Zeus Justice Prayer Spell- A prayer that can be said to bring justice to legal situations Purpose: This is a prayer

spell with a candle light. To bring about justice to any legal situation needed. Timing: This spell can be done at anytime of the day and on any day. Is best to be done on a full moon or on the day of Tuesday. Need: 1 tea light of blue or purple candle. Justice/ Luck anointing oil to anoint the candle Instructions: Before you begin make sure that all things used in the spell are cleansed with salt water or a sage wand. Cast a circle with all the element and call in Zeus to the circle. Light the prayer candle and then say: “Around I bind you three times three. No more bad things you’ll say of me. Around I bind you three times three. No more bad things you’ll do to me. Around I bind you three times three. And if these things continue to be. Then back upon you three times three. Till totally vanquished you will be. By the powers of three times three. By Earth and Fire, Air, and Sea I fix this spell, then set it free. Twill give no harm to mine or me and so I will, so mote it be.” Then thank everyone and close the circle.

Every Tear Justice Avenged Spell- To put justice back on anyone that has done you wrong. Purpose: This is a spell for when you have been hurt or abused unjustly, unfairly and without reason other than out of pure meanness of others. Timing: You can do this spell at any time on any day. Need: 1 bottle of crossing oil, and 1 black candle (any size you feel needed) Instruction: Chant the following saying three times while sitting in front of a burning black candle: “Every tear I cried may you suffer by and by. Three times three make him/her/them see what he/she/they do to me. As I will it, so mote it be.”

Bring Enemy to Justice Chant- To bring justice to your situation. Purpose: This spell is to be used for someone who needs a taste of their own medicine. Timing: You can do this chant at any time of day on any day needed. Need: Yourself and visualization Instruction: First visualize your enemy being brought to justice in own detail and chant: “Oh mighty Goddess Nemesis bring _________ to justice. Make him/her/them suffer and feel the pain of others that he/she/they caused. Let the bad things he/she/they caused come back and let the punishment fit the crime. This is my will, so mote it be.”

The flame will be moving. Mother Nature’s gift to me. stare into the flame. . Place your writing hand on the papers and visualize the result that is wanted.” While visualizing the sky becoming thick with dark clouds that will pour rain down around you. hear me! My cause is right and true influence the power that judge I ask this boon of you. giving life to the ground. Timing: You can do this spell on any day but make sure the timing is done at mid night. Place papers associated with your legal battle on your altar. As the candle burns brightly. At exactly at midnight light the candle. and your altar Instructions: Cleans everything with a sage wand before you begin. Then say: “Wrath of Mithra. 1 dark blue candle (any size). Purpose: A spell to ensure that justice is served during legal dispute.To bring Justice for yourself or for another. lay your hand on the paper and stare into the flame. sit down again. I am sure you will find away other ways to destroy the paper.” Walk 3 circles to the right.Wrath of Mithras Spell. “Wrath of Mithra” on it and keep it with you during the day. Need: N/A Instruction: Stand outside under the sky and look up while chanting: “Goddess bring the rain down. When it has cooled. Purpose: To shower rain on people and event that don’t include you. In the morning write. and a healthy harvest bring. clearly and steadily. Timing: You can do this spell on any day at anytime needed. When the flame steadies again.To bring a justice shower to ones that need it. God bring the rain down giving life to the ground. I recommend days of meditation before doing this spell. Energy to feed the seed. but as with all spells practice and patience will eventually lead to success. study the flame closely. Justice Rain spell. When the case is done then you can destroy the paper with fire etc. It may take some time. pour the wax that has melted onto a piece of parchment paper. place it under your pillow for the night. When it is burning brightly.” Extinguish the candle and turn on the lights. Place a dark blue candle to the right of the papers. I thank thee for thy aid against ____________. Need: Legal documents. especially if there are no clouds in sight. energy to feed the seed. say: “Wrath of Mithra. So mote it be. 1 parchment paper. and fold the paper in half.

write down all possible verdicts on the piece of paper. Used for equity. let the judge rule in my favor. and legal matters. your body and spirit will absorb the bathes vibrations. truth. fairness. Need: 2 pieces of parchment paper (any size). as a protective amulet. Spell to win court case. Purpose: The purpose of this spell is dumb found to whoever is putting you through court/legal stuff to . 2 cups of water. Go to bed and recite the following rhyme over and over until you fall asleep. Be sure to do this without anyone seeing you. You could do this spell the day before trial also to give it more power. Let the tea mixture cool and the place in the glass jar and put in the refrigerator until the night before trial. 1 yellow tea lite or small yellow candle. Spell to freeze out a witness or legal opponent.To freeze out those that are out to get you in court and get them dumb founded. Light the black tea lite and get in the bath. also brew a magical tea from California buckthorn bark and sprinkle it around the courthouse premises at midnight on the night prior to the court appearance.A Spell for success In Court. Timing: This spell can be done on any day at any time needed. After bathing. “Scales of justice harken and quaver. With the scissors cut out only the desired conclusion while focusing your mind on the positive outcome.This is a spell to bring the verdict you want. and bathtub with filled water Instruction: Boil The Lovage Root in a pan of water and then bring to a boil. 1 scissors to cut paper out Instruction: If you are facing a judgment in court. Timing: You can do this spell at anytime on but on the Tuesday before you go to trial is best. You can do the bath the night before the trial. Purpose: This is a talisman/charm/amulet spell that can be put in a mojo/ medicine bag and carried with you into court to bring the verdict you need. 1 black tea lite. Carry the other piece of paper into court. You can prepare the Lovage Root Tea a few days ahead of time if needed. Purpose: The reason to do this spell is to help you win your case in court with preparations ahead of time. until nothing but ash remains. Carefully burn the unwanted portion. The night before court fill up the bathtub and add the Lovage tea to the bath water.” To make the power of the spell even more potent.To help you win your court case. Need: 1 oz of Lovage Root. place the justice card from your personal Tarot deck under your pillow. 1 glass jar. As you bathe in it and visualize yourself winning the court case. Release or burn this ash so it is symbolically “lost” to you. wrapped in gold cloth.

the court docket number. 1 black ink colored pen. The Goddess is the beginning and the end of all things. The Lord and Lady are mightier than many waves of mine enemies’ seas. Put this paper under the brown undressed candle. 1 parchment paper . The floods of discontent have lifted up against me. threatening to engulf me. with them that strive against me. They will not be able to do anything until you let the paper thaw. Fight against them that wish to harm me. The waves are the many voices of my enemies. and Rose oil Instruction: Clean all candles with salt water and then dress the purple. . Timing: You can do this spell on any day at any time. Keep it there as long as you need to keep the spell working. Sprinkle dried powdered cinquefoil (clover) and the powered mustard on the paper with the names of those who are against you. Fold the paper over and over and over until you can’t fold any more. 1 brown candle (any size). She is clothed with the sun and the moon beneath her feet. My testimony and those who testify for me will be sure. truth. Place the paper with your name. yellow. She is joy. Then Say: “The Goddess reigns supreme. or who speak out against me. and say: “Plead my cause. 1 purple seven day candle. Keep from going to court or winning the case spell. Then repeat this again on the Tuesday before the trial to give this spell full power. Purpose: This spell is to help you win your case or keep you from even going to court. Light the candle and with the pen all the names or people that involved. Light the remaining candles. Take hold of your shield and sword my Lady/Lord and stand up for me. Need: 1 yellow seven day candle. Timing: You can do this spell on any day at any time needed. 1 tsp powder mustard. and blue candles with rose oil. Victory shall be mine!” Clap your hands to seal the spell. It would be smart to leave it there even longer though. 1 tsp Cinquefoil (Clover substitute). Take the other half of the parchment paper and write the names of all the people testifying against you. and 1 yellow/orange tea lite Instruction: Cast a circle with everyone that is needed for the circle. Remember to at least burn the 7 day candles for 7 days. imagine the person or group influences freezing/stopping. In the names of the Lord and Lady. your attorney’s name. As your doing the folding. Goddess. She holds in her arms the strength of the universe and cannot be dethroned. and the name of the case under the purple 7 day candle.Thrown them off and leaving those dumb founded to anything pertaining to the case. 5 blue votive candles (white). strong. Need: 1 piece of parchment paper. order and hope. I suggest to keep it there at least 30 days until after a judgment is reached.To help you from going to court or to win your case. I suggest that you do this spell on a Tuesday many days before the case takes place. and winning. Tear the parchment in half. Then put liquid on the paper and put it in the corner of the freezer.

” Clap your hands to seal the spell.” . great Lord and Lady. and let their Karma chase them. This spell will not work if guilty. So mote it be. Let them be confounded and shamed that seek to hurt me. Rescues me. A Prayer for Justice “May Nemesis (or any other justice/legal Goddess or God ) stalk those who dare to slander me and cause me care all that they attempt to cause me pain rebound on them and be in vain let the hurt they cause to me mine be bound round them like ivy’s vine and when they lay them down to sleep may nightmares stalk and waking weep until the day their conscience bids they tell the truth to for all to hear and leave my reputation clear all this I ask in justices’ name and wish on them the very same. themselves have dug. Let their karmic destructions come upon them at unawares and let his/her words catch them and snare them in their own deceit. send your messengers on the wild hunt. Send them to the pit they. seeking them out. Let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my pain. my Lord /Lady from this adversity and let not my enemies rejoice over me. My Lady. Let them be as chaff before the wind. You could also hold a sword while saying the words to this spell to give it more of a powerful effect. bringing their actions to rest in their own arms. let them be clothed with shame and dishonor. Allow all candles to burn completely. Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion together that rejoice over my hurt.Draw out the spear and stop the way against those that persecute me. Rise up now. and may it be magnified against them. Great goddess of angels. So mote it be. and deliver justice in my favor.