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..............................Page 57 What about supplements?................ 9..............................................................................Page 59 10.... What about exercise?....................... 7.........................................................................................................................Page 39 The Metabolic Nutri-Profile .............................................................................................. assessment and tweaking your plan........................................................Page 49 6.................. 3.....................Table of Contents 1..................... Introduction................................. 8.........Page 44 How to create your own individualized meal plan....... 5........................ 2............................Page 13     Protein..........Page 42 How to calculate your daily caloric needs.................Page 25 4.............................................................................Page 5 Meet the authors...................................................Page 61 Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 4 .................Page 56 Money saving tips....Page 41 Meal timing....................Page 53 What you need in the kitchen.. How to manage your food preparation..Page 46 How to fill up the plan................................................................................................................Page 21 Veggies.....................................................Page 13 Carbohydrates.......................................Page 37        How are we going to do this?.................................Page 10 Where it all starts: your food! .....Page 48 Adherence.............................................................................Page 28 How to use Metabolic Cooking efficiently............................................................Page 17 Fats.................................................. The 10 Rules of Metabolic Cooking.....

Either they maintain the diet but it just doesn't produce the same rate of weight loss that it did before because their metabolism has crashed and you're burning off calories at a snail's pace or they fall off the diet due to boredom. You see. never offering any variety. whether or not you are successful with the mission of losing body fat will come down to about 80% of your dietary effort. you're never going to see the results that you're looking for. They have you eating the same foods over and over and over again. Now you're looking for something else – something new. diet needs to be a priority. Basically. Then. who can really blame you for cheating on a diet such as that with a slice of pizza or burger from your favorite fast food joint? You're sick and tired of chicken breasts and broccoli and any sane human would need a change of pace. you're going to arm yourself with some of the most useful information you could have as far as fat loss goes. and something that will actually work for a change.Introduction Let's face it. The good news is that by investing in Metabolic Cooking. things take a turn for the worse. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 5 . if you haven't dialled in your diet and found a proper nutrition set-up that fosters fat burning in the body. You can workout for hours as hard as you like in the gym (which isn't recommended by the way – you should be training smarter. something fresh. but after a few weeks have passed by. If you want success. most diets are B-O-R-I-N-G. Now. you have to go about the diet in one particular way or you might as well forget it. the big problem with many people is they will start up on a diet and see great results initially. not harder) but despite all this effort.

It really isn't your fault that you've failed on diet attempts such as this. you'll naturally burn off more calories and move closer to your goal weight. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 6 . For this reason. This is essentially our way to name the thermogenic effect of food. by having high-quality protein in your diet. most diets don’t use the right food! How can it be? Well it’s very simple. And most diets use the same food and more often the WRONG food to burn fat! That’s right.We all crave variety in our lives and our diet is no different. Force yourself to eat the same meals over and over again and you're going to run into problems – there's really no way around that. there are 3 terms I want you to get familiar with: Definitions: Metabolic Thermo-Charge (of food) : The metabolic powers certain foods have to make your body burn more body fat. It stands for how many calories your body is going to burn just breaking down the nutrients each time you consume a certain food. they just don’t use food that:  Don’t boost metabolism  Don’t have any Metabolic Thermo-Charge  Don’t fight the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon Before we get going deeper on the subject of Metabolic Cooking. For example protein tends to have a high Metabolic Thermo-Charge.

Metabolic Nutri-Profile: Profiling system used by the recipes in Metabolic Cooking. With this system as your guide. now you'll be burning off just as many calories as you consumed through the diet. hence fat loss will come to a halt. When it reaches this state. you can rest assured that each snack and meal is designed for maximum fat loss. This keeps it guessing as to what's coming next and ensures your metabolism stays on high at all times. When the metabolism slows down. There is a complete chapter about the Metabolic Nutri-Profile in this guide. shocking the body as time goes on. Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon: Phenomenon that occurs at the point on your diet plan where you body clearly knows precisely what it's getting in terms of food intake and has fully adapted to that. that's when fat loss comes to a screeching halt. The Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon is a frustrating time for any dieter because this is the point where the body has fully adapted to the food intake you're feeding it and slows the metabolism down to match it. Our special Metabolic Nutri-Profile is the profiling system that we've used in all the recipes throughout Metabolic Cooking so you can see precisely what you're taking in and make sure that each meal is making the most out of your metabolic rate. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 7 . you'll have to vary your nutrient intakes regularly. In order to get around the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon.

You need a diet that offers enough variety and great tasting Metabolic Thermo-Charged foods that you never get bored. simply put. but feel great as well. the more calories you will burn. You need a diet that is healthy! Most diets are actually incredibly unhealthy as they severely restrict your food intake and choices. how many calories you body burns off throughout the day in order to sustain its basic needs. Fat loss becomes easier than ever and you actually enjoy the process of losing weight. you want a diet that maximizes health so you can not only look great. you need three things. The foods you eat on a daily basis tend to have the largest influence on how many calories you burn throughout the day. B. You need a diet that is properly designed with food choices that will continually torch that ugly body fat. setting you up for a number of nutrient deficiencies that will only set you up for long-term health problems. Optimized health = optimized metabolism = optimized fat loss! When you get all of these requirements in line. if you want to see success with your fat loss program. So. are never tempted to come off the diet altogether. Instead. and hence.But what exactly is your metabolism? The metabolism is. You don’t want to a diet that starts off strong only to take a severe nosedive after two weeks and have you suffering from a huge diet plateau. the more food you can eat or the faster you will lose weight. The faster your metabolism is. A. and get the fat loss results you deserve! C. it seems like magic is happening right before your eyes. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 8 . so by making the right food choices you can really take one giant step forwards towards the goal of fat loss.

Exercise is still important to maintain a healthy body but it's no longer going to be the driving force behind your weight loss mission. you won't have to do hours and hours of exercise either. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 9 . That is. We're going to show you that dieting can be enjoyable again and with the right combination of foods. what Metabolic Cooking is all about.No longer do you dread going on your diet because you've realized that you've just found a lifestyle approach that will not only achieve the weight loss you're looking for but then also continue to help you maintain a lean body over time. optimizing your metabolism for faster. And the best news? If you follow the right diet approach. Diet will take care of the fat loss results so that you can focus on short. after all. intense workouts that firm the body and get you looking great while promoting maximum health. Over the years we have worked with a very wide number of people. better results. you'll enhance your metabolic rate so that the fat melts right off your body.

be it fat loss or muscle building and is always learning new and innovative techniques to use in the kitchen. and broccoli for every meal and has had the opportunity to teach them that there is a 'better way'.Meet the authors: Dave Ruel and Karine Losier Metabolic Cooking has been created and prepared by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier (Dave's better half). Dave has a large background in helping others achieve their goals. With Dave's approach. He's seen fitness enthusiasts go the usual route of steamed chicken. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 10 . baked potatoes. you're never dieting – you're just eating healthy because you love it. Dave is one of the most respected and trusted fitness cook in North America and is a firm believer that eating healthy to support your body goals DOES NOT have to be plain and boring.

co-author of the book is also known as the 'Lean Kitchen Queen' and has a strong passion for food. and culinary adventures. toned physique. She's holds a master's degree in psychology so she is fully aware of all the psychological struggles that people face with regards to their eating habits and diets. Karine isn't just a bubbly little chef either. thus why she knows the importance of good nutrition that tastes great and serves to motivate people to stick with their diet by challenging their commonly held psychological beliefs. Simply put. tasteless. The two in combination are simply unbeatable and are able to come up with creative dishes that work well for both males looking to get in great shape as well as females who are after that lean. and ineffective diets and now we’re going to help you too” Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 11 . She gets excited about challenging the commonly used techniques that most chefs turn to while seeking out healthier alternatives.Karine. fitness. she's a real kitchen glamour renegade. “We have helped thousands 'fix' their boring.

enjoyable. the duo of Dave and Karine are simply unstoppable in the kitchen and are taking the world by storm. Looking great just got a whole lot easier when you turn to them for help with your fat loss Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 12 . proving that eating healthy can be the most nutritious.All in all. and fun experience.

Those three Macro-nutrients are of course: Protein. We’re going to have a comprehensive look at the three macro. nothing is further from the truth. your protein needs actually increase because of the fact that there is a higher chance that your body will start turning to incoming protein as a fuel source. they actually believe that their protein intake should come down due to the fact that these foods are often very high in overall calories. The fact of the matter is when on a fat loss diet. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 13 .nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet and why they’re so important to your success. Unfortunately. Carbohydrates.Where it all starts: your food! This chapter contains knowledge that is extremely important if you want to be successful with your nutrition. What you put in your mouth is directly responsible for the results you’ll have. Fats We’ll also look at one food category that is often overlooked: vegetables! Protein The very first thing that you absolutely must do if you're going to realize true dietary success is to make sure that you're cooking with nothing but high quality protein sources. For most people on fat loss diets.

Protein also has special fat burning powers. There's no way around this one – protein is top notch for hunger control. If you don't want to deal with hunger while on your fat loss diet program. chicken and poultry. lean red meat (lean beef or game meat which is a fantastic source of protein). All in all. it's the one macronutrient that will serve to increase the metabolic rate so that you burn more calories in the hours after consuming it. bringing those amino acids into the blood.What's more is that if you aren't taking in sufficient protein that your body needs to cover all its daily maintenance functions then it may start to rob protein from the muscles. protein is the type of food that you must be eating. Finally. therefore increasing your total daily calorie burn. And the best sources of protein? Eggs. So as you can see. protein ranks very high on the satiety factor. This is because the body will actually expend a large number of calories just breaking that protein down. fish. In our words it has a high Metabolic Thermo-Charge! In fact. protein is a must-have. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 14 . falling short in protein is a very bad move. as well as pork are the main ones to turn to.

but give more well-rounded nutrition. completely safe (unlike what you might have heard). so starting today I want you do add it back into your diet plan. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 15 .If you're like most people. you likely avoided pork on your diet entirely and there's really no reason whatsoever to do this. Pork is actually an incredibly lean and an incredibly delicious source of high quality protein. Make the most of it – it's highly convenient. A quality source of whey protein powder is also a great way to get in more protein throughout the day and you'll notice that some of the recipes I'll provide you utilize this powerful supplement to not only enhance the flavor. and will be used by your muscles very well.

*Reminder: 1 gram of protein = 4 calories Here is a list of “Metabolic Cooking Approved” protein sources: PROTEIN Tuna Salmon Halibut Haddock Orange Roughy Tilapia Sardines Shrimp Scallops Boneless. Skinless Chicken Breast Ground Chicken Turkey Breasts Turkey Bacon Extra Lean Ground Beef Beef Roast Sirloin steak (beef) Venison QUANTITIES CALORIES PROTEIN 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 3oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 1 slice 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 126 226 127 117 109 134 182 101 113 122 122 145 26 161 175 212 131 27 25 25 27 25 29 23 23 26 26 26 34 2 29 33 34 26 CARBS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 FAT 2 14 3 2 1 2 10 1 1 2 2 1 2 5 4 6 3 Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 16 .

this said. Not only are carbohydrates important to help keep your metabolism running effectively. But. Many people avoid carbohydrates entirely but this is a huge mistake. not those overly Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 17 . you need to choose your carbohydrates properly.Elk Buffalo (Bison) Ostrich Wild Boar Pork Tenderloin Pork Chops (trimmed of all fat) Whey Protein Powder (1 scoop Blue Star Iso Smooth) Egg Egg Whites Low Fat 1% Cottage cheese Greek yogurt 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 1 scoop 122 118 160 173 174 174 133 26 25 31 32 30 30 30 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 2 4 5 6 6 1 1 large 1 large 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 69 16 81 60 6 4 15 11 0 0 3 4 5 0 1 0 Carbohydrates One of the most important foods that you must be taking in through your diet plan is low glycemic index carbohydrates. Low-GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates are the ones you want to choose. but carbohydrates are also going to help to ensure that you have enough overall energy.

quinoa. plus plenty of vegetables as well. oatmeal. Those are ones that you should avoid. This ensures that you have energy throughout the daily hours and that you can burn off all the calories before you go to bed at night. When eaten and timed properly. Low GI-carbohydrates are the ones that are going to break down and digest slowly in the body. carbohydrates are definitely not the enemy. thus moving you further away from your goal. whole grain breads. If you want to experience the fastest rate of fat loss possible. or sweet potatoes. your body will have a higher chance of storing this as body fat. Also important is that you time your carbohydrates properly.processed. eat your low GI-carbohydrates earlier on in the day. insulin spiking carbs that most people are eating. rather than providing you with a quick burst of energy and then leaving you with an energy crash where you only want to go and eat more simple carbs again to feel better. Keeping the right types of carbohydrates in your meal plan will help to propel you Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 18 . thus they will release a steady stream of energy all day long. So this means making smarter choices for your carbohydrates such as brown rice. If you eat carbohydrates later on in the evening or before bed when you require very little energy. high-sugar.

*Reminder: 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories Here is a list of “Metabolic Cooking Approved” carbohydrate sources: FOOD Oatmeal Sweet Potatoes QUANTITIES 1/2 cup (cooked) 1 medium ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup (cooked) ½ cup ½ cup (cooked) ½ cup (cooked) ½ cup (cooked) 1 slice CALORIES 114 116 129 134 112 112 69 101 64 138 80 100 PROTEIN 5 2 8 7 8 8 3 4 2 5 3 4 CARBS 19 27 22 22 20 20 12 19 14 25 17 20 FAT 2 0 1 2 0 0 1 1 0 2 0 2     Pinto Beans Chickpeas Kidney Beans Black Beans Oat Bran Wheat bran Cream of wheat    Quinoa Bulgur Whole Wheat Bread  Ezekiel Bread.forward along the goal to lose weight and will make your meal plan that much more enjoyable as well. 1 slice 1 slice 85 4 15 1  Whole Wheat Bagels Whole Wheat Wraps and Pitas 1 bagel 270 12 55 2 1 small. 4” diameter 72 3 15 0 Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 19 .

 Whole Wheat Pasta Long grain brown rice Potatoes (red) ½ cup (cooked) 92 4 19 0  ½ cup (cooked) 113 2 24 1  1 medium 152 4 34 0 Fruits are also a great source of carbohydrates FOOD Banana Apples Orange Pear Unsweetened Apple Sauce Grapefruit Kiwi QUANTITIES 1 medium 1 medium 1 medium 1 medium ½ cup CALORIES 108 100 64 105 56 PROTEIN 1 0 1 1 0 CARBS 26 25 15 25 14 FAT 0 0 0 0 0 1 medium 1 medium 1 medium ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup 40 48 44 20 36 28 0 1 1 0. 0 0 10 11 10 5 9 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 Peaches Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 20 .

Fat is not generally thought of as a nice word. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 21 . your body needs fat to burn fat. you have to include the good fats in your diet plan. Since your thyroid gland is the 'master regulator' gland of your metabolism. In addition to this. This means that healthy fats in the diet are actually necessary so that you can burn fat. especially if one is trying to drop some extra pounds. you probably saw the word ‘’fats’’ and became mortally frightened. which is essential for maintaining a reduced calorie diet. If you want to see maximum results. healthy fats are also going to be vital for keeping your hunger levels lower. The important thing to remember is that good fats are needed by your body to remain health and to function at optimal levels.Fats We know. making sure that they are used for energy purposes rather than being stored as body fat. having healthy fats in the diet will improve the way your body reacts to the carbohydrate-rich foods you consume. the more efficiently it's running. Healthy fats are heavily involved in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate and will influence how well your thyroid gland functions. However. Yes that’s right! Any person who neglects their intake of fat will not go very far with their fat loss goals. Finally. going directly against what most people think. the more calories you will burn.

All in all, including moderate levels of healthy fats in the diet will keep your metabolism healthy, helping provide nourishment for the body so you can work hard during your workout sessions to see faster fat loss, and will make your entire diet plan that much more enjoyable.

Good fats will keep your body working properly and help to maximize your metabolic rate
Fats can come from various sources (see chart below) but a great way to get good fats in your body is to start cooking with the right oils. Many people avoid oils entirely because they believe they are too high in calories to include as part of their plan but the point to remember here is that while oils are definitely higher in calories than carbohydrate and protein rich foods (at nine calories per gram compared to four respectively), if you make sure to use them properly, they will help to boost your fat loss progress and make your diet taste great. Not only do oils help to add flavor to the foods you're eating but they supply vital nutrients. Healthy fats are also great for helping to kill your hunger levels as well since they won't influence blood sugar levels or increase the insulin in the body, therefore by adding small amounts to your meals you can prevent hunger from creeping on at a later time.

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So which oils should you use? My top three favorite ones to add to your recipes include:

 Olive oil  Macadamia nut oil  Coconut oil

One big reason why these stand out on my list of top oils to utilize is because they have a very high smoking point, therefore you can easily cook any recipe with them without worry. In addition to that, olive oil is well known to be one of the most 'heart-friendly' oils around, coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides which can actually be utilized by the muscles for energy instantly (whereas all other fats can't), and macadamia nut oil has a very high levels of oleic acid, which is very important to provide health benefits of lowering the level of inflammation in the body, and helping to promote healthy cholesterol levels, so your body can work with optimum metabolic capacities.

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So if you had to choose just three oils to be including in your diet regularly, these would definitely top the list of the best ones to choose both for their health benefits and their fat loss superpowers. Here is a list of “Metabolic Cooking Approved” fat sources:

*Reminder: 1 gram of fat = 9 calories

Natural Peanut Butter Natural Almond Butter Olive oil Flaxseed oil Macadamia nut oil Coconut Oil Almonds, dry

1 Tbsp





1 Tbsp





1 tsp 1 Tbsp 1 tsp

36 117 90

0 0 0

0 0 0

4 13 10

1 tsp 1 oz

36 179

0 6

0 5

4 15

roasted w/o salt
Walnuts Peanuts Macadamia nuts Avocados Cashew

1 oz 1 oz 1 oz

194 174 213

4 6 2

4 6. 4

18 14 21

1 medium 1 oz

345 169

4 4

17 9

29 13

*Remember that some meats are also high in fats, please refer to proteins list.

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Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 25 . These vegetables either contain so few calories in them that the body expends more calories just to break them down as it digests the food. so don't feel at all limited to add them to your meals and snacks.Veggies One of the most effective tricks that you can use to jump-start your progress is to make sure that you make good use of Metabolic Thermo-Charged 'free' vegetables. as far as weight loss is concerned. or the vegetables have certain properties about them that will stimulate your metabolism so that you burn more calories at rest as your body burns off more heat after eating them. You can literally eat as many of these as you want. you like the sound of that. Or. Either way you want to look at it. What's a Metabolic Thermo-Charged Free Vegetable'? These are essentially vegetables that will cause the body to move into a negative calorie state simply by eating them. another way to put it is that eating these vegetables will cause you to burn more calories than they provide you. They could be considered a negative calorie food! Eat and lose weight? If you're like most people. it's a winwin scenario.

These are also going to help to flush the fats out of your system. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 26 . Brussels sprouts. These are perfect for providing a nice thermogenic boost to the body. allowing you to burn fat all day long. peppers. cauliflower. or tomatoes. are also ultra low in calories but pack in a ton of fiber. Stock up on kale. Green Leafy Vegetables Green leafy vegetables work great in salads and pack in less than ten calories per cup. Nightshade Vegetables These vegetables are also ultra low in calories and some actually offer added metabolic effects. the last of our Metabolic Thermo-Charged 'free' vegetables are root vegetables. They're also loaded with various nutrients so will keep you in very healthy condition. They include broccoli. celery or onions are great examples of good root vegetables. and spinach and add them to your diet on a regular basis. Cruciferous Vegetables These are low in calories and taste great steamed. Carrots.Here are the ones that you need to know about. cabbage. Root Vegetables Finally. Gourds This category of vegetables. lettuce. with the most common being the cucumber. so are especially important when on a fat loss diet. The ones to focus on here include eggplant. stir-fried. making them excellent for fat burning. or eaten raw.

Here is a list of our “Free Veggies” *Reminder: In Metabolic Cooking. we do NOT count calories from “free veggies               Asparagus Bean Sprouts Bell Peppers – any color Bok Choy Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Celery Collard Greens Cucumber Eggplant Fennel               Garlic Green beans Kale Leek Lettuce – any type Mushroom Okra Onion Radish Scallion (Green Onion) Snow Peas Spinach Tomato Zucchini Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 27 .

We want you to be able to look in the mirror with satisfaction and know that you’re looking better with every day that goes by.The 10 rules of Metabolic Cooking Arranging your meals and forming your diet plan has to take on a level of complexity no less than that of wiring a space shuttle. Your body is a complex machine but my experience tells me to let nature and doctors take care of that. I’ve put together a small list of principles. we can boil it down to a simple analogy: if you keep adding logs to a fire gradually then you will keep it burning steadily throughout the day. For you and me. if you throw them all on the fire will expand out of control and you won't be burning all day long. We want you to be successful. Skipping or neglecting any one of these basic principles will lead you to failure. You can actually follow a few simple guidelines and watch your goals realize themselves without having to dabble in brain surgery or reprogram the entire internet. Rule #1: EAT EVERY 2 TO 3 HOURS It's not only what you eat but also how much and when you eat it that makes the difference. all of them important and non-negotiable if you want to be successful. Our Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 28 . which you certainly want to avoid. on the other hand. This is the main reason why I’ve put this list together for your convenience. That’s why we have created 10 principles that are essential if you want to look and feel great.

But protein is also an absolute must-have if you're aiming for maximum fat loss because it's the one tissue that will literally save your muscle cells. Earlier. this means you wind up losing lean muscle mass tissue. If you workout. the less body fat you lose. you NEED protein for maximum fat loss. the less energy you burn on a daily basis. Aim for 3 major meals a day and 3 snacks (one mid-morning. don’t neglect post workout nutrition (BlueStar IsoSmooth whey protein isolate is recommended). we reviewed the metabolism booting super powers of protein and how protein causes the body to expend a high amount of calories simply breaking it down. one mid afternoon. A minimum of 15g is required per meal. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 29 . The less lean muscle mass you have. which is precisely what you don't want. and one in the evening). All in all. Rule #2: EAT A COMPLETE SOURCE OF PROTEIN WITH EVERY MEAL Each and every meal you eat should contain some manner of protein. that's the first place the body is going to go looking to get them.bodies are remarkably similar and thus you must spread your meals out to keep your body burning the fat. You can think of your muscle tissue like a storage house of protein (amino acids) so when you don't have enough readily available in the blood from incoming food. You need to eat every two to three hours for as long as you’re up. In the end.

Healthy fats raise your metabolism and actually make your body burn off more fats – the science may be confusing and a little illogical but like I said – that's mother nature's job. If you want to ensure maximum wellness in the long term and help fight heart disease. it’s very easy to reach your daily needs. Fish oil is one thing that you absolutely must consider with regards to your fat intake. Fish oil is a great source of essential fatty acids and is going to provide numerous benefits for the body. along with many other health conditions. cancer. fish oil will actually help you burn more calories permanently provided it's taken on an ongoing basis. the best fish oil on the market at the moment). fish oil will also help to optimize the metabolic rate so that you will burn more body fat off over the entire course of the day. eat more nuts.Rule #3: EAT A SOURCE OF HEALTHY FATS WITH ALMOST EVERY MEAL Your body needs a certain degree of fat and failing to provide this through your diet will provoke additional fat storage. (Again. polyunsaturated fats and saturated fats. we recommend Omega Blue. fish oil also helps to protect against disease. Just as we mentioned how protein rich foods will help you burn more calories after consuming them. Because of its calorie density. just start cooking with oils like olive. we have listed the “Metabolic Cooking Approved” sources of healthy fats. the best fish oil on the market at the moment) Earlier. It is also important to try to balance monounsaturated fats. In addition to this. Finally. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 30 . refer to this list and make sure you eat a minimum of 5g of healthy fats per meal that’s the minimum amount required (see meal timing section for more info on meals that require fat intake). or macadamia nut oil. coconut. or simply supplement with fish oil (we recommend Omega Blue. adding fish oil will be a necessity.

Also. Rule #5: EAT VEGGIES.Rule #4: CHOOSE GOOD SOURCES OF CARBOHYDRATES Healthy carbohydrates are next on the list and this is a tricky area in terms of the potential for misconceptions arising... AND DON’T COUNT THEIR CALORIES Earlier we talked about the Metabolic Thermo-Charged “free “vegetables that will cause the body to move into a negative calorie state simply by eating them. When you have to eat carbohydrates. These vegetables either contain so few calories in them that the body expends more calories just to break them down as it digests the food. our individual response to carbohydrates can vary a lot. LOTS OF THEM. that means we need to adjust and time our carbohydrates intake based on your individual needs and goals. In the meal timing section you will also find out when and when not to eat carbohydrates. You will not get fat by eating carbohydrates in the right quantities as part of a balanced diet. We will review how much carbohydrates you really need when we’ll start the individualization plan. or the vegetables have certain properties about them that will stimulate your metabolism so that you burn more calories at rest as your body burns off more heat after eating them. a MINIMUM of 10g per meal is required. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 31 . Only too many people believe in cutting out carbohydrates. We are firm believers in the ‘’controlled carb method’’.

you're missing out on all the fiber that they contain. vitamins and minerals you need like whole foods. You need them to give your body the minerals and vitamins needed for normal organ functioning and a vital part of any diet. eating vegetables with most meals is extremely important. thus failing to achieve your desired calorie deficit. When on a fat loss diet. you must maximize every calorie that you do take in and whole foods are going to do this. That’s why. this may be your problem. When you aren't eating whole foods. which is vital to make sure your digestive and elimination system is working effectively and for helping to keep you feeling satisfied as well. They're only there for back up – to make sure that you aren't missing out on any nutrient with your diet plan. It’s also a good idea to supplement your diet with a good multivitamin and greens drinks. you won't be left feeling full and will likely seek out more food later on. If you aren't getting at least 4-6 cups a day and aren't losing weight or looking in better shape. Rule #6: EAT WHOLE FOODS WHENEVER POSSIBLE Whole foods have their entire nutritional value left intact and are not stripped of their “Metabolic Thermo-Charge”. Nothing will feed your body with the nutrient. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 32 .That’s why Metabolic Cooking doesn’t count calories coming from “free veggies”. Obviously you'll feel much more satisfied after the latter since you're actually eating a meal. This is precisely why eating whole foods is important. . If you're consuming your calories in supplemental form.

but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Rule #8: CUT THE JUNK We shouldn’t really have to mention this point. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 33 .Rule #7: VARY YOUR NUTRIENT SOURCES AND RATIOS Never allow your body to get used to certain foods by rotating and varying your nutritional sources. popcorn or potato chips aren’t that bad for you. my mother always used to say. And. refined sugar and processed garbage. The Metabolic Cooking cookbook is designed to bring you a wide range of nutrient sources and various ratios in order to beat the “Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon” (we will cover this concept later in this guide). Variety makes your meals more interesting too and aids your motivation along the way. That’s why we only go with calories and have created a “Metabolic Nutri-Profile” for all our recipes. consuming junk food in an attempt to make up for it is not a good move. they are not thermo-charged. Junk food isn’t good for you. and your body will respond by packing on some more fat. it’s metaphorically committing fat loss suicide. In fact. we also wanted to mention that if you try to convince yourself that certain junk foods. We will cover all these concepts later in this guide. think again. All three of those things are full of trans fats. None of them have any nutritional value. such as cookies. If you haven’t met your caloric needs throughout the day.

Devote a good three hours to making a big batch of chicken breasts. By getting into a good cooking ritual Rule #9: ALWAYS BE PREPARED “Failing to plan is planning to fail!” While they say variety is the spice of life and I definitely do promote a WIDE variety of foods in your diet plan. this will never be an issue. Quick Metabolic Tip: when Karine has cravings. It`s a delicious high protein. low calorie treat developed by our friend Kim Lyons (from NBC’s The Biggest Loser). she eats a serving of Protein Freeze Ice Cream. or whatever other recipes you have your eye on for the coming week and then package these in individual Tupperware containers in the fridge (stored for up to two days) or place them in the freezer for use at a later time.We can’t emphasize enough the importance of making good decision when it comes to your diet. More info at http://www. I'd recommend using a vacuum seal as this will really help to lock in freshness and keep those foods tasting great. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 34 . One of the most common reasons why people fall off their healthy eating plan is simply because they don't have the time of day to do the food preparation. lean red meat. one place where you should get habitual is with your cooking. Creating a ritual of cooking up a batch of food on one day during the week (preferably a day off) is going to dramatically increase the chances that you stick with your diet.proteinfreezeicecream. If you're going the freezer route.

While you might feel like this guarantees you will get results. Rule #10: DON’T MAKE IT MORE COMPLICATED THAN IT REALLY IS Most people like to make things a touch complicated when it comes to planning their diet and often resort to accurately weighing their meals and counting every last mili-calorie. Remember that while it is important that you get your calorie intake correct and consume enough protein along with carbs and fats. the more likely you are to see dietary success. so even the busiest of busy people will have time to eat healthy. The more you can pre-plan out your meals and pre-make them ahead of time to save you from having to do it during the week as you get busy. In five to eight hours. Even the best of dieticians and personal trainers can really only give you estimates as to what your needs will be as your day to day activity levels will vary. Almost all of the recipes that are included in Metabolic Cooking can easily be prepared ahead of time if desired.Another smart move with your cooking ritual is to start getting in the habit of using a slow cooker. Not to mention when you're stressed. you have your meal all ready to go. if you have 10 more grams of carbs one day and a few fewer grams of fat. all it really does is drives your stress level through the roof. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 35 . this isn't going to completely destroy your progress. That’s why we have created a VERY SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE approach. This will help to take much of the time out of the cooking process as you just toss in the ingredients and let the slow cooker do its job. you secret cortisol and that will cause you to gain unwanted belly fat.

So relax and put your mind at ease. but to obsess over the small minute details is just overkill and will only make you feel overwhelmed and cause you to feel tempted to throw in the towel entirely. When your diet becomes the entire focus of your existence.We can certainly get within a very close range of what you should be eating. you will see results. There's no need to contemplate whether or not choosing oatmeal or brown rice is going to have a much greater effect on your six pack abs and feel badly for choosing one over the other. If you follow the concepts that we've been outlining in this book and do your best at all times. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 36 . you can rest assured you're headed for some problems.

many people will force themselves to eat the same old boring foods day after day. reading through all the advice that's given. the less you think about what really counts and the less energy you have to devote to your workouts and following the plan. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 37 . Chicken and rice. but generally everything stays the same. Does that sound familiar? If so. The more you distract yourself with the little details. they're only asking for a process referred to as “metabolic adaptation phenomenon” to take place. you need to focus on the bigger picture. you're left feeling so confused and drained that you don't even want to continue. they're bored silly. What these people don't realize however is that it’s the unknown where their results would be seen. They will literally spend days trying to get this meal plan perfect and then find that after a week of being on it.How to use Metabolic Cooking efficiently The biggest problem that you'll run into today with people and their diet programs is that of over-complication. They're too scared to venture into the 'unknown' and try something different. but then once they start that plan. Additionally. you aren't alone as this is by far the most common issue that comes up time and time again with those seeking fat loss. chicken and rice. they start to further try and tweak it to what they think is best. Not only do they spend countless hours searching out the 'perfect' diet plan. Instead. By eating the exact same foods day in and day out. They may change it up one day and toss in some turkey instead of the chicken. Instead. chicken and rice.

making sure that it can run efficiently on exactly what you're giving it. you'll eventually start to gain body fat because of it. and you keep burning body fat. was it? To help cure this metabolic adaptation problem. We change up the macronutrient mix . that's when fat loss comes to a screeching halt. Nothing is changing and your mind has adapted to the sound of the fan. We want to wake up your metabolism so that you start burning off body fat at the rapid pace you should be. it responds. We do whatever it takes to get the body to sit up and take notice that something is different. When it reaches this state. It keeps your metabolism high. But if someone walks in and slams the door. Not exactly what you were aiming for. Despite the fact the fan is humming along making plenty of noise you stay asleep because it's constant.What this essentially is will be a point on your diet plan where your body clearly knows precisely what it's getting in terms of food intake and has fully adapted to that. That's precisely what Metabolic Cooking is all about. Shocking your body and get it responding again. That is precisely what we are aiming to avoid! Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 38 . Why? Why didn't you sleep through that noise like you did the noise of the fan? Because it was different – it was something new that your body wasn't used to and it responded to it. It's like when you're sleeping at night with a fan in your room. If you don't do this and just sit there with the same old ho-hum slow metabolism. we simply shake it up a bit. As soon as it notices a difference. you'll jolt awake immediately.

How are we going to do this?  First. egg whites. and protein powder.  Third. Cayenne. In fact. or Pepper may in fact increase your metabolism. certain spices such as Cinnamon. It's a proven fact that when you consume the right nutrients at the right times during the day. you're missing out. you're going to start using spices and herbs. Garlic. This means that certain foods should only be eaten at certain points in the day. Ginger. All of the recipes included in Metabolic Cooking are going to keep these fat burning spices in mind and incorporate them whenever possible. which is something that will be a clear focus on this program plan. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 39 . we're going to introduce some new foods into your diet. These have great metabolism boosting qualities about them and will liven up any meal. If you aren't making the most out of your meal timing.  The next way we're shaking up your diet is by having you strategically time your nutrient intake so that you aren't eating the exact same thing at every meal. Rather than always choosing chicken. you’ll have to obey the 10 rules of Metabolic Cooking that we talked about earlier. Chili. control your blood sugar. you will get a better metabolic response because of it. If you aren't using them right now.  Second.  Forth. These all have a high Metabolic Thermo-Charge to make you lose fat faster. any time. and improve insulin resistance – all factors that are vital to fat loss success. we're going to make sure that you vary your nutritent sources to combat the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon. Something different. all your food must come from our lists of “Metabolic Cooking Approved” foods.

you're also making a critical error. You won't be a slave to some complicate diet any longer but will have easy-to-implement guidelines that will get you on the path to success. With this system. you we aim for simplicity and ease of following it. the concept that we've come up with after years of testing and real-life trial and error with a wide variety of people is called my "Metabolic Profile System". All in all. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 40 . So by focusing not just on 'what you eat' but also on 'when you eat'. you can enhance your results.

Along with that.The Metabolic Nutri-Profile First. and vegetables (V). As you work your way through the cookbooks. It’s called the Metabolic Nutri-Profile. Vegetables will make up a very important part of the plan and are something that will get added in frequently throughout the day to boost your metabolism even more. The recipes have been created so you'll be eating a certain amount of these foods with each recipe. carbohydrates (C). you'll find the recipes based on the particular nutrients included. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 41 . Each recipe has a Metabolic Nutri-Profile. you'll also have one source of fats with each meal with your carbohydrates only placed in certain meals of the day. The guidelines for this metabolic nutri-profiling approach are: will contain 15 grams of protein per serving will contain 10 grams of carbs per serving will contain 5 grams of fat per serving will simply contain enough vegetables in the recipe to work out to one serving size (minimum of 4-6 servings a day). fats (F). thus promoting the overall metabolic boosting benefits. you'll be making sure that you take in a quality source of protein with each and every meal. referred to as proteins (P). as we explained in the 10 rules.

) *Note: it is ok to have traces of carbs from foods in Protein/Fats meals as it is very difficult to have no carbs at all. Free veggies should be consumed as much as possible and added to as many meals as possible.Meal timing Here is how to break down your meals. Below you’ll find a basic chart that explains the macronutrient splits throughout your day. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 42 . (Remember that you don't have to count calories for the 'free' vegetables in your recipes as these are extremely low in calories and your body will often burn just as many calories breaking them down as what's actually contained in the vegetables.

don’t have to count calories from post workout shake (protein only) Protein Powder (for quick availability) + Glutamine (for recovery) Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 43 .Post workout (could be any time during the day) *As part of this meal system.

MEN Activity Level None (No Exercise) Light (Exercise 1-2 times/week) Moderate (Exercise 3-4 times/week) Heavy (Exercise 5-7 times/week) Fat Loss Bodyweight (lbs) X8 Bodyweight (lbs) X9 Bodyweight (lbs) X 10 Bodyweight (lbs) X 11 WOMEN Activity Level None (No Exercise) Light (Exercise 1-2 times/week) Moderate (Exercise 3-4 times/week) Heavy (Exercise 5-7 times/week) Fat Loss Bodyweight (lbs) X7 Bodyweight (lbs) X8 Bodyweight (lbs) X9 Bodyweight (lbs) X 10 Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 44 . Calculate your daily caloric needs base Choose your activity level and your goal in the table above.How to calculate your daily caloric needs The first step is to estimate your daily caloric needs based on 2 factors: your activity level and your body type. Simply multiply your bodyweight in pounds by the listed multiplier to get your daily caloric needs base. A.

8 Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 45 . very linear appearance · Lack muscle mass and little belly fat · Often referred as “skinny fat” · Going for the “ripped” look · Average natural build · Regular metabolism · Weight is usually stable but still have excess body fat · Their body is built proportionately · They are quite muscular · Slow metabolism · Visible and large amounts of excess body fat especially around the waist.2 MESOMORPHIC Daily Caloric Needs Base X1 ENDOMORPHIC Daily Caloric Needs Base X 0. · Large and stocky structure · Have a hard time losing weight · Can gain body fat easily COEFFICIENT Daily Caloric Needs Base X 1. hips and thighs.B. Adapt your caloric needs base to your body type Take the basic daily caloric needs number you got and apply the proper coefficient corresponding to your body type BODY TYPE ECTOMORPHIC MAIN CHARACTERISTICS · Fast natural metabolism · Relatively Low Body fat % · Thin.

the next step comes to planning out your diet so that you know precisely what to eat and when throughout the day.How to create your own individualized meal plan Once you have your calorie needs figured out. Remember that you are to eat a minimum of 15 grams of protein with each and every meal you consume to help keep your blood sugar levels stable and ensure you meet your daily needs. It cannot be stressed enough how much having a proper plan in place is vital to success so this is one step that you absolutely must not skip over. As long as you follow the guidelines. The primary thing that you just need to keep yourself focused on is your total calorie intake We've already discussed nutrient timing so you already have the information you need to know with regards to that. In addition to that you will be eating fats with almost all of your meals and they will contain a minimum of 5 grams per meal. Remember that later in the day we are cutting out your carbohydrates apart from Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 46 . in the first three meals of the day (mid morning snack carbs can be replaced by fats) . you're not going to have to calculate any specific nutrient breakdowns or other over complications that you might have gotten yourself all wrapped up in with your last diet approach. Finally. This is going to help guide you through the set-up process and make sure you're choosing the correct foods at the correct times of the day. The very first thing you should take the time to do right now is review the 10 rules of Metabolic Cooking. you'll have your healthy carbohydrate sources and those are to be included at a minimum of 10 grams of carbohydrates per meal as well.

so not something you should overlook.your free vegetables sources as this is what will ensure that you maintain a high rate of fat burning over time. It's the meal timing aspect of this diet that is going to be largely responsible for the results you see. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 47 .

you will need 400 calories for breakfast . or food from the Approved list.How to fill up the plan Take your daily calorie needs. and multiply it per the calorie percentage recommended per meal (example: if you need 2000 calories per day. As simple as that. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 48 . 2000 calories x 20% = 400 calories) Then fill the ‘’recipes or food’’ section with recipes from the Metabolic Cooking cookbooks.

is the top secret to success. if you don't stick with it. brown rice. Regardless of how great the diet is. You'll have plenty of flavor so your taste buds never get bored and you'll be reaching all your nutrient requirements at the same time. assessment and tweaking your plan  Adherence One of the most important things that will be a must do is to make sure that you maintain the plan as much as you possibly can. it's not going to produce the results that you're looking for. It's more commonly when people get stuck in the same rut of eating the same thing over and over again that they fail to stick with their plan. great tasting recipes however. Since this plan is designed to provide you with an overabundance of healthy.Adherence. and broccoli again. more than anything else. you really shouldn't find adherence to be a problem.  Assessment One thing that we would strongly recommend you do at this point is a weight assessment. Adherence. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 49 . variety is a cornerstone of this program so you'll never be forced to eat that some old meal of chicken breasts. Right before you begin and then periodically throughout the program you should be checking your body weight to see how far you've come. As we've said before though. One of the most common reasons why people fail to see the success they're after with weight loss is because they fall off the diet and go and eat foods that they know they shouldn't be having.

do not check your weight daily! Remember that is perfectly natural and normal to see weight fluctuations from day to day so checking it every single day is only going to promote feelings of frustration. that's the main thing to remember. then you simply add or drop your calorie intake by about 250 calories. Note that you should still maintain the same meal timing goals that we've set out while adding these calories to the diet plan.  Tweaking Now.But. this is normal. some of you will have variable metabolism and may find that you do get different 'real world' results. Track your progress and check back on it regularly. Once you have those calories added. It's the overall trend that you're looking for here. This constant assessment period is what you must make Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 50 . Instead. you should always give your diet a two week trial period before you tweak it. Don't get too overly concerned if you do find that it goes up slightly one week. All it means is that you'll have to make a few minor adjustments to get yourself moving along precisely as you had hoped you would. anxiety. get on the scale once a week and do your assessment. This again is completely normal and not something to get frustrated about. looking for overall trends. First. then you are to give it another two weeks before you assess again. If after two weeks you're either not losing weight fast enough or are losing too much weight. As good as all of our approximations on your calorie intake are. This is going to allow you to give it a real assessment for whether it's producing the results that you're looking for. As long as the weight is continually moving downwards. as we mentioned and it may happen from time to time. and obsessiveness. one final word must be mentioned on tweaking.

So to recap:  You are NOT losing weight fast enough = cut 250 calories (daily)  You are losing too much weight = add 250 calories (daily) Now this covers everything that you need to know about the Metabolic Cooking approach. feeling overwhelmed. don't you want to do everything possible to guarantee the effort is realized in success? Today is the day that you'll finally change your bad luck and get on the path to results if you can make the commitment to using all the tools that we've provided you. If you haven't picked up your copy of the Metabolic Express Done-For-You Meal Plans. This will make a big difference in your overall level of adherence. After all. If you've struggled time and time again on previous diet plans due to lack of planning. I would strongly recommend that you do this. After all. if you're going to put in the effort to starting up on another diet. or just not knowing what to do next.sure you're doing as it's what will ensure that you get the results that you're looking for over time. then this will solve all of these problems instantly. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 51 . then we have the answer to your prayers. Remember how we talked about the critical importance of adherence? This is really going to help you along the way. making sure that you stay on track at all times. and Success Tracker. Success Guide. If you feel a little overwhelmed here and feel as though you'd love a complete done-for-you solution. it's time that you finally had some real success on a diet plan for once and all these tools are going to help get you there.

If you pick up the Metabolic Express Meal Plans. Click here for the Metabolic Express Meal Plans Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 52 . all thought will be taken out of success – you simply just follow the plan and watch in the mirror as you make your very own body transformation.

How to manage your food preparation Another key thing that we need to talk about in order to make sure that you're fully prepared to see results is the element of food preparation. By having a plan in place. This is especially the case when you consider just how easy it is to choose unhealthy. you'll save yourself a lot of the anguish of constantly having to go through this and dealing with set-backs as they do occur. There is a drive-thru around every corner in most major cities so you're never very far away from bad food. Likewise. When it comes to getting fit and being in the best shape. Unless you happen to have a strong background in nutrition and exercise science. all it takes is one walk-thru of the grocery store to come to see just how many convenience products are out there that are just waiting to take you off your sound diet approach. prepare to fail because planning is #1 and will determine your results. Now. When a plan isn't in place though. 'winging' it is not likely to lead to the results that you were hoping it would. the better the chances that you will maintain a healthy diet. then you aren't giving yourself the option to fail – you know what you have to do. When the game plan is in place. nothing will overcome strong organizational skills. if you don't plan. When the food is right there Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 53 . what's the best way to stick with your fat loss diet? Meal preparations. Basically. then you're really just winging it and praying that something good comes out of your actions. The more you can plan your food ahead of time.

If you can cook up a few large batches of food this day. We like to store ours in Tupperware containers in the fridge so they're easy to grab on the run without any extra work being needed as you prepare for the busy day ahead. all you have to do is open your freezer. when you’re feeling a tad lazy. While there is nothing like a fresh lean piece of meat off the grill. it will save you a lot of headaches as the week progresses along. Most people will find Sunday works the best as many of us do have some downtime to spare on this day while the rest of the week proves to be incredibly busy. If you are going to freeze the foods that you prepare. you'll be far more likely to eat it when hungry than go the easy route of hitting the vending machine. So what we want you to do while you use this plan is cook multiple meals at once.waiting to be consumed. making it that much easier to eat healthy. That way. you'll dramatically cut back on your total meal preparation time. having the option of frozen when you're busy is extremely convenient. make a much larger batch. make sure to vacuum seal the bags as much as possible as this will ensure freshness and prevent freezer burn. Whatever day works best for you though – select it and plan to do a good few hours of cooking. Rice will last for up to a week in the fridge so by doing the prep once for many meals. reheat and eat! Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 54 . What would be a good idea is to designate one day to meal preparation. Make sure after cooking each of your foods that you also package them by weight and portion size to make things easy when it comes time to planning out your meal. grill up five or six and you'll have chicken for the next three days. Doing up very large batches of meat and freezing them tends to be a very good idea as protein is generally the hardest to prepare on a regular basis. rather than making just a small serving of brown rice. Likewise. Rather than just grilling up one chicken breast for dinner.

After all. it’s very important that you keep them cool. Switch that meal for the protein shake. meats and vegetables.thesixpackbag. you should always carry an extra protein shake. right? Last but not least. as simple as that. and since most of your meals contain Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 55 .thesixpackbag. If you run into a traffic jam or have to work some overtime at work. you don’t want to go home with food poisoning. you still have your protein shake to rely on. A protein shake is your contingency plan. which is why investing in a cooler is absolutely essential.It’s impossible to live your life in your house. will allow you to bring your meals w ith you. There’s going to be times when you’ll have to leave. A cooler (you can find a great one at http://www.

These are the basic tools that you’ll need to prepare your meals: A good set of Pots Non-stick Frying Pans (I recommend a marble coated pan) Measuring Cups and Spoons A Cutting Board A Food Scale A good set of Kitchen Knives A Blender A Kitchen Grill (such as the George Foreman grill) Spatulas Shaker bottles for protein drinks A well stocked Spice Rack Bowls Baking Pans and sheet If you can arm yourself with all of these. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 56 . You will see that a lot of the basic tools can be bought for cheap at your local discount store. you'll always be prepared for any meal prep work you have to do.What you need in the kitchen In order to prepare and eat healthy nutritious meals you need to have the necessary kitchen supplies.

especially compared to supermarket prices. Go to your nearest wholesaler and stock up. and even these can be frozen sometimes! Start by using a shopping list This way you will not miss anything and the chances of you picking up a great stack of unwanted items will be reduced too. We personally save a lot by buying our egg whites or frozen fish at Costco. The average person can save between one to two hundred dollars a month on groceries by purchasing some of their food at a wholesale store. meat. etc). This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t take advantage of the best deals on offer though. Costco. Are you ready to start trimming the fat off your food bills? Get a Wholesale Store membership You know the stores we are talking about: Sams. or how alluring the bakery aisle may appear. etc… Wholesale stores generally offer their products a lot cheaper than traditional grocery or retail stores. nuts. Buying in bulk like this will reduce the average cost per item and thus save you a lot of money. The perimeter rule Much of the best food is found around the perimeter of the grocery store. You only really have to buy fresh fruit and vegetables just before you need them. no matter how tempting those junk foods may look. alert shoppers can save a lot on their grocery bills.Money saving tips By following the tips below. the meat section (chicken. fish. BJ’s. vegetables. etc). and the dairy aisle (cottage Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 57 . Around the perimeter you’ll find the produce section (fruits. Make your list as organized as possible and try to stick to it. Buy in bulk Freezers make it possible to do this and you can keep many foods for quite a long time.

providing you actually look for them. Don’t be afraid to ask to a discount too! Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 58 . or just pick the market leading brand. Sure. check them out in full and take advantage if you can. Once you become a regular. The market. the middle aisles might have to be visited from time to time but be on guard. etc). local suppliers see that you are supporting their business and they want to keep to you as loyal customers. yogurt. butchers or grocers are all good places to go for this type of treatment. etc) that can get you into trouble with their pretty packaging and “magically delicious” flavors. This isn’t a wise choice and marketing plays far too big a role in our decision making. juices. eggs. they will be happy to give you their best possible deal. You will often be able to get yourself some nice discounts and deals if you have a good relationship with your local stores. it’s the aisles in the middle (snacks. Take further advantage of deals or offers and freeze what you don’t need. Use your freezer to help you store away all of the hidden value to be found in our supermarkets. A hefty proportion of us do our shopping at eye level and this can cost us big time! Don’t miss Sales and Promo Coupons Supermarkets are always running special promotions and coupons and you can find a great number of deals like this every week. Therefore.cheese. then you will be more than welcome to walk through their doors. Browse grocery shelves It’s often the case that we buy the same brands every time. Don’t dismiss them as silly offers or false economies either. Build relationships with local suppliers If you have local suppliers and you are able to offer them regular custom. Have a look at all of the brands and this means browsing the bottom shelves for some of the better value products.

that said. You need to have that diet and workout in place first and foremost. It can get confusing trying to determine which supplements will help and which will just waste your time though. it can be very hard to deny the fact that they sound mighty good.What about supplements? One question that we get asked about time and time again is what you should be doing in terms of supplementation. Now. Everyone sees all these fancy supplements gracing the pages of magazines and wonders which are the best ones for them to be using to maximize their results. What we are saying though is that some of you may need a slight helping hand to guide you along your pathway and this is where the right supplements can help you. we are not saying you can replace a diet and workout program with supplements and still see great results – far from it. But. They often read the claims that these supplements make and after going through all those. there are a select handful of supplements that will help you get an edge up on your progress. What you must realize here with supplements is that the vast majority of the time supplements are just fancy advertising. which is why I've put together Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 59 .

If you feel overwhelmed about supplements – which I'm guessing you likely do. then this is the guide that will clear up the confusion and allow you to see what you should and shouldn't be doing. Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 60 .the Supplements Optimizer Guide that will give you the straight facts about which work and which don't.

former classmates. then you are going to need to do the right mix of workouts. if you want to make a complete body transformation – that is you want to be firmer. A totally new you. you can really improve your results. you will see great fat loss results. Shouldn't you workout while using this diet to increase your results? Of course you should! Staying active with a properly planned workout program is an important part of the equation when it comes to fat loss success. the last thing that you might be wondering about is exercise. You'll blow them away with the transformation that you've made – simply by pairing workouts and diet together. By using just the diet alone. we would highly recommend doing that now as this will make a huge difference on the overall results you see. more toned. While we’re confident the diet plan alone will Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 61 . and see great muscle definition. Look at it this way. or just good friends that you don't see all that often) and they hardly even recognize you. That is what you want to be. If you haven't picked up your copy of this. This is why we've created Metabolic Workouts to guide you. With diet AND workout. It's perfectly possible to lose body weight without exercise simply by watching what you eat. Imagine what it will feel like when you walk into a room and see others who haven’t seen you for a few months (think extended family. Create a new you that looks fitter and healthier than ever before. I cannot stress the importance of adding these workouts in there enough. But.What about exercise? Finally.

If you train smarter. most of these are minimal time commitment workout plans that will quickly get you in and out in minutes. you don't have to train longer. That's the key. will keep on forging your way to success. You deserve to get yourself the absolute best results possible and these workouts will definitely provide help you along. we’re even more confident you will be 100% happy with your results if you do the workouts. you would be shorting yourself not to give these a try. The Metabolic Intensity Workouts we've developed will give you multiple fat loss workouts to choose from so you'll never be bored but instead. make sure you give some strong consideration to these workouts. But. You won't have to become a slave to the gym. If you're going to put in all the time and effort on your diet. the difference you'll see in the mirror will be significant so don't let the lack of time being spent fool you. the great news is that these workouts have been designed for people on the go. Click here for the Metabolic Intensity Workouts Metabolic Cooking ©2011 and beyond | Page 62 .help you lose weight. in fact. And. If you don’t have them already. for those of you who think you're too busy to workout.

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