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Connecting to the SFTP via Filezilla Client

A guide on how to set-up the Filezilla Client and
to connect to the CMS FTP site.


1. Run the Filezilla Set-up.

2. Follow the steps in installing the Client.

Select "Agree"
Click on "Next"
Double Click on
the Filezilla icon
Check the boxes that are applicable.

To complete the Filezilla Client installation, click on Finish.

Check all the boxes
and click "Next"

1. Open the Filezilla application. On the task bar, click on the Site Manager Icon.

2. The Site Manager window will pop up. Create a new site by clicking on the New
Site button and name this CMS-FTP.

Click on the Site

Manager Icon
Name the new
site CMS-FTP
3. Under the General tab, fill up the necessary set up details accordingly.
Port: 990 (or for stricter firewalls: Port range is from 2100 to 2120)
Server Type: FTPS FTP Over Implicit TLS/SSL
Logon Type: Normal

*NOTE: In case the Client is not using the Filezilla Client to access the Secure FTP
site. Other possible range of ports they may use are from 2100 to 2120. These are
ports that may be used especially for Clients with stricter firewalls.

Port: 990
Server Type: FTPS-FTP
over implicit TLS/SSL
Logon Type:
Usernames and
Passwords are
provided when a
dedicated folder is
created for the user.
These are created and
monitored by !TG cfo
Ryan Acosts'a Team
4. Go to the Advanced tab. Choose the directory or folder which you would like to
transmit files to.

5. Go to the Transfer Settings. Select Passive as the Transfer Mode. Then click

Click "Connect" once all
information is completed.
Select "Passive" as the
Transfer Node.
Click "Browse" and
select the folder you
would like to
connect with the
FTP site
6. You are now done with the Filezilla set up. You should be connected to the CMS
FTP site.

7. To disconnect from the FTP server, on the task bar, click on the Disconnect

Check the box and then
Click Ok"
Click on the Disconnect icon.
III. Transmitting Files via Secure FTP site

To dump and retrieve file to/from the Secure FTP site, simply drag and drop the files
you wish to transmit between windows/boxes.

a. To Dump files to the FTP site.

These are your
local files.
Dump files here.
b. To Retrieve files from the FTP site.

These are files available in

the FTP site.
Retrieve files and drop here.
File transfers are summarized
into 3 tabs Queued, Failed or