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“SPRING PRESELECTION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS” Academic Year 2013/2014 Online Application Deadline: 29th March, 2013
SISSA offers opportunities for carrying out Ph.D studies in the following fields: Area Mathematics • • • • • • • • • • • • PhD Course Geometry Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications Mathematical Physics Astrophysics Astroparticle Physics Molecular and Statistical Biophysics: theory and computation Statistical Physics Theoretical Particle Physics Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter Cognitive Neuroscience Functional and Structural Genomics Neurobiology



International students (non-EU citizens) can be admitted through a selection based on academic and scientific qualifications only. Students selected in this way will therefore enter the School without taking the regular entrance examination, but will be expected to pass a qualifying examination within the first year of study. Applicants interested in participating in this pre-selection must have a University degree which qualifies them for a Ph.D programme by the beginning of the courses (October 1st for Astroparticle Physics, Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, modelling and applications, Mathematical Physics and Theoretical Particle Physics, November 4th for all other courses). • How to apply

An online application must be filled and sent using the procedure available at the page Candidates should upload the following documents in pdf format: - curriculum vitae et studiorum; - a certificate of University examinations with marks (in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish; - a final degree certificate if already obtained (in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish) In order to be admitted such degree must be obtained by the beginning of the courses. - a copy of the diploma thesis (if any).

maternity or other serious reasons up to 5 months. 2013.5 months (€ For further information see http://wiki.32 gross ( or contact the Students’ Secretariat: phd@sissa. • Fellowships and other benefits Admitted candidates will be awarded a fellowship of the yearly amount of € 15. January 2013 The Director (Prof. G. fax or post to the address printed on the form itself. A contribution towards living expenses of the amount of €100.000.00 gross per month will be awarded (at the end of the academic year) to those who will subscribe a registered rent contract.000.00 net per month plus contribution towards living expenses of € 300. entrance exams that will take place in Summer/Autumn. Admission to the second year is subject to a Qualifying Examination at the end of the first year. A contribution towards the expenses to be enrolled in the health insurance system up to € 198. sign it and send it. A confirmation message will be sent to the candidate when he/she will complete the application process. A contribution (70% of the amount of the fellowship) may be awarded to students who should be forced to suspend their activity due to illness. to a small number of candidates not directly admitted to the PhD courses. passport) by email. together with a copy of an ID document (i.sissa.24% tax) for 3 years.e. All necessary information about the online procedure can be found at the page http://www.00 gross per month and travel allowance of € 1.D.010. a post-graduate fellowship of 3. for whatever reason. Martinelli) . The candidate will then have to print out the admission request form. will not be considered.00 maximum) in order to spend a period of internship at SISSA and participate in the Ph. The request form must reach SISSA by 8th April. • Results The outcome of the selections will be notified to all candidates by the end of May 2013. The School may offer. The fellowship may be extended for a fourth year subject to approval by the School authorities and to availability of Trieste.77 will be granted to non-EU students only. Applications received beyond this date.Candidates will have to indicate the names and email addresses of two professors that will be asked to send a recommendation letter through the same online procedure.