Beatriz Vieira 7th Grade Ms.

Smith Parent Interview About Government Mauricio Vieira Brazil is a country full of corrupt politicians, why do you think that is so? - Because this is to due to three main reasons, number 1, bad guys don’t go to jail, particularly those who can afford to pay for a good lawyer. Number 2, is that most of the population is very ignorant and not politically educated so they vote for the same old corrupted politicians. Number 3, politicians are sure that they won’t get punished, as the legal system is very slow and inefficient. What do you think is Brazil’s greatest issue? Do you have any ideas to solve it? - Brazil experiences a huge crisis in terms of values and beliefs, nobody believes in institutions. The population does not trust the police, judges, politicians or any other entities. I believe that we need to change the legal/law system in such a way that we can ensure punishment in the right time for the right people. In other words, a much more efficient legal system. If Brazil had the same government as the USA, what would you vote on, democrats or republicans? Why? - Democrats, because they are more open minded and up to date in terms of ideas and mindset in general. If you were president for a day, what changes would you make, and what would you try to keep intact? - First, I would take the following measures, all people who have been convicted for more than three times would be terminated and the cost of the bullet should be sent to their respective families, second, all politicians who are subject to processes and accusations which may involve corruption, should be belayed of their current positions, and all money that was stolen by these politicians should be reimbursed, even by their descendants if they die. I wouldn’t keep anything; I would start Brazil from scratch. Suppose that you are an advisor to our current president, Dilma, what would you advise her to change, and why? - You should resign immediately and set new elections, because you are a waste of time and space. If you could bring a good leader of any country of your choosing to be president of Brazil instead of Dilma, whom would you pick? And why?

It is a basic rule to any constitution that none of the branches should be more powerful than others.The three pillars must be in good balance otherwise injustices may prevail. what would be your counter argument to PT’s proposition? .. Recent reports are saying that PT (Partido do Trabalhador) is trying to change the Constitution so that executive and legislative branches have more power than the judicial branch so that they may work their scheme and not go to jail. .God himself. this country is so messed up that even he would have difficulties. if you had a say in this matter. otherwise you may fall into a very complicated situation. we indefinitely need a miracle. End of story.