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Bilingual Academy
An Islamic-centered International School

Read! in the name of your Lord, Who has created all that exists; was the first verse received by Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w). It is evident that Islam stresses the importance of knowledge and the written word. With increasing wisdom given by Allah (s.w.t), the Prophet (s.a.w) was able to achieve heights that have been incomprehensible to the human mind.

The mission of IQRA is to produce future generations of Muslims who have strong Islamic moral character based on the teachings of the Qur'an and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SallaAllahu alaihi wa salaam) Are academically and spiritually prepared for success in this life and the hereafter Are disciplined and possess life management skills which empower them to make decisions in accordance with their Deen Are socially responsible leaders able to collaborate with, and contribute to, the global community in ways that are positive and progressive Seek, value, and apply beneficial knowledge throughout their lives

We strive for an excellent standard of education, and try our best to inculcate Islamic manners in our students to become exemplary citizens. To reach this objective we lay the emphasis on the following activities and assets: Quran recitation every day during morning assembly Qualified teachers and staff American and Internationally accredited IB Curriculum English Instruction by Native English Speakers Beginning, intermediate, and advanced Arabic and French classes for all students Small to medium classes Islamic environment promoting good morals and behavior Technology resources conveniently accessible to all students Saturday Program: Quran Memorization, Sports, Study Hall, Individualized Tutoring Yearly Theme-based Exploratory Trips An American High School Diploma

Four of our current strengths include: A welcoming and open environment; Teaching core values through the community rule: We respect ourselves, each other and our environment;

Respecting everyone as an individual; and encouraging collective work and responsibility The different nationalities represented in our student population are:

American Canadian Bahamian Senegalese Pakistani Egyptian Saudi Arabian

The Teaching Staff IQRA Bilingual academy employs an internal team of 22 professionals from everywhere in the world. All our professors take part in continuous training programs to ensure that strategies, methods and the resources they employ reflect international standards and practices. Teachers, Muslims and non-Muslims are recruited after a verification of their educational and professional background; and of their moral code and ability to serve as role models for the children with whom they are entrusted. The main criteria for non Muslim teachers are the ability to fit in an Islamic environment and to include appropriate Islamic values and morality that are fundamental to the schools activities and teachings.

Administration IQRA BAs Director, Nieshaakema James-Sarr, is an American with over 20 years experience in K-12 educational systems. Her main job is to implement decisions and strategies defined by the Board of trustees. This Board defines the school pedagogy orientation, methods of teaching and grading. The School Director ensures that teaching occurs in a favourable environment and is monitors the activity of all school staff. She is assisted in her duty by a Business Manager in charge of financial affairs, Lower and Upper School Vice Principals charged with ensuring IQRA BAs program maintain a high level of excellence, and a team of administrative assistants whose tasks vary from monitoring the children during recess, lunch, ablutions and prayer time to any other administrative support such as filing documents and answering the phone and giving information to visitors.

She has a Master in Education, specializing in Educational Technology. IQRA is the second school she has established in Senegal, the first being a vocational school for young adults in need of an alternative route to certification of workforce skills. She also works with the UN System as a Technology-in-Education Open Distance Learning Specialist.

THE PROGRAM Iqra Bilingual Academy is following an American and IB curriculum. The schools curriculum provides young learners with a solid educational foundation. It is more based on concepts, which allows students to develop interrogation and investigation skills. The methods used aim to teach students how to ask relevant questions and how to use the different resources available to find answers to these questions.

The curriculum includes subjects such as Math, Science, Social studies (history and Geography), Languages (French, English and Arabic), Physical Education, and Technology, taught in English and French at different levels from Preschool to High School. Students in High School have weekly test prep courses to prepare them for entrance examinations to American universities and colleges (i.e. - SAT, ACT). All IQRA B.A. students receive Deenyat (Islamic Studies), Quran Reading/Memorization and Recitation, and Arabic Courses on a daily basis. Students who complete their studies at IQRA B.A. can become hafiz (full memorization) of Al Quran before graduation. To graduate from IQRA BA, students need to demonstrate a high level of understanding of Quran and Islam and this comprehension of their religion must be reflected in their attitude and behaviour in and outside the school.

Accreditation IQRA Bilingual Academy is accredited by the Senegalese government and is authorized to deliver classes in the preschool, elementary, middle school and Secondary school. It is also authorized to present its students for all Senegalese national examinations. The school is currently seeking accreditation from the Middle States Accreditation Board in the US.

The Grade Levels IQRA Bilingual Academy welcomes students from Preschool to Grade 12 (baccalaureate). The number of students per class is a maximum of 15.

The Elementary School The elementary school includes the nursery school (2-3 years) the preschool (3-4 years) up to the Grade 5 (10-11 years) Most of the elementary levels are taught by a homeroom teacher and an assistant.

Pre-School 1(up to 15 students) Pre-School 2 (up to 15 students) 1st Grade (up to 15 students)

2nd Grade (up to 15 students) 3rd Grade (up to 15 students) 4th Grade (up to 15 students) 5th Grade (up to 15 students)

The Middle School Math, Science, English, French, Arabic, Social studies/ Geography, Islamic studies, Quran Recitation, and Physical Education form the core program. 6th Grade (up to 15 students)) 7th Grade (up to 15 students) 8th Grade (up to 15 students) Annual Academic & Sports Competitions

The High School The High School of IQRA B.A. covers grades 9 to grade 12. Students that meet the criteria of graduation between 9th and 12th grade receive an American H.S. diploma. 9th Grade 9 (up to 15 students) 10th Grade (up to 15 students) 11th Grade (up to 15 students) 12th Grade (up to 15 students) Hands-on Science Labs

Community Partners IQRA BA is connected with community structures at all levels. Officials invite our students to field-trips, on and off campus presentations, and internship opportunities. A few organizations sponsor out annual carnival and other fund-raising events. Field-trip to the Firehouse