Boiler Up! It has been a busy year...Apparently Denny wears some pretty big shoes!

My family has adapted to living back in Indiana and it did not take long for my three girls to accept Purdue as their home. This has been a year of exciting changes… For the first time in Purdue history, we have appointed an Associate Director of Sports Medicine...Congratulations Jessica Lipsett! After 10 years of service to Purdue, Jess will assume the role of Associate Director for male sports. She is such an asset to Purdue sports medicine that I had to make sure that she was placed in an administrative role. Back in September 2012, our sports medicine department signed an agreement with ATI (Athletic Training Institute, Physical Therapy) which has worked out in a very positive manner. Our contract allows ATI to place their employees at Purdue for the next three years. Adam Leech was our first ATI employee, and he has done a great job adapting to the Purdue tradition and becoming another loyal Boilermaker. Our staff has received a bit of a face lift over the past year. The veteran staff continues to be the backbone of this program…A big thanks to Jessica Lipsett, Larry Leverenz, Denny Miller (Yes he is still working), Casey Kohr, Sal Vallejo, Kara Kessans and Alice Wilcoxson for helping me during this transition period. Our new full-time employees have quickly recognized how BIG our family is and are all very excited to be at Purdue. Thanks to Chad Young, Whitney Queen, Stephanie Dyer (Soon to be Stephanie Leech July 2013) and Brandon McGaughey (Class of ’06) for hopping on the Boilermaker Express and joining the family! Our students continue to be the heart and soul of our Purdue Sports Medicine Program! As of today, we are 11 of 11 passing the BOC exam! This year we were able to provide over $32,000 in scholarships through our Newell/Combs Scholarship program. That would not have been possible if it wasn’t for all of our Alumni and other supporters. Please continue to stay connected to Purdue and become a John Purdue Club member. We will have more JPC information in Vegas this summer at our Alumni Event. Things are hopping in Boiler country. Summer sport camps are jumping into action, our athletes are returning from a short May break to begin summer conditioning programs, and we are getting ready to reunite with alumni and friends from across the country at this year NATA Convention is Las Vegas. We hope to see you there. Doug

Greetings from the academic side… I hope this newsletter finds all of you doing well. Just a few updates from the education program…first, a very positive outc ome of my 13 months as Interim Department Head was my hiring of Denny to teach in our program. Denny came to me a couple years ago and we talked about the possibility of him teaching after he retired. I was happy to hear he was willing and very pleased to be able to hire him. His official title is Contin uing Lecturer and he teaches 2 sections of HK 208, “Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries”. It’s great to be able to use his expertise. He is enjoying teaching and the students, and he’s doing a great job. Spring ’13 saw us graduate 14 athletic training students May 12th. (And, by the way, as of this writing, we are 11 for 11 on the BOC exam first time pass rate!) We’ll miss them but, as with all students, we need to move them on to a new chapter in their lives. Almost all are set for next year and we wish them well as they begin their careers. As the seniors finish up, we selected 14 new students to enter the program. Our enrollment for next year will remain at 42. We’re pleased with the new class. It seems to me we just keep getting stronge r. The average GPA for the new class is 3.42/4.0. All of our classes are doing well both in the classroom and the clinical setting as well as finding meaningful placement after graduation. I believe the program is as strong as ever! As far as plans for the future…as you know, the profession is moving toward the MS being the entry -level degree. This summer I will be looking into the possibility of moving our program from a BS to an entry-level Master’s degree. Although conceptually, making that move sounds simple, there are a lot of details that need to be addressed, e.g., prerequisites, class sequencing, clinical experiences in a 2-year rather than 3-year program, admission requirements and procedure, and number of students. I’m hoping, though, to make that transition before I retire. (No, I don’t know when that will be but I am working on an “exit strategy”!) Those are the high points from the education side. Thank you, again, for your support. Anytime you are in the area, please stop in, say hello, and let us show you the new facilities. We always like to see you.

Left to right Top Row: Devin Wyss, Xander Keller, Sarah Campbell, Jennifer Vande Loo, Alissa Schenk, Pierre Nesbit, Shelby Heilman, Sarah Chauvin, Aaron Hoeing Second Row: Jillian Laski, Chelcee Hill, Claire Hunter, Megan Smith Bottom Row: Eli Mansfield, Erica Illium, Madison Lamppert

Thank you to all those who contributed!

Chad Young just finished up his first season as the athletic trainer for the Boilermaker men's basketball and women's golf teams. Prior to his arrival at Purdue, Young served as the athletic trainer for men's basketball and women's swimming at Bowling Green University, while also overseeing the graduate assistant assigned to the Falcons' women's basketball and volleyball squads.

Whitney Queen joined the Purdue Athletic Training staff in August of 2011 as an Intern Assistant Athletic Trainer. Miss Queen was elevated to the position of a full-time staff member in the spring of 2012 working with the men's and women's cross country and track teams. Miss Queen will be working with the women’s softball team, as well as the men’s and women’s cross country team in the upcoming 2013 seasons.

Stephanie Dyer joined the sports medicine staff in July 2012 primarily supervising wrestling and the men's and women's swimming and diving programs. This upcoming 2013 season she will primarily be working with the Purdue football program along with the women’s swimming team. Prior to her arrival at Purdue, Ms. Dyer worked at Bowling Green State University primarily working with their football program and women’s track and cross country teams.

Adam Leech was hired by ATI physical therapy in September 2012 as an outreach athletic trainer to Purdue University athletics. Mr. Leech's primary sport coverage was men's and women's tennis along with assisting the men's and women's cross country and track teams. This upcoming 2013 season he will be working with the men’s wrestling team. Prior to his arrival at Purdue, Mr. Leech was an athletic trainer for the men’s basketball team at Kent State University.

Brandon joined the Purdue staff in July of 2012. His primary responsibility is to provide physical therapy services for the general student population along with student athletes at the Purdue University Student Health Center Physical Therapy Clinic. Prior to joining the Purdue staff, Brandon spent two years working as a clinician at Greencastle Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in westcentral Indiana.

Jason was hired by ATI physical therapy in June 2012 as an outreach athletic trainer to Purdue University athletics. He will be primarily working with the men’s and women’s track and field teams. Prior to his arrival Jason spent the previous five years at Marist High School in Chicago, overseeing 17 different sports.

Ryan Moran just completed his second bachelor’s degree with a B.S in Athletic Training. He also completed an internship at Northwestern University with their football team. While at Purdue, Ryan will be the graduate assistant with men's and women's track and field and oversee cheerleading. He will be pursuing his master's degree in Kinesiology at Purdue.

Top Row Shelby Heilman Jen Vande Loo Adrian Yepez Devin Wyss Partson Chinyadza Aaron Hoeing Vanessa Green Alissa Schenk

Bottom Row Maria Biasi Molly Wegner Erica Illium Chelcee Hill Grace Dobler Shelby Edge Megan Smith

Top Row Sarah Hurdish Klint Dougherty Jordon Moore Cameron Ortyl

Middle Row Amanda Campbell Meeja Richards Birke Duerloo Tiffany Conley

Bottom Row Chloe Salway Katye Clark Paige Creighton Maddie Hansen Grace Macleod

Top Row Tanner Maksymicz Steve Hansen Michael Howk Brenden Hulett Brad Herman Louis Matrisciano Grace Connell (not pictured)

Bottom Row Lori Hann Vanessa Saqib-Vicente Jordan Leikel Natalie Ater Grace Browning Madeline Pellikan Abigail McClintock

Purdue University Athletic Training Club is an organized club where Athletic Training Students can work on broadening their clinical skills and work throughout the community serving others. Due to the lack of support the last few years, it was hard to attract Athletic Training students to club events. However, this past year we were able to make some significant improvement in our numbers in participation. As a club we help with continuing education of the Athletic Training students. In years past, we have gone over spine boarding, CPR, and other emergency situations. Along with helping current students with their education, the club sets up a mentor/mentee program that helps with the incoming freshman class. During the Fall 2012 semester, our club was able to help students participate in the IATA convention that was held in Indianapolis. During the conference we had ten Athletic Training students attend and participate in the various activities during the conference. At the IATA conference we had a Junior Athletic Training student present on first rib resection. The students described the whole experience as, educational, informative and an overall good time. During the winter months, we were able to hold a clothing drive that benefited a local Lafayette homeless shelter. Even though the clothing drive lasted about two weeks, we were able to collect two carloads worth of clothes, backpacks, and coats for the homeless. It was a really moving experience to see the smiles on their face when we brought the clothes to them. We are hoping to continue this tradition for years to come. Fundraising is a critical part in Athletic Training club activities. This year we were able to put on two fundraisers, a skip-a-meal with Panda Express and Penny Wars between the staff and student classes. Our big success this year was the penny wars; we raised over three hundred dollars. This fundraiser was such a success because we motivated the staff and students by throwing a whipped cream pie in the staff that had the most money in their jar and a student from the class that had the most money in theirs. All in all it was very fun for everyone and the proceeds of both fundraisers will go to sponsoring students at conferences next year. This year we also have been able to collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house. Thankfully because our participation from the staff, students, and athletes we have collected numerous pop tabs. The drive is still continuing, and we hope win the competition between the surrounding Athletic Training programs. Even though this program is off to a good start, it still has a long way to go until it is successful. In the upcoming years we hope to have more students participate in the club due to our success this year. We also hope to have two Quiz Bowl teams next year that hopefully do well in competition, we hope to create a video for the video competition sponsored by NATA, and we intend to increase the amount of volunteering throughout the Lafayette community. Our officers for the upcoming year are Megan Smith – President, Katye Clark – Vice President, Shelby Heilman – Secretary, Devin Wyss – Treasurer, and Erica Ilium as Historian.

HARD ROCK CAFÉ – Las Vegas Strip 3771 Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109 Monday June 24th 8:00pm – 10:00pm Cavern Club 3rd Floor

The Varsity P Club was created under the umbrella of the John Purdue Club to unite former Boilermaker varsity student-athletes, athletic trainers, managers and spirit squad members into a passionate community with a life-long commitment to each other and Purdue Athletics. As athletic training alumni, your dedication and support behind the scenes has proven to be one of the most critical components in the success of our sport programs. As we look to the future, we recognize that in order to continue to build a strong athletic training program, we need you and other athletic training alumni to become active supporters of YOUR program. To date, there is only 7.6 percent of our athletic training alumni who financially support Purdue Athletics by being members of the John Purdue Club/Varsity P Club. This currently places athletic training as the least active sport program at Purdue. Please take time to discuss this fact with other athletic trainers you stay in touch with and take pride in making sure your program has a stronger alumni participation. Remember, you have the choice to determine if you want your contribution to go towards the Newell-Combs Athletic Training Scholarship fund to help benefit our current and future athletic trainers or to another sport program. For more information, please click the following link Varsity P Club Information or call Chris Clopton, Director of Varsity P Club, at 765-494-8671. Also, please note that by joining the John Purdue Club, this automatically qualifies you to become an active member of the Varsity P Club.

As most of you know from previous years, the Purdue family has set up an NATA Scholarship in the name of Denny and Linda Miller. For all of you who have donated to the scholarship we thank you very much. This effort has been spearheaded by Randy Cohen and Craig Voll and it is our intention to raise enough to make this a yearly $2,500 scholarship. We are still working towards endowing the scholarship as a tribute to Denny and Linda for everything they have done for Purdue University. If you are interested in making a contribution please contact Randy Cohen or Craig Voll.

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We are currently working on updating our alumni database where you will be able to update your information through the athletics website on our athletic training home page. Please feel free to update your information by returning the bottom portion of this sheet via email to: Stephanie Dyer, M.Ed., ATC (765)494-3245

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Do you plan on pursing other degrees/certifications? No Yes Which ones (Former Purdue Staff) Range of years worked at Purdue ______________________________________ Other comments/suggestions (job changes, marriage or any other information for the Purdue family)