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I am Komalah a/p Purusothman from Kemaman, Terengganu. I have accomplished my first degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) majoring in Finance and Banking programme. I studied in University Malaysia Sabah (Kota Kinabalu Campus), School of Business & Economics. I enrolled myself on 12 th of July 2004 and graduated on 3rd of September 2007. Its all still fresh in my memories... While in my first degree, I always consult my lecturers to guide me throughout my studies. They usually point out my mistakes and ask me to re-do my work. Then, I knew that its a way to improve assignments to be one of the best. Here, I especially have to express my gratitude to my lecturer, mentor and academic supervisor Pn. Zaiton Osman for her advices and guidance. I also gather information during group discussion with my coursemates and friends. Furthermore, I use to refer my seniors for advices in studies and I do spent most of my time doing revision in the library. I also wish my appreciation to my parents because they have supported me this far for my education financially. It all helps out and support me a lot to go through the tough three years course. There will be one assignment around the corner before I manage to end one. Generally once a week, I was required to analyse some research basis materials and case studies as my assignments. I have to go through the case studies and then I have to summaries it. Usually, we have to do critic writing and come up with our own suggestions and opinions related to the materials. There are times, where we (I and my group members) have to interview bank managers on how they organize the management, how they handle a critical situation, on how they found a solution to the problem and so on. But before that, we have to do some paper work and go through a procedure to interview them because we cant just simply interview top management. Then, we have to come up with a list of questionnaires to assist us on collecting data and information regarding the organization. We did survey about the bank through some customers as our respondents to complete our project. For my Investment subject, we were required to monitor buying and selling stock indexes in Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) market as a stimulation programme. We have to keep an eye on the buying, selling and last price for the day on some particular share index that we choose. Then, we were trained when is the right timing to sell or buy a unit of stock

and how to rotate the money in the share market with maximum profit and minimum risk of loss. As a science social undergraduate, it was compulsory for me to take my minor in the Institute Of Conservation and Bio- Technology (IBTP). For the minor subjects, we need to do lab experiment such as operating a frog, fish, mice, hamster and flowers on the differences of their breathing and breeding system. We were on tour for a week or more for the field works and we have to build our own camp or tent. The worst thing is that we have to cook ourselves, bathing with ice cold water, getting bitten by mosquitoes and insects. Later, I realize that, its a way to make students fall in love the nature and to be independent. There, we were taken to a reserve forest to observe the cycle of living, and watch the activities of the living creatures especially insects and birds. We also collect and gather types of soils, leaves, roots, flowers and fruits as our samples to do a portfolio. I gain knowledge on few kind of different flora and fauna, the scientific names and I did also gone through a memorable experience that is unforgettable. I also have learnt to use the SPSS software in completing my Statistic subjects assignment. I was getting headache on how to proceed with the SPPS because its all numbers and graphs. But, later I learn and manage to cope with the problem little by little. Moreover, I have experience creating and designing up our own web page in my System Management Learning. As I have a little knowledge before on computers, it helped me a lot to polish my skills. Sometimes in lecture hall, I and my coursemates need to do presentation base on the power point slides. There, we have a change to proof ourselves that we are also talented as others in attracting and mesmerizing the audience by the style and technique of presenting. Besides, I also started to build my self-esteem there by braving up myself, standing in front of people, explaining and presenting my work. Furthermore, we participate in conducting seminars organize by the clubs and University incollaboration with other educational organization in Kota Kinabalu. I did improve my communication skills and leadership skills in such ways. While in the University, students have been taught theories through books, academic articles, case studies and lecturer notes. But since we (students) were exposed to the industrial training, we experience such a new understanding or knowledge in what is happening in reality. I have completed my practicum training stint at Jasa Merin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Company in Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman for duration of 12 weeks commencing 23 rd April 2007

till 14th July 2007. During the practical training, I have been posted as a trainee to the JMM Finance Department to gain first hand knowledge on accounts and financing related in the maritime industry. As a trainee in Jasa Merin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Companys finance and account department, I have learnt a lot of new experience, skills and time management. The actual office environment has prepared me mentally and physically to perform the tasks during the practical training duration for 12 weeks. I would like to thank my work supervisor Tuan Kamal Rul Allta (Finance Manager of Jasa Merin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd) and my senior accounts and finance department staffs (colleagues) for their encouragement and supports throughout the practical training period. I surf internet and read articles as a general knowledge about marine industries before I join the Jasa Merin Malaysia Company. I do study about the company background and ask my father (a staff in JMM Company) about the office environment up to date. All the staffs of JMM Company are very efficient, professional, cooperative and sociable to mingle around. Since joining the maritime company as a trainee, I have learnt how to use the office equipments such as the fax machine, and photocopy machine. Now, I am capable to use the typewriter and type faster with fewer mistakes. Furthermore, I am able to do systematic filing, make courier and handle incoming calls. Theoretically the Collection of Data, Analysis of Transactions, Recording of Transactions in the Journal, Posting of Transactions in the Ledger and Preparation of the Trial Balance are the steps in the accounting cycle. This accounting cycle were done by manual system in many small companies years back. Currently, most of the steps performed can be done faster through new technology such as computers. The computers were instructed to follow the steps in order to perform the tasks. The instruction and steps embedded in the computers are called as programme. A group of programme is known as software. Hence, all tasks programmed can be completed by computers. Jasa Merin (Malaysia)s has its own software called JMM Smart Accounting software. There is a lot of programme for preparing the company employees salary and crew wages, to key in Payment Voucher (PV), invoice, and much more. The data entered into the computer were arranged in a group known as database. Data can be retrieved from database and arranged according to any format needed. For example, account entry in the journal, the ledger, and the preparation of the trial balance and the financial statements. But, the Finance and Accounting Department in Jasa Merin (Malaysia) still use manual system (record by hand) to prepare Cash Book.

The finance and account senior executive have taught me how create payee cheques, fill up the Slip in Deposit and make the Immarsat Summary. They even guide me on how to prepare, sent and how the banks procedure and process the demand draft (DD), telegraphic transfer (TT), Repo, Overdraft Financing and Bank Guarantee (BG). How the account executive fill up the Maybank - Application for Overseas Remittances form to pay the Suppliers and Government Bodies via Telegraphic Transfer and Demand draft. Moreover, I now know why and how the JMM Company or any other organizations make the overdraft and apply for Repo, and Bank Guarantee. They did bring me along to the banks many times so that I myself could observe and carry out the paper work. As a trainee, my work supervisor (Finance Manager of JMM Company) taught me how to do budgeting. Budget is a detailed plan for acquiring financial and other resources over a specified time period. It represents a plan for the future expressed in formal quantitative terms. The preparation of budget is called budgeting. The use of budgets to control an organizations activities is known as budgetary control. Budgets suggest managements plan throughout the organization. Budgets force managers to think about and plan for the future. The budgeting process provides a means of allocating resources to those parts of the organization where it can be used most effectively. The budgeting process can uncover potential obstacle before it occurs. Budgets coordinate the activities of the entire organization by integrating the plans and pulling it in the same direction. Budgets also define goals and objective that can serve as target for evaluating a successful performance. Operating budgets ordinarily cover a one year period corresponding to the companys fiscal year. Since a year cover 12 month, many companies will equally divide its budget year into four quarters. The first quarter is then subdivided into months and monthly budgets are developed. The last three quarters may be carried in the budgets as quarterly totals only. As the year progresses, the second quarter figures are broken down into monthly amounts. Then, the third quarter figures are broken down and so forth. This approach has the advantage of requiring periodic review and re-evaluation of budget data throughout the year. For example, first quarter budget carry out January, February, and March month. The second quarter budget includes the April, May, and June month performance. Meanwhile, third and fourth quarter budget follows the rest. My work supervisor even taught me how to do executive summary, and staff cost. He also told me how the goods and services were purchase through the purchasing system or flow in the company (ask me to prepare a report). I gain knowledge on how the purchase

requisitions are made, how the requisition is approved, the suppliers send the customer quotation and how the quotations were selected through tender process. Then how purchase order are created and sent to the suppliers, later the goods or services are delivered and the JMM Company receives the delivery order and invoice. Later on the finance and account department will proceeds the invoice settlement or payment via cheque, telegraphic transfer or demand draft after the purchase voucher (PV) is created and approved by the top management of Jasa Merin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Company. Meanwhile, the tender and purchase department executive staff trained me on how to do the food provision budget for all the JMM vessels. The appropriate price times with quantity requested from a vessel and later the grand total will be compared with the budgeted amount given for 15 days of operation of a vessel. If the food provision quotation is within the budget then the quotation will be proceed and approved. Eventough there are many methods to calculate depreciation value such as Straight line method, Units of - Output method or Production method, Sum of the years digit method and Declining Balance method. Jasa Merin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Company use the Straight line method to calculate its assets depreciation value. Besides that, the JMM Sdn. Bhd Company also use the First in First out (FIFO) method to identify its cost of goods sold eventough there are few techniques or way to calculate the cost of goods sold. During the practical training, I also gain knowledge about Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Social Security Organization (SOCSO). EPF provides retirement benefits for employees through their savings in an efficient and reliable manner for their own future. The current rate of EPF contribution is 23% of the employee's wages of which 11% is from the employee's monthly wage while 12% is contributed by the employer. Meanwhile SOCSO provide social security protection immediately, accurate, and quality service economically to all employees in Malaysia. Many companies including Jasa Merin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Company use the Employment Injury Insurance Scheme and Invalidity Pension Scheme. This means that the payment of the contribution is made by both the employer and employee. An employee could claim for his or her SOCSO when the employee is medically proven as disable to work anymore. The company had launched 2 new vessels in Port Klang and both vessels were launched in different days. The entire Jasa Merin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Manager, few staffs representing each department, trainees and big bosses went to the launching for 3 days. On the launching day, I meet many foreigners mainly the JMM Companys suppliers and customers from India, Sweden, Singapore, and England. It was an exciting and thrilling experience to witness

the huge ships to slide in the sea. Climbed on top of the ship and saw every edge of the ship for the first time just make me more excited. We (JMM employees) enjoy a candle light dinner on the ship pantry while the ship is sailing. We trainees as well as the crew members and staffs were given the Company T- shirt and Cap to wear them on the Vessel Launching Day. Unlike other companys employees, this JMM Companys employees were given a lot of benefits and facilities such as they were given breakfast and teatime with different kinds of food every day, along with 1 pm till 2 pm (1 hour) lunch break. The employee or staffs in the office are free to eat any time they want. The bosses will always buy plenty of fruits and food when they go outstation and place it in the office pantry so that all the staff could enjoy the fruits and food. The top management (big bosses) really care for their employees welfare. Recently, the company had their Family Day in Pulau Redang, Terenganu for 3 days fully sponsored by the management. Its the most beautiful island that I have ever been. We did really enjoy ourselves there. The employees and their family members were given medical facilities in three (3) of the JMM Companys panel clinics around Kemaman and Labuan. The employees can also claim for their treatment and medical check up in specify Specialist Centre. The Company have a Group Insurance for all of it employees, that covers medical insurance, hospitalization and dead. If an employee die while he or she in service, his or her family will get some amount as compensation from the company. If an employees father, mother or in - laws died, the company management will give about RM 1000 as funeral donation for their family. The JMM employees also get retirement benefits according to the number of year in service plus the retirement party. In the JMM office, a female employee retirement age is 50 years old and male employees around 55 years old (excluding crew member on the vessel). Crew on vessel can work eventough after reaching 60 years old but with condition he is healthy, capable and has experiences. The staff or an employee who goes outstation was given travelling allowances including fuel charge, highway toll charge and hotel room payment. Means, the employee can claim the charges at the JMM account and finance department upon arriving at the office. Not only that, but the JMM Company also provide food allowances while the employee goes on outstation work. Since joining the JMM Company, I notice that the employees are taking advantage. Such as coming 10-20 minutes late to the office (usually the office hour starts at 8 am) and go home early before office hour ends at 5 pm whenever the bosses are not around. They listen

to the radio while working and some listen to online radio through their notebooks given for office work purpose. It is not that the JMM staffs are less efficient but lack of ethical value and discipline. They accidentally use the freedom given by the top management improper way. The management should warn their employees and take action about this matter. They should sent them to professional courses and seminars for motivation, thus to improve the employees efficiency and company performance. I suggest that students in University itself have to be sent to courses maybe 1 to 2 weeks before they step in to the industrial training. This is to mentally prepare the future students so that they are aware of the reality happening around the office environment. Maybe after they joined as a trainee in a company, the company management could give them a warm briefing on the first day. Perhaps, briefing on how to handle any emergency situation in the company, how to communicate and mix or mingle around with their colleagues. Moreover, I think that future students shall not be threaten as trainee and ordered to do simple job or task such as filing, do faxing, typing, and photocopying documents. But a trainee also should be considered as an employee in that company and were trained based on the student knowledge or field during their industrial training period. Then after my graduation, I joined worked in Atmajaya Enterprise an engineering core business. I work as an accounts executive for one and a half years. As the enterprise has an office in Kuantan worksite, I have to go there with the site manager sometime to gather the account database and so on. Then, I have to key in the data in a software system that I recommend the enterprise to purchase. I have been sent by my management for classes to learn the software about 72 hours tutorial in three (3) weeks time. I was getting bored there as my boss will always go outstation and vacation. I am the one who have to supervise his clerks and office. I have to carry a big responsibility there but I knew that I am still a new comer and I tried my level best to cope. When my boss came, I told him that I am trying to get a new job due to some internal problem in the enterprise among the employees. But, he requested me to do carry out my task as a part-time worker as some of them are not really familiar with accounts. Later, I receive a call from Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Kemaman (as I sent my resume previously) to be a temporary teacher in a primary school here for 3 months. I have been teaching Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, and Music for year 1, 2 and 3 pupils. Then, I was sent to another primary school to teach English for year 3 and 4 pupils. I started to enjoy myself while teaching and mingling with the pupils. Its like my own sweet school times came alive. After that, I was sent to 3 more schools in Kemaman rural area but 2 of it were

secondary schools. I have felt swing, teaching Form 1 till Form 5 students. I teach them English, Literature, Pendidkan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan, Science and have been a class teacher for 3 months time. Thats where I found out my voice (talking in high and loud tone). Its all a chapter, learning journey in my life and there are more to come.