Short Course Descriptor COURSE TITLE: How To Write Situation Comedy DELIVERING FACULTY: FMAS School/Department: Writing

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COURSE DESIGNATION: Non-Credit Bearing Short Course Course delivery model: Two weekends of classroom based lectures, seminars and workshops comprising a total of 20 hours contact time. Max & Min Student No.: 6 - 25 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will introduce the student to the necessary skill set required to write sitcom. This means in practise an understanding of the form, its tropes and what separates sitcom from other forms of comedic and dramatic writing. A full analysis of sitcom character, ‘monster’ characters, the trap, situation and emotional arena will be covered, as well as work on structuring plots and individual scenes both on an individual and a group basis. Students will be required to read texts and correctly identify successful examples of the genre and to trouble-shoot problems. They will write a first draft script. LEARNING OUTCOMES On completion of the course, students will be able to: Knowledge and Understanding: K1 Recognise strategies and methods utilised in developing a situation comedy. K2 Demonstrate an understanding of theoretical issues surrounding Sitcom and recognise the link between theory and practice. Cognitive Skills: C1 Demonstrate ability to effectively employ strategies and methods in the construction of writing a sitcom. C2 Demonstrate ability to engage critically with existing Sitcom texts and viewings. Practical and Professional Skills P1 Identify suitable markets and evaluate potential sales P2 Develop writing and editorial skills P3 Create a sample of writing employing professional protocols and strategies (a first draft script) Transferable and Key Skills T1 Create a piece of writing that fulfils a specific brief (sitcom) T2 Demonstrate an ability to engage in critical analysis AREAS OF STUDY • Specific examples of sitcom and sitcom writing • Pragmatic writing, editing and critical strategies LEARNING AND TEACHING STRATEGY Twenty hours contact will be spread over two weekends, including a variety of lectures, seminars and workshops. There will be screenings and group discussions. The remaining time will be student’s own work, which will be presented for assessment and critical discussion. Students will -

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