English Proficiency Test 3

1. Read the following texts and answer the questions by choosing the right answer (a, b, c or d). A. Medical research on the prevention of strokes has recently made several breakthroughs. The researchers studied strokes that are caused by an irregular heart rhythm that produces blood clots. When those clots get lodged in an artery that supplies blood to the brain, they reduce blood flow and produce a stroke. The use of the blood-thinning drug warfarin cuts the risk of a stroke by 67 percent. The data also suggest that aspirin is effective and is a reasonable alternative. Doctors might feel more comfortable prescribing aspirin because of the slight possibility that warfarin may lead to internal bleeding. 1. What does this passage mainly discuss? (A) Surgery to prevent strokes (B) Strokes and their causes (C) New measures for preventing strokes (D) Medication for stroke victims 2. The word “breakthroughs” in line 1 is closest in meaning to (A) publications (B) advances (C) awards (D) operations 3. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true of the drug warfarin? (A) It might possibly lead to internal bleeding. (B) It has been effective in preventing strokes. (C) It has been used in research studies on people with irregular heartbeats. (D) It eliminates cholesterol deposits in arteries. 4. It can be inferred from the passage that strokes are a result of (A) reduced blood flow to the brain (B) expansion of the carotid artery (C) taking too many aspirin (D)internal bleeding 5. The word “cuts” in line 4 is closest in meaning to (A) severs (B) interferes (C) illustrates (D) reduces B. When DNA fingerprinting was discovered in the mid 80’s, it was hailed as the biggest breakthrough in forensic science since normal fingerprinting and was even considered to be infallible. The technique exploits the fact that everyone, apart from genetic twins, has a unique genetic blueprint. This blueprint consists of about three billion so-called base pairs whose order makes up our genes. These base pairs thus control what the various cells in our body do. Scientists have discovered that the human genetic blueprint contains “stuttered” regions in which short sequences of base pairs repeat many times. It has been established that the different length of these stutters can be used to form a unique profile for each human being. Better still, this information could be extracted from minute samples of body tissue found at the scene of a crime. Although DNA fingerprinting was presented as evidence for the prosecution in a number of high profile trials, doubts slowly began to emerge as to the reliability of the results. It has been argued that DNA fingerprinting may have an intrinsic flaw in that some ethnic groups have genetic similarities that increase the chances of getting matched bands. 1. The author states that a “stuttered region” occurs when… (A) base pairs control the cells of the body (B) base pairs occur in different lengths (C) body tissue is examined under a microscope (D) series of base pairs are repeated more than once 2. What essential detail is DNA fingerprinting based on? (A) It can only be carried out on identical twins (B) There are 3 billion known base pairs (C) Every individual has their own genetic make up (D) Bodies are made up of billions of cells

11. air pollution. 2. Neither the mid-life career change applicant nor (A) the young. 6. He worked in the lumber camps during (A) the summer not because of (B) the money but (C) because he wanted to strengthen his muscles by doing hard (D) physical labour. 8. he tried to get (B) the show with all their (C) actors booked in summer stock theaters for last-minute revisions (D). 2. I should like (A) you and he (B) to supply the necessary data (C) for the annual statement which must be prepared in advance of (D) the spring meeting. may to help (A) becomes “may help (A)”). and very (D) entertaining. 14. In the aftermath (A) of the space shuttle Challenger explosion. were drawing at the blackboard. 12. the NASA program underwent a massive examination (D) of priorities. I can hardly believe (A) your tale of military intrigue. Before (A) the producere took the musical to Broadway. what is a particular advantage of this type of procedure? (A) The results are produced quickly (B) It doesn't require a large specimen of blood or skin (C) Any sample of body tissue can be used (D) It can be carried out at the spot where a crime was committed. 7. full of suspense (C). you will have less work than (B) owning a house entails. DNA fingerprinting was …(A) treated with some apprehension (B) considered to be foolproof (C) regarded as less important than normal fingerprinting (D) rejected by forensic scientists 4.Identify the one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect. That (A) book is liable (B) to become a best seller because it is a well-written. but you have not had (C) the intrinsic (D) rewards. When (A) you buy a condominium. the top threats to the environment is (C) water pollution. Twenty-five restless five-yearolds (A) were throwing (B) paper clips. and hazardous (D) wastes. Why have there subsequently been doubts about the reliability of the technique? (A) Certain ethnic groups have comparable genetic formations (B) It has been rejected as evidence in court (C) It is difficult to identify the genes of some ethnic minorities (D) Ethnic minorities cannot be subject to DNA fingerprinting 5. where (B) seven crew members were killed (C). and (C) a cure is still eluding (D) them. The teacher suspected cheating as soon as he noticed . Recent medical breakthroughs. inexperienced applicant are finding (B) it easy to begin (C) a career in data processing because of (D) a shortage of job openings. I have been thinking (A) lately about the monsters – or fantasies or (B) whatever – that (C) frightened myself (D) as a child. the donkey and the elephant.3. the sophisticated secret weapons and the increasing violent (B) actions that (C) were exhibited by just one man seem (D) incredible. have encouraged (B) researchers. 1. were created (C) by the renowned cartoonist (D) Thomas Nast. one finds (B) it (C) possible to become acclimated (D) to tropical temperatures. 15.g. 3. Initially. 3. 1. We admired (A) his many (B) attempts bravely (C) to enter (D) the burning building. including the discovery of (A) a vaccine to slow the AIDS virus. According to the passage. Write the letter corresponding to the mistake and the correct form (e. 5. Even after (A) you have endured a cold winter in sub-zero weather. 10. and called to (C) one another while their (D) teacher went searching for milk and cookies. The animals who (A) were chosen to represent (B) the Democratic and Republican parties. 9. 13. 4. According to (A) a random poll taken by (B) National Wildlife. The selection committee was amazed to see such fine work done by a mere (A) connoisseur (B) artist (C) amateur (D) entrepreneur.Choose the one word that best completes the sentence. 2.

4.” 8. 5. Rent control restrictions may unfortunately (A) resolve (B) diminish (C) minimize (D) exacerbate rather than alleviate housing problems. 5. In no more than 15 lines discuss your choice of university exchange programs . 7. so I (wait) here for more than 20 minutes. He (stay) till ten. 10. before you have finished (learn) Section 2. you can hear this simple (A) metaphor (B) trilogy (C) banality (D) motif throughout the entire score. the philanthropist deserved credit for his (A) folly (B) hypocrisy (C) modesty (D) altruism. If you listen carefully. Known for his commitment to worthy causes. 1. 8. 3. It was Christine herself who (open) the door for him. He urged that we take particular care of the (A) insoluble (B) superficial (C) volatile (D) insipid chemicals. 6. They (want) to know what (become) of the couple who (live) next door. I came at 5 sharp.the pupil’s (A) futile (B) sporadic (C) furtive (D) cold glances at his classmate’s paper. he was able to overcome his (A) linguistic (B) plausible (C) monetary (D) territorial difficulties during his recent trip to Japan. 2. 5. Cancer cells are normal cells run riot. I (not know) that she (see) Bob since they (meet) at the mall. By developing skill in the use of sign language. Andrew (be) the first to come. 10. 7. “Please tell us what happened that night. 9. At nine John (come) in. Pain is the body’s warning system: loss of sensation in the extremities leaves a person (A) incapable of (B) vulnerable to (C) habituated to (D) desirous of injuring himself unwittingly. Robert (decide) to see a doctor because for some time he (not feel) quite well. And almost at once he (sit) down to supper. Noah (say) that he (fish) for hours when she (bring) him something to eat.” “I (dine) alone and (sit) up reading till late. One argument against the welfare system is that it (A) supports (B) saps (C) hastens (D) corrects the recipient’s independence. multiplying out of (A) spite (B) control (C) danger (D) apathy. 4. 9. I (expect) him. 4. “You (be) here long? “Yes. Put the verbs in the correct tense. If we (ask) for another copy they (not think) much of our efficiency. It was not until long after she (say) “yes” that she (wonder) whether she (do) wrong. Later Watkins (come) in apologizing for being late. Don’t start (try) (solve) Section 3. 3. 6.