Profile of restraining trade between states tariffs on imported goods such as economic a. policy through methods designed to restrictive quotas other restrictive government regulations discourage imports foreign take-over prevent of local markets companies


Is closely aligned with anti-globalization contrasts with free trade a. Tariffs b. Import quotas food safety Administrative c. Barriers regarding environmental standards electrical safety

Types of Trade barriers
Protectionist policies

d. Anti-dumping legislation e. Direct Subsidies f. Export Subsidies g. Exchange Rate manipulation a. A government may intervene in the foreign exchange market to lower the value of its currency by selling its currency in the foreign exchange market. Doing so will b. raise the cost of imports lower the cost of exports

leading to an improvement in its trade balance This policy is only effective in the short run c. It will lead to higher price inflation in the country which will in turn raise the cost of exports reduce the relative price of imports

of a manufacturer in one country a product to another country the act the price it charges in its home market


exporting at a price which is

either below

or below its costs of production often referred to as selling at less than "fair value."
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