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MARKS- 100 Note 1. 2. 3. TIME -3 hrs Attempt all the sections Marks will be deducted for cutting, overwriting & illegible handwriting. Value (marks) is indicated against each question .

A.1- Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow 1X8= 8
The elephant is the heaviest animal to walk on Earth. An elephant could bear loading of 1200 pounds. They consume 300 pounds of food a day. An elephant infant could weigh 200 pounds at birth. Elephants could live up to 70 years. Elephants can be coached to bear logs with their trunks, and have been habituated in the forestry industry for numerous years. Elephants also use their trunks for water intake, bathing, food consumption and communication. Newly it was ascertained that elephants can intercommunicate over an outdistance of numerous miles applying Unhearable sounds to humans. Elephants apply their ears as a cooling down arrangement. Blood courses through veins in the ears and as the elephant waves his ears, the blood cools off and courses through the body to cool off other parts. Elephant feet are bombastic and round in shape. They administer the large animal's weight efficaciously. In the yesteryear, elephants were shot down and their feet were made up into umbrella stands and small tables for holidaymakers. Now elephants are saved by special laws. There are two varieties of elephants found commonly around the globe. They are the African elephant which is famous for its big ears and the Indian elephant which is famous for its larger trunks. The African elephant matures up to 10 feet tall and weighs as much as 12,000 pounds. The Indian elephant matures up to 9 feet tall, and weighs up to 8000 pounds. It's lighter to describe because of its little ears. Most circus elephants are Indian elephants. A different name for the Indian elephant is the Asian elephant. Regrettably, there is an arising battle between elephants and humans as more of the elephants' habitat is developed. Elephants can demolish the crops of an full village in a single night, and this also does differences. At this consequence, there are about 600,000 elephants remaining in Africa.

Qu.1- Which part of their body do elephants use for food consumption and communication? A- Trunk B-. Blood courses C- veins D-Ears Qu.2 -what is the weight of an infant elephant? A-300 pounds B-200 pounds C-1200 pounds D- 12,000 pounds D- cannot say D-their variety

Qu.3- Which elephant is larger after maturity? A - African B-Indian C- both are equally large Qu.4 What administers the large animal's weight efficaciously? A-round shape of trunk B- bombastic feet C- Blood courses

Qu.5 What makes difference in elephants look, height and weight ? A-Their varieties B-their large trunks C. their hearing of Unhearable sounds D-their power Qu.6- Why were elephants shot down in past years ? A- their feet were useful B-man was jealous of them C- their feet were bombastic and round in shape D- they were famous for their big ears Qu.7-Find the most appropriate synonym of CARRY from the passage . A- consume B- demolish C- habituated D- bear Qu.8- Find the most appropriate antonym of SINGLE from the passage. A- Unhearable B - numerous C- efficaciously D- habitat

A.1- Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow

1X7= 7

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. He came from a big family. He had 16 brothers and sisters. When Benjamin was 15, his brother started the first Boston newspaper. It was called The New England Courant. He worked for the newspaper for a short time, but he was not happy. So, he went to Philadelphia and worked as a printer. In 1729, he bought a newspaper business. The newspaper was the Pennsylvania Gazette. He was very busy. In 1733, he started publishing Poor Richards Almanac. His pen name (the name he used as an author) was Richard Saunders. This book came out every year. Almanacs have information about weather and crops. They also have wise sayings. The wise saying A penny saved is a penny earned comes from Poor Richards Almanac. Benjamin Franklin was also an inventor. In 1743 he invented a very good stove called the Franklin stove. He invented swim fins. He invented bifocal glasses. He also invented the first odometer. He retired from his newspaper business in 1749. He stopped working on it. Then he became busy with science. Benjamin Franklin was also very interested in American politics. He helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. In 1776, he and other people signed the Declaration of Independence. Franklin died on April 17, 1790. He was 84 years old. 1) Which newspaper did Ben Franklin buy? A. The New England Courant B. The New England Gazette C. Pennsylvania Courant D. Pennsylvania Gazette 2) What was Ben Franklins pen name? A. Richard Franklin C. Thomas Jefferson 3) He started publishing his almanac on A. 1729. B. 1733. 4) What did Ben Franklin invent? A. Electricity B. Swim suits B. Richard Saunders D. Benjamin Saunders C. 1743. C. Bifocals D. 1749.

D. Both B and C are correct. B. The New England Courant D. The Pennsylvania Gazette

5) What did Franklin write with Jefferson? A. The Declaration of Independence C. Poor Richards Almanac 6) Publishing means A. printing for many people to read. C. inventing things. 2) Wise means A. intelligent. B. sweet.

B. selling in a large store. D. giving advice. C. kind. B. ridiculous.

SECTION B (WRITING) B.1- Attempt any one of the following 8x1=8 You are Adit/ Aditi of Dlehi Public School Jind. While reading news this morning you came across a news 12 more innocents killed in terroristic attack. You were moved by reading such an article. You decided to deliver a speech in the morning assembly on the topic Terrorism : one of the most pressing problems of the society. Write the speech in about 125 to 150 words. . OR You are Sanjeet/ Sanjeeta of class VIII. You observe that there is a great craze of 3D games played on different electronic gadgets these days. You think that this trend is only fruitful in a limited quantity but students waste a lot of time on this. Write an article highlighting how these games are beneficial and how they are harmful in about 125 to 150 words. Suggest some of the ideas how kids can make best of their time without these names. B.2- Attempt any two of the following 6x2=12


Read the following telephonic conversation between Anuj and Shaan. And write the message in not more than 50 words Anuj- Hello! Is it 200359. Shaan- Yes, May I know who I am talking to? Anuj- Hello Shaan, I am Shaan a friend of your elder brother, Vikas. May I talk to him please? Shaan- I am sorry to say that he is not at home. He has gone to attend the computer class. Anuj.- Please convey my message that our class is going to have an interaction with the famous novelist, Arundhoti Roy. Tomorrow at 1.15 pm Shaan- Oh! Sure any other message? Anuj- No thanks a lot. Have a nice day. Shaan- Same here.

2 The following pie chart shows the interest of students in different faculties. Describe the facts in your own language-

3- As Sonal /Mini the Headboy or Headgirl of your school write a notice for the school notice board informing the students that Balji Telefilms is going to organise a talent hunt show for a new serial Talaash. Write a notice in not more than 50 words informing the students of your school . Give all the information like date, time, place etc.

SECTION C ( GRAMMAR) C.1- Identify the kinds of the following sentences 1. The farmer found a golden bangle working his fieldA). Simple b). Interrogative c).complex 2. It is certain that it will rain today . A). Simple b). Interrogative c).complex d). compound d). compound d). compound d). compound


3. The person who was standing with you in the bus is a poet . A). Simple b). Imperative c).complex 4- We went to the market and bought some fruits . A). Simple b). Interrogative c).adjective clause

5- He came to me laughing . A). Simple b). Interrogative 6- When the cat is away the mice dances. A). Simple b). Imperative

c).complex c).complex

d). compound d). compound

C.2- Underline Gerunds and participles in the following sentences and tell whether they are participle or gerunds1x6 = 6 1. Scolding the child spoils his future 2.I have seen the servant stealing the watch. 3.He was punished on coming late 4. All heard your abusing on the road. 5.-Somr people speak sleeping. 6. My brother laughs studying. 7.Stealing is a bad habit. C.3 Change the following sentences into passive voice1. Who teaches you Mathematics? 2. He has lost one of his legs in an accident.


3. All the girls laughed at him. 4. 5. This box has not been opened for last one hundred years. People speak English all over the world.

6. The mechanic was repairing my car.

C.4- Tick right options in the following sentences 1. Bread and butter is/ are not easy to earn. 2. The distance of 50 km is /are not easy to cover. 3.Mother with her children was/ were coming. 4. Teacher and student was/ were discussing on wild life conservation. 5. Boys with a teacher was/were marching. 6. Gullivers Travels are/ is really an interesting book.



D.1-Answer any six of the following Qu.1- How did Mahesh singh Chauhan help Abhishek Bhartiya? Qu.2-Do you think that the salt tax was unfair? Why? Qu.3- In What ways is the typewriter the ancestor of the personal compute? Qu.4- Why was Mam Dulaska disappointed that Curies would not go to Sweden? Qu.5- Why did Einstein call the narrator the bravest and the kindest boy he knew? Qu.6- Why are the words included in dictionary even after they are no longer commonly used? Qu.7-How did the family escape from the man? Qu.8-What made Mr. Chips success in the class?

4x6= 24

D2- Tick the correct answers 1. When Abhishek was going through difficult times-


a. b. c. d. 2. a. c. d.

His friends and relatives swarmed his room to help him Some people did come forward to help him the media offered to help him. his parents refused to help him . The main reason that led to improvements in typewriters was the Need for speed and automation b. desire to reduce paper wastage demand for more user friendly and comfortable keyboard. global movement for converting the physical into digital.

3. On receiving the news of Nobel Prize the Curies were a. excited b. proud c. calm d. eager 4. Einstein seemed less formidable to Theo because a. Einstein was an older man now b. Theo was now older c. Einstein had grown weaker d. Theo had started to like him 5 . Noah Webster was a. A politician b. an Englishman c. an early settler. A schoolmaster 1x5=5

D.3- Match the idioms with their meanings 1. pizza a. American 2. frogman b. Italian 3. soap opera c. acronym 4. spats d. American 5. radar e. old fashioned.

D5-Give meanings any six of the following 1. Astonish 2. Reluctant 3. Accurate 1. Enthusiasm 7. Thrilled 8.- Compile

4. Catastrophic

1x6=6 5. Probably