Script Scene 1 (Normal school day happening in scene, people doing maths) Narrator: You are about to see

the story of the day that the Earth stopped moving in the year 2031. It has chills (pause for suspence) thrills (pause for suspence) and a bit of comedy. So sit down, relax, and enjoy. Seriously, enjoy. If you don't enjoy then get ready to be put into horrible, painful eternal suffering of extreme prejeduce andOther Narrator: Maurice! These people are trying to watch the movie! And you were meant to give me a sponge bath!! Narrator: Sorry mother! I'll give you a spongebath after the movie! Anyway, enjoy the movie, you scumbag earthlings! MWAHAHAHAHAAAA! Maths Teacher: So the square root of 23,785 is, (looks around room) what, does nobody know what the answer is? Did any of you do your homework? (some people in class raise their hands) Without cheating? (everyone puts down their hands) Oh for gods sake, you all need to do your work. This time, 5 pages of homework! (Everyone groans) That's it, 10 pages! (Jonny throws a paper plane) Jonny, You have 20 pages. Jonny: Aw, what? Unfair! Maths Teacher: Get over it! Okay, pack up, it's time to go home. (Everyone gets their bags) Don't forget your homework! Scene 2 (Jonny and Hayden at park sitting down. Other kids playing in

Hayden: Haha! You have 20 pages of homework! Jonny: It's not like I'm going to do it. I'll just say my house burnt down and cover my uniform in ashes.

Hayden: You did that last month. Jonny: Then I'll rip my uniform and and say I was attacked by a rabid dog and he tore my 20 pages of excruciatingly boring homework to bits! Hayden: 2 weeks ago. Your mum grounded you for a week and you lost your pocket money so you could pay for it. Jonny: Man that sucked. I missed out on 5 issues of Increda-guy comic books thanks to that. Hayden: But I think you did pretty good work on those wounds. Jonny: Food colouring, water and flour work really well, don't they? Well, it did kinda hurt trying to get them off. Hayden: If you want, I could help you with your homework. Jonny: Nah, I'll just say I forgot about it. Hayden: You know the teacher won't believe you. You'll probably get double the homework. Jonny: I have to figure out a way to get out of all of this work. I mean, I don't even know what pi is! Or what the formula for the volume of something is! Or even what 13 squared is! Hayden: 3.142. Area times height. 169. Jonny: Man, you're a nerd. Hayden: No, I'm actually pretty dumb. Those are the only things I really know about maths. But I'm pretty good at video games! Jonny: Like that's going to give you a job in the real world. Hayden: Yeah. Maybe I'll work at McDonalds, who knows. Still, I bet you $500 that I will. I could be a game designer, or a game tester. Jonny: Doubt it. You'll probably work at Burger King. Hayden: Yeah, you're probably right. Deal? Jonny: Deal. Let's go play now.

Hayden and Jonny run off
Scene 3

(Jonny at home watching news at 6.40. Sun still dirctly up at sky like

News Reporter 1: And none of the parokeets survived the fire. If you would like to donate to the bird protection agency, or BPA, text DONATION to 58137. Texts cost 1 dollar. News Reporter 2: (Looks at camera like he is a model, turns to next camera, does a pose and turns back to first camera) Now to a report that may sound like science fiction but it is completely true. 3 Astronauts have reported in from the nasa space station about seeing the earth stopping movement. Space station ground manager Mr A. Nangrigo Rilla is in the studio to tell us what he has found. An angry gorilla (has an American accent): From the monthly space report I got from our astronauts in the space station I received word that at around 7.30pm American time, which is 12.30pm New Zealand Time, the Earth actually stopped moving. News Reporter 1: What are the effects of this happening? A. Nangrigo Rilla: We believe that it will obviously be hard to sleep in the regions of Australia, New Zealand, Some Parts of Papua New Guinea and several Pacific Islands. It will also be hard to grow crops in most countries and Global Warming will be likely in the Pacific area. News Repoter 2: (Looks at camera like he is a model, turns to next camera) Do you have any idea how this happened or how we could stop it? Andy Rilla: We have no idea what has happened or how we can stop it, but we have seen Mars in orbit and it seems that small dots that may be Martian ships with a cannon strapped to their ship may have something to do with it. The 2 things happened around the same time. News reporter 1: Do you think we could go to Mars and see what's going on? Andy: You see, all of the men and women that we have unsuccesfully sent into space to Mars have failed each time. But I discovered a GS2 game called 'Space Destruction 2', in which, you must fly into space

and avoid comets, meteors and other things floating around in space, and suprisingly said game is 84.02% identical to what you do in real space shuttles, even though it has had bad reviews and only 4 people have ever bought the game, 2 of which never played it and 1 died in a car crash, (says in a quick whispering voice "may he rest in piece") and so we are now tracking down the 1 person who has the game still. News Reporter 2: After the ad break we have the weather and you get to see more of me! (News theme music plays)

Scene 4
(NASA Astronaut administration people walking along street to Hayden's

NAA boy: So number 18 was the house of Hayden McJogan, the other person that has that video game, right? NAA girl: Yes, that's right. It's just up the road here.

NAA people keep walking. When they get to number 18 they knock on door. Hayden opens door.
Hayden: Hi, are you the guys that are delivering my Laptop that I bought online? NAA girl: No, we are here from the NASA Astronaut administration deck. We believe you are the only person in the world that plays the GS2 game 'Space Destruction 2'? Hayden: I might be able to help you there, NAA boy: How regularly do you play it? Hayden: Probably 10 hours per week since I'm bored a lot and it's the only game I like since I'm poor. NAA girl: Do you think that it is a fun game? Hayden: It's alright, I guess. NAA boy: Wait, have you won the game before? Hayden: Well, actually, I can't get past the final level. It's really hard

and you have to destroy the alien Mother Ship. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. It's even harder than thrying to do a double back flip on a motorbike. You want to watch? NAA boy: No, I think we can both tell how hard it is. NAA girl: Would you like to go into space and help out with mission Martian Hunt Alpha? Hayden: Perhaps. I'll have to ask my mum. (Hayden walks off for a while and comes back to the door) Hayden: Does it cost anything? NAA girl: Oh, not much (coughs under breath "2000 dollars") Hayden: Only 2000? I get that much pocket money in a year because my parents are rich. I've been saving up for a holiday in Samoa for a couple of years. NAA boy: Great! (NAA people huddle in talk, then come out after a while) NAA girl: Now we just have to get the rest of the crew! You're allowed to take 1 friend. Then we'll take you up to America. Scene 5 (Hayden and NAA people knock on door. Catherinecomes to door.) Hayden: Hi there, are you Catherine Harrison? Catherine: Yes I am. What do you want? NAA boy: We would like you to come with us to America to become part of mission Martian Hunt Alpha. You have the smarts to pilot space shuttles, isn't that right? Catherine: Affirmative. I can pilot space shuttles, planes or helicopters. I have created several inventions that help out common household problems. I can dNAA girl: Yes, we get it, you're smart. Now can you come or not? Catherine: Affirmative. Hayden: Come with us, we just need to get some more people.

Scene 6 (All knock on door of different house. Loud heavy metal music playing.

Person opens door.)
Dave: Come on in. (Everyone walks in with strange looks on their faces) Dave: So what are you guys here? Catherine: Can you turn the music doDave: Just a sec! I love this guitar solo! (Dave starts playing air guitar) NAA boy: You know a lot about aliens, we've heard. Could you help us with a space mission? (Dave stops music. He walks to a black board and scrapes fingernails.

Everyone blocks thier ears)
Dave (in a low voice): Aliens, you say? Yeah, I think I can help you with that. I've been researching aliens for the past 10 years. Before you go to space, you have to know these three things. Never get water on them, never put them into bright light, because they hate bright light. And whatever you do, and I can't stress it enough, do not whatever you do feed them after midnight! Hayden: Isn't that Gremlins? Dave: (pauses for a moment) Oh yeah, that's right. Sorry. Anyway, these are the three things you need to know about aliens. They feed on human flesh, they die at the sound of music and they don't understand reasoning. You can't really try to get them to look into their hearts and let you go. They can't understand reasoning, so if you get captured, the only real way that they will let you go is if you say that you'll give them all of your money and then leg it as fast as you can. NAA girl: Do you think you could help us in our space mission? You'll be travelling into space also. Dave: I think I might do that. I'm getting pretty bored since all I have

to do is to listen to music ever since I was fired from my job. Catherine (muttering): Jeez, what a creep. Scene 7 (Everyone knocks on door of house. Patricia opens door) Patricia: Can I help you? Dave: Patricia? Patricia: Oh no, it's Dave. GO AWAY! (Slams the door) (awkward silence) Catherine: You know her? Dave: We went to primary school together. I accedently threw a pair of scissors at her. Our families have hated each other since. Patricia: (open the door violently) That's not what happened! (walks out

door) When we were both in years 3 & 4 he deliberately threw things
at me. There was a hammer, a pair of scissors, a saw, a chair and book about anger management. That last one was after he threw the saw. My parents insisted that he go to anger management, which actually did nothing. So he got expelled from South West East Primary school and was forced to go to the DREADED North Primary school! Dave: It was the worst school ever! The teachers force-fed brussel sprout chutney! They made people do 50 pages of work during the day and to write out dictionary words from the 'letter of the month' each night with an extra 100 pages of homework if you even got a question wrong the night before! And they had to wear this horribly cruddy uniform... Hayden: We get it, we get it, it sucked. NAA boy: Okay, we'll just get to the point. You can handle guns, correct? Patricia: Come inside! Have a look around! (everybody walks inside and looks around) Patricia: Ever since Dave got expelled (look at the sky with hands a

together and whisper "Thank you thank you THANK YOU!") people
started picking on me. Nobody wanted to pick on me because they thought they would have things thrown at me. I had no friends, and people called me Painful Patricia. Actually, now that I think about it, (grab gun) I have been waiting for this moment for a long time! (point

gun at Dave)
Dave: (scream loadly) (run behind NAA people with arms up wobbling) Hayden: What are you doing? Patricia: Killing the boy that ruined my life! NAA girl (to NAA boy): We could always find someone else to earn some money, Patricia (butting in): Wait! How much money?!? NAA girl: $10,000, but I think we can find someone else, Patricia: Wait, I'll do it! (pause) Wait, what am I doing? NAA boy: We're finding and interigating, possibly killing, martians. Patricia: Only if he's not going to be there. NAA boy: He has to be there. He knows the most about aliens. More than anyone we've ever heard of. At least, that's alive. Patricia: I'm not going with him. Hayden: You could always try to ignore him. Patricia: Well, I'm not about to give 10,000 dollars to sombody else. Yeah, I'll tag along. Still, I can't believe you've still got that stupid mullet. Dave: Hey! It's my hair and I can do what I want with it! Scene 8 (Hayden walking to Jonny's house.) Hayden: (knocks on door) Jonny: (opens door) Hey there Hayden! Come on in! (the two people walk in and sit on couch) Jonny: So, what do you want?

Hayden: Do you watch the news? Jonny: Not regularly, but I saw the one where they were talking about the Earth stopping. Hayden: You know how they said that there was only one person that plays that GS2 game 'Space Destruction 2'? Jonny: You mean that one that I won for you? Hayden: Yeah, well, some people came to my house about it. Jonny: You mean those guys from NASA? Hayden: Yeah. I'm going to space with them. Jonny: Aw, (start pretending to cry) That was my life-long dream. To be the first astronaut to land on Mars. I always wanted to do that. Dang, if only I had bought that game. (Pause for a while) Hayden: Jonny? Jonny: (lift head shyly) Yeah? Hayden: (Pause for a while) I can take a friend. Jonny: (look at Hayden, slowly make grin) Scene 9 (Everyone at rocket launch site. Space suit lady standing in front of

Space suit lady: Hi there. You must be the kids that are going into space. Hayden: Yeah, we are. Catherine: I can't wait to see inside the space shuttle. Jonny: Hey, Dave. (laughing) Dave: Yeah? Jonny: (laughing) Do you think that rocket looks kind of funny? Dave: I don't know. Jonny: Because, (stop laughing) Um, actually, I don't know how I saw that funny. (pause) Oh wait. (start laughing again) I remember why it's

funny! It's because, actually (stop laughing) no, I definitly don't know why. Dave: Maybe because there's that laughing gas coming from that storm water drain? Jonny: (look down) Oh, that's what that was. Dave: 'Scuse me, why is there laughing gas coming from down there? Space Suit Lady: Oh, the Gas Bomb Storage tank is leaking. Please move away from there. (Jonny moves away from storm water drain) Space Suit Lady: These Suits have been made with the highest in space suit technology. They have an unlimited cordless oxygen tank inside that generates oxygen from the carbon dioxide that you breath out. They keep normal body temperature while in space or when on planets like Jupiter or Mercury. It can even withstand temperatures of up to 3 and a half times the sun's heat! It can be shot with an AK47 even after 200 rounds and not take a scratch. It has the latest in shielding technology. It has a missile defence system built into the body of the suit so that whenever it is hit it will retaliate with small atomic heat-ray seekeing missiles which will destroy anything it touches. It also has jet boosters that are attached to the back that are very easy to control and can go to speeds of up to 100 km per hour. Hayden: Do we get these suits? Space Suit Lady: Oh dear god no. I could never trust a bunch of kids with this high in technology! That would probably be the stupidest thing to ever do and I would most likely get fired! What do you think I am? The stupidest person in the world? You have to be smart to work here! No, no, you guys get these space suits! (point to other space suit) (Everyone but Space Suit Lady stare at space suit) Andy Rilla: (walk up to kids) Hi there. I'm Andy Rilla, the NASA space station ground manager. You might have seen me on the news just last week. Partricia: You're that guy that single-handedly saved that crew of

cosmonauts from Russia and ended the rivalry between Russia and USA! Andy: Yes I am. If you want to, you can get ready to go inside the space ship. Jonny: Let's go you guys. Scene 10 (Kids in rocket, Andy on chair in Control Center) Andy: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, Catherine: Hurry up! Andy: Oh, fine. BLAST OFF! (push big red button) (insert clip of ship blasting off) Scene 11 (everyone inside ship. Hayden driving) Hayden: Man, this ship is actually pretty easy to control. Jonny: Haven't seen any alien ships yet. Patricia: I brang along half of my entire laser gun arsenal, just in case. Hayden: You know, this is actually pretty fun to pilot. Catherine: This technology is so high tech! I bet if I used this kind of system then I could invent a time machine! Now all I need is a fichmupoling combongulator. Hmmm... Dave: LOOK OUT! METEOR SHOWER! Everyone: AUGH!!!!!!!!! Scene 12 (screen black, Hayden only one awake) Hayden: (sleepy voice) Ehh, wha, what? What's going on? Where is everybody? Hello? Jonny? Dave? Patricia? Catherine? Hello? Anybody?

Martian King: Hello earthling! Would thoust name be Hayden the Great? Hayden: Who are you? What's going on? Martian King: Hayden the Great! Just as the prophesy has fortold! Thou hast brought forth thine space ship as help for galactical danger! (black

screen gone) Thou can now help us with the danger at hand!
Hayden: (lying on ground, gets up) Who are you? Martian King: I be the King of Mars! We need thou to help! Hayden: You'll have to explain this to me pretty well. Martian King: Ever since 3 days ago our planets have stopped moving. Unknown to thou... Hayden: Cut with the medieval talk! Martian King: Sorry. Anyway, you don't know it, but the aliens from the planet Saturn have taken the gravity from the sun. That eventually stopped the planets from moving. They also took the gravity from Earth, Mars and Venus. Now the three of our planets have stopped moving. Except, for some reason, our moons have stayed within our planets control. Hayden: So you want me and my crew to go to Saturn and force them to give the gravity back? Martian King: Something like that. Servants! (clap hands twice, servants

walk in door) Take this guy to his crew!
Martian Servants: Sir yes sir! Martian servant 3: Come with us, Hayden the Great! Martian servant 4: We'll take you to you crew and your ship! Hayden: Isn't my ship broken? We crash landed on this planet! Martian servant 1: We fixed your ship! Martian servant 2: We even upgraded it with some laser guns! Hayden: This is sounding a lot like that game I have at home. (walk

with Martian servants to ship) First you go into space, then you crash
land on Mars, and then your ship is repaired and you go to fight aliens. Creepy. Martian Servant 2: This is your ship.

Martian Servant 3: We've repaired it. Martian Servant 1: And even upgraded it. Martian Servant 4: Your friends are inside. Hayden: Thanks. Martian Servants: Bye! (waving) Scene 13 (Back in ship) Jonny: Where were you? Patricia: Yeah! We were worried! Catherine: This Martian technology is simpling mind-boggling! I can't believe how far they've come since 2014 when they invaded Earth. Dave: Man that sucked. I was forced into slave labour. What about you guys? Hayden: I was the royal foot rubber and pillow. (pause) Catherine: Pillow what? Patricia: Were you actually his martian majesty's pillow? Hayden: He never gave me food. I had to eat parts of his bed and even some of his headlice. Everyone but Hayden: Eew! Catherine: (pretend to puke in back) Patricia: I had to cook all of the Dunedin slave's food. Every night it was just mouldy toast. The Royal Martian Commission stole all of the other food because it was a delicacy. Man, if only I was at home at the time, I could have gotten my 500 round .24 Caliber Pistol with silencer and laser aiming system. Dave: You really do know a lot about guns, don't you? Patricia: Shut up, you. Did I say you could talk to me? DID I? Dave: (mutter under breath) Man, what a psychopath. Catherine: Look out! More ships!

Jonny: I think they're from Saturn! They must have been expecting us! Hayden: Just like in that prophesy-thingymajig! Jonny: They're trying to signal to us! We should use the televisionaphonimajig! (Jonny presses button above him) Scene 14 (Saturn Queen sitting on seat. Saturn Princess sitting beside Saturn

Saturn Queen: So you are the fabled earthling scum of the prophesy! We will never give your planets back their gravity! If you must have it you'll have to pry it from our cold, dead tentacles! Saturn Princess: Yeah! If you want it you'll have to pry it from our cold, dead tentacles! Saturn Queen: Isn't she just a great daughter? Always listening to me and talking just like me, I bet she'll grow up to be a great queen... wait, going a bit off track there. Anyway, we'll never give back your gravity! Saturn Princess: We should dump you on planet Yeeer 41, our other planet, unknown to the rest of the galaxy! There they can die of hunger, chained to the ground. Or maybe they could die from that special poison that we spread around Earth around 100 years ago, what was it called, oh yeah, that's right, it was called the Black Plague! Yeah! Let's kill them with the Black Plague! Yeah! Yeah! Wait! I know! Send out the giant Space Vultures to eat them! Or send the Army on to them! And the Navy! And the Air Force! YEAH!!!!! Saturn Queen: Ok, that's enough, young one. Saturn Princess: Sorry, mum. I'm just getting carried away with killing these humans. Saturn Queen: It's alright. Don't worry about it. So, humans! You shall now die! Or be captured and then killed, or something like that.

Anyway, DIE!!! Scene 15 (back in ship) Dave: I think we should fly away now. Patricia: Yeah, they look pretty scary. Catherine: And they're armed with laser guns. Jonny: You heard what they said. They're going to feed us to the vultures, or give us the Black Plague! Or even tie us to the ground and never feed us so we'll die of hunger! Let's just go! (Dave: I agree. same time Hayden: Too late! They've already fired! Jonny: Attack! (laser gun fight scene, Saturn aliens win, humans crash, screen goes Patricia: Yeah! Catherine: I think we should.) All at the

Scene 16 (everyone lying on ground on beach planet with ropes around them

(Catherine has no ropes around her). Space Vultures (maybe just birds from that computer program Marvin) flying above)
Hayden: Where are we? Jonny: I think we're on that Yeeer 41 planet that the Saturn Queen and Princess were talking about. Dave: Look out! Space Vultures! (bird from Marvin comes down to ground, does something and then flys

off. Everybody screams.)
Catherine: We've got to get out of here! Patricia: How are we going to get out of here?!?!!? We're tied to the

ground! Catherine: I'm not. (wait for short time) Patricia: Why aren't you tied up? Catherine: (Shrug, then pull ropes off others) Hayden: Now let's get out of here! Dave: I can see our ship! (point foward) (everyone run towards ship) Jonny: Look out! The army is coming! (Saturn army comes out with plastic swords, guitar on ground. Dave: Look! A guitar! I'll kill the army! (pick up guitar) (army runs towards people, Dave pretends to shred while playing part

of a song's guitar solo, army falls to ground)
Jonny: Nice work! (Hayden hi-5s Dave) Catherine: Run to the ship! Patricia: Before reinforcements show up! (people run to ship but Jonny is slower than rest of them, army comes

and captures Jonny while everyone else gets on ship, Jonny screams help a bunch of times, other people fly away)
Scene 17 (Jonny in dungeon place, in cell with Stacey, Fred, Mike and Rebecca.) Jonny: How did I end up in this place? Mike: Hey, you havent been here very long. Stacey: You don't know how it's like to be in here. Rebecca: You've only been here, what, a day? Fred: You don't know of the torture that we endure here. Jonny: So, uh, what are you're names? I'm Jonny. Stacey: I'm Stacey. Mike: I'm Mike.

Rebecca: I'm Rebecca. Fred: And I'm Fred, the leader of our group. Actually, since you're new, we shall asign you a name fitting for what you're good at. Jonny: Well, actually, I'm not very good at much. Well, I'm good at playing flute, actually. Fred: Well then, we now have your new name. I now dub you Jonny the Flute Player! Everyone but Jonny and Fred: Welcome, Jonny the Flute Player! (wait for a while) Jonny: Actually, I think I've just figured out our means of escape! Does anyone have a flute? (Stacey hands Jonny a flute) Jonny: Great! Now, when do the guards give us any food? Mike: Right about........ Rebecca: He's here! Hurry with the escape plan! Stacey: I'll lead you to your ship when we get outside! Jonny: Okay! (Guard 2 comes to door) Guard 2: Slops on, chumps! Eat it now or you'll be sent to the slaughter house so we can eat you tomorrow! (Guard 2 opens door, Jonny plays flute (even if it's bad) and Guard 2

falls to the ground twitching. Jonny, Fred, Rebecca, Mike and Stacey run to door.)
Scene 18 (Queen and Princess sitting on chair) Stacey: It's the Queen! Mike: And the Princess! Rebecca: They're going to kill us! Fred: Everybody stay calm and bow! (all but the Queen, the Princess and Jonny bow.)

Jonny: Please, Queen and Princess. Let us go! We don't need to fight, or to take back our gravity! We can just get over it! Can you please just let us go back to our home planets? Actually (turn and face

others) where are you guys from, anyway?
Fred: Me and Stacey come from Jupiter, but it was blown up last year along with Neptune and Uranus to make way for a galactic speedway. Mike: I'm from Uranus, and Rebecca's from Neptune. Rebecca: Maybe that's why you smell so bad! (start laughing) Jonny: (back to Queen and Princess) Can't you just find it in your hearts to let us go? (Queen and Princess stare at Jonny for a while and then laugh evil

Queen: Guards! Get them! Princess: If you want you can eat them while you go. Queen: Good idea, princess! Actually, you two guards, save one for me! (People from jail cell get up, scream and them and Jonny start running.

Guards 1 and 3 chase them for a while. Guard 3 catches Rebecca)
Guard 3: Yum yum! (eats Rebecca) (Guard 1 catches Fred and Stacey) Guard 1: Delicious! (eats Fred) I got yours here, your majesty! Stacey: (scream) (Jonny and Mike run to ship with giant gun on the bottom, hop inside,

and fly off.)
Scene 19 (in ship, queen following in her ship. Queen blasts their ship.) Mike: We've been hit! We need to fire at them! Jonny: I have an idea! This is the ship with the gravity cannon! Watch this! (Jonny fires gravity cannon, queen's ship gets pulled in by it, blows up

and sends their ship flying towards Mars.)

Scene 20 (Jonny and Mike sitting on seats, Martian King standing in front of

them, Martian Servants 1,2&4 standing behind Martian King, Servant 3 serving drinks to Jonny and Mike)
Martian Servant 3: What'll you have? Jonny: I'll have a lemonade. Mike: Do you have any water at the temperature of -174.81 degrees? Martian Servant 3: I think we might, I'll just check. (walk off) Martian King: So you have killed the Saturn Queen and Princess? Jonny: Yes we have, we just did then and crash landed here. Mike: We destroyed it with the gravity cannon on the bottom of that ship. Martian King: Servants! Repair this ship immediately so that our worlds can be saved and then we are going to Saturn to take over! Martian servant 2: We'll repair your ship really quick! Martian servant 1: It'll be just like new! Martian servant 4: And then we'll invade Saturn! All Martian Servants except 3: Yay!! Scene 21 (Back on Earth, Jonny, Mike, Hayden, Catherine, Dave and Patricia in

park sitting down)
Hayden: So it was great to meet you, Mike. Patricia: Strange place, Uranus. Dave: Too bad it was blown up. Mike: Oh, well. It wasn't that great a planet, anyway. And since this great planet of yours is going through global warming, I might as well fix that. Catherine: How do you plan to do that?

Jonny: Don't worry about it, Catherine. Mike's really smart. Scene 22 (epilogue) Narrator: And so, the Earth, Mars and Venus were restored to their normalness. Mike solved Global Warming, and with the money that everybody got for saving the world, they all went on holiday to Raratonga. Catherine died from a shark attack and Dave was murdered by Patricia. The Martians took over Saturn, and everybody lived happily ever after, except for Dave and Catherine, who burned in the depths of hell for all of eternity. Oh, well.

Well, actually, do you want to know what really happened? Well, okay then. They all went to Venus for a holiday, then they ended up on a reality TV show and from that day on they were known as the biggest celebrities in history because they were the first people to land on Mars, Saturn and Venus and then win an intergalactic reality TV show. With their fame they ended their lives by being smothered with a crowd of people on top of them. It was the worst thing to ever happen to anyone so everybody felt so ashamed that nobody wanted to see their favourite celebrities anymore and nobody was popular anymore so it ended popularity for the world. MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! Sorry, I've got to go give my mother a spongebath now. Goodbye. CREDITS END