89T Series Electric Water Heater Controls

Combination Control for Electric Water Heaters
The 89T series controls are designed to meet the high electrical loads and long life requirements of electric water heaters. The 89T combines the temperature control and temperature limit thermostats into a single housing with a small footprint and low profile. Both switches use a temperature sensitive bimetal disc to provide high-speed, snap-action contact separation for a long, dependable life.

Features and Benefits
The 89T series features include: • An automatic reset control which is adjustable over a 60°F (33°K) range. The lowest adjustable limit is 90°F (32°C). The highest adjustable limit is 200°F (93°C). • A manual reset control which operates at a factory calibrated temperature and may be specified between 160°F (71°C) and 220°F (104°C). • The 89T mounting tabs snap into the customer’s bracket to mount the thermostat to the water tank. The 89T is interchangeable with brackets used on the Therm-O-Disc 59T/66T controls.

Switch Actions
The automatic reset control portion of the 89T is available in two switch actions: Automatic reset SPST – The switch opens the normally closed contacts on temperature rise. The contacts automatically return to the closed position when temperatures return to the reset point. Automatic reset SPDT – This operation is the same as the SPST with the addition of an auxiliary set of contacts, which make circuit upon opening of the normally closed contacts and breaks this circuit upon automatic reset. The manual reset limit control portion of the 89T is only available as an open-on-rise DPST switch. The contacts return to the closed position when the reset button is pressed after the control has cooled below the open temperature. This construction is classified as “M1 Trip Free” by UL and CSA. The manual reset control may automatically reclose at temperatures below 32°F (0°C).


The thermostat and wiring diagram (see figure 2) is for 240VAC single element water heaters and commercial water heaters where each heating element is independently controlled. The DPST manual reset limit control provides full power disconnect in the event of an overheat condition.6) T2 T4 89T THERM-O-DISC 150°F 125°F 2.00 (50. 37 .90 (22.54) Lower Heating Element Figure 1 Dimensions are shown in inches and (millimeters).57 (14.9) 90°F 0. The lower element electrical control is a 59T SPST thermostat.45 (87.Typical Application The thermostats and wiring diagram (see figure 1) shows a typical electrical water heater with two heating elements for non-simultaneous operation. The 89T SPDT temperature control switches power from the upper heating element to the lower element when its calibration temperature is reached.9) 89T SPDT Control T2 T4 L1 RESET RESET L2 T1 L3 L4 Upper Heating Element 3. The automatic reset SPST control provides power to the heating element to regulate temperature. 89T33 SPDT Control.5) 1.1) 59T SPST Control 2 0.045 (26. Pressing the manual reset button will reclose the contacts and restore operation.4) 0.79 (20.59 (40. Double heating element non-simultaneous operation circuit. The 89T DPST temperture limit provides a full power disconnect through both power conductors in the event of an overheat condition. DPST Limit 89T DPST Limit L L3 L2 T1 L4 1.

6) L4 T2 T4 89T THERM-O-DISC 89T SPST Control T2 150°F 125°F 2.5 – 40.45 (87. 89T SPST Cycling Circuit 200°F / 93°C 30.480 Agency & File No. E19279 NOTE: At thermostat end-of-life. E19279 89T CSA File No.0 25. The agency ratings can be used as a guide when evaluating specific applications. Single heating element circuit.5 – 30. the contacts may remain permanently closed or open.000 30.000 30. electrical.000 6.0 25.0 25. However. 38 .0 12. Therefore. LR62082 89T CSA File No.5) Heating Element Figure 2 Dimensions are shown in inches and (millimeters).000 6. E19279 89T CSA File No. LR62082 89T DPST Limit Circuit 220°F / 104°C 6. Thermostat Type Maximum Calibration Temp Cycles 100.89T13 SPST Control. but must perform adequate testing of the product to confirm that the control selected will operate as intended in the user’s application.4) 0.000 UL File No.000 30.000 30.9) 89T DPST Limit L1 RESET L2 T1 RESET L4 L3 L L3 L2 T1 3. the mechanical. thermal and environmental conditions to which a control may be exposed in an application may differ significantly from agency test conditions.0 12.000 UL File No. Agency & File No.57 (14.000 30.480 250 277 480 120 .000 Pilot Duty VA – – – 125 – – – 125 – – 125 Resistive Amperes 30. the user must not rely solely on agency ratings.000 UL File No.59 (40.9) 90°F 0. General Electrical Ratings The 89T series of controls has been rated by major agencies throughout the world.00 (50.1) 0.90 (22. DPST Limit 1. LR62082 89T SPDT Cycling Circuit 200°F / 93°C 30.480 277 480 120 .0 – Volts AC 250 277 480 120 .79 (20.

Typical (industry standard) residential and commercial storage-tank water heater calibrations are shown below.Calibrations The 89T series temperature regulating and limit control can be calibrated to meet specific requirements. Residential Storage-Tank Water Heaters Type 89T SPST 89T SPDT Regulating Adjustable Range 90°-150°F (32°-66°C) 90°-150°F (32°-66°C) Standard Calibration 120±5°F (49±3°C) 120±5°F (49±3°C) SPST differential 5-15°F (3-8°C) SPDT differential 17-27°F (9-15°C) Type 89T DPST Manual Reset Lilmit 170±5°F (77±3°C) Commercial Storage-Tank Water Heaters Type 89T SPST 89T SPDT Regulating Adjustable Range 110°-170°F (43°-77°C) 110°-170°F (43°-77°C) Standard Calibration 140±5°F (60±3°C) 140±5°F (60±3°C) SPST differential 5-15°F (3-8°C) SPDT differential 17-27°F (9-15°C) Type 89T DPST Manual Reset Lilmit 190±5°F (87±3°C) 39 .

40 . 89T REGULATING THERMOSTAT Type 89T SPST 89T SPDT Adjustable Range 60°F (33°K) 60°F (33°K) Calibration Range Max 200°F (93°C) Min 90°F (32°C) Max 200°F (93°C) Min 90°F (32°C) Differential 5-15°F (3-8°C) 17-27°F (9-15°C) 89T LIMIT THERMOSTAT Type 89T DPST Calibration Range 220°F (104°C) Min 160°F (71°C) Tolerance ±5°F (±3°C) Non-standard calibrations will utilize dial plates with Low-Medium-High markings. including the level of reliability required. These controls contain exposed electrical components and are not intended to withstand exposure to water or other environmental contaminants which can compromise insulating components. backup controls have been incorporated in a number of applications for this reason. If failure of the control to operate could result in personal injury or property damage. A control may remain permanently closed or open as a result of exposure to excessive mechanical. Price adders will apply for these calibrations. For example. electrical. Part Numbering System 89T 1 – SPST Control 3 – SPDT Control 3 – DPST Limit Important Notice Users must determine the suitability of the control for their application.Non-Standard Calibrations The full breadth of calibrations that are available for the 89T cycling and limit are summarized in the following table. the user should incorporate supplemental system control features to achieve the desired level of reliability and safety. thermal or environmental conditions or at normal end-of-life. and are solely responsible for the function of the end-use product. Such exposure may result in insulation breakdown and accompanying localized electrical heating.