2012-13 Issue 8/Rhif 8


Last minute transfer rush….
Bangor City manager Nev Powell was on the ball with his signing of defender Ryan Edwards. We reported last week that Edwards had bought out his contract with Airbus UK Broughton having made a club record of 185 starts for the Wingmakers. Forward Casey Thomas has joined his brother Corey at Richmond Park. Carmarthen Town manager Mark Aizlewood signed the twenty-one year old after he was released by Swansea City after a loan spell at Colchester United The Old Gold boss was quite busy before the deadline as he also managed to sign defender Kyle Graves who was with Neath last season.. This follows last week’s headline signing of Liam McCreesh from Sydney club Northern Tigers. Nicky Ward has joined Newtown after leaving The New Saints earlier in the week by mutual consent. This will be Ward’s second spell with the Robins and joins former TNS team-mate Barry Hogan snapped up by Newtown team boss Bernie McNally earlier last week. Airbus UK Broughton manager Andy Preece brought in former Wrexham, The New Saints and Team Bath striker Steve Abbott from Rushall Olympic as the deadline moved into its final hours. Abbott had played under Preece at Northwich Victoria.

Friday 31st August Airbus UK Broughton v Bala Town Carmarthen Town v Afan Lido FC Port Talbot Town v Newtown AFC The New Saints v Prestatyn Town Saturday 1st September Gap Connah’s Quay v Llanelli AFC Bangor City v Aberystwyth Town 1-0 1-1 1-0 4-1 3-1 7-1

Llanelli pay off the tax man
LLANELLI AFC have comfortably staved off a winding order from HM Revenue and Customs. In a statement on Friday the club said: “Llanelli AFC can confirm that the outstanding money owed to HMRC was paid this afternoon and the subsequent winding order will not be actioned. “The club will now look forward to tomorrow's match at Connah's Quay and the rest of the season.” Officials at the club were confident all along that the dispute with the taxman would be resolved and would not affect the future of the club. The hearing was due to take place at the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday but, as promised in a mid-week starement, Chairman Nitin Parekh has now dealt with the issue. WEEKEND STATS SUMMARY Goals scored: 22 Home goals: 18 Away goals: 4 Average goals per game: 3.67 Home wins: 5 Away wins: 0 Draws: 1 Yellow Cards: 17 Red Cards: 0 Average attendance: 302 Cylchgrawn Swyddogol Uwchgynghrair Corbett Sports Cymru

Tuesday 4th September 19:30 Aberystwyth Town v Bangor City Afan Lido v Carmarthen Town Bala Town v Airbus UK Broughton Newtown AFC v Port Talbot Town League Cup Qualifying Round Buckley Town v Penrhyncoch Cambrian & Clydach v Haverfordwest County Rhyl v Porthmadog FC Taffs Well v Bryntirion Athletic Saturday 8th September 14:30 Airbus UK Broughton v Bangor City Aberystwyth Town v Port Talbot Town Afan Lido FC v Bala Town Newtown AFC v Gap Connah’s Quay Prestatyn Town v Carmarthen Town LIVE MATCH ON S4/C The New Saints v Llanelli AFC 15:45

Official Newsletter of the Corbett Sports Welsh Premier League

THIS WEEK’S FIXTURES Tuesday 4th September Aberystwyth Town v Bangor City LAST SIX SEASONS 03/03/07 22/09/07 24/01/09 16/03/10 11/12/10 29/10/11 0 2 1 2 1 0 2 1 2 1 3 2 Luke Sherbon 42' 55'(p) Glyndwr Hughes 45' Ryan Fraughan 31' Conall Murtagh 59' Ricky Evans 43' Away wins 12 Ashley Stott 53' Marco Adaggio 86' Les Davies 24' Chris Sharp 29' Mike Walsh 48' Aneurin Thomas 51'(og) Jamie Reed 90' 90'+4 Chris Jones 5'(p) Les Davies 59' Draws 0 Goal aggregate 23 – 30 251 276 335 427 475 456 19:30 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 7 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team DDDWWD Away Team WWWWLL Afan Lido FC v Carmarthen Town LAST SIX SEASONS Last season was Lido’s first back in the WPL since 2004 -05 23/09/11 1 0 Liam McCreesh 15' 02/03/12 5 1 Krisian James 19' Tim Hicks 39'(og) Lean Corey Thomas 28' Jeanne 56' Andy Hill 48' 85'(p) ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 4 # 19:30 211 273 Away wins 1 Draws 4 Goal aggregate 13 – 7 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team WDLLLL Away Team DLLWWW Bala Town v Airbus UK Broughton LAST SIX SEASONS 16/04/10 02/01/11 11/03/11 26/12/11 1 1 0 1 2 2 3 0 Neil Fisher 4' Josh MacAuley 85'(p) Mark Allen 81'(og) Away wins 3 Draws Bala Town are in their fourth season in the WPL 19:30 Carl Owen 64' Marc Lloyd-Williams 74' Carl Owen 16' Giovanni Feliciello 65' Shaun Kelly 9'(og) Ian Sheridan 39' Mark Allen 89' 0 Goal aggregate 3–7 415 241 189 251 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 1 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team LWDLLD Away Team WLLLWL Port Talbot Town v Newtown AFC LAST SIX SEASONS 02/09/06 25/08/07 27/09/08 13/04/10 08/01/11 03/09/11 03/03/12 2 5 1 2 3 3 1 1 1 2 1 0 1 1 Chad Bond 10' Martin Rose 84' Martin Rose 43' 50' Lee Surman 39' Dylan Blain 53' Kerry Morgan 90' Martin Rose 47' Martin Rose 35' Matthew Rees 49' Lloyd Grist 12' Lee John 81' Drew Fahiya 84' Cortez Belle 44'(p) Martin Rose 78' 88' Lee John 68' Away wins 4 Draws 2 Danny Desormeaux 55' Marc Lloyd Williams 75' Neil Mitchell 9' Craig Moses 18' Paul Roberts 90' Kevin Davies 29' Nick Rushton 58' Goal aggregate 27 – 15 19:30 210 152 144 173 150 186 110 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 8 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team DWWLLW Away Team LLWLDL .

Other matches from this round: Llanelli AFC v Gap Connah’s Quay Prestatyn Town v The New Saints FC Saturday 8th September Airbus UK Broughton v Bangor City LAST SIX SEASONS 12/01/07 31/08/07 07/11/08 24/03/10 14/12/10 07/09/11 4 1 2 1 1 2 1 0 3 5 1 4 Darren Williams 29' Neil Wynne 53' James McIntosh 56' Dave Hughes 65' James McIntosh 48' James McIntosh 27'33' Carl Owen 82' Andy Moran 52' Lee Idzi 15'(og) Ian Sheridan 35' Away wins 3 Draws Sunday Wednesday 11/11/12 12/09/12 14:30 Marc Lloyd-Williams 75'(p) Chris Sharp 14' 41'(p) Peter Hoy 72' Jamie Reed 5' 12' 90'+1 Craig Garside 6' Eddie Jebb 60' Alan Bull 90' Chris Jones 35' 69' Shaun Pejic 45' Alan Bull 69' 2 Goal aggregate 13 – 15 212 330 349 241 320 272 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 3 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team DWLDLW Away Team WWWWLL Afan Lido FC V Bala Town LAST SIX SEASONS 08/10/11 0 1 Away wins 1 Draws Last season was Lido’s first back in the WPL since 2004 -05 Mark Connolly 51' 0 Goal aggregate 0–1 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 0 14:30 186 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team WDLLLL Away Team LWLWDL Aberystwyth Town v Port Talbot Town LAST SIX SEASONS 03/04/07 08/02/08 23/08/08 12/02/10 26/11/10 10/09/11 17/02/12 0 2 1 2 2 0 1 2 4 1 1 2 2 1 Geoff Kellaway 40' Luke Sherbon 47' Luke Sherbon 86'(p) Ryan Fraughan 20' Luke Bowen 69' Lewis Codling 30' 50' Josh Shaw 66' Away wins 4 Draws Martin Rose 18' Lee John 46' Martin Rose 18' Craig Hanford 50' Lee John 58' Dylan Blain 65' Liam McCreesh 43' Liam McCreesh 78' Martin Rose 1' Luke Bowen 57' Cortez Belle 19' Chris Hartland 42' Richard Greaves 16' 5 Goal aggregate 15 – 18 14:30 191 273 339 388 219 194 296 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 4 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team DDDWWD Away Team DLDDDL Prestatyn Town v Carmarthen Town LAST SIX SEASONS 21/04/09 13/02/10 18/01/11 03/09/11 1 0 0 6 2 0 0 1 Ian Griffiths 86' Dave Hayes 18' Ross Stephens 23' Neil Gibson 35'(p) 65' Steve Rogers 36' Chris Davies 56' Away wins 1 Draws 2 Ben Morris 41' Nicky Palmer 62' Jack Christopher 86' 14:30 173 165 154 219 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 1 Goal aggregate 7–3 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team LLLLLW Away Team DLLWWW .

Newtown AFC v GAP Connah’s Quay LAST SIX SEASONS 13/03/07 12/01/08 07/04/09 17/04/10 0 4 1 0 1 1 2 0 Gap Connah’s Quay retuned to the WPL this season Chris Williams 78' Tom Baker 40' Andy Alston 53' 66' 5 Goal aggregate 21 – 18 Hugh Clarke 6' Glenn Tolley 8' Richard Williams-Cooke 26' Craig Moses 72' Richard Evans 15' Away wins 7 Draws 14:30 150 195 115 307 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 6 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches) Home Team LDDWDW Away Team -----L LIVE MATCH S4/C The New Saints v Llanelli AFC LAST SIX SEASONS 28/10/06 19/04/08 07/02/09 28/03/10 08/02/11 25/04/11 05/11/11 07/04/12 0 3 0 1 2 3 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 Alfie Carter 31' 34' John Leah 54' Craig Jones 66' Matty Williams 56'(p) 63' Chris Sharp 14' 54' Matty Williams 59'(p) Alex Darlington 11' 32' Greg Draper 19' 40' Nicky Ward 14' Away wins 2 Draws Rhys Griffiths 55' Jacob Mingorance 58' Rhys Griffiths 22' Rhys Griffiths 54' 66'(p) Rhys Griffiths 21'(p) 3 Goal aggregate 35 – 14 15:45 393 573 393 583 249 337 327 246 ALL-TIME RECORDS Home wins 12 CURRENT FORM (last 6 matches Home Team WWDWWW Away Team DDWWWL MATCH OFFICIALS 04/09/12 Aberystwyth Town Afan Lido Bala Town Newtown 08/09/12 Aberystwyth Town Afan Lido FC Airbus UK Bro’ton Newtown AFC Prestatyn Town The New Saints REFEREE ASSISTANT ASSISTANT 4TH OFFICIAL Bangor City Carmarthen Town Airbus UK Bro’ton Port Talbot Town Port Talbot Town Bala Town Bangor City GAP Connah’s Quay Carmarthen Town Llanelli AFC B M-Jones R Harrington H Jones N Pratt D John K I Morgan R Harrington B J James N Pratt S L Evans D J Boyle A G Boore M Farrington D Fawkes D M Beckett T Cook D Adie W A Tregonning G W Jones K Fisher T Cook M Dyson A R Jones M Williams O W Phillips S M Williams A G Boore P A Walters G E Vaughan E J King M S Whitby D John I Griffith N Brearley H Jones B M-Jones R J Stewart K Hames A P Harms H Jones SUSPENSIONS Michael Walsh Lee Hunt Chris Hartland Paul Keddle Matthew Rees Conall Murtagh Aberystwyth Town Bala Town Afan Lido FC Port Talbot Town Carmarthen Town Bala Town 1 matches 2 matches 2 matches 1 matches 1 matches 1 match from 02/09/2012 from 18/08/2012 from 19/08/2012 from 19/08/2012 from 19/08/2012 from 25/08/2012 .

Colchester United Afan Lido FC. An encouraging crowd of 238 watched Nomads’ first home game o f the season and McGregor is hoping for more of the same against Llanelli. who is looking to add to his squad. We expect that to be the case in the majority of our matches but we can score goals against any team. Team Bath. Northwitch Victoria Airbus UK Broughton IN 29 Steve ABBOTT F 31/07/82 ENG 1. Haverfordwest County. when he shot against the post. Northern Tigers (AUS) Manchester City. Haverfordwest County.SIGNINGS & DEPARTURES Bangor City IN OUT 20 Ryan EDWARDS D 22/06/88 WAL 1. We’re doing everything we can to promote the club.7 The New Saints FC. McGregor said: “They had more possession.5 Swansea City.82 1. Thompson. Chorley.70 79. turned provider four minutes later as he robbed the ball off goalkeeper Craig Richards and crossed for Gary O’Toole to tap in.90 n/a Nomads in high spirits after first win by Paul Wheelock.5 76. Oestersunds FK (SWE) Swansea City. for whom Daniel Dobbins and Michael Robinson were superb.0 65. said: “It was a good attendance considering Airbus and Flint were at home and the likes of Everton and Manchester United were on at a similar time. Mark McGregor’s men bounced back as they beat Port Talbot Town 2-0 last weekend. Bangor City. Neath FC. Carmarthen Town. Wrexham FC The New Saints FC OUT IN n/a Nicky WARD Jason LAMPKIN M F Released by mutual consent 24/04/94 ENG 1.5 Airbus UK Broughton. Wrexham.83 n/a n/a n/a On loan from Cardiff City Cardiff City Carmarthen Town IN IN IN n/a 36 n/a Kyle GRAVES Casey THOMAS Liam McCREESH D F M 01/04/89 14/11/90 09/09/85 WAL WAL WAL 1.75 63. Welling United. Port Talbot enjoyed plenty of possession but never truly looked like breaking down Nomads.72 1. Shrewsbury Town. Runcorn Halton.0 Aston Villa FC." .0 79. McGregor said: “He’s only 17 but a major prospect who I think can play in the Football League. He’s raw but I’m sure he can score goals in the Welsh Premier if he learns from Gary O’Toole and Ricky Evans.79 1. There’s a real buzz around the place and we want the community to buy into it. Newtown AFC. The New Saints FC Newtown AFC IN IN 18 20 Barry HOGAN Nicky WARD M M 15/02/83 30/11/77 ENG WAL 1. Southport FC. Newport County. Heartbroken by a last-minute defeat at Bangor City in their big season opener. Cefn Druids. before the talismanic Ricky Evans – who McGregor said ‘rolled back the years’ despite not being fully fit – went close early in the second half.80 75. St Helens Town. AFC Telford United.” McGregor was impressed by the display of teenage striker Rhys Healey from the bench. O’Toole nearly netted again before the break. Halkyn United. It was an excellent professional performance.” New boy Mike Thompson broke the deadlock in the 33rd minute after he punished some slack play by Matty Crowell with a low strike into the bottom corner. Merthyr Tydfil. The player-manager. Chasetown. Manchester United Wigan Athletic . Leigh RMI. Flintshire Chronicle Gap Connah’s Quay were in buoyant mood for the visit of Llanelli to Deeside Stadium on Saturday after they recorded their first victory since winning promotion back to the Welsh Premier League. Congleton Town. Cefn Druids. Afan Lido FC.83 74. Flint Town United Jamie CROWTHER Transferred to Conwy Borough Llanelli AFC IN IN 25 22 Dave RICHARDS Adam DAVIES G D 31/12/93 19/11/93 WAL WAL 1. thriving in a new position. Port Talbot Town. The New Saints. Port Talbot Town.

Team Bath 10. Tyrrell Webbe . The contest will be good preparation for the Welsh squad as they prepare for the UEFA Futsal EURO qualifiers which will take place in January 2013.5m funding in 2011/12 to 66 projects in the FAW directly affiliated leagues which has helped improve facilities across the length and breadth of the Country. Llanelli AFC General Manager.. Tyler Mills .Caerau Ely FC 8.The New Saints FC 5.Genesis Futsal Club 9.Aberdare Town FC 13. In the picture with WGI Directors David Griffiths and John Harris are Carl Lucas. David Griffiths said. Elliot Thomas . On Saturday 1st September the National Futsal squad will travel to play two International fixtures against Andorra.Cardiff City FC 7. Gareth Delve . Sion Kitson . They have made seven appearances in UEFA Futsal EURO qualifying campaigns and competing to qualify for four FIFA Futsal World Cups. A talented squad has been assembled and have been challenged to develop quickly and catch up on other nations who have been playing Futsal Internationally for many years.The New Saints FC 15. Naim Arsan . Leader of Llanelli Town Council and Nigel Richards. Wales opponents Andorra.Cardiff City FC Facility project for 2013 Euro championship completed Representatives from Welsh Grounds Improvements (WGI) recently handed over a plaque to Llanelli AFC to commemorate the completion of a grant aided project at the club’s Stebonheath ground.Loughborough University 12. Craig Williams . Wales is proud to have been awarded the 2013 Euro tournament by UEFA and it is important that we set the right impression by ensuring that the host grounds meet the required criteria. In addition to this project WGI provided £0. Wales will play two fixtures against Andorra with the matches taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of September at the home of Andorra Futsal .. possesses a vastly more experienced Futsal team. Tom Allen . Dafydd Jones .750 of WGI special project monies helped pay for a new drug control room at the Club. an improvement necessary for it to meet ground criteria to host matches for the women’s under 19 Euro tournament to be hosted in West Wales next year. “Welsh Grounds Improvements is delighted that this project. Taylor Harding .Cardiff City FC 6. Eric Ramsay (C) . Dean Maynard . This will be a landmark occasion in Welsh football as it will be the first ever Welsh Futsal International fixture. £12. The New Saints youngsters Tom Allen and Niam Arsan have both been named in the first ever Wales Futsal squad for the first International match against Andorra.Saints youngsters in first Wales Futsal Squad. “ .Cardiff City FC 11. Danny Hooper . funded in partnership with Llanelli Town Council.Pavelló Prat Gran (Escaldes-Engordany) Wales Squad 1.Cardiff University Futsal Club 2. Jonny Nelson .Team Bath 14. despite being small in population. has been completed.Cardiff Corinthians FC 4. Lee Jones .Cardiff City FC 3. Players from their squad play in the professional Spanish Futsal league and will prove a very tough test for Wales.

uk . club histories.co. trefn y tymor a llawer mwy.uk Er mwyn archebu eich copi cysylltwch gyda Lucy Kelly: Cymdeithas Bêl-droed Cymru 11/12 Ffordd Blaen y Gậd Caerdydd CF24 5PJ Neu drwy ddanfon e-bost lkelly@faw. Anyone who is interested in our National League can purchase a copy for £5 (+ £2. fixtures.36 for posting and packaging).co. Gall unrhywun sy’n ymddiddori yn ein Cynghrair Cenedlaethol brynu copi am £5 (+£2.The Official Corbett Sports Welsh Premier League Season’s Guide 2012/13 This year the League has decided to combine the handbook and guide from previous seasons into one comprehensive document. please contact Lucy Kelly at: The Football Association of Wales 11/12 Vanguard Way Cardiff CF24 5PJ or via e-mail lkelly@faw. Yn syml dyma yw’r unig ddogfen sydd ei hangen ar gefnogwyr y Cynghrair. The guide includes player and squad information. Mae’r llawlyfr yn cynnwys gwybodaeth am glybiau a chwaraewyr.36 am gost postio). Eleni mae’r Cynghrair wedi penderfynu cyfuno’r hen lawlyfrau a chyhoeddi un ddogfen gynhwysfawr. To order your copy. contacts – simply it’s your definitive guide to the Corbett Sports Welsh Premier League this season.

Carl Payne.Lee John (23.Toby Jones (7. 12. 11Kieran Howard (17. 7.Mark Pullman (gk).Stephens 41' The New Saints FC 1. 6-Shane Sutton. 16.Scott Quigley. 4.Sam Finley. 10. 11.Ross Jefferies (18.Michael Parker. 11.Mark Jones. 20.Connell Rawlinson.Craig Richards. 14. 10. 10.Ryan Fraughan (20. 3.Dave Roberts. 30. 25.Mike Byron Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Connolly 18' Lunt 31' Sheridan 71' Airbus UK Broughton 1. 3.Gareth Wilson.Tim Hicks. 2. 5Paul O’Neill. 8.Dylan Blain Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Sheehan 30' Bloom 81' Attendance: The New Saints FC Prestatyn Town 186 Referee: 4 1 Kim Fisher Greg Draper 9' Ryan Fraughan 47' 56' Sam Finley 90' Jason Price 71' Prestatyn Town 25. 23Aeron Edwards (7.Chris Jones.Max Penk.Aeron Simms Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Finley 45' Attendance: 321 Referee: Nick Pratt . 10.Steve Tomassen.John Hill-Dunt.Kristian James 51'). 11.Mark Jones. 24Ilan Hughes.Josh Hartrick 63').Chris Davies. 5.Cortez Belle.David Brooks.Ian Sheridan Subs not used: 23. 2.Kieren Mills-Evans.Greg Draper (18.Zac Evans 55'). 26. 8. 3.Ryan Jones 80').Paul Harrison.David Burnett.Jeff White (18. 19.Elliot Jones Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Mills-Evans 79' Port Talbot Town 1. 5.Chris Budrys. 4Andy Jones.Luke Borrelli (21. 8. 3.Neil Smothers Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Hicks 77' Attendance: Port Talbot Town Newtown AFC 413 Referee: 1 0 Kris Hames David Brooks 21' Newtown AFC 1.Craig Whitfield (10Steve Blenkinsop 73'). 14. 18. 6.Ben Chapman.Chris Curtis. 3.Neil Gibson.Matty Crowell 72').Chris Marriott. 6. 3. 9.Ian Kearney.Stuart Jones.Anthony Rawlings.Mike Hayes. 6.Paul Evans.Andy Cook. 5.Carl Evans. 14.Ian Hillier.Stef Edwards.Liam Thomas (36Casey Thomas 68') Sub not used: 15. 10. 6.Guto Hughes. 4. 17.Ashley Morris. 39. 9.Mark Connolly.Luke Fleming (gk) Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Rawlings 55' Carmarthen Town 20. 19.Kyle Armstrong 86'). 22.Sam Wilson 88'). 8.Michael Wilde 79'). 2. 9.Lewis Harling.Ross Stephens (12.Kai Edwards.James Bloom.Danny Thomas.Daniel Sheehan.Stephen Brown (22.Tom Field (8.Glenn Rule 64'). 24Ryan Green.Lee Owens.Jonathan Hood (22. 7.Callum Wright.Wayne Riley.SCORECARD Friday 31st August Airbus UK Broughton Bala Town 1 0 Steve Tomassen 18' Bala Town 1. 9. 26.Anthony Stephens.Dean Hudson.Gavin Jeffries. 22.Matthew Thompson.Sam Hodge (5.Mark Cadwallader.Gareth Barker. 17.Adam Llewellyn 84') Subs not used: 15.Adam Wright 78') Subs not used: 25. 12. 2.Daniel Thomas. 15. 5Steve Evans. 2.Kenny Lunt. 4. 4.Jack Christopher. 15Sam Hart Red Cards: Yellow Cards: None Wade 50' Rule 80' Attendance: Carmarthen Town Afan Lido FC 261 Referee: 1 1 Andy Harms Jack Christopher 35' Mark Jones 90' Afan Lido FC 1. 11.Jack Lewis. 19. 16.Craig Hanford. 4. 23.Alex Darlington 70').Jason Price. 15.Ben Collins.Greg Stones Subs not used: 1.Rhys Wilson.Ryan Wade. 16Tony Davies.Luke Boundford Subs not used: 11. 14.Alex Gammond 75'). 6.Scott Roscoe 83') Subs not used: 16. 10.Gareth Partridge (17. 7. 7.Mike Roddy Subs not used: 11.Paul Fowler.Simon Spender. 6.Tom Kemp 80']). 19. 20. 2Corey Thomas.Chris Seargeant.Lewis Codling 56'). 2.Lee Hartshorn.Dan Evans 71' [16.Iain Edmunds (12. 8.David Haynes. 8. 3. 9.Andy Parkinson Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: R.Gareth Phillips. 24. 17.Craig Williams.John Irving.

5. 10.Ryan Edwards 89').Adam Worton. 12. 9. 17.Chris Jones (16. 7.Jamie Petrie. 5. 7.Wyn Thomas.Cledan Davies (16. 6.Jason Bowen 78').Ricky Evans (14.Chris Simm.Clive Williams. 5.Luke Bowen.Michael Robinson.Sion Edwards (14Alan Bull 75').Craig Moses (20. 3.Michael Johnston.Liam Brownhill. 11.James Wood. 15.John Rushton. 4.Mark McGregor.Michael Thompson (23. 11. 2.Liam James Subs not used: 22.Gavin Cadwallader.Martin Rose.Glyndwr Hughes 46'). 22.Corey Jenkins 46').Matty Collins (19Rhydian Davies 71'). 6. 18. 5.Gary O’Toole (20. 15.Rhys Healey 81').Ashley Evans. 3. 4. 18. 4.John Owen Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Simm 14' Davies 49' Attendance: 530 Gap Connah's Quay Llanelli AFC Referee: 3 1 Kevin Morgan Gary O'Toole 49' Ricky Evans 58' Michael Thompson 88’ Martin Rose 90' Llanelli AFC 29. 12. 25.Stuart Jones. 8.Damien Allen. 6.Lee Surman.Gethin Jones. 16.Chris Thomas.Adam Davies (8. 9.Geoff Kellaway. 19. 20Ryan Edwards Subs not used: 15. 2.Ryan Batley.Mamadou Diallo Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Davies 67' Gap Connah's Quay 1.Craig Jones. 9. 3.Dave Richards.Alan Hooley.Craig Garside (4.Lloyd Grist (7. 9.Diff 9 7 6 6 4 4 4 3 3 2 1 1 6 3 6 3 0 -1 -1 -1 -2 -1 -4 -8 Top Scorers Surname BOUNDFORD EDWARDS FRAUGHAN PARKINSON SHERIDAN BORRELLI CHRISTOPHER DRAPER JONES O'TOOLE PRICE ROSE SIMM THOMAS THOMPSON Firstname: Luke Sion Ryan Andy Ian Luke Jack Greh Mark Gary Jason Martin Chris Liam Michael Newtown AFC Bangor City The New Saints FC Prestatyn Town Bala Town Afan Lido FC Carmarthen Town The New Saints FC Afan Lido FC Gap Connah's Quay Prestatyn Town Llanelli AFC Bangor City Carmarthen Town Gap Connah's Quay League 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 League Cup 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Total 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 .Jordan Follows.Les Davies. 11.Antonio Corbisiero 71') Subs not used: 18.Lee Idzi. 10.Saturday 1st September Bangor City Aberystwyth Town 7 1 Chris Jones 5' Sion Edwards 6' 31' 35' Stuart Jones 9'(og) Wyn Thomas 20'(og) Chris Simm 66' Jordan Follows 24' Aberystwyth Town 20. 7.James Brewerton.Declan Carroll (2Sion James 56').Ifan Burrell Red Cards: None Yellow Cards: Collins 21' Bangor City 1. 6.Mark Smyth 75').Chris Venables.Chris Rowntree.Dave Morley 50').Danny Dobbins Red Cards: Yellow Cards: None Petrie 20' Attendance: 143 Referee: Mark Whitby Home D L F 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 5 3 9 5 3 4 2 2 2 4 1 1 Table P The New Saints FC Carmarthen Town Bangor City Gap Connah's Quay Newtown AFC Prestatyn Town Llanelli AFC Airbus UK Broughton Port Talbot Town Bala Town Afan Lido FC Aberystwyth Town 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 W 2 1 2 2 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 A 1 1 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 4 3 1 W 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 Away D L F 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 2 2 1 4 3 3 0 0 1 3 1 A 1 1 3 2 5 6 4 1 2 2 5 9 Pts G. 12.Dean Canning 76'). 10.Josh McAuley.

Cafwyd perfformiadau a chanlyniadau i’w canmol hefyd gan Gap Cei Connah. Bydd wyth o dimau o Gynghrair Cymru a Chynghrair Huws Gray yn herio’i gilydd am yr hawl i groesawu clwb o Uw ch Gynghrair Cymru – Corbett Sports yn yr ail rownd. All the best to all involved.The Last Word Y Gair Olaf The Last Word by Gwyn Derfel from Gwyn Derfel gan Gwyn Derfel Isn’t human reaction to certain situations remarkable? Following the Citizens defeat at Newton a week earlier -I’m sure that Neville Powell’s team talk at the Book People Stadium on Saturday would have been inspiring anyway but having surviving members of the Bangor side which beat Napoli 2-0 at Farrar Road in September 1962 observing an immaculate minute’s silence in memory of former colleague Bill Souter obviously struck a further chord with the players. Po rtTalbot. Port Talbot. Bydd hi’n ddiddorol gweld ymateb y ddau d îm pan fyddan nhw’n herio’i gilydd eto nos Fawrth yng Nghoedlan y Parc. The team’s performance in the first half was in spired and inspiring. As well as many return fixtures on Tuesday night – the New Cup Competition is launched as well. I’r rheiny ohonoch oedd ddim yn gwylio Sgorio brynhawn Sadwrn 7-1 oedd y sgôr terfynol. ‘Roedd digon o gyffro mewn mannau eraill yn y Cynghrair dros y penwythnos hefyd. Flowing football with more than a touch of class was too much for Aberystwyth to handle. Pob lwc i bawb sy’n ymwneud gyda’r gystadleuaeth newydd. The New Saints 4-1 victory over Prestatyn emphasised again that they are going to be the team to beat and there were also promising performances and results secured by Gap Connah’s Quay. Efallai bod geiriau Neville Powell yn yr ystafell newid cyn y gêm wedi taro tant neu efallai bod presenoldeb aelodau o dîm y Dinasyddion gurodd Napoli yn ’62 yn Nanporth yn cofio am eu cyd-aelod Bill Souter wedi ysbrydoli’r chwaraewyr. Fe brofodd buddugoliaeth Y Seintiau Newydd o 4-1 yn erbyn Prestatyn mai’r Pencampwyr yw’r ceffylau blaen unwaith eto eleni. Airbus UK a Lido Afan. Ffynnon Tậf v Bryntirion Cambrian & Clydach v Hwlffordd Bwcle v Penrhyncoch Y Rhyl v CPD Porthmadog . It was 6-1 at the break with Siôn Edwards having bagged a classy and clinical hat-trick. Yn dilyn eu colled yn Y Drenewydd y Sadwrn cynt fe ymatebodd Bangor yn arbennig yn erbyn Aberystwyth. Four Welsh League clubs and four Huws Gray Alliance outfits will be battling it out for the right to host Corbett Sports WPL clubs in round two. The game finished 7-1 of course and it will be interesting to see what the outcome is on Tuesday night as Bangor travel to Park Avenue. Taffs Well v Bryntirion Athletic Cambrian & Clydach v Havefordwest County Buckley Town v Penrhyncoch Rhyl v CPD Porthmadog Y Gair Olaf gan Gwyn Derfel Mae’r modd y mae pobl yn ymateb i wahanol sefyllfaoedd yn dal i fy rhyfeddu ambell waith. There was plenty of excitement away from Nantporth over the weekend. Siôn Edwards oedd yr arwr lleol unwaith eto – tair gôl o safon uchel iawn. Bydd nifer o glybiau’r Uwch Gynghrair yn wynebu ei gilydd unwaith eto nos Fawrth a’r un noson bydd cystadleuaeth y Cwpan Newy dd yn cael ei lawnsio. Airbus UK and Afan Lido. gyda Bangor wedi sgorio chwech ymhell cyn yr egwyl. What will the human reaction of both teams be then.


11 / 12 Neptune Court. Cardiff CF24 5PJ Contact: Lucy Kelly via lkelly@faw.com Tel/Fax: 01766 830805 POSTAL COPIES distributed from WPL.co.uk or 02920 435 847 .Compiled by Mel Thomas at Soccerfile Wales mel@soccerfilewales.