reserve money system.232 Third) Learn the law. This is the only way to enforce your rights in this perverted dual system of law. The more people that get involved will make it easier for the rest who wish not to be oppressed. Forth) Start recruiting the alternate political parties that are not Republican or Democrat. They are needed to join in and educate others in America. Make them aware that they are wasting their time in attempting to get elected to office. Common sense utters that the Republicans and Democrats have a monopoly on the American political system. Moreover, people are sheep and will follow these demagogues; as you are aware, this is how the so-called Democracy operates. Fifth) Finally, the most important thing to understand is- as Satan currently reigns - realize that it will not be a cake walk.233 Now, let us now touch on the basics of understanding law. This author learned from others to do it the wrong way, that is- How to study law and apply it. Because you may be an apprentice, please note the No. 1 Rule of how NOT to study lawDO NOT READ CASE LAW! By doing this, you will just get confused. Such notwithstanding, you may find that reading case law will assist you in the history portion of awareness of what has transpired. However, as noted herein, you will find that most case law that is on the books is not the whole story.234 One may read case law, however, unless you know what the court is saying, by the issues of law being addressed, you are going to be totally lost. This author has found this to be fact. After going back and re-reading cases after further study, the comprehension of the case was much greater. The most important matter to undertake is to have a general understanding of the Constitution of the United States as it now exists. Accordingly, you must further have a general understanding of what the
Read the book: “The Tempting of America” by Robert H. Bork. Do not in any way, shape, or form construe this to be an instruction to go out and kill lawyers. 231 This premise is disclosed by Hollywood. They know- Do you? See the movie- “Wag the Dog.” 232 An organization named NORFED, National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code, has a currency that is backed by silver and gold, which is primarily an open protest against the Federal Reserve System. You may visit their Web-Site at: Phone: 1-888-421-6181. 233 People in American have fallen away from God. A first personal step to correction is accepting Jesus Christ. 234 In example, if one would read the case of Elk v Wilkins (post 14th amendment case; see footnote 72) he would know that the court stated that Indians are not citizens of the United States, which is true pursuant to the 14th amendment, and therefore could not vote; however, this case does not cover all facts. In example, Indians were allowed to vote in Wisconsin prior to the 14th amendment; thus were accepted to be included as Wisconsin citizens. This is also true for many women in many states of the Union, the women’s suffrage amendment notwithstanding. What this author is getting at is- The court does not disclose the whole truth- It is not its duty; and also- Americans have only been told halftruths. Further, the Negroes were also accepted in many states as citizens, which no one really knows about- Wonder Why? Of course, we do not hear about these facts though. Only facts that perpetuate the fraud to keep the 14th amendment scam in place. The diabolical amendment that enslaves Americans under the control of the federal government, as orchestrated by the World Money Powers.
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fourteenth amendment established. This is accomplished by having an understanding of what transpired after the Civil War. It must be stated that it is extremely hard to find out the truth. A plethora of information has been altered, buried, destroyed or disappeared. You should also know your state constitution. If you should choose to correct your nationality, it will apply to you more then it did before. After knowing the constitution [s], one should study all terms that are provided in law dictionaries. Because they are still removing and altering definitions, it is more beneficial that you have a newer Black’s Law, preferably the 4th- 6th edition; and, also an older legal reference, such as Bouvier’s, preferably a preCivil War version. Basically, you must read these cover-to-cover to get a fundamental idea of the law. You must understand that every word or phrase in law has a specific meaning. Do not confuse normal English with the language of law- they are different. As the plot has thickened, this fact has intensified even more. Once you have a general understanding of the “legal language,” then you should read the United States Code that Congress has established throughout the years. One might think this as tilting the pot, but Congress generally defines all words and phrases that are used in each Title or the Chapters of each Title. Well, lets say- Congress sort of defines them. As it has been stated, Congress is vague in its definitions. Such notwithstanding, the proper way to read the Code is first look at the definitions that Congress has established for the particular Title queried, or the sub-Title (or chapter). This is part and parcel to the game that is played. That is to say- Nothing is consistent- It is all different. To get an even more accurate interpretation of the Title, one may go to the Act of which the Title is based on and- Read between the lines. It should be further noted that law is deleted from the United States Code without it being formally repealed. This furthers the game that is keeping us in subversive bondage; moreover, it protects the monopoly. In summary, to assist you in understanding how to proceed with your legal research and studies, below is a brief numerical list of how to proceed 1) Learn legal definitions, past and present; 2) Have a general understanding of the Law of Nations; 3) Know the Federal Constitution, as it exists under the 14th amendment; 4) Study the United States Code, applying what you have learned in 1, 2 and 3; 5) Then- You may read Case Law and see how, the aforesaid is applied in any such case; 6) And most important, know Administrative and Court Procedures. This is how to prevail. Administrative remedies must be exhausted before any judicial action is brought against the government[s]. Moreover, when going into court, procedures are the way that most government lawyers win litigation. They do not know constitutional law, but they know the procedures. Again, it is impressed that you really cannot learn from case law. Unfortunately, most people rehash mistakes of other people instead of coming up with their own legal position. A common mistake is that they apply a matter to themselves when their status is not correct. That is to say- They are a citizen of the United States and such case law may not apply to them. As a result, the court will take silent judicial notice of such fact and will disregard their position. Further, do not introduce political issues. There is a doctrine formulated that allows the court to disregard such because the judiciary is imposing on the legislative branch (i.e. separation of powers).235 In other words- You cannot bring up the fact that Income Tax is unconstitutional. Even though it is, it is part of the communist government and cannot be addressed by the court. The issues of law have to be properly addressed based on status. Please take the time to understand these facts or you will never realize what is being done to you. Therefore, you will not prevail in your legal matters. Simply put- You will not win any litigation on foundation of your natural rights if you are a US. citizen attempting to obtain rights that are given to you by government- That is fact. As herein established, the government[s] are going to presume that you are a “citizen of the United States.” The fourteenth amendment naturalizes you at birth into the federal body politic. Again, there are some that may argue this point. However, if one can imagine sitting on a wall: On one side is- the de jure side- And the other- the de facto side. Anything that one does, such as filing a tax return, filling out social security forms, registering to vote, etc., will make one fall off the wall on to the de facto side. There is no more presumption- You are in. Note that this was all planned. That is- the vague, legal confusion and tacit contracts. So, one might as well perceive that the fourteenth amendment naturalizes you at birth and you are part of the communist country created under the color of law (i.e. the United States of America, which is not a country as a matter of law see Law of Nations). So, as a matter of law, what you are going to do, or you need to do, is expatriate from the communist country and return to your birth republic, or expatriate from both and choose a new one within the Union (hence Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(23)).236 To expatriate the de facto United States nationality you must study adamantly on the subject. Title 8,
POLITICAL QUESTION. A question. The determination of which is a prerogative of the legislative or executive branch of the government, so as not to be appropriate for judicial inquiry or adjudication. 20 Am J2d Cts § 80. 236 Moreover, note that it is not lawful to expatriate to avoid income tax, see Title 26 USC § 877.


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22 and 28 of the United States Code should be completely mastered. You should have an extensive knowledge on the legal language used in said Titles. As discussed herein, before you expatriate you have to have all things in order- Your slate has to be clean. The best way to assert your de jure status is to administratively notify the suitable authorities, which are the federal and state Executive offices. Such includes the office of the President and Governor and also such offices respective Attorneys General and Secretaries of State. Also, you should also publish the correction of your status in a local news publication as a Public Notice, once your proper status is recognized. You may also file it in your local county recorders office as Public Record.237 All other relevant authorities should also be notified, which includes formally protesting the Federal Reserve monetary system and severing any ties with the Social Security Administration. Currently, the Expatriation Act purviews through Title 8 USC § 1481.238 To assure validity of your Expatriation, you may have to go to federal court and get a Declaratory Judgment under Title 28 USC § 2201. This measure will assure that your expatriation is valid and final.239 Moreover, as Congress understands the legal fraud that it has committed, it has made further provisions. In the Neutrality Act of 1940 there is also a provision that establishes one’s de jure nationality. Such provision appears in chapter IV, section 401, of the Act. It is as follows: • A person who is a national of the United States, whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by: 1) voting in a political election in a foreign state, or 2) participating in an election or plebiscite to determine the sovereignty over foreign territory. On its face, the first provision appears to terminate ones “United States nationality” when he votes in a foreign state; however, as this violates the fourteenth amendment conditions, it is believed not to pertain to the United States of America; however, as the fourteenth amendment is actually criminal in nature, this may have been a partial solution to correct some of the fraud of its conflicts. Hence, it may be of purpose to let people vote in local elections (not state or federal) not to violate such rights. However, the second provision is most interesting: It states terminating the federal status of ones that participate in an election or plebiscite to determine the sovereignty over foreign territory. Remember, Americans have given up their sovereignty by taking United States nationality; thus are vassals or serfs on the land; and are, as a matter of law, resident aliens of the republic.240 And the insurgent fourteenth amendment governments (i.e. the United States) are darning sovereign power over the territory of the state. The legal land owners or sovereignty is held by “the people” or the “de jure nationals,” of the state or country. Therefore, this part is a correction measure to reinstate the true sovereignty to such people i.e. Such people are no longer partaking in the communist system; hence darning rightful dominion of the republic they inhabit. One may want to establish an assembly in his county (i.e. state society de jure) and hold a public election that establishes such. This, in turn, would terminate the United States nationality of the participants pull the territory of said county out of the jurisdiction of the United States and its political subdivision- the fourteenth amendment State.241 i.e. No more State taxation.242 After expatriation is executed you are free from most all statutory bondage.242 However, this process comes with great responsibility. As the methods of litigation are going to be completely different, you must then know how to handle your legal affairs. Generally, your legal actions will take place in the court system of the United States. State courts will have nothing to do with you; the purpose of these colony courts are to handle US. nationals under the “Color of War.”243 Accordingly, after you extinguish your “citizen and national of the United States” status, below is one statute that purely exemplifies, as prima facie evidence, that the de facto State governments will not be your government. The evidentiary statute is as follows: • Title 28 USC § 2502. Aliens’ privilege to sue. Citizens or subjects of any foreign government which accords to citizens of the United States the right to prosecute claims against their government in it’s courts may sue the United States in the United States Court of Federal Claims if the subject matter of the suit is otherwise within such court’s jurisdiction.
Check your local laws on these matters. Law for Public Notice varies in different jurisdictions. Most of this section is derived from the Nationality Act of 1940. The proper subsection to employ is (a)(2). 239 However, a controversy generally has to be raised in order to gain jurisdictional access to the court. Accordingly, such a controversy may arise when you are seeking employment and the employer demands a Social Security Number before they will employ you. Moreover, it is unlawful for anyone to misrepresent the purpose of the Social Security Act pursuant to Title 42 USC § 1307. Any such misrepresentation carries a 1,000 dollar fine or one year imprisonment, or both. You do not need a number to work, if anyone insists that you do it is criminal. 240 See Chisholm v Georgia 2 DalI. U.S. 419 (1793). This case goes over de jure property rights based on the true American dream. Moreover, one may want to further research the legal particulars under- Conflicts of Law. 241 The Bureau of Land Management has general jurisdiction of territory within the American republics. Again, see the Communist Manifesto- Planks 1 and 4; see also the United States Constitution, Article I, section 8. 242 Remember, this is all based on perseverance. 243 See also matters that concern Diversity of Citizenship.
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Some will argue that an alien is a person that is foreign (alien) to the general jurisdiction of the United States of America. This fails- An alien is someone that is born out of a country. Under the Law of Nations it has always been such. See this definition from Bouvier’s Law, 1856: • Alien, persons. One born out of the jurisdiction of the United States, who has not since been naturalized under their constitution and laws. Note the tricky language- It states THEIR constitution (which one?) and laws. Granting one citizenship (i.e. naturalization) prior to the fourteenth amendment was done exclusively by the several States in their courts. Hence, the definition is defining a natural born person or citizen born in a state e.g. Iowan; further, under the Law of Nations such a person is naturally an alien to each state of the Union. Furthermore, if you will recall the language of the fourteenth amendment sets forth that a “citizen of the United States” is a “federal citizen” who resides (a resident alien to the republic) within a fourteenth amendment State, i.e. The fourteenth amendment establishes a citizen of the United States to be a federal citizen- PERIOD! The phrase “citizen of the United States” can no longer be used willy-nilly at the pleasure of Congress or anyone else. Now recall that Title 8 USC § 1101(a)(22) defines an alien as- “Any person not a citizen or national of the United States,” and further, if you would recall that an alien is “generally” defined as- “A person owing political allegiance to another country or government; foreign. alien residents. An unnaturalized foreign resident of a country; also called noncitizen.” The term foreigner is synonymous with the term alien. Now recall the Expatriation Act set forth that the American states are foreign to the United States i.e. federal government. Therefore the fourteenth amendment States are the GOVERNMENTS OF CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES, and are not the government of a de jure national; furthermore and accordingly, such a person is also an alien to the federal government and its de facto jurisdictions. So, what “2502” is candidly stating is that the “foreign government” (i.e. colony government) is the government of United States citizens de facto, it is not the government of a person that terminated United States citizenship. Hence, the “United States” is taking constitutional responsibility for damages that are executed against a de jure national by a de facto State (or the United States).244 To further your quasi-de jure legal studies, below listed are some other relevant statutes from Title 28 (the United States courts) which pertain to your de jure status: Title 28, sections- 1251, 1331, 1333, 1346, 1350, 1356, 1361, 1441, 1602, 1605, 1651, 1653, 1746, 2201, 2241, 2283, 2284, 2502. You are advised to thoroughly research and study all of these statutes. Most all of these are jurisdictional statutes to gain access to the United States’ courts. In general you will use them in combinations for the federal/supreme court. It depends on your particular legal matter. Title 28 USC § 1653 is very important. When filing any pleadings make sure you reserve your rights under this statute because it allows you to cure any jurisdictional defects which may occur in your pleadings. Establishing your de jure nationality with the governments before any matter transpires is of prime importance. It is hard to do this after-the-fact. Title 28 USC § 1605245 is the authority used to create a contract (a contractual agreement) with a fourteenth amendment State. This is to induce the State to forfeit upfront the sovereign immunity that it will claim. Further, after studying some of the statutes noted above, you will notice that the Supreme Court comes into play for actions by-and-against aliens. If by chance you have an action against you, by the de facto States, it can be removed under Title 28 USC § 1251 using Title 28 USC §§ 2201/2283 in conjunction. Below BEHOLD THE POWER of constitutional de jure status: • Title 28 USC § 1251. Original jurisdiction. (b) The Supreme Court shall have original but not exclusive* jurisdiction of: (3) All actions or proceedings by a State against the citizens of another State or against aliens. The foregoing statute fundamentally sets forth two things: 1) It is covering the de facto State
A state, generally, has three nations: 1) U.S. citizens (enemy); 2) de facto government (adversary); 3) de jure nationals (neutrals/quasi-adversary). Moreover, a u.s. citizen is a denizen; see Black’s & Title 8 CFR § 331.1. 245 Title 28 USC § 1605. General exceptions to the jurisdictional immunity of a foreign state. In part- (a) A foreign state shall not be immune from the jurisdiction of courts of the United States or of the States in any case: (1) In which the foreign state has waived its immunity either explicitly or by implication, notwithstanding any withdrawal of the waiver which the foreign state may purport to effect except in accordance with the terms of the waiver; (2) In which the action is based upon a commercial activity carried on in the United States by the foreign state; or upon an act performed in the United States (of America) in connection with a commercial activity of the foreign state elsewhere; or upon an act outside the territory of the United States in connection with a commercial activity of the foreign state elsewhere and that act causes a direct effect in the United States; (3) In which rights in property taken in violation of international law are in issue and that property or any property exchanged for such property is present in the United States in connection with a commercial activity carried on in the United States by the foreign state; or that property or any property exchanged for such property is owned or operated by an agency or instrumentality of the foreign state and that agency or instrumentality is engaged in a commercial activity in the United States... [see also Title 28 USC § 1602 for congressional declaration of State liability]


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jurisdiction for a de jure national. In other words- a citizen who is in his native state (or acquired) is an alien in reference to the jurisdictions of the fourteenth amendment; 2) It is handling matters between States, based on the Law of Nations. In other words- when a person is in another state he is a citizen from another state, which was the original premise of this statute.246 Therefore, being de facto, any State would not have jurisdiction on any such person in either arena; thus the Supreme Court has jurisdiction in either case. Hence, alien is two pronged: It means either/or citizen and/or alien = a de jure national. What “1251 “ is candidly stating is: When one corrects his nationality, legal actions are then handled by the Supreme Court on constitutional grounds under the Law of Nations. Then one does not have to play the lawyer appeals game [$] in the U.S. District Courts, which pertain to U.S. citizens. The de Jure actions that are handled by the Supreme Court are Cut and Dry. In other words- Were your natural rights violated? Or- Did the private laws that are inflicted on you apply to you? Obviously, all your actions must be properly plead. Please take your time with this pleading process- IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! Furthermore, to further prove that the research information contained in this treatise is correct and also directly on point, after one corrects his nationality it is unlawful for anyone to force the emergency statutes (law of the colony) on him. See this direct evidence below: • Title 18 USC § 241. Conspiracy against rights. (Criminal) [in part] If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or, If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured. They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both. First note the language go in disguise above. Now note premises of another utilized. They do not mean the same thing. The words “go in disguise” seems to indicate an impostor; but so do the words “premises of another.” This language is to create an intentional deception. This is simply showing that a de facto official is acting as if he is a legitimate de jure official. Which in fact they are not, they are elected by citizens of the United States enforcing de facto laws of the State de facto; hence they are acting under the color of law247 (color of war). All government employees, be they state and federal, have taken an oath to support the Constitution. Everything else that they exercise is done under the color of state law, or federal law; hence, they are acting in disguise or on the premises of de jure. You must be aware of all stealthy language used! Accordingly, in Williams v. United States248 the court stated that the purpose of “241” was not to protect rights of fourteenth amendment citizenship, but to protect natural rights of de jure nationals under the Constitution. One must understand that being naturalized as a United States citizen has removed you from the constitutional protection of your natural rights; hence, if one is a citizen of the United States he cannot have violators of his constitutional liberties or freedoms criminally prosecuted for their colorable violations.249 Simply put- The fourteenth amendment citizenship and nationality is utterly inferior. Under such status one is subject to all private law that the state and federal government enacts i.e. Feudalistic Vassalage! And, for further evidence of why the court in Williams v. United States set forth that “241” was of purpose to protect the rights and privileges of citizens (de jure nationals) under the Constitution and laws of United States and not the rights and privileges of federal citizens under the fourteenth amendment, note what the counterpart of “241 ,” which is Title 1 8 USC § 242, establishes below: • Title 18 USC § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law. (Criminal) [in part] Who ever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien,. . . shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.
The genesis of this statute appears in the original Judiciary Act passed in the late 1700’s. The original version had this language: The Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction of all actions or proceedings by a State against the citizens of another State. (i.e. a citizen is an alien to other Union States- ERGO- the Law of Nations). 247 COLOR OF LAW. The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. The misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state, is action taken under “color of state law.” Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. 248 “Purpose of Congress was not to protect rights and privileges under 14th amendment but to protect rights and privileges of citizens under Constitution and laws of the U.S..” Williams v U.S. (1950, CA5 Fla) 179 F2d 656. 249 CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY OR FREEDOM. Such freedom as is enjoyed by the citizens of a country or state under the protection of -its constitution (state/federal). The aggregate of those personal, civil, and political rights of the individual which are guaranteed by the Constitution (state/federal) and secured against invasion by the government or any of its agencies. Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition. See also 16 Am J2d Const L § 328.


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THERE IS TRUE CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY! One has to be an alien to be protected by the United States of America for actions done by a state under the color of law (i.e. its de facto legislation and private law)! If one is a United States citizen and national he will have all private laws forced on him! Accordingly, in the case of Presser v Illinois250 the court stealthily states that such people (US. citizens) are strictly subordinate to the government, both State and Federal: • “Under our political system they (United States citizens) are subject to the regulation and control of the State and Federal Governments.” QUOTE: “Under OUR political system” i.e. The insurgents' 14th amendment government[s]. Moreover, when one’s nationality is correct, for any action, judicial or administrative, he may file for a certificate under Title 8 USC § 1502. Again, this statute requires the Secretary of State of the United States to make an advisory declaration to a State that one is not a national of the United States. This should quash an action by a State; and accordingly, extinguish its jurisdiction. The reason this comes from this Executive office is that the Secretary of State is the liaison in war and foreign relations. For that reason, all communications should be conducted through any respective de facto Secretary of States office in any particular foreign state. In other words- If by chance one should go to jail, he would demand to confer with the Secretary of State (i.e. office of the governor) in the foreign state he is in. One can only do this if his status is corrected and he is in the proper nation, as pursuant to the Law of Nations (see Title 8 USC § 1488); if one’s status is not corrected, he is presumed to be a traitor of his republic and will be handled under the laws of war, which are the statutes that have been established by the insurgent state legislatures. Expatriation notwithstanding, one may request, if he is not voting, and also does not have a plethora of government contracts, that the court or agency that he is presently dealing with confer him the nationality of the state that he is presently domiciled in (or his native state). Of course, such measure being pursuant to terminating United States nationality from its inception.251 CONCLUSION: The fourteenth amendment is a complete fraud. It violates the Law of Nations, and correspondingly the Constitution. With persistent effort it may be overcome- Do not give up!94 IN CLOSING THIS CHAPTER AND TREATISE: The statutory construction, as caused by the fourteenth amendment, is like a puzzle- You have to put all the pieces together. Because they have put some of the pieces here- And some of the pieces there. This contrived Masonic Game can further be noted in the placement of the terms found in common dictionaries (see herein) that relate to the de facto status. If you look at similar definitions in a law dictionary, the puzzle is not quite as intelligible. And one more thing, you must remember the de facto government[s] cannot violate the organic Constitution pursuant to section 3 of the fourteenth amendment. If they do they are wandering into treason against their government and are in violation of the Constitution. This undertaking is just for people that want not to be oppressed. Again, it will take a diligent effort to institute your de jure status. You may want to have someone assist you with your legal studies; in fact, assistance is highly recommended-

SYLLABUS. The so-called Civil War was not about freeing slaves; it was about progressively enslaving all people in America- Step-by-Step. Simply understand that the fourteenth amendment has void the Bill of Rights for Americans. Although America is not under stringent totalitarian rule, such as we have been made to believe other countries to be under (i.e. most have not personally seen), unless one accepts the Social Security Number (Mark of the Beast) of the foreign state known as the United States, it makes it next to impossible for one to survive in life. The fourteenth amendment has been a scam since the day of its implementation. The design of this scam is evident by the insurgent Congress wishing all peoples of the American republics to forever disavow their allegiance to their state government[s]. Of course, conclusive evidence of this conspiracy is blatantly illustrated in the Preamble of the Expatriation Act; Public Law; 15 United States Statutes at Large, Chapter 249, pps 223-224 (1868). You must understand how the Expatriation Act is properly deciphered and
Herman Presser, Puff. in Err. v People of the State of Illinois, 116 U.S. 615 (1886). Title 8 USC § 1481(a). A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality- (2) Taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after having attained the age of eighteen years. Title 8 USC § 1101 (a)(23). The term “naturalization” means the conferring of nationality of a state upon a person after birth, by any means whatsoever.
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applied. Indeed, it is part of an elaborate, progressive and stealthy scheme. The Marxist conspirators do not want Americans to know that they can lawfully expatriate to different countries within the American Union, or relinquish the so-called dual citizenship, hence, claiming a de jure status (nationality) under the Law of Nations. Without doubt, government, state and federal, are far outside their constitutional parameters. This is directly due to the “Insurgent Democracy.” The execution of the fourteenth amendment was just a “feel good” birth to what was covertly planned. The current governmental system that is based on Federalism, Statism, Communism, Socialism, or what ever name you choose to give it, that has been set up by the fourteenth amendment, has attached itself to the real Constitution; and like a parasite it is sucking the life out of Americans. As a result, the de facto governments are allowing our trade deficit to go far beyond fairness in favor of foreign countries; moreover, take notice of the handouts of Foreign Aid to select countries on our behalf. These purported humanitarian efforts are just building the communal slave force throughout the world for the Elite, which Americans are paying for. These factors should be questioned by all Americans. One should further note that this is why women are needed in the current government system. They have natural socialist tendencies. This fuels the stealthy communist (capitalist) agenda.252 Such facts notwithstanding, people in America believe that everything is okay; however, they do not understand that they are killing themselves to live. Just because they are able to buy a new car, or live in a decent home does not mean they are not in servitude. The materialistic Fantasy World Americans are now living in will eventually come to an end. As Paul Volcker, who was paid to look out for the World Elites’ interests of the Federal Reserve, stated: “The standard of living of the average American has to decline I don't think you can escape that.” That is bald-faced communist dogma. Puppet Volcker was referencing the middle class being taken down to a substandard. Consequently, now most Americans are paying upwards of 50 to 60 percent of their earnings in combined taxes; most tax proceeds are going to- GUESS WHO! Simply put- The government of the United States needs it Credit Card taken away- It is clear that none of these people (government) understand that money does not- as it is said- grow on trees. ConclusionAmericans are not slaves to further the Elitists’ commercial agenda. Of course the usurpation government was all according to plan. Look at what has happened to us. The secret societies253 behind this plot believe they will have “Order out of Chaos.” Has there not been an abundance of chaos the last century, and lately, around the world? As Franklin Delano Roosevelt, traitor to his country and communist, stated: “In politics nothing ever happens accidentally. If something occurs, you can be sure that it had been planned this way.” And there are plenty of other people (butt-puppets) behind this subversive plan. At direction of THEY, such people are now working proficiently to get the guns away from Americans so we cannot fight back when things are fully implemented (see true purpose of 2nd amendment). Do not let anyone dupe you into believing that these recent gun incidents are. happening at random. They are part of the “Order out of Chaos.” And how are the incidents accomplished? For starters you might fully investigate the drug that is being pushed by the schools called- Ritalin. If people keep supporting the insurgent governmental system by voting for it, the debt will continue to rise and Americans will LOSE EVERYTHING. The scheme is further apparent in the Worldwide Level of Immigration in Title 8 of the United States Code. The have-nots are being allowed into America to perpetuate the bastard governmental system. They are being awarded handouts for votes, which fuels the perpetual debt system of the fourteenth amendment. So what does the herein exposed really mean? You are not a free American as you have been told. Accordingly, your orchestrated lack of knowledge has made you a serf of the land as people were in Europe over 500 years ago. Which by definition and legal fact- You Are! The property you think you own is of joint tenancy with the governments, which can be taken at whim as war booty/prize. All such wickedness is due to the fourteenth amendment governmental system. The following is the fundamental formula for tacit tyranny as caused by the 14th amendment debt system: Handouts = Votes = Insurgent Democracy Empowerment = Servitude for All.

Further, note that these people are being trained to believe that red is a “Power Color.” They are just being used as puppets of the capitalists (communists) to further their economic agenda. Power Color?- Yeah, whatever! 253 “I am the eye in the sky, looking at you- I can read your mind. I am the maker of rules, dealing with fools- 1 can cheat you blind.” Song- Eye in the Sky, Alan Parsons Project UK. This is the typical arrogant attitude of the Secret Society members. The eye is of the same origin of the one found above the pyramid of the one-dollar Federal Reserve Note. Such societies need to be exposed for what they are as their presence is truly evil.


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IN SUMMATION: Life may seem fine on its face, because you have been conditioned to believe so; accordingly, you know not to the contrary. Furthermore, you may think this presentation is a form of NeoMcCarthyism; however, it is believed you are an intelligent person; you now have the facts- You be the Judge. Moreover, if anyone denies the informational evidence presented herein, or they are in favor of its portrayed evilness, it is ventured to say that such persons are involved in the conspiracy and/or a subscriber to communistic tyranny. And finally, you may think the contents of this treatise is a vivid extension of imagination. If you do it is undoubtedly because “THEY” have all commoners believing that law is subject to interpretation. That is what “THEY” want- A legal system that is so vague it causes legal chaos. Furthermore: Beware!... Political Correctness is “THEY” programming you to be a subservient Human Resource in the communal society.254 If you give credence to any such brainwashing, it is truly sad as “THEY” have control of your mind and you are destined to Remain a Slave. ERGO- Americans will remain Communist/Enslaved until they WAKE UP! In the interim you should personally remove yourself from the “Insurgent Democracy” and place yourself “within” a nation de jure in one of the several republics of America; as-

“There are Men; and there are persons who believe they are men, who are actually slaves that are being controlled by Elitists.”
LB Bork, citizen/national of the Illinois republic- 1999

“The Matrix is a system NEO. That system is our enemy. And when you're inside- And look around, what do you see- Businessmen- Teachers- Lawyers- Carpenters-- The very minds of the pEople w are trying to save But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand- Most of these pEople are not ready to be unplugged And many of them are so inured- So hopelessly dependent on the system- That they will fight to protect it” MORPHEUS, the “MATRIX”

For a more in-depth look on the matters exposed herein, you may acquire a copy of the series “Congratulations, you have been well conditioned” from PAC. This series includes over 1200 hundred pages of compiled intelligence on the factual ’state' of the Union. Of the many items included is an extended tutorial treatise on the de facto governments of the United States, and de jure nationality, entitled “The Insurgent Democracy and De jure Nationality.” PAC’s ultimate goal is to have the so-called emergency terminated and have the republican forms of government re-instituted Moreover, we are proceeding with a class-action suit for the violation of our political rights that will hopefully render land that is being held in trusteeship or seized by the federal government under the doctrines of communism. Contact a PAC member, or write to the PAC at the address below, to acquire your own copy of the aforementioned series, and also information on how to become a PAC member.
Have a great “Constitutional” day! PAC

POB #313 • Kieler, Wisconsin (53812]

RESOURCE. a. Resources. The total means available for economic and political development, such as mineral wealth, labor force, and armaments. b. Resources. The total means available to a company for increasing production or profit, including plant, labor, and raw material; assets. c. Such means considered individually. American Heritage Dictionary. [Part B, that is the ultimate plan. See “Give me Liberty!” by Gerry Spence.]


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