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Nothing comes easy to those who wait, yet success comes to those who act. In Mary Kay Cosmetics, you can be guaranteed success if you approach your new career as just that a career not a hobby. Even if you choose to build your business part-time, the part-time hours you devote will reap the greatest rewards if you are focused. To get focused, you must: Within the first week: Open your showcase and familiarize yourself with the contents. {

Begin working with your SKIN CARE CLASS using the workbook, video tape and audio cassette Begin booking appointments to complete your POWER START (30 faces) or PERFECT START (15 faces) during your first 30 days. Begin recruiting on YOUR FIRST DAY. By adding your first business associate in your training period you will earn your PEARLS OF SHARING. As women its always fun to do things together. Decide how you are going to approach your business, either with inventory, taking orders, or a combination of both. Determine your activity level: * Spare-time Consultant: 1 skin care class and 1 recruiting inter view per week. * Very Part-time Consultant: 2 skin care classes and 2 recruiting interviews per week. * Part-time Consultant: 3 skin care classes and 3 recruiting inter views per week. * Management Consultant: 3-5 skin care classes and 3-5 recruiting interviews per week.



$3600 Wholesale $7200 Retail $3600 Wholesale Order 50 Sales Aids 612 Sales Tax $4262 Grand Total

*50% Discount *Company Prize Winner *Emerald Star Consultant *Product level to service approx 55 customers

Suggested credit or loan amount$4400 Approximate payment at 11% 24 months$200 36 months$130


$3000 Wholesale $6000 Retail $3000 Wholesale Order 45 Sales Aids 515 Sales Tax $3560 Grand Total *50% Discount *Company Prize Winner *Diamond Star Consultant * Product level to service approx 35 customers

Suggested credit or loan amount$3700 Approximate payment at 11% 24 months-$165 36 months-$110


$2400 Wholesale $4800 Retail

$2400 Wholesale Order 35 Sales Aids 418 Sales Tax $2853 Grand Total

*50% Discount *Company Prize Winner *Ruby Star Consultant *Product level to service approx 25 customers

Suggested credit or loan amount$3000 Approximate payment at 11% 24 months$130 36 months$90


$1800 Wholesale $3600 Retail

$1800 Wholesale Order 25 Sales Aids 322 Sales Tax $2147 Grand Total

*50% Discount *Company Prize Winner *Diamond Star Consultant *Product level to service approx 20 customers

Suggested credit or loan amount$2300 Approximate payment at 11% 24 months$100


Conventional Loans: Your own bank is a prime source. They prefer loaning larger amounts usually $3,500 to $4,000 minimum. The rates are reasonable and there is usually no payment penalty if you decide to pay your loan off quickly. Check with other local banks as additional options. Your recruiter will have recommendations. Financial Institution Loans: Along with banks, financial institutions such as Beneficial, Avco, Northwest, Household Finance, etc., also have loans available. They offer a variety of loan packages. The advantage to getting a loan through a financial institution is that the loan application is usually processed more quickly than a bank (24-48 hours) Credit Card: Mary Kay Cosmetics will accept VISA/Mastercard/Discover for inventory purchases. We recommend that you use a separate bank card for your Mary Kay purchases. Refinance a Current Loan: If you already have a loan that you have made payments on for a year or longer, you can often refinance the loan providing you with additional capital without raising the loan payment but extending the length of the loan. This method works well with car loans. Credit Unions: Credit Unions are traditionally a source of low interest loans. Call your credit union immediately. They dont consider this amount a business loans. Credit Unions normally dont give business loans but will give you a personal loan to do Mary Kay. Passbook Loans: For relatively low interest rates, you can borrow up to 95% or more of the amount in your savings account. Family Loans: Many times there are members of your family that are willing to help you start your Mary Kay business. It is recommended that the arrangements be made on a loan basis and that you pay monthly payments.

All interest paid on a loan for your business is a tax deduction because you are selfemployed. If you do not have a lengthy credit history or have not been employed long, you may need to have a co-signer to help you qualify. (parent, relative, spouse, or close friend)


You are the President, Secretary & Treasurer. Its very important to treat your Mary Kay Career as a business. Proper money management is essential to any business, as you can not be success if you mismanage you money. First we suggest two separate accounts for your Mary Kay business. The first one is a savings account (re-stocking account), and the second one is a checking account (profit account). Keep your business accounts separate from your personal accounts. On your checks (I recommend the Mary Kay checks for advertising) you may want to put Beauty Consultant, Cosmetic Account, Special Account, Please dont use the word Mary Kay Cosmetics. If married, you may want these accounts to carry both names even if just your name appears on the checks. These accounts work as follows: At the end of each week, deposit all your sales, plus tax in the checking. Multiply this figure times 60% to cover the cost of merchandise, hostess credit, tax and literature. (Anything we order on our Discount Price and Order Sheet). This 60% goes into your savings account. Now subtract the above figure from the total. This is your gross profit figure. This remains in the checking account until you deduct any of the following: 1. Cost of hostess gift bought from an outside source. 2. Cost of any hostess contests you may enter that week. 3. Workshop fee, etc. As long as you work your capital like mentioned above, you will always have a sound business. Just rotate your capital between the two places. When your savings is low, youll have merchandise on your shelf. It is called in business your cash flow. As merchandise is sold, the money to replace that merchandise is put into savings. When merchandise is reordered with savings, your stock on the shelf is good. Any good business needs capital, inventory and work to continue to operate. With this method, youll always have plenty of capital to order with when necessary and plenty of merchandise on your shelf. The Secret is ALWAYS put 60% of your Total Sales plus Tax in the Savings. Keep your business on a business basis and youll always be in great shape.

Its your DECISION!

YOU MAKE PROFIT...There is always a 100% mark-up on the product...However, you should not take A SALARY until you have ordered $3000 wholesale (minimum) from the company. It goes without saying...YOU want to make $$$money, A SALARY as quickly as possible. When you start with $3000-$3600 wholesale you take A SALARY from your very first appointment. Best of all, your customers will appreciate the immediate availability of all the products. Profit is...the product marked up 100%. Example: You pay $10, and you sell for $20 therefore making $10 Profit. The Salary...comes out of your profit. If you choose to start with an inventory of less than $30000 wholesale (you pay $3000-you sell for $6000 retail, making $3000 Profit) you must use your SALARY to replace what you have sold, REINVESTING to build your inventory. What about the SALARY...Once you have $3000- $3600 wholesale you can easily keep your inventory balanced with a minimum $400 or more order each month, depending on your sales. Therefore, I recommend that you begin with an amount as close to $3000 as your finances will allow. This also obligates you to pay back a bank loan, thus putting your new business on a business basis forcing you to manage your money wisely. The smaller amount you start with, the longer you have to work before you get gratification of having a SALARY (because you must re-invest your salary to reach the $3600 level). Your decision is: a. Do you want a SALARY from your first sale? YesNo b. Do you want to wait 2 or 3 months before you take a SALARY? YesNo A Loan VS. A Credit Card...The only difference with a credit card is...some people dont handle seeing the balance on the monthly bill. Getting a loanyou make monthly payments from a payment book. Its your decision. Business Advise...A businesswoman will tell you she started her business with a
loan not her savings, even if she could pay cash. Getting a loan is the wise way to start your Mary Kay business. The interest paid on the loan is a business tax deduction at the end of the year. The monthly payment will be paid by the profits generated from your new income NOT from your personal money. Remember: A. The interest is all tax deductible! B. There is a 90% buy-back from Mary Kay. C. It takes working capital to start a successful business of any kind. D. Nobody can start any kind of business for $3,000, make money from day one, and-if they change their mind-get 90% back! E. Starting with $3000 gives you FREE product VALUE $400!