Checked ✔ = Satisfactory RIG NUMBER: ______ Priority Key 1: Immediate – Before Spud 2: Within one working day
Item RIG FLOOR Housekeeping – Tools in order, handling subs etc: stored. Handrails in place & secured / Toe Boards. Stair level & secured Fire extinguishers in place & checked No uncover holes in floor Bar across V-Door in place Racking area in good condition Rotary area anti-slip, table locks working All chain drive guarded Kelly bushing guard available Kelly cock wrenches assessable Kelly bushing guard available Inside BOP valve & Safety valve assessable and in good condition Mud bucket available and properly rigged up No air leaks on drillers console Remote BOP controls operational, no air leaks Crown-o-matic or duo-matic adjusted & operating properly Break pads & break flanges on drawworks in good condition. Auxiliary brake controls & clutches operational. Electrical panel covered & sealed. Pre-spud meeting completed Visual Inspection on Steel Ropes Eye wash in place CATHEAD Cathead both side guarded Smooth / No grooves Separator bar in place Rope stored & in good condition. Checked

X = Action Required Date: __________________ 3: Within completion of Top Hole 4: Add to OTL
Action (if required) Priority

International Division

March 2005


PRESPUD INSPECTION CHECKLIST Checked AIR HOST ✔ = Satisfactory X = Action Required International Division March 2005 2 .

Properly balanced. Dead line properly anchored International Division March 2005 3 . Board fingers snubbed. Handles straight and secure. Jerk lines in good conditions.PRESPUD INSPECTION CHECKLIST Checked ✔ = Satisfactory X = Action Required Wire line in good condition. Handle pins secured. Swivel install on air hoist line connection TONGS Snub lines in good condition – 3 clamps or factory connections. Rope stored & in good condition. No air leaks & exhaust below rig floor level. Brake operable and properly adjusted. ROTARY HOSE Not rubbing derrick. Hooks in good condition. Drum guard in place. Chained to prevent fall or snubbed at both ends with 7/8” cable (1/2” if chain) SLIPS Dies Sharp. DERRICK Assembly pins all secured with safety clips. Automatic safety block in place on board Geronimo trolley in place & accessible All fall protection in place No cables wearing on derrick beams. Stand pipe secured. Good wiring and lighting. No excessive wear. Dies sharp/Goggles available for changing dies. Counted weights safe & secured.

All containers have proper “Hazard” warning labels. Protective goggles & chemical respirator available. Handrails in place & stairway level secured.PRESPUD INSPECTION CHECKLIST Checked ✔ = Satisfactory X = Action Required Dead line from spool to anchor off ground All light secured properly Traveling block guard in place Static line OK & Function tested. etc in place. Walk around in good condition Guard on belts in place. SHALE SHAKER Fire extinguisher in place. Derrick Ladder in good condition and secured Ladder climber fixed to crown and properly anchored No loose tools or object in the derrick Stabbing board properly fixed TANKS Walkways clear. Good lighting – explosion proof. sign posted & operational. “No Smoking” sign in place (Oil & Gas) International Division March 2005 4 . Material safety data sheets for hazard chemicals. PVT’S in good order. Mud sacks stacked properly Fire extinguisher in place Chemical/ Caustic barrel in place Explosion proof electrical motor and vapor proof wiring Lockout/ Tagout sign around Agitator Safety sign . eye protection. respiratory protection required. Eyewash & shower in place on suction tank. Floor grating in good condition Good lighting & proper wiring Guards in place on mud mixers.

Valves properly aligned & secured. Safety sign : “ Use safety harness” in place Date of last inspection : CHOKE MANIFOLD Hand wheels in place.PRESPUD INSPECTION CHECKLIST Checked ✔ = Satisfactory X = Action Required Eye protection safety sign in place MUD PUMPS High pressure discharge hoses snubbed at both ends (1/2” chain or 7/8” cable. Fall arrests in place. Shear relief valves covered & have proper size & number of nails. Good lighting in area. Oiler guard in place. All valves have hand wheel. Gauges in working order. Stroke counter in place & working Drive belts guarded Air disconnect valves working (lockouts) Gauges working and in good condition Lockout/ tagout safety sign displayed around mud pump Fire extinguisher available around mud pump Mud pump piston secured by a cover Suction screen pot secured properly BOP STACK Properly braced & secured Hydraulic lines not leaking Scaffolding secure – handrails in place. Accumulator Unit Correctly hydraulic oil being International Division March 2005 5 .

Switches labeled. Hearing protection provided. Lockout procedures used. (Fan blades/Magnitos). Electrical panel covered. Safety sign : “ Authorized personal only “ in place All cable above ground and properly spliced and in good condition Generator outside safety parameter (150 ft) PIPE RACKS Pipe chocks present & properly Racks even. level and flash with cat walk Layers of pipe properly chocked. High Voltage). straight. (Protection Required). Warning signs in place (Danger. V-door ramp flash and pinned STORAGE TANK Labeled for content International Division March 2005 6 . All motor guards in place.PRESPUD INSPECTION CHECKLIST Checked ✔ = Satisfactory X = Action Required used Oil level correct Unit outside safety parameter (150ft) Gauges in working order Safety sign : “ equipment start automatically “ available No hydraulic oil leaks GENERATOR/SCR AREA Properly grounded Good lighting & wiring properly Rubber or non-conducting mats on the floor in front of electrical switches. Stop bar in place on catwalk or V-door. Fire extinguisher in place. Generator changeover procedure posted.

Hot & cold running water.checked Basket stretcher with lifting harness First Aid Kit full and clean Certified first Aider/ Medic on rig Face shield & chemical goggle available (3) Respirator with chemical cartridge (2) Eye wash station (4) Rubber gloves and apron available Hearing protection in high noise areas (Ear muff and ear plug) Full body safety harness (5) Incident report available Investigation report available Well control information board available Fire Extinguisher location diagram posted Medical Evacuation plan available Emergency response plan available CPR poster available General housekeeping CRIB HUT Clean & tidy. International Division March 2005 7 .PRESPUD INSPECTION CHECKLIST Checked ✔ = Satisfactory X = Action Required Fuel tank bonding line in place No leaks Level indicator working Ladder or walkway safe AIR COMPRESSOR Warning sign in place All moving parts guarded Pressure relief valve in place PARKING AREA Area accessible and being used Reversed parking sign in place SAFETY EQUIPENT – GENERAL Fire extinguisher full .

Toilets cleaned – tidy – stocked. Smoke detectors working. Hot and cold running water. Rec. Health signs posted. Fire Alarm installed and working HAZARDS NOTED (Hazard Report to be completed and copy attached) Property Damage (including plant & vehicles) Description Action Taken By Date Check carried out by: ___________________________ Action completed by: ___________________________ ______/______/______ _____/______/______ International Division March 2005 8 . ABLUTIONS Clean and tidy. Rubbish bin available. room clean-tidy Rubbish bins emptied. Mess clean-tidy-stocked.PRESPUD INSPECTION CHECKLIST Checked ✔ = Satisfactory X = Action Required Notice board up to date. CAMP Clean and tidy.

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