Name: María Gracia García V. Date: 22/may/2013. Theme: Moral crisis and contradictions.

Subject: Contemporary Society.

*How does the documentary depict the contradictions and the crisis of the Modern Project in the field of morality? What does Zizek mean when he suggests that the Abu Grahib´s photographs case shows the "unconscious" of the american way of life? Taxi to the Darkside

The United States government has always work with a double speech. On one hand yoy have this democratic government and society that fights for justice, equality, freedom and the worlds rights. Its a first world country with access to technology,education, sources and so on; but in the other hand constantly we the people watch and listen from the media/news people killing each other, a government that abuses from his power, colleagues that abuse physically and psychologically from their coworkers just because they are women. The problem isnt only how violent, unhuman, unethical and degrading this is for a person or society; is that the ones who commit these acts aren’t judged or charged, law and justice isn’t applied on them. During the documentary U.S.A said that his government was clean and openly. ¿But how a government can asseverate this? If they hide information, don’t explain prisioner’s families how and why they died, when they say this an isolated case when in fact we now it is a widespread practice in all of their prisons. ¿How you and I, or someome with a little of ethic and moral values can talk about justice? When we watch and see how one of it’s military sits on top of naked men just to humiliate them, when they laught and take pictures of it. Just because they wanted to get information at any price, when inoccent men are tortured only because “they look like possible terrorists”. Say that soldiers were not properly taught the Geneva Convention rules is just a pointless excuse to try to justify their acts.
End justifies means” seems to be their motto. But ¿is these a problem of governments or militars only? No, its about the values and practices of an entire society. Is the way they are configured. “ Big corporations also commit unspeakable acts in order to defend their interests. Every so often we hear of teens that took their live because they could’t handle the pressure of being harrased anymore, or the famous stories of initiation to get into a fraternity. This is what Zizek means when he mentions the american collective unconscious. This violence is rooted, its part of them.