Mahindra Satyam Cognos BI CoE IBM Cognos Load Balancing Roadmap

This white paper serves to configure and load balancing for IBM Cognos. Cognos CoE provides solution to configure and load balancing Cognos multitiered architecture The scope of this paper is to distribute the load between the web server and application server BENEFIT OF LOAD BALANCING:
 Load will be distributed between web servers and application servers.  Response time will be reduced to user request.  Any web / Application server fail over, the request will be diverted to other Web/ Application servers. It will minimize the business impact.

IBM Cognos 8 User interfaces Net work Firewall

Web-based and Windows-based interfaces


Tier 1: Web server
Web Server 1 Web Server 2 Web Server 3

Net work Firewall

Tier 2: Applications

Application Server 1

Application Server 2

Application Server 3

 Add all web servers IP Addresses while configuring routers (both Ethernet and Serial interface).Net work Firewall Tier 3: Data JDB C API JDB C Content store Metric stores Query databases For Load balancing needs to configure following servers/components 1.  Dispatcher URI for gate way in web server will be set to All application server dispatchers CONFIGURATION OF ROUTER: Load-balancing routers distribute requests across multiple Web or application servers. Application server CONFIGURATION OF WEB SERVER: The IBM Cognos 8 Web server tier contains one or more IBM Cognos 8 gateways. The gateway is selected based on type of Web server. ensuring that all dispatchers share the workload. . Router 3. Web server 2. Web communication in IBM Cognos 8 is typically through gateways. A gateway is an extension of a Web server program that transfers information from the Web server to another server. • • • • Apache_mod gateway with the Apache Web server ISAPI gateway with the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server Servlet gateway with the Web server infrastructure supports Servlets CGI(default) gateway can be used for all supported Web servers  Only gateway is to be installed in Web server to maintain security level. which reside on one or more Web servers.

 Enable and disable services and their dependent services on IBM Cognos 8 application servers.  Distribute services across IBM Cognos 8 application servers. Each IBM Cognos 8 installation contains Content Manager to manage data stored in the content store. if you have three application server computers. A standby Content Manager becomes active only if the computer on which the active Content Manager is installed fails.  Specify Router IP address or Domain registered against Router IP address in application Gateway URI.  Specify one common shared folder for Deployment file location in all the application servers . analyze user requirements carefully. you might dedicate one to running interactive report requests. before making this type of tuning configuration. Processing Capacity will be automatically chosen based on the CPU capacity. and log service. However. The others are on standby. Each IBM Cognos 8 server contains a dispatcher that runs the IBM Cognos 8 presentation service. you can control the load on each computer. Processing Capacity will have default value according to the CPU capacity for example if the server is of 2CPU value will 2 and if the server is of 4CPU its value will be 4. Because report runs tend to be resource intensive. To improve scalability. For example. and the third to the other IBM Cognos 8 services. we recommend that you isolate the report services from other activities. another to Content Manager. Only one Content Manager is active at a time. Application server’s dispatcher load Balancing Mode will be set based on Server Hardware If all the servers are of same configuration Cluster Compatible mode will be selected otherwise Weighted Round Robin Mode will be selected. For example. especially in larger IBM Cognos 8 deployments. By targeting processing at specific computers in this way. For example a dispatcher with a weight of 2 can do twice the work of a dispatcher with a weight of 1. and so on. Enable the routing protocol if router will be participating in a dynamic routing protocol like RIP or IGRP CONFIGURATION OF APPLICATION SERVER: The IBM Cognos 8 application server has one or more IBM Cognos 8 servers. can enable or disable Content Manager and the dispatcher services on individual application servers to balance the load for a given computer by request type. putting Content Manager on its own computer ensures that other requests do not downgrade its performance by competing for resources. batch report and report services. job and schedule monitor service.