Locked Open / Locked Closed Valves

Toolbox talk 6: Team sheet

LO/LC valves – Flow chart of approval process
Request approval to change valve status Con rm classi cation Identify Mitigation and controls needed Apply Mitigation and Controls Authorise and sign LOLC register and issue keys

Remote PA con rms to Authorising Authority controls in place

Complete Task Part of Isolation Certi cate

Update tags with status change

Move valve


Part of Isolation Certi cate

Approve de-isolation

Return valve to normal position Update tags with status change

Apply Isolation TAG to valve

Remote PA con rms to Authorising Authority Valve returned to normal position and tags updated

Sign LOLC register activities complete -valve returned to normal status

Performing Authority Authorising Person


Analysers Vent/Flare KO Drum Purge Gas supply into vent/ are header LO LO ? Type B Control of Safety Critical Instruments and High Integrity Protection Devices (HIPS) ? Type C 1 Protection against ingress of air/ gas into a system/ Equipment / flare purge systems . atmosphere or drains LoLo/ Hi Hi Pressure trips Air/ Hydraulics PT LO To Flare Pilot To Vent/Flare Stack LO ESDV HIPS / ESD Trip function transmitter LO LO LO LT LoLo/ Hi Hi Level trips LO Corrosion monitoring Pilot gas supply LO Vent/Flare Header LO Fiscal/critical metering &.1 PSV LC 2 LO LO Flare/Vent LC LO NC Blow down valve ? 3 Type A 1 & 2 Single PSV with Isolation Valves ? 4 Type A 3 Blow down valve with Isolation Valve(s) Vent/ are/ LP system LO Spec Break Spec Break PCV LO LCV Spec Break LO Atmospheric Vent Vent/ are/ LP system LO LC Atmospheric Vent LO LP system/ drains Source of pressure/ uids LC LP system/ drains ? 5 Type A 4 Pressure/ Level Control Valve with Isolation Valve(s) and atmospheric vent ? 6 Type A 5 Manual isolation from vent.

6 Protection of downstream facilities against adverse conditions ? 12 Type D 5 Protection against adverse downstream conditions – dual PSVs Non-Nace piping LC Spec Break Nace piping High H2S Stream Chemical Storage FT LO LO LO PT Off Spec uid LC LO LO ? Type E 1. 4. 2 Isolation valves preventing off spec fluids reaching downstream facilities ? Type E 3 Protection of Downstream Facilities Protected by Chemical Injection MAJOR HAZARDS AWARENESS . 2 Protection of Downstream Facilities against adverse conditions LCV/ PCV LO LC LC PSV PSV Spec Break Spec Break LO LO LO INTERLOCK Spec Break LC LT Spec HT Spec HT Spec LT Spec LO LC ? 11 Type D 3.7 Pressurised instrument cabinet Air or Inert Purge gas 8 LC ESD LC LC Plant/ Equipment LO LC ? 9 Type C 2 Protection against ingress of gas into a Pressurised instrument cabinets ? 10 Type D 1.

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