PIPE Material Description Carbon Steel ASTM Standard A135 A53 A135 A53 A53 A106 A333 Stainless Steel A312 Gr.A Gr.E-A Gr.B Gr.E-B Type F Gr.A Gr.B Gr.1 Gr.3 Gr.TP304 Gr.TP304L Gr.TP316 Gr.TP316L JIS Standard G 3454 STPG 370 STPG 410 G 3452 G 3456 G 3460 G 3459 SGP STPT 370 STPT 410 STPL 380 STPL 450 SUS 304TP SUS 304LTP SUS 316TP SUS 316LTP Remarks

2. FORGING MATERIAL Material Description ASTM Standard A105 A181 A350 A182 A182 Gr.I Gr.II Gr.LF2 Gr.F1 Gr.F2 Gr.F304 Gr.F316 Gr.F316L JIS Standard G 3201 G 3202 G 4051 G 3205 G 3203 G 3214 SF 490A SFVC 2A S25C (Forging) S30C (Forging) SFL2 SFVA F1 SFVA F2 SUS F304 SUS F316 SUS F316L Remarks

3. CASTING MATERIAL Material Description Cast Steel ASTM Standard A216 A352 A351 Gr.WCA Gr.WCB Gr.LCB Gr.CF-8 Gr.CF-8M Gr.CF-3M Class No.30 Class B Class No.35 Class C Gr.22010 Class 32510 Gr.60-40-18 Gr.65-45-12 JIS Standard G 5151 G 5152 G 5121 SCPH1 SCPH2 SCPL1 SCS13A SCS14A SCS16A FC 200 FC 200 FC 250 FC 250 FCMB 270 FCMB 340 FCD 400 FCD 450 Remarks

Cast Stainless Steel Cast Iron

Malleable Iron

Ductile Iron

A48 A126 A48 A126 A197 A47M A47 A536

G 5501 G 5501 G 5702

G 5502

0(-) 6063 6063 C36000 JIS Standard H 5302 H 5202 H 4100 H 4040 H 3250 ADC 12Z AC 2B (AC 2A) A6063(S) A6063(BE) C3604(B) Remarks [Referred Documents] JIS Metallic Material Hand Book Rev.C Gr.B7 Gr.2H Gr.0 319.B8 Gr.4.B8M Gr.4 JIS Hand Book Steel. ALUMINIUM.1025 JIS Standard G 3101 G 3101 G 3141 Plate :G 4304 Bar :4303 SS 400 SS 400 SPCC SUS 304 SUS 304L SUS 316 SUS 316L S25C Remarks Bar 5.8M JIS Standard G 3101 G 3101 G 4107 G 4051 G 4303 G 4303 G 4303 G 4303 G4105 SS 400 SS 400 SNB7 S45C SUS 304 SUS 316 SUS 304 SUS 316 SCM435 Remarks Bolt Nut Bolt Nut Bolt Bolt Nut Nut Bolt 6. BOLT & NUT Material Description G4051 ASTM Standard A307 A563 A193 A194 A193 A194 Gr.BRASS Material Description Aluminum Diecasting Aluminum Casting Aluminum Alloy Brass ASTM Standard B85 B26 B221 B221 B16 383.8 Gr.A Gr.D TYPE 304 TYPE 304L TYPE 316 TYPE 316L Gr. Non-Steel Others .BAR Material Description Plates and Bars Plate Plates and Bars ASTM Standard A283 A109 A240 or A167 A576 Gr.B Gr. PLATE.

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