Books on Study Skills

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General study skills These guides provide general introductions to essential skills for studying at university, covering topics such as learning strategies, critical thinking, making the most of lectures and seminars, reading and note taking, memory techniques, time management, and coping with stress and anxiety.
Allan, B. Study skills for business and management students (2009) 658.00711 ALL Barnes, R. Successful study for degrees (3rd ed. 2005) 378.170281 BAR Bates, C. & Matthewman, A. Studying arts and humanities (2009) 378.170281 BAT Becker, L. How to manage your arts, humanities and social science degree (2002) 378.17028 BEC Becker, L. How to manage your science and technology degree (2003) 378.198 BEC Bedford, D. & Wilson, E. Study skills for foundation degrees (2006) 378.170281 BED Benjamin, J. R. A student's guide to history (11th ed. 2010) 907.1 BEN Bowell, T. & Kemp, G. Critical Thinking: a concise guide (2002) 160 BOW (also available as ebook) Branston, G. & Stafford R. The media student's book (4th ed. 2006) 302.23 BRA Burns, T. & Sinfield, S. Essential study skills: the complete guide to success at university (2003) 378.170281 BUR Clarke, A. IT skills for successful study (2005) 378.170281 CLA Cottrell, S. The Study Skills Handbook (3rd ed. 2008) 371.30281 COT Davies, M. Study skills for international postgraduates (2011) 378.170281 DAV Dawson, C. Learning how to study again: a practical guide to study skills for mature students returning to education or distance learning (2004) 374.130281 DAW Deane, M. & Borg, E. Critical thinking and analysis (2011) 001.2 DEA Dembo, M. H. & Seli, H. Motivation and learning strategies for college success (3rd ed. 2008) 378.198 DEM Donald, S. Study skills for language students: a practical guide (2001) 400 DON Donnelly, M. & Norton, C. Doing history (2011) 907 DON Fairbairn, G. J. & Winch, C. Reading, writing and reasoning (3rd ed. 2010) 428.40711 FAI Finch, G. How to study linguistics (2nd ed. 2003) 410.71 FIN Godfrey, J. Reading and making notes (2010) 371.30281 GOD Griseri, P. & Wisdom, J. Studying business at MBA and Masters level (2009) 650.0711 GRI Hartley, P. & Dawson, M. Success in groupwork (2010) 371.36 HAR Heffernan, T. M. The student’s guide to studying psychology (3rd ed. 2005) 150.711 HEF Hoult, E. Learning support: a guide for mature students (2006) 374.0019 HOU Levin, P. Conquer study stress! (2007) 378.170281 LEV Marsh, N. How to begin to study English literature (2001) 820.09 MAR Metcalfe, M. Reading critically at university (2006) 378.170281 MET (also available as ebook) Millican, P. & Heritage J. Studying science: a guide to undergraduate success (2009) 507.1141 MIL Moore, S. et al. The ultimate study skills handbook (2010) 378.170281 ULT Moust, J. Introduction to problem-based learning (2007) 371.39 MOU Northedge, A. The good study guide (2005) 378.170281 NOR Palmer, R. Studying for success (3rd ed. 2004) 371.30281 PAL Race, P. How to get a good degree (2nd ed. 2007) 378.198 RAC Robbins, S. Science study skills (2009) 507 ROB Stokes, J. How to do media and cultural studies (2003) 302.23 STO Talbot, C. Studying at a distance (2nd ed. 2007) 378.175 TAL Tittle, P. Critical thinking (2011) 160 TIT Wallace, M. Critical reading and writing for postgraduates (2011) 378.170281 WAL Williams, K. Getting critical (2009) 370.152 WIL

P. R. T. P.0661 VAU Van Emden. 2009) 808. P. N. & Coyle. Excellent dissertations! (2nd ed. S.06615 PUB Bailey. Good essay writing: a social sciences guide (4th ed.042 LES Levin. Legal writing (2nd ed. J. J. 2008) 808.0666 RIO Parsons. & Topping. 2002) 808.066 SOL Strong. 2006) 808. Successful scientific writing: a step-bystep guide for the biological and medical sciences (3rd ed. Jr. 2006) 349. & Steane. 2010) 808.. punctuation and spelling (2005) 428 PEC Peck. revision Barrass. 2005) 808.51 LEV (also available as ebook) Levin.066378 LEV) Matthews.066378 NEV O'Riordan. Writing philosophy: a student's guide to writing philosophy essays (2006) 808. J. Todd. managing managing stress stress and and anxiety. Write it right (2005) 808. J. Speaking for yourself (New ed.066658 BEN Biggam. D. Academic writing: a handbook for international students (2011) 428.72 SMI Soles. Academic writing for international students of business (2011) 808. How to do your dissertation in geography and related disciplines (2nd ed. Grammar (2nd ed. P.51 BAR Billingham.06665021 BAI Barnet. J. D. and and keeping keeping your your audience audience engaged engaged and and involved.02 DEA Field. P. Writing at university: a guide for students (2nd ed. 2002) 808. P. S. D. presentations. 2011) 808. J. A. 2011) 808. How to write law essays and exams (3rd ed.042 PEC Redman. involved. A short guide to writing about film (2001) 808.26 MUR .066809 WOO Taking exams exams and and giving giving presentations presentations Taking These guides guides offer offer advice advice on on all all aspects aspects of of exams exams and and presentations. The handbook of academic writing: a fresh approach (2006) 808. 2011) 150. available as ebook) Bailey. Exam skills for law students (2nd ed.30281 EVA Levin.066378 ALL American Psychological Association.Writing essays. anxiety.06634 STR Vaughn.. 2010) 425 SIN Smith. writing and referencing (2010) 808. The academic essay: how to plan.06634 WEB (1st ed. covering covering topics topics such such as as effective effective These revision strategies. Exams are easy when you know how (2002) 371. How to design and report experiments (2nd ed. 2011) 808.066 SUR Corrigan. 2007) 808. Academic research. Planning your essay (2009) 808. engineers and students (2002) 808.0666 VAN Van Emden. P. Report writing in business: the effective communication of information (Revised ed.06661 MAT Murray. & Hole. & Becker.06691 PAR Peck. draft.066 MUR Neville. M. R.066 BIG Burton. 2005 also available as ebook) Woolf. Perfect presentations! (2006) 808.72 FIE Godwin. R.0663 RED Rose. Doing your undergraduate social science dissertation (2009) 300. 2004) 808. 2009) 371. Writing up your university assignments and research projects (2008) 808. revise and write essays (2nd ed. K. M. The student's guide to preparing dissertations and theses (2nd ed. G. 2008) 808. L. & Waldman. L.0666 BAR Bentley.. 2010) 808.24 BAI (previous ed. Allison. How to improve your assignment results (2009) 808. 2011) 808. R. G. M. J. Effective communication for science and technology (2001) 808. Effective communication for arts and humanities students (2003) 808.066 MUR Murray. P. strategies. C. J. J.066791 COR Creme. Scientists must write: guide to better writing for scientists. Scientific Papers and presentations (2005) 501. & Coyle. 2003) 808. T.066 MUR Murray. P.042 CRE (also available as ebook) Deane.06632 SIL Sinclair. 2005) 808. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed. How to survive your viva: defending a thesis in an oral examination (2nd ed. How to write a thesis (3rd ed. & Hughes. Write great essays! (2nd ed. J. M. reports and theses These resources offer practical advice and guidance on how to develop and improve your academic writing skills. B. J. H.02 GOD Lester.066 LEV (also available as ebook) Levin.0667 BAR Barrass. Writing research papers: a complete guide (2005) 808. Sail through exams! preparing for traditional exams for undergraduates and taught postgraduates (2004) 371. S. Doing dissertations in politics: a student's guide (2001) 808. & Knight. Giving presentations (2003) 658. Surviving your thesis (2004) 808. G. D. R. C. M. 2010) 808.0666 VAN Webley. The mature student's guide to writing (2nd ed.30281 LEV McVea. T.41 MCV Murray. Succeeding with your master's dissertation (2nd ed. J. L. M. The student's guide to writing: grammar. Technical report writing today (8th ed. Sr & Lester. Writing about literature (2005) 808. S. D. & Crumper. S. J.4 DAV Evans.452 BIL Davis. A short guide to writing about art (9th ed.06637 ROS Silbergh.

42 BLA (3rd ed. Presentation skills for students (2004) 808. I. Legal method. 2010) 340. Introductory mathematics for the life sciences (1997) 510 PHO Tebbutt. Presentation skills for scientists: a practical guide (2010) 808. These books will introduce you to mathematical and statistical basics and offer guidance on their application in different academic disciplines. & Webb. S. Studying mathematics and its applications (2001) 510 KAH Lawler. P.072 HOL Holland. 2010) 370. A. C. and general advice on becoming an academic researcher. P. A. L. How to study law (6th ed.072041 CLI Clinch. R. read and analyse a variety of legal materials. Understanding maths: basic mathematics explained (3rd ed. 2010) 340.. E. 1 & 2 (1995/1998) 510 LYO Rugg. & McLeod. J. Using a law library: a student's guide to legal research skills (2001) 340.07 FOX French. 2010) 001. skills and reasoning (2010) 349.148 FRE Hanson. Speaking your mind: oral presentation and seminar skills (2001) 808.50285536 FIE Kahn. but also useful for undergraduates and others who have to carry out a research project as part of their studies. M. Dane & Thomas: how to use a law library: an introduction to legal skills (4th ed. 2004) 808. & Hampson. Evaluation methods in research (2003) 001. E. E. A. S. D.06634 POW Stott. R. Doing your research project: a guide for firsttime researchers in education. P. Berry.155 BEC Bell. J.4 BEN Bentley. Mathematics: A second start (1996) 512. G. L.24541 TEB Law Law students need to develop a broad range of skills in order to succeed in their studies and professional careers. Using statistics: a gentle introduction (2007) 001. D. D.07 HOL Powell. 2001) 340. & Davison. The research project: how to write it (5th ed. Legal Research (1998) 340. Writing for law (2010) 808. How to research (4th ed. Student’s guide to exam success (2006) 378. Introduction to mathematics and computer skills (1999) 510 INT Page.07204 INF Research These resources have been selected to cover all the essential aspects of academic research. 2006) 510 CRO Field. & Opie.51 VAN Walters. Primarily aimed at postgraduate students. 2006) 510 LAW Lyons. C. J. how to find.07 CLI Fox. Basic mathematics for chemists (1998) 510. J. health and social science (5th ed. Butterworth’s legal research guide (2nd ed. Askey. & Teare.072042 STO Thomas. covering topics such as: legal method and reasoning.510886 WAL Zanders E. J. & Becker. P.071141 ASK Bradney. Learning legal skills (1999) 340. These guides offer practical tips and advice to help you develop essential law study skills.1 PAG Phoenix. and how to cite legal resources. G. J. 2009) 519. Learning from research: getting more from your data (2002) 300. Discovering statistics using SPSS (3rd ed. How to cite legal authorities (1996) 340. J. L. Becker.51 SPE Tracy.72 BEL Bennett. Information sources in law (1997) 340. Scientists must speak: bringing presentations to life (2002) 808.. P. M. research methods.510245 ZAN Basic maths and statistics Skills in mathematics and statistics are essential across a range of subject areas in both the social and natural sciences.422 RUG Open University. Legal information: what it is and where to find it (2nd ed. J.072 THO Winterton. The PhD application handbook (2006) 378. H. How to manage your postgraduate course (2004) 378. 2001) 340. Learning legal rules: a student’s guide to legal method and reasoning (7th ed.066 BER Blaxter. available as ebook) . G.72 BEL (4th edition available as ebook) Bell. S. 2000) 340. P. R. D. Foundation maths (4th ed.07 HOW Clinch. & Tight.42 HAN Holborn.166 TRA Van Emden. D. 2011) 340. Croft.1550941 BEN Berry. Hughes. Studying law (3rd ed.Stott. L. they include guides on managing your research project. All you wanted to know about mathematics but were afraid to ask: mathematics for science students Vols.

S.24 FIN Hart.1550941 POW Rudestam. M.240941 RUG Phillips. Bradley. P. R.35 RAC Radford. 2004) 025 BOS Lipson. C.42 DAW Denscombe. 2006) 025.4024375 WIS Woods. Bosworth. 2008) 001. Practical research methods: a user-friendly guide to mastering research techniques and projects (2002) 001. Cite them right: referencing made easy (2004) 808.027 NEV Pears.04 COO Dussart. An introduction to search engines and web navigation (2nd ed. Literature and the Internet: a guide for students. R. Web research: selecting. Getting a PhD: an action plan to help you manage your research. S. M.. J. accessible guides to referencing. M. evaluating. D. D. H. Advanced Internet searcher's handbook (3rd ed. Citing your references: a guide for authors of journal articles and students writing theses and dissertations (3rd ed. Doing research (2011) 378. EdD and PhD (2nd ed.02 RUD Silverman. S. C. 2006) 808.24 PHI Potter.72 INT Levene. Biosciences on the Internet: a student's guide (2002) 025. C. Referencing & understanding plagiarism (2009) 808. A guide to finding quality information on the Internet: selection and evaluation strategies (2001) 025. 2010) 025.30281 CLI Coombes. Chicago. The unwritten rules of PhD research (2nd ed. Research using IT (2001) 300. The good research guide: for smallscale social research projects (3rd ed. K.066001 WOO Citing your references Knowing how to cite your references and produce bibliographies is an essential academic skill.027 LIP Neville.2 LEO Litosseliti. How to get a PhD: a handbook for students and their supervisors (5th ed. J. A. MPhil. G.85 BRO Cooke. and your project (2005) 378.24 PLA Wisker. 2010) 808. Using focus groups in research (2003) 001.72 SIL Thomas. S. The student’s guide to research ethics (2nd ed. professions and more (2006) 808. G. The doctoral examination process: a handbook for students. C. K.04 RAD Whittaker. P. & Barr.678 WHI 08/12 . E. The nature of research (2001) 001. D. teachers and scholars (2000) 802. Research writing simplified: a documentation guide (2003) 371. G. & Carroll. L. and – most importantly – is essential in order to avoid plagiarism.0657 DUS Gilbert.4 OLI Petre. 2010) 378. your supervisor.04 LEV Race.04 BRA Browner. allows you to demonstrate the breadth of your reading.72 DEN (also available as ebook) Finn. G. J. P. Internet research methods: a practical guide for the social and behavioural sciences (2003) 300. 2007) 300. Returning to study for a research degree (2008) 378. & Rugg. Doing qualitative research: a practical handbook (3rd ed.02 WIL Using the internet The internet provides a wealth of resources for students and researchers but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start and how to ensure the information you find online is credible. Doing a literature search: a comprehensive guide for the social sciences (2001) 025. Cite right: a quick guide to citation styles – MLA. Postgraduate research handbook: succeed with your MA. 2010) 001. Barnes.4 BRE (also available as ebook) Clines.524 HAR Leonard.433 LIT Oliver. J. examiners and supervisors (2004) 378. & Shields. Successful writing for qualitative researchers (2nd ed. S. Surviving your dissertation (3rd ed.1550941 TIN Williams. M. Planning your PhD (2010) 378. P. The Internet: the basics (2002) 004.027 PEA Williams. P. K. covering the most common citation styles. A woman’s guide to doctoral studies (2001) 378.3344678 GIL Hewson.72 STR Dawson.Brew. 2007) 808. 500 tips for open and online learning (2005) 371. How to be a successful online student (2001) 371. These books provide clear guidelines. & Jackson C. 2010) 300. et al. 2010) 378. A. C. The complete guide to referencing and avoiding plagiarism (2nd ed. These books offer clear. 2004) 025.170281 THO Tinkler.42 DOI Powell. G. the sciences. Basics of qualitative research: techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory (2008) 300. It enables your reader to find the material you have consulted.72 COO Corbin. 2006) 001. L. APA. Doing postgraduate research (2nd ed. and citing (2nd ed.