Engel Unit Calendar Week Monday

Hand out project, introduce Maus • Create a website to serve as the final product • Make assumptio ns about the text they will be reading Ch 5concentration camps and ration cards• discussion on life during the war create a ration card from what they have learned about life in the era

Maus Ch. 1, continue blogging about the project and the book. • Make inferences about the themes of the text • Discuss the use of family within the text Ch 6- finish book, create comic showing importance of family and loyalty (can be used in portfolio) • create a comic using toodoo.com • make conclusions on the text and how it addresses the theme they have chosen for the MGRP

Ch 2, discuss family- model different forms of poetry • Using family, develop ideas, and make inferences • Write poetry in multiple forms Day to work on artifacts…need 2 more posted by Friday • Conference with me about their artifacts/MG RPS. • Work on and complete the artifacts they need to have posted on Friday

Ch 3, need one artifact for Friday posted to website, will have time in class to work on artifact, discussion on hiding. • Discover the complexities of hiding in the holocaust • Work on artifact due for friday Viewing of Band of Brothers, “Why we Fight”- in-class reflection on American point of view • make inferences on the American perspective of the Holocaust • make conclusions on the media’s take on the holocaust • make opinions on how this

Ch 4- Discuss propaganda, show examples, listen to speech from WW2, have artifact posted • Understand the use of propaganda in WW2 • Analyze speecheswhat do people want us to hear Have 3 total artifacts posted to the site. Hand out Night, read through pg. 70 for the weekend…continue research • post the two new artifacts they have created this week • make opinions on the text from what we are able to read in the last few minutes of class.

1 (Sept 29Oct 3)

2 (Oct 6-10)

Engel Unit Calendar
affects their theme

3 (Oct 13-17)

Discuss Night. How is the genocide different from a child’s point of view • discern between a child’s point of view and an adults • discuss how the camps are run, especially from what we have read in Night

Go over more genres they can use, show examples, have students write on these photos, and letters I show them • creatively write a letter from a perspective of someone involved in the holocaust. • Make inferences into the way life was changed during the war

Night 71-100, discuss the use of genocide, why people do it. Look at other genocides (Iraq, Armenian, Darfur, Lynching in America) • Define what genocide really is, and give examples of their genocide • Discuss the internal struggles within the text

Finish Night Work on more genres, show some examples using technology, need 2 artifacts posted to website by tomorrow • Work on the two artifacts that are due tomorrow • Conference with me about t he artifacts • Experiment with blogging websites, podcasting and digital storytelling.

Watch Nuremberg trials, one page write up- creative writing either article, journals, and conversations, maybe a defense case. • Make conclusions of the holocaust from another point of view • Make inferences on the crimes people were accused of, and the aftereffects of genocide

Engel Unit Calendar
In class time to work on the rest of genres. Time to test out technology. • Finish any artifacts that need to be done • test out the technology within their project • Polish unfinished pieces Conference time with each student (5 min.) to do last minute changes. • Discuss with me any last minute problems they may have • Continue to work on the project • Finish missing work First third of presentations- 5 to 8 minutes each • Present the final product • Make their conclusions to the holocaust • Reflect on the unit and project Second third of presentations • Present the final product • Make their conclusions to the Holocaust • Reflect on the unit and project Last third of presentations. End of Unit • Present the final product • Make their conclusions to the Holocaust • Reflect on the unit and project

4 (Oct 20-24)

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