Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Incoming Exchange GIP



Re) ……………………………………………………….. 5 The process (Ra. Understanding Corporate world …………………………………………. 6 Raising ……………………………………………………………………………… 9 Matching ………………………………………………………………………….. 2 Jargon in ICX GIP ……………………………………………………………. Ma.. Things to Prepare …………………………………………………………….. Getting Started! ……………………………………………………………………..16 2 4 4 2 .Content What is ICX GIP? ………………………………………………………………. 1 What is ICX? ………………………………………………………………… 1 What is GIP? ……………………………………………………………………. 13 Realize……………………………………………………………………………….

3 . or Global Internship Program or GIP. Exchange is divided into two programs. and Realize Raise Match Realize As stated before. Global Community Development Program or GCDP. therefore ICX also divided into two different functional. Matching.What is ICX GIP? What is ICX? ICX or incoming exchange is a functional in AIESEC that giving opportunity to the AIESECer from other countries for having a quality internship through GCDP or GIP with 3 processes that we called as Raising. ICX GCDP and ICX GIP.

we are more specific into ICX GIP Jargon.What is GIP? Global Internship Program or GIP is one of the exchange programs in AIESEC. unlike GCDP. 4 . What ICX GIP Offers? • Unique experience offered to the youth (ages 17 – 30) • Experience of a new culture • Self-development • Skills training • Real. professional experience • Preparation for the future AIESEC Jargon Like other organization. GIP offers you opportunity to feel realinternational working experience with the company. and here the jargon. and in this case. there are several jargon that usually use by AIESEC.

AIESEC Jargon in ICX • TN .Management Traineeship • ET .Global Community Development Program • GIP – Global Internship Program • JQ .exchange participant • GCDP.trainee nominee • EP .Technical Traineeship 5 .Educational Traineeship • TT .Job Questionnaire • MT .

net -> you can get it when you’re register in Your Skype ID (+ Laptop that have Webcam. Invitation Letter.Getting Started! Things to prepare These are the things that ICXer to do before we start the processes and this are the list Your AIESEC e-mail address o yourfirstname. etc. and microphone) Ra – Ma – Re and XPP (Exchange Program Policies) Knowledge Access to Exchange Documents o Acceptance Note (AN). Contact Details Research on Exchange Performance and Characteristics of Different AIESEC Countries 6 .yourlastname@aiesec. Visa Manual. speaker.

the corporate world. you should also prepare yourself. Understanding the corporate world Corporate world is something that we really need to understand before we are approaching them. because you will be facing the companies which are the professionals! So. but still it is important to know how corporate people are working. Therefore here some basic things before meet the corporate: Exhibiting a professional and mature attitude Demonstrating consistency and promptness Coordinating with officers of corporations Maintaining positive relationships Planning efficiently in order to meet deadlines Thinking creatively and resourcefully 7 . it is really important for you to understand the real world out there. For us who are mostly student must be “blind” for what inside the corporate world? What should we do when we have meeting with them? And how can we achieve our deal with those corporate? You don’t have to understand all of it. yes.Beside those things.

match is the process where EP accept the TN and so does the TN accept the EP.Raise – Match – Realize The Process Raise. Where generally raise is the process to make the TN available. are the three main activities in ICX. match. and realize is the process where EP already in the host country and maintaining the quality of TN and EP. and realize. Job Description Development Signing Contact Uploading of TN Form PreArrival Preparation s Expectatio n Setting Matching the TN Form Integration & Constant Communicatio n Evaluation and Exit Interviews Contract Renewal 8 .

it’s about defining the criterias and indicators that will serve us to group companies and organisations. In a general way.Raise Market Research & Segmentation Call and Proposal Sales Meeting Deal Follow up Market Research & Segmentation You should do a market segmentation first related to the specific economic/industrial area you want to focus on. based on that criterias we will define what companies and organisations meet the ideal conditions to be partners of AIESEC (potentially). based on the characteristics of our product and our operations cycle. Market Research & Segmentation is about identifying the specific segments of a determinate market which is potential for AIESEC sales and for getting partnerships. based on some criterias and indicators. In operational terms. 9 .

Also remember to do the call in a closed room to avoid strange sounds. Try to get the sales meeting. you can continue your call as if nothing happens. the industries where companies competition is more severe the players are searching for high talents. strong demand for bigger quantity of people. etc) Call and Proposal When you want to do the call. Competitiveness among players (Generally. If you cannot reach the person you are looking for. 3. get a list of what points you should tell so if you get nervous. you keep trying. do not try to sell AIESEC XP at the call moment and never give the cost of our program! For that is the sales meeting. check the details needed to succeed in that meeting: confirm the address. innovative solutions and new prospectives) Market Size & Value (The importance of the market and scale) CSR Programs (are companies investing on CSR programs? It use to be good for AIESEC sales) Expected Market Growth in the next year (Identifying the potential investment flow) Positive hiring Trend (Hiring more people. the meeting’s hour and the contact. Then prepare the correct proposal for that possible partner and investigate a little more about it so you can have enough information to use in your favor to ensure that TN taker.Some of the criterias you can use to develop your MR&S: 1. 10 . 2. never giving up. is the most important Getting ready for the sales meeting When you have obtained the meeting. 4. 5.

our product. etc. For organizations. etc) Never leave a meeting without clear next steps. but most 11 . Follow up – the key phase to ensure a partnership! One of the main reasons why AIESEC don’t close a negotiation is because AIESEC members give up too quickly or because they do not give proper follow up to organizations. send any material or information they ask you (if possible). so. you can know their necessities and prepare a really interesting product for them) Define next steps (next meeting. etc. that’s why you have to be really careful and disciplined. after you have had the first meeting with them. Benefits for him (no matter if it’s a company or NGO. our vision. regional and global partners and kind of partnerships Do not forget your support material (mentioned in the previous point) Icebreaker (you can ask about the weather or some nice question before to start selling) Define what AIESEC is. they need to know why it important for them to buy our product) Listen!! (ask and listen!. they will review your proposal with other people within the company. they will go through a phase of evaluation and decision making. materials you are going to send them – when-. our values. contracts.Some materials that could be very useful for you to present during the meeting: Specific proposal for the organization BCPs of your LC with other companies or from other LCs/MC Recommendation letters (from your partners/alumni or from other LCs) Examples of CVs of EPs A generic document explaining the exchange process Job Questionnaire and contracts Sales Meeting Some suggestions: Be punctual Talk about local.

in your recruitment materials. VISA procedures. 12 . in your learning days. I recommend you to stay in contact with the organization. You have to sign 2 contracts: the first will be for AIESEC and the other one will be for the company Contract will be responsible to ICX members. so you can encourage them to close the deal! Closing the deal! In order to formalize the partnership with the organization. offer new things. send emails constantly. you have to sign every contract and JQ.important: do it on time! For companies it’s not just important the product itself. so they do not have wrong expectations during the upcoming phases. but also who is going to be responsible for delivering that product. they will take the final decision. and then. if you inspire trust. make phone calls to check if they need anything else from you. etc. etc. interview and selection process. and show real interest on having them as partners. Also. they will check if you are capable to deliver what you sold them. but also to offer new things: Presence in your website. During this phase. which is crucial to close a deal. do not send an email just to ask for a final decision. Expectation setting is very important on this phase: Be sure to define a timeline with company before to sign the contracts: When you are going to send them CVs and how many CVs you are going to send. and must be confirmed to finance functional 2 days before signing contract with company and ask for stamped to finance functional at that day.

for CEE use to be: Germany.Match Fee payment and registration Start Communication with your main supplier Developing virtual promotional Logistic before trainee's arrival Trainee selection and matching Prescreening Fee payment revision and registration This has to be done in collaboration with your LCVP F or LC Finance assigned member and with your MC Director ICX G I P and MCVP F so the fee payment has already been registered and then the TN status can be changed from New to Available (remember that you only have 30 days to change the form from New to Available. Spain and other European country. send an email to your main suppliers. Start communication with your main suppliers After having your TN in available. but we strongly encourage you to send an email also to Other GN LCs. after this time your TN will go to rejected automatically). Netherland. for double realizations! 13 . Romania.

ask them the Acceptance Note if necessary. otherwise they could lose the applicants. you need to go through every CV to select the most suitable profiles for the organization. you have to exchange Acceptance Notes. it has to 14 . You have to send to your TN Taker 3 CVs minimum and 5 maximum. With your TN Taker. be sure to get an answer from them in the next 8 days (AN’s duration). so you ensure maximum satisfaction from your partner. Prescreening and Profiles presentation Once you have the enough number of applicants (usually one week of promotion is ok. TN Search Tool or other kind of promotion materials to get your TN matched as quickly as possible.Developing advertising virtual promotional material and mass Work on developing materials to promote your TN by SPAMS. Trainee Selection and Matching! During selection process you should be able to coordinate the entire process to select the ideal trainee for your TN Taker. but It’ll depend on supply and demand). During this time you have to stay in contact with the candidates to ensure any of them abandons the selection process. first ask to the trainee his EP Acceptance Note. LC Wiki. Then use e-mail distribution lists or contacts within your MC or other LCs to contact possible supply sources. As part of this process you could be responsible for: Schedule the interviews between company and trainee (according to company’s possibilities) Ask for any information/document required for the organisation to select the final trainee Once the organization has made a decision.

etc. Expectations setting according to the service your LC will provide him printed and signed by the trainee. you could send information about the Logistic before Trainee’s arrival During this phase you should ensure communication between trainee and organizations. Sign the contract between AIESEC and Trainee 4. During this stage is very important that you have clear and open communication with your organization and trainee. etc. you can assign the match in the system Congratulations! (You can do it through TN Match Monitor or Assign Quick Match Options in MyAIESEC. the job. Important documents 5. hot contact list. Ask for International Medical Insurance 3. Assign buddy. Pre-Arrival survey. 15 . With your organization in order to clarify any issue regarding to Visa procedures. and with your trainee to clarify these issues: 1. then you have to send the TN acceptance note signed by you or your VP and the company’s responsible Now. in such way that trainee starts to adapt to his future place of work in prearrival meeting. temporal accommodation.

remember that AIESEC is in many cases the only contact that trainees will have during their first days in your city! Think about how would you like to be welcomed when you are in other country and give the same attention to your trainee! Picking up process is coordinated by Talent Reception Manager. and must be confirmed to the host dorm 1 months before realization date. 16 .Realize Reception activities Expectation setting LC Induction Pre Traineeship's End Meeting Regular progress Meeting Measurement survey Re-Raising Reception activities accommodation. (airport pick up. manager should contact him/her by email to confirm all logistic and documents needed. city tours). (more detail explained in Talent Reception Booklet) Accommodation must be prepared 3 months before realization date. Two days before the intern arrived in Jakarta. temporal Remember that all the reception activities are essential for trainees.

Work Culture. in the case of Chile) Exact invoice/billing date (in order for you to receive the payment on time. Some information you should know and clarify: Minimum working conditions Payments (when you need to pay to the trainee and when you company is going to pay you. etc) Measurement Surveys (Development + Maintenance) You have 2 types of surveys: More than 90 days and less than 90 days: 17 . you’ll be having all the specific details that the TN taker as the trainee will be committed to respect. This meeting as being the initial one.LC induction (Trainees Incoming Preparation Seminar). LCs community. Community. university certificates. Payment. Trainee Minimums Delivery Expectation. This also affects you as AM and your LC performance and image as other potential partners. certificate of University Degree. Presenting your new trainee to other trainees that already has your LC or are in your city (from other LCs) will do a more enjoyable experience because he/she will have some people that are at the same situation than he/she. Be sure that you have all the information you need to provide good servicing and tracking for both trainees and organization. Timings. proper type of visa. and other issues). Expectations setting meeting with company (Job Description. for chile) Trainee vacations must be using Holiday Agreement Present all the information required by the company (some companies needs proof around international medical insurance.

2) TN2 and TR2 at the end of the internship. Regular progress meetings(development to TN. events participation. in such way that we accomplish the minimum quality standards in our internships. the partner and the LC/MC. You have to apply these surveys physically. so we can solve any problem to ensure the satisfaction of the trainee and the company.Less than 90 Days: You will only apply the ones that are named TN3 (for organizations) and TR3 (for trainees) More than 90 Days: You will apply 2 surveys: 1) the one that is named TN1 and TR1 after one third of the exchange. etc. Also you can a proposal to expand the account or collaborating in other things related to AIESEC. but also to propose new ways of cooperation with the organization. new TNs. Maintenance to EP) These meetings will ensure a minimum of communication between you and your organization. When the first stage of the relationship is about to end you can/should propose your actual partner to either re-raise and/or expand the involvement of its participation in AIESEC. See how it can be improved by the partner or by the possible next trainee. Remember that we do not 18 . you cannot send them by email or any other channel. These meetings will aims to detect any inconvenience or problem during the internship. Pre Traineeship’s End Meeting output/case studies (Maintenance) – discuss traineeship This meeting has as main objective to get all the info about the almost ending traineeship. Re-Raising and/or partnership expansion (Development) A strong and constant partnership benefits both. These meetings will be intended to receive feedback about the performance of the trainee and the level of AIESEC’s service.

only offer internships but other kind of partnerships as well as participation in different activities. analyze them and see ways of how you can resolve and prevent them for the next time with this partner or with other new or current ones! 19 . If it had some failures within the traineeship. focus on them. Making case study of the traineeship Depending if this traineeship was successful or not you can do a Best Caste Practice with it.