SAP Financials Quiz Review

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audit trails

these provide documented evidence of a sequence of activities in a time-based order for any individual that accessed a computer at any given time. A structured list of all accounts listed in a general ledger, and is the first thing you have to do when setting up a company. a status of a period that forces you to re-open a closed period in order to post journals. an auditing trail contains the responsible person, the date and time stamp of transaction, and the __________ ___________ this requires the review of two segments at once and determines whether or not the belong with one another. an auditing trail contains the responsible person the _____ ___ ____ _____ __ ____________, and the commercial contact multiple financial calendars are required if there are ______________ ___________. a hierarchy of accounts is created to ________ _________ and analysis. (roll up concept for higher level management) this is something that defines an accounting year and the number of periods within that year. It also defines the period types such as: annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. is used to design a flexible accounts structure that meets reporting needs and anticipated the way you run your organization in the future. these are used to design a chart of accounts. this currency type isnt normally dealt with. this is a default currency. a status of a period that allows you to enter (BUT NOT POST) journals. a centralized document for accounting information. It records financial info and is used to create reports for management. this is an entry that uses a single journal entry formula to allocate balances across a group of cost centers, departments, divisions or other segments. this flexifield can be used to summarize accounting information from multiple perspectives by creating rollup groups.


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a status of a period that does not allow you to enter or post journals can financial documents be deleted from the database after they are written into the SAP database? how many charts of accounts would you create for a company? a status of a period that allows you to enter (AND POST) journals to any open period. a status of a period where you can enter/post transactions. in the second step you must define the ________ ______ , the department and the account you would utilize to charge expenses on and acknowledge receipts of revenue. a status of a period that states that a period CANNOT be re-opened. Data must be archived and purged audit trails can ensure security of financial reporting by ________ _________.. this is an entry that is defined once, and repeated for each accounting period that is generated after. an auditing trail contains the _________ _________, the date and time stamp of transaction, and the commercial contact every account must have a __________ and __________ and every segment of the number represents a specific entity. this focuses on the values provided such as : exceeding maximum value, correct format, and permissable values within a range. how many currencies can you define for a journal? this currency type is likely to be used if currency is fluctuating up and down constantly. this flexifield is a well planned account structure you can use ranges to group accounts in reports, specify security and cross validate rules. can you create a hierarchy of accounts? can financial documents be changed to a certain degree? are the changes recorded?



Chart of Accounts closed commercial contact


one open open organization structure







cross validation date and time stamp of transaction different stakeholders facilitate reporting financial calendar



permanantly closed recalling transactions recurring journal entries responsible person segment number segment validation several statistical journal currencies using ranges









flexibility (flexifield) flexifields foreign currency functional currency future enterable general ledger account mass allocations entries multiple rollups


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