Brady I.D.

Pro Wire Marker Printer Instructions

Step 1 Insert the Battery Pack
Locate the Battery Pack included in your packaging.

Insert the battery pack into the port located at the bottom of the printer. Please note that the battery pack will only fit one way in the printer.

Step 2 Connect the Battery Charger
Locate the Battery Charger included in your packaging.
 

Insert the charger's barrel plug connector into the port located at the end of the battery pack. Connect the Battery Charger to a live wall outlet.

squeeze the battery pack releases on both sides of the battery pack (see Figure 1). . it is recommended that the battery be used until the "LOW BATTERY" screen is displayed. Pro Printer with the Battery Charger connected to the unit simultaneously charges the rechargeable battery pack. The battery should then be recharged. Once fully charged.H. The I. The Size Code screen will then appear. the printer will display "LOW BATTERY" on the screen until the unit is turned off and the Battery Charger is connected.  To turn the power ON. Whether the power switch is ON or OFF. Leaving the battery plugged into the Battery Charger continuously will shorten the life of the battery pack.Pro will now display a series of label size codes.D.D. restore the battery to full power (recharge for at least four hours) before operating again on battery power. The Battery Pack can also be charged out of the printer. it is recommended that the unit be unplugged from the Battery Charger and operated solely on battery power. gently push the power switch (see Figure 1) to either small or large type size. Battery Life When the battery has reached a minimum level of power. the battery pack will continue to be charged by the Battery Charger. To maximize the life of the battery. For maximum battery life. Brady will damage or shorten the life of the printer or battery pack! Battery Power Operating the I. It is recommended to charge the battery for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours before operating the printer solely on battery power. To remove the battery pack.NOTE: Use of chargers other than those supplied by W. Step 3 Turn the Power ON Locate the power switch found along the upper right hand side of the printer.

. Step 5 Install Your Ribbon Cartridge Open the Printer Roll Door  Open the Roll Door of the printer by pushing upward on the grooves located on the plastic door. Install the Ribbon Cartridge    Hold the ribbon cartridge over the ribbon compartment with the exposed ribbon facing toward you. Scroll up or down through the size code screens until you find the size code that matches the label size code located on your roll of labels. Gently move the ribbon cartridge down and press it into the ribbon compartment until it "clicks" into place. Locate a package of standard part labels.) Tilt the left side of the ribbon cartridge down and position the ribbon along the left side of the printer. The label size code can0 be found on both the package of labels and on the inside of the label's roll core. Press ENTER to activate your selection. (See Figure 3.   To make selections within the display screen. scroll through the size code screens by pressing the UP or DOWN arrow keys (see Figure1). Tighten the ribbon in the cartridge by placing your finger over the ribbon advance knob and turning clockwise. This also exposes the ribbon compartment. Be sure that the ribbon is next to the edge of the printhead as shown on the label inside the roll door.Step 4 Enter Your Label Size Code Each roll of Brady labels is identified by a stock number which includes the label size code.

Hold the roll of labels with its notches to the left and slide the roll of labels all the way to the left side of the roll holder. .Step 6 Install Your Roll of Labels   Remove the roll holder from inside the roll door and slide off the adjustable roll guide. Return the adjustable roll guide onto the roll holder and position the adjustable roll guide in the detent on the roll holder as close to the roll of labels as possible (See Figure 4).

Trying to use the tearbar to cut it will damage the tearbar. . Slide the pin for the adjustable material guide (located on the bottom of the printer) (see Figure 2) toward the battery pack in order to slide it from one position to another.Feed the Markers Into the Printer Look inside the roll door area and locate the black fixed and adjustable material guides found at the rear of the print mechanism. the blue backing must be cut with a scissors. (See Figure 5) The labels will advance automatically to a position ready for printing! Place the roll holder into its storage area. NOTE: When using Permasleeve heat shrink sleeving. Feed the start of the roll of labels into the opening of the black material guides until the labels reach the feed roller.  Close the roll door until it "clicks" into place. Press the FEED button located on the right side of the keyboard. Be sure the guide locks into position.    Slide the adjustable material guide to a position that fits the label liner.

use the arrow keys to move the cursor UP. Step 8 Print a Label    Press PRINT located on the lower right hand side of the keyboard. press SHIFT and PRINT at the same time. the last character will change to match the last character entered. Enter the number of labels you would like to print and press PRINT again. To delete any character. Press ENTER to advance to the next line in your legend. The shift keys are located on both sides of the printer as well as on the main keyboard. Next. (See Figure 1). If you attempt to enter too many characters. Step 9 Remove Labels  Remove the roll of labels by first opening the Roll Door by rotating it backward.Step 7 Enter the Text of Label (Creating Legends) To activate any of the characters appearing in yellow. Enter Text Begin entering your text. or RIGHT. The printer will stop after finishing the label in progress. To move with the text of the legend. Press CLEAR to interrupt and stop printing. press in combination with the SHIFT key. push both material guide pins located on the underside of the printer toward the battery pack while gently pulling the roll holder and labels out of the rear of the printer. DOWN. LEFT. To print multiple copies of the same label. . move the cursor under any character and press DELETE.

. When the serialized character reaches 9 or Z.. General Guidelines for Serializing Symbols and foreign characters will not serialize. This will continue for up to 3 places. the next character to the left is incremented. Either alpha or numeric characters can be serialized but not a combination of the both. Press the serial key to increment the character. Any line or portion of a line of the legend may be independently serialized. and the right-most character becomes 0 or A. For example: 099 becomes 100. Locate the cursor directly below the right-most character to be serialized..TO PRINT SERIALIZED LEGENDS.