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Australian Flag Debate
Australia is one of a couple countries around the world to change their national flag. Australia’s Government trusts that another flag design would be more effective in representing Australia that the flag that is being used right now. The flag is already known around the world it is also effective in advertising the Australian identity. So what’s the point of changing it? The Australian flag is changing because another design would be more efficient in representing Australia. That is why government of the USA (United States of America) is changing the flag. This debate over the flag is whether the Australian flag should change or not. 32.84 % - said yes 64.71% – said no 2.43% - said not sure. They are probably changing it because they want to remove or change the union jack. Most nations already have the union jack, so they thought that that they might change it. The latest flag has the Southern Cross on it. The flag has been led by an organisation by the name of Ausflag. NZ (New Zealand) Fiji and Tuvalu are the only independent nations to feature the union jack on their flags. The union jack is a symbol of power and dispposion. The original flag is not a prime notional symbol.

Australian Flag History
The latest flag was chosen in a public competition on the 3rd of September 1901. It was the best design out of 32,823 entries.It was chosen by Australia’s first Prime Minister Sir Edmund Barton. Government general wife Lady Hopetoun found 32,823 entries so she made a display of most of the best entries. Lady chose the 5 most similar and best who were designed by : Annie Dorrington,artist,perth. Ivor Evans ,student, Haymarket Melbourne Leslie Hawkins,student,Melbourne William stevens, ship officer, Auckland,nwz Egburt Nuttel, architect

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The winner of the design was Ivor evans he responed by giving a quote to the public. “ I love god and my country; I honour the flag; I will serve the king and king, and cheerfully obey my parents, teachers and laws.” First of January 1901 the union jack had been the official flag emblem for one hundred years, but it was no longer suitable. A new century and new nation raised a demand for a new emblem. So a competition was arranged for a design which attracted lots of entries. Four of the similar designs got forty dollars while the winning design got 200.

National Flag Day
The first national flag day was held on the 3rd of September 1901 at the royal exhibition. All schools were requested to hold an assembly where they raise the Australian flag at the same time. The Australian national flag day is when the locals, communities, schools, organisations and businesses get to together and celebrate the Australian flag. It was announced in 1996, it celebrates the first time that we have flown the flag on the 3rd September 1901 at the royal exhibition building in Melbourne. On that day sir Edmund Barton announced the winner of the flag. Ivor Evans .

People involved in changing the flag?

Fun Facts
 The Australian flag was the first national flag to fly over one whole continent.

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The Australian flag was also first to be chosen in a public competition. There were 32,823 entries and a population of 3.6 million in 1901. The winner was announced at the royal exhibition Melbourne by wife of Governor -General, Lady houpten on the 3rd of September 1901.

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