June 8, 13 To: AUDIT AND EXAMINATION COMMITTEE Howard V. “Rick” Richardson (Chair) John D. Baker II Enrique Hernandez, Jr. Federico F.

Peña Susan G. Swenson RE: SEC VIOLATIONS; FRAUD; RISK and LEGAL Regulatory Compliance reference: Audit and Examination Committee Charter (PDF)* FROM: Marilyn E. Veincentotzs LOAN ref: 1100174097 WARNING: A Public Relations Nightmare is about to occur due to: WELLS FARGO NA, as Servicer, and in Conjunction With US BANK NA, AS TRUSTEE FOR STRUCTURED ASSET INVESTMENT LOAN TRUST MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATE SERIES, 2006-2 HAVE COMMITTED a fraud. This Trust according to the SEC DOES NOT EXIST; yet, all of the above Entities have CONSPIRED to EVICT ME FROM MY HOME OF 20 YRS. And, in so doing have COMMITTED FRAUD UPON THE COURT and UPON any Investors who thought they may have invested in it, as well as USING THIS ERRONEOUS NON EXISTENT trust to STEAL MY HOME. Not only has Wells Fargo NA played a MAJOR ROLE in perpetrating this fraud but, there is an employee who was USED WITH OR WITHOUT HER CONSENT to Aide and abet this CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. This Employee ALLOWED WELLS FARGO NA TO USE HER NOTARY Seal to commit a FRAUD AND CRIME. Her Name is Wendy Al-Hammadi. And she lives in South Carolina. I have spoken to her; her signature was Authenticated on my Substitution of Trustee as a FORGED SIGNATURE by a Expert Document Examiner of 50 yrs experience; 20 yrs with the Police Dept. and who has examined over 44,000 signatures; testified in over 700 court cases and whose expertise is used routinely by courts in California. The court system is not in the business of protecting homeowners against banks committing fraud and stealing their homes. Therefore we are not relying upon the courts to conduct this outrage and fraud upon my home. We are taking it to the court of public opinion, the entire world via the internet; press releases, flyers in the areas of Wells Fargo

And. regulators due to the massive wealth of banks. courts. not one of .000. Conventional Efforts to ameliorate this obvious and blatant fraud have proved to be futile therefore we are taking the course most available. judges. 3. Even that was a fraud back in 2009. you have families. backed and supported you are being notified of all of the actions which will be taken to expose their inactions which allowed fraud to reign unfettered by law. Press releases are being drawn up. I know and understand what occurred with my loan from the time Leanne Miller was assigned to work with me in a loan modification which escalated my payments by $1. As of this moment the campaign to bring all of the above to the public’s attention has begun. potential and current homeowners using or considering using Wells Fargo NA or US Bank NA. But. phone trees are being notified. Wendy Al-Hammadi and the other Notary who ALLOWED HER NOTARY SEAL TO BE USED IN A FRAUD. Frontline is being sent any and all information regarding the forgeries. and friends and children who will be embarrassed that you even exist and that you ever worked for a bank which took great pleasure in raking in wealth from the misery of the masses. ALL ASSIGNMENTS. none of you. lives in Texas and her name is Octavia Hegwood. And. But. The Trust STEALING MY HOME DOES NOT EXIST 2. flyers are being printed. empowered. THE TWO DOCUMENTS recorded in the Norwalk recorder’s office ARE FORGED AND THE DOCUMENTS ARE VOID. for consideration as possible follow up for the Untouchables which aired in January of this year. We Know. and your crimes. they both are about to be more famous than LINDA GREEN AS SEEN ON 60 MINUTES. here we are in 2013 and only because I was evicted am I discovering that: 1. SUBSTITUTIONS PERFORMED BY US BANK AS TRUSTEE FOR A TRUST THAT DOES NOT EXIST ARE VOID. better known by Wells Fargo as “MUDD PEOPLE” WHO WERE GIVEN GHETTO LOANS”. as for allowing or creating the culture where your employees felt it was okay to call people who look like me “MUDD PEOPLE” I understand how it happened after looking at all of your pictures. Shame on you. PENSION FUND managers are being notified. all of the politicians who enabled. We. T-shirts are being printed. are being Warned. We now know how you perpetrated the fraud and where you failed in covering your lies. the trust. etc. Potential and current Investors are being contacted. homeowners have learned much over the course of these past four years that the only resources we have are ourselves.Neighborhoods where people who were targeted by Wells Fargo live.

you is a MUDD Person. Do you know her? Seems no one knows what the right or left hand is doing. it is easy to allow that to happen with oversight intentionally on accident. and your consciences. There was a time when I was able to go to my banker. of ASC or Wells Fargo NA Executive offices. pay my mortgage and know and trust the person who held my note. The Greatest Shame is that because the SYSTEM has failed so many millions of hard working families. Having read your CHARTER I am amazed at how such crimes as those committed against my home and me are tolerated by your stockholders. So. with the OCC never admitting never denying and avoiding investigations!! I will forward this to Sonya Starry as well so that perhaps you can all get to know each other and share notes. Sincerely. By the way that was a clever move. has been the HANDLER FOR THE INVESTIGATION. SONYA STARRY. Marilyn Veincentotzs . Now. that is no longer possible due to the greed to exponentially increase your wealth on the vapors of derivatives. people have LOST FAITH and TRUST in not only GOVERNMENT but in BANKS.

to perform the functions of a fiduciary audit committee required by 12 C.F. and the qualifications and independence of the outside auditors and the performance of internal and outside auditors. In fulfilling its oversight role.F.R.9 for national bank subsidiaries of the Company that have fiduciary powers.R. the internal auditors. to prepare the Committee report included in the Company's annual proxy statement in accordance with SEC rules. financial management and the Operational Risk Group. §9. and establishes a forum for an open exchange of views and information. auditing. The outside auditors shall report directly to the Committee. internal controls. The Committee will meet periodically with management. to perform the audit committee functions specified by 12 C. the internal auditors. operational risk and legal and regulatory compliance. . the integrity of the Company’s financial statements and the adequacy and reliability of disclosures to stockholders. the Committee provides a vehicle for communication between the directors and the outside auditors. Part 363 for depository institution subsidiaries of the Company.EXCERPT: WELLS FARGO & COMPANY
 AUDIT AND EXAMINATION COMMITTEE CHARTER The purposes of the Committee are to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities to oversee Company policies and management activities related to accounting and financial reporting. and to oversee reputation risk related to the Committee’s responsibilities described in this Charter. and the outside auditors in separate executive sessions.

deviations from policy. non-compliance with federal and state laws. results of operations and accuracy of the Company's financial statements. Compliance and Operational Risk Management Oversight. 2. 3. §78j-1). To the extent deemed necessary or appropriate by the Committee. Obtain from the outside auditors assurance that the audit was conducted in a manner consistent with Section 10A of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U. Discuss any issues deemed significant by the outside auditors related to the Company’s financial results prior to the filing of the Company’s Forms 10-K and 10-Q. and legal actions. Determine that appropriate actions have been taken to resolve matters reported to the Committee that in the Committee’s judgment could materially jeopardize the Company’s financial condition. Review at least quarterly with the head of the Operational Risk Group relevant enterprise-wide compliance and .1. such as unacceptable control conditions. .C. Resolve any disagreements between management and the outside auditors regarding financial reporting. Review disclosures to the Committee by the CEO and CFO during their certification of the Company's Forms 10-K and 10-Q regarding any significant deficiencies or material weaknesses in the design or operation of internal controls over financial reporting and any fraud involving any employees who have a significant role in the Company's internal controls over financial reporting. Appropriate Response.S. 4. discuss with the outside auditors any communications between the audit team and the firm's national office respecting auditing or accounting issues presented by the engagement as well as matters of audit quality and consistency. high uninsured risks.

the general condition of compliance and operational risk management in the Company. including business continuity planning. at the level of both business line and enterprise. Compliance. Review annually. The head of the Operational Risk Group shall notify the Committee chair of significant regulatory issues that arise between Committee meetings.risk concerns. Company Policies. and review significant audit and compliance policies and significant updates at least annually.       Internal controls. significant pending laws and regulations. the reputation risks of significant compliance exposures and other high.   Accounting. significant violations of statutes and regulations (including those relating to safety and soundness) with corrective actions and schedules for resolution. Review as necessary with responsible line management the schedule for resolving any compliance or operational risk issues not satisfactorily resolved by management. Operational risk. and   Ethical behavior of employees. the compliance and operational 5. Discuss significant changes in and significant exceptions to the Company’s policies related to:   Processes for risk assessment and management. common issues across business lines.operational risk management programs. Approve the Company's hiring policies regarding employees and former employees of the outside auditors. . auditing and financial reporting.

Include in the Company’s annual proxy statement the Committee report required by the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission.F. Bank Audit Committee. §9. Committee Report.R. .R.F.9 on behalf of the national bank subsidiaries of the Company that have fiduciary powers. Part 363 for depository institution subsidiaries of the Company and act as a fiduciary audit committee in accordance with 12 C. Perform the audit committee functions specified by 12 C.6. 7.