Battlefield 4 Notes by mashed8

Spectator Mode     Table top, first person view, free cam, 3rd person view Very first test at E3 Click on player on table top view to get 1st view Presets for freecam views (remembers previous camera positions, 5)

Commander mode (additional = 64 +2)   not physical on the map more info on pc, tablet version with less info due to less bandwidth

Levolution       concept about what’s going on destruction on all levels dynamic battlefield raise bollard of the ground When building collapsed all other objects are dusted Cut off power

Infantry Experience          Sprint Swim (crawling) Dive into water Changed suppress system (now focused on LMGs, present on range combat) Lean over feature while scoping in while being in cover Dual scope weapons (long range and iron sights) Use sidearm while being in water Spawn preview of squad before spawning by clicking on map Bullet drop on weapons Zeroing on sniper rifles

Melee Combat    Counter Knife Attack Fast reaction time Frontal attack only, might be changed

Weapon Combat  Range Meter on spotted enemies

Weapon List      Scorpion (PDW) – CZ 3A1 Stinger (Engineer) QJY88 (CHINESE) CZ-805 (LMG – Ammo Support) U-100 MK5 (LMG – Ammo Support) M9

    

RPG-7 Knife Javelin M40 – Scout ELITE Customization for sidearm

Weapon Gadgets     Grenade launcher Green and red laser sights Muzzle Break Angled Grip

Scopes (no scope glint)      Reflex RDS PKA HOLO Iron Sights Classic Red Dot Sight PSO (x4)

Vehicles (New HUDs look modern, not as clunky as in BF3 – Limited Ammmo)        Jet Skies Patrol Boats Eject out with Jet Skies Attack and Transport chopper (Viper + Venom) ZFB05 Armored Car (China) (ONE SHOT BY TANK) MRAP Armored Car (US) (ONE SHOT BY TANK) T-98 (China) M1 (US)

Vehicle gadgets       Reactive armor 120mm AP SHELL Coaxial LMG IR Smoke Cannon – TOW Night vision

Gadgets           Heal pack (small) (throw able for fast health boost) Medic Box (Medic) (throw able for fast ammo boost) Ammo Bag (Small) Ammo Box (Support) Incendiary Grenades (phosphor mix, fire) Motion Ball - Sensor Repair Torch Weapon Camo Changeable knifes – shank M26 Mass + RDS (and camo)

 

C4 (Recon Only) XM-25 Grenade Launcher (Support Only)

Additional Changes           No flag indicator shown while being next to a flag No vehicle wreckage after being destroyed Vehicle entry/exit takes 2-3 seconds Ragdoll Aggressive gun sounds Full magazine reload (only a bug – confirmed) Squad Kill assist counts as kill (normal as well) – 70+ Ribbons (Pistol & Sniper Rifle for example) Measure distance by pressing V ( – Only sniper Improved netcode, more refined