Sites of significance around Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Melbourne's western region This region of Melbourne was surveyed for Aboriginal sites in the late 1980s. The result of the survey was a finding of 96 Aboriginal sites dating from 2000 to 30,000 years old. The sites include: • • • • • stone artefact scatters indicating campsites isolated stone artefacts may indicate that an item was discarded or dropped while travelling scarred trees result from removing bark for the manufacture of shields, coolamons, shelters a fresh-water shell midden indicate an abundance of shellfish in that area a stone quarry at Bacchus Marsh

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Doncaster and Templestowe There are many sites of significance in this region, especially around the Yarra River, which was the focus of the Wurundjeri's environment. In particular, there are numerous artefact findings and several scarred trees. One of the scarred trees in this area of very high significance is a magnificent River Red Gum at Heide Gallery in Bulleen. Blackburn Lake Visitor Education Centre The Blackburn Lake Visitor Education Centre at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary has displays of indigenous artefacts such as baskets, grinding stones and eel traps. Northcote Merri Creek at Yarra Bend Northcote, was the site of a school for Aboriginal children which operated from 1845 to 1850. Warrandyte Warrandyte Reserve at Pound Bend, Warrandyte, consisted of 1,908 acres and operated from 1841 to 1859. Richmond The Corroboree Tree at Richmond oval was a significant gathering place for the Wurundjeri people. City of Melbourne Throughout the city of Melbourne there is a walking trail that includes 17 sites most of which are of historical and cultural significance to either Aboriginal people or to European settlement. Thirteen of these sites are marked by artworks. 24/12/2011

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