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Pierce Point Ranch Century Turn
100 Miles with ~6939’ of elevation gain U Pierce Point Rd 7.8
Start Location > Marinwood Community Center 45.5 L Heart’s Desire/Tomales 1.0
on Miller Creek Rd in San Rafael. There is ample Bay State Park
street parking-DO NOT park in the Community 46.5 R Stay on Heart’s Desire 0.6
Center parking lot. Water and restrooms are 47.1 L Heart’s Desire Beach
available at the park. parking lot. Water &
Mile Turn Direction Next restrooms are available
Turn U Heart’s Desire 1.7
0.0 Head south on Miller 0.1 48.8 L Pierce Point Rd 1.2
Creek Rd 50.0 L Sir Francis Drake Blvd 5.6
0.1 R Lucas Valley Rd 9.4 55.6 L Stay on Sir Francis Drake 0.8
9.5 R Nicasio Valley Rd 0.5 Blvd
10.0 L Stay on Nicasio Valley Rd 3.3 56.4 L CA-1 N 0.2
13.3 L Pt Reyes Petaluma Rd 3.1 56.6 L Stay on CA-1 N 0.2
16.4 S Platform Bridge Rd @ stop 2.4 56.8 Pt Reyes Station-Bovine
sign Bakery. Food & water.
18.8 R Sir Francis Drake Blvd 1.8 Restrooms are available at
20.6 R CA-1 N/Sir Francis Drake 0.1 the Toby Community Park
Blvd located behind the Palace
20.7 L Bear Valley Rd 2.3 Market on Mesa Rd
23.0 L Sir Francis Drake Blvd 3.1 Continue on CA-1 N
26.1 Inverness Store-food 56.8 L Mesa Rd 1.1
water & porta-pottie 57.9 L CA-1 N 8.6
S Continue on Sir Francis 2.5 66.5 R Marshall Petaluma Rd 10.9
Drake Blvd 77.4 R Hicks Valley Rd 2.8
28.6 R Pierce Point Rd @ Y 8.7 80.2 R Pt Reyes Petaluma Rd 0.9
37.3 L Stop here to look for the 81.1 The Cheese Factory
herd of Tule elk-just Food, water & restrooms
before the right turn Continue on Pt Reyes 3.3
down to the ranch at the Petaluma Rd
guardrail 84.4 L Nicasio Valley Rd 5.6
S Continue on Pierce Point 0.4 90.0 U Nicasio Valley Rd 1.4
Rd to the ranch 91.4 R Lucas Valley Rd 9.4
37.7 Arrive at Pierce Point 100.8 L Miller Creek Rd 0.1
Ranch. Ports-pottie 100.9 Marinwood Community
available downhill at the Center-FINISH!
lower parking lot. NO
WATER. Follow path to
the picnic tables on the Ride Chronicles: http://yurides.wordpress.com/
other side of the fence
next the hay barn.

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