Work-shopping with Technology Goals This lesson will give students the chance to experiment with technology

in many different ways in order to construct their third required genre, a visual aide of sorts that students can also use during their presentations. Rationale I think this lesson would be really beneficial to the students. It will introduce them to new technologies and easy strategies on how to utilize them. Students will also be able to use what they created from this genre and use it as their visual aide for their final presentations. This lesson will expand their knowledge about how to use and implement different computer software such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, PowerPoint, Weebly, etc. Assessments I will assess students by the handout that they will turn in that will have them do sample exercises so they can experience using a particular technology. They will hand this in at the end of the hour. Standards CE 1.3.5 CE 1.3.6 Standard 1.5 Objectives Students will be able to: • Expand our definition of literacy to include digital technologies. • Experiment with multiple types of technology. • Understand how to use and learn about digital tools effectively in the composition process. • Choose a particular technology and use it for their genre #3 visual. Tasks 1. Give students a piece of paper with a number written on it when they enter the classroom. 2. Tell students to hold onto that number until later in the class period. 3. Ask students to jot down a few sentences about how much technology they know in regards to computers. This will give me an idea how far in depth I need to go during this lesson. 4. Take volunteers to share how much or how little they know in regards to technology. They will also have been asked to write a number down on their paper (10 being that they know everything about technology well enough to form a genre out of it down to 1 being that they have no idea about technology). 5. After looking over their responses and discussing them, I will do a mini-workshop on the multiple modes that could be a possibility for their genre #3. To prepare for this, I will ask students to get into their groups according to whichever number they were given at the beginning of class and sit at that station with those group members. 6. Introduce iMovie and Weebly. Students will follow along with me while modeling certain steps in order to create a frame of a movie or a website. 7. We will then move onto Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint to maybe refresh their memories about it or give some insight. 8. After the workshop is complete, students will stay in their stations and play with what they have in front of them until the lights are flashed and signals them to rotate stations until everyone has

visited them all. Materials • Computer Lab with appropriate software • Projector to hook up to the main computer • Copies of worksheets To-Do List • Re-familiarize myself with these multiple modes of technology • Make copies of handouts for all students References “How to Make a Website Using Weebly.” DocStoc: Find and Share Professional Documents. 23 April 2009. weebly. “Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial.” Bay City Public Schools. 23 April 2009. “Microsoft Publisher Tutorial.” Bay City Public Schools. 23 April 2009. Molin, Jason & Peterek, Libby. “Create an iMovie Project.” University of Texas, Austin. 23 April 2009. Handouts (Please refer to the “Handout” tab) Technology How-To