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Sri Bhagwati Parvati Gita For All Shakti worshipper this is what that Devi Maa taught to all

of us. She assumed the form of Adi Guru and portrayed the divine knowledge to mankind. Note: The Parvati Gita is 1st Geeta conceptualized, even the Gita mentions that Lord Vishnu got boon from Devi Parvati to distribute the knowledge to human being. It is the conversation b/w Devi Parvati and Raja Himachal, narrated by Lord Shiva to Narada and Saptarishi.

Meaning in English Oh Great Sage! The king of mountains, Himalaya via saluting many times, asked the Supreme Goddess Parvati for wish that she may give him Eternal knowledge. To listen her, Lord Narayana along with all demigods themselves comes to grasp the divine knowledge.

Sri Parvati Gita/Bhagwati Gita (Part One Completed)