Multi Genre Research Project Unit Overview Context This multi genre research unit will be implemented at my placement

school for next year’s internship. This context is for 9th and 10th grade high school students at Salem High School in Canton, Michigan. The 9th grade class is focused around world literature and the 10th grade class is focused around American literature. Students at Salem High School are required to do research projects of some sort during the year. My teacher does a multi genre research project with each of his classes. Unit This unit will be based around any topic of the student’s choice as long as I approve it. Students could research about their favorite actor or simply research a topic that is of some interest to them. Students will be engaged in researching by multiple modes as well as presenting a final product in multiple genres. Their final product will be that of a portfolio, digital or hard copy of a compilation of all of their research findings and genres. Themes/Concepts • Researching • Using credible sources • Using multi-modes while researching • Using multi-genres to complete a finished research project • How advertisements influence society as a whole • Form=Audience+Purpose • Experimenting with new and useful technologies • Enhancing oral presentation skills Essential Questions • How does research throughout multiple modes help students question their thinking? • How does compiling student’s research into several multi-genres help them understand their thinking? • Are students learning anything from the different technologies they will be introduced to and use? • What genres will be most helpful for students to use and make most sense to them? • Can students tell the difference between a credible source and a non-credible source? • Are students thinking critically about Form=Audience+Purpose while creating their genres? Rationale This research project is required of all 9th and 10th grade students at Salem High School, but also this multi-genre research project will help engage students with use of new and interesting technologies. It will also improve their regular researching skills and abilities. Furthermore, students will experience multiple ways of researching their topic, compiling their findings into multiple genres, and will practice their oral presentation skills in front of their peers. Goals By the end of this unit, students will be able to: • Know how to use an array of different technologies • Properly research and compile information into a final project using credible and reliable sources

• • •

Better understand their topic of study in great detail Understand how advertisements in media affect how we think critically about the world around us Understand concepts involving Form=Audience+Purpose

Michigan Standards CE 1.1.1 CE 1.1.2 CE 1.1.3 CE 1.1.4 CE 1.1.8 CE 1.2.2 Standard 1.3 Standard 1.4 Standard 1.5 CE 2.1.6 CE 2.3.4 Standard 3.4 Summative Assessment (Please also refer to the “Handout” tab at the top of the page) Students will create a multigenre reseach portfolio in which they will be assessed on: • Their use of their research to create four different genres • Their informative essay which should include citations and a Works Cited page with a minimum of eight credible sources • Their final oral presentation