THE FLIGHT I HAVE FIRST ENJOYED Any new experience bears enormous curiosity to every human being.

I am not rare in this case. As my elder brother worked in Barisal who asked me to stay with him for a few days. I have got the chance to avail flight. It was to me a thrilling experience. Fly brother sent me ticket. I reached at the airport one hour before the schedule time. I waited at the passengers lounge. After 15 minutes the flight from Barisal reached the airport. When the passengers were unbearable, the flight for Barisal was adnormal. I have got a bearding card. After a while we were asked to handover the baggage. Then the departure of the plane was announced. I get boarded on the window when all the passenger were boarded the greet to Bangladesh Biman was heard over microphone. We were also asked to fasten the seat belts as there was flying. I was spellbound with joy. The people in land seemed to me as lilliput and the vehicles, buildings seemed to me as toy, the rivers were like a canal. Time Flew on rosy wings. I woke up from meditation when we were pushed as the plane reached Barisal. I got down from the plane with great experience that I bear till now.


ARSENIC PROBLEM OF BANGLADESH Arsenic is a natural element. It is geological found is sediments and rocks. It cannot be seen, tasted or smelled when it is present in water. Arsenic contamination of ground water has became a serious threat. About 20% population of the country is at a risk of arsenic. Arsenic can damages nerves, the stomach and skin. Ingestion of Arsenic contaminated water for a long time causes arsenicosis. Some members of a family or community are affected. But others in the same family or community, who consume the same water, may not be affected. The most common early signs of chronic arsenic poisoning are muscle weakness and aching. It is causing serious health hazard to the people. The farmers use contaminated ground water. For this the sail is being polluted. Arsenic is also found in Vegetables, fruits and crops. The entire population may be in danger. Because of Arsenic, the quality of food decrease. High level of arsenic contamination cause tremendous health hazards. We must deal with arsenic problem. We have to provide arsenic free water. Public awareness can over come this problem. Surface water or rain treatment plants should be established. This water should be uses for all domestic purpose. A scientific and comprehensive national water policy is necessary. Government must create public awareness. Better medical facilities should be provided.


A VISIT TO A PLACE OF HISTORICAL INTEREST Bangladesh has become a grand place because many saints are enjoying eternal sleep here and there in Bangladesh. Their burial places are one of the historical interest. Last January, I had an opportunity to visit a place of historical interest with my parents. I visited the Mazar of Pir Khan Jahan Ali and the Shatgambuj Mosque in Bagerhat. Pir khan Jahan Ali died on the 25th October 1459 and was buried at Bagerhat since then it has been regarded as one of the famous historical places in Bangladesh. This tomb is visited by all classes of people from different parts of the country throughout the year. The mazar is made of cut out stones and on the tomb there are inscription in Arabic. On the full moon night of the month of Chaitra, a big fair is held beside the tomb. There runs a big lake like tank in front of the tomb. It is called Darga dighi. The tank never dries up and its water is sweet. It has several crocodiles in it there is a believe among the people that if they satisfy, the hunger of the crocodile with their offering, their desires and dreams would be fulfilled. After three hours long stay there, we left for Shatgambuj Mosque, about two miles away form the mazar. The Shatgambuj mosque in one of the best architectural beauties of the country. It was built in 1440. It stands on sixty massive pillars. It is one of the greatest tourist attraction of Bangladesh We also visit another tank beside Shatgambuj mosque named Dargha Dighi. After two hours long a visit there we got back home. While visiting these two historical places in Bagarhat. I felt my self thrown back to the days of Pir Khan Jahan Ali. The past history came before my minds eye. I came to know about the pious intention of the people of that time. As it was my first visit to a place of historical interest, I was delighted to recollect the memory of this visit which will remain ever fresh in my mind

HOW TO ANSWER IN THE ANSWER SCRIPT Examination is a system to evaluate the student's merit

Our earth is going forwards disaster for environment pollution. This is how one can answer in the answer script. lf he has little hand writing. Because the equal answers in the answer script carry good marks. A student must stop writing at least five minutes before the last bell rings. Five basis elements of nature are being polluted through water pollution. students must budget their time. he must go through it twice carefully. air pollution and sound pollution. He would write the questions learnt best respectively. But rnan made objects are violating the harmony. washing away.especially oriented to subjects. There is a close relation among the elements of nature. He must not exaggerate or write irrelevant thing which is not related to questions. Water is being pollution in many ways. That's why it is a vital thing to write properly in the answer script. Then think a while which questions are best prepared to him. he must select the best answers written first. So answer should be argumentative. He will not elaborate any answer if he has more questions to attempt. After getting question paper. In the examination. To keep the answer script neat and clean bears a good impression on examiner. he would keep enough space between the lines so that the examiners can easily read his answers. While writing answers. he must keep in his mind what kind of argument he will represent for the respective questions. ENVIRONMENT POLLUTION Our total environment is consisting of natural and man made objects. like throwing wastage from mills and factories. Answer is a some total of arguments that always goes on according to required questions. 4 . While start writing.

Carbon-mono-oxide and lead from motor vehicles and CFC from green houses. horns of vehicle and causes a great harm to our mental as well as general health. Sound pollution must be stopped and it might be done with sincerely . Sound is also another type of pollution that comes from the loud speakers. Moreover the use of chemical fertilizer should be discouraged. Besides we have to stop cutting down of trees at random. The main causes of sound pollution are the fulminating of people the horns of the vehicles. Air is also polluted in various ways like the emission of Carbon-di-oxide. But when it exceeds the limitation then it is turned into a noise. Laws should be strictly imposed to stop throwing waste mate rails directly. It causes a threaten to water beings. We can save our air be taking various steps. It interrupts our daily activities specially the arena educational institutions.We have to campaign against environment with fresh water. Environment can take steps to use CNG in motor vehicles.chemicals from chemical fertilizer and pesticides. The normal tolerance limit of sound is decibels. The indirect 5 . air and audible sound. The emission of CFC gas should be decreased. SOUND POLLUTION Sound is one kind of wave that hits the membrane of our ears. It tells heavy on the serious patients in the hospitals by increasing hyper-tension. We have to stop the environment pollution for our existence. the sound of the mills and factories and also tone of loud speaker. It affects our mental as well as general health. Moreover the wastage our climate day by day. It usually creates from the vibration of things. Sound pollution makes life very uncomfortable. Serious harm can be caused to people if they are faced to sounds exceeding 70 decibels.

As it can 6 . But the thrown wastage. If we are conscious enough to the sound pollution. The top soil or surface is the place which is very fertile and various types of crops. Water one of the most vital elements of nature is being polluted in many ways. Polythene is thrown everywhere. Polythene is the main of them. As a result water clogging happens in some areas especially in low-lying areas. This polythene pollutes our environment in many ways. It has numbers of adverse effect but people are not equally concern about it. rising blood pressure. torn polythene creates soil pollution. then we will be able live happily with audible sound. Polythene is one of them. The government can also impose laws strictly to keep the release of sound in limitation. irritability increasing in normal rate of heart beat. This polythene creates a blockage at sewerage line and interrupts the easy circulation of sewerage system. POLYTHENE POLLUTION Our environment is polluted by man made elements. Soil is one of the vital elements of nature. vegetables and many other things grow them. lack of contraction to any and so on. If it is burnt it cannot be vanished. So people of all walks of life must take it as a great concern and try utmost to stop the cause of sound pollution.effects of sound pollution are the gradual deafness. It is a kind of poly-strene compound which cannot be vanished in soil. At the same time it can cause serious environment pollution. This problem is very acute in big towers and cities. Water clogging creates water pollution and it becomes the breeding ground for the mosquito which is responsible for many kinds of diseases.

But still now the production of polythene is going on and it has been used any way. Illiteracy is also one of the main reasons for unemployment. marketing and use of polythene to make our environment polythene free. If excessive to land area then it becomes curse. Population is a gift for a nation if she can utilize population. Moreover with the advancement of science and technology. but we can't come out from this circle and create New Hope for nation. So the effected step would be to create mass consciousness against polythene so that the people of our country avoid polythene unanimously. The rapid growth of population. So polythene becomes a threat for any type of plants. No plant grows on it. This condition is very acute in our country and it becomes a course for social life. Poverty grasps us in circle. At the same time alternative things must be provided so that people can easily use it without any second though. Our economy is based on agriculture. illiteracy. poverty. According to a great economist John Mill "A country is poor as it is poor". it covers the surface soil and goes deep into it. That's why people have less scope for employment. we have to 7 . Though we are in trap of unemployment. As physically fit person haven't proper scope to earn their livelihood so they are involved in illegal activities that destroys social harmony. less industrialization. It is a matter of great joy that the government has taken it as great concern and taken epoch making effort by banning polythene which is very thin in layer. agriculture based economy. system of education are mention able reason for unemployment. There are many reasons for unemployment. So polythene problem creates a have to our environment and it becomes the threat to the very existence of any being any this world. This can even loose the fertility of soil which results shortage of food that leads to famine. As a whole we have to make united effort to ban the production.not be vanished in soil. UNEMPLOYMEM AS A SOCIAL COURSE Unemployment means the state of being without any opportunity of earning one's livelihood. We have to avoid it whole heartedly. the use of manpower is decreasing for automation. We have less factories mills and industries.

The Govt. Poultry and hatchery through relevant organization. Every day we have to face the bitter experience of traffic jam which makes our life disgusting and intolerable. For that we had to face that bitter experience. BITTER EXPERIENCE OF TRAFFIC JAM Traffic jam is a common phenomenon in our country. Thus we would get rid of this curse. When we came near Ramna garden. We are informed that the large procession of election in favour of one candidate was moving on road. has conducted economic diplomacy to ensure foreign entrepreneurs. We have to control our excessive birthrate. When come to English road we become jam prone. If we were literate then we would be skilled laborers and our Govt. Traffic jam has become a part in our city life. I found the passengers thrashed their shoulder at the outside of their vehicles and eagerly looking ahead in impatience. It was noon and the sun was shining brightly. we had to face another traffic jam which extended up to Shahabag. To control our birth rate we have to educate ourselves. as Bangladesh are safely place for their investment. Our family went to attend a marriage ceremony at Mohammadpur area. As there were hundreds of vehicles stuck together we had to face traffic jam at every crossing point. It took two hours to reach our destination. Last Wednesday I had the bitter experience of traffic jam. It is very acute in big towns and cities. rickshaws and vans were seemed to stuck together.overcome this evil situation. training of farming. can do is to encourage self-employment for young people by sanctioning loans. we were sweating. would export this manpower to abroad. So far as we can say that some how we have to face traffic jam in our day to day life. 8 . We started for the destination by a car. A large row of motor vehicles. In this way one hour gone by and there was no interest left to attend the ceremony. As the day was too hot. The most vital thing that our Govt. After one hour the traffic started to move.

The movement was strengthened by the support of labour organizations and unorganized labourers. 1880 when the workers of Mac comic Harvest Machine Company called on a strike in favour of their demands. The workers working in different sectors are enjoying some privileges. The workers throughout the age had to struggle was not so smooth. From the beginning of the industrial revolution the workers had to work for fourteen or even more hours a day.IMPORTANCE OF MAY DAY Development of a country depends on the united effort of all classes of people. 9 . Labourers are one of them who work day after day and contribute themselves in the development of a country. safety laws etc. The day reflects the greatest achievement of the worker and the growing demand for better working condition. There was a long history about the struggle of the working class people. Rather they had to coos many herd less in their journey towards destination. Police friend on the crowd of strikers and as a result one striker was died followed by undetermined number. But these opportunists which is actually in the category of basic rights do not come automatically. The terrible incident was happened on May 2. To observe the historic struggle of the workers may day is commemorated all over the worker. In 1880 a new movement came out with the issue of eight hours working time which is added with minimum wage.

I want to render my service for the betterment of our country. I desire that I'll take higher education in Social Science which will help me to study the problems property. Since the villagers are introduced to me earlier. I know that most of the villagers are poor. No worth will be accomplished without proper planning. I'll show great emphasis to forming 10 . I want to work for remaining these problems.S.MY FUTURE PLAN Success does not come automatically or overnight. I'll try to motivate other educated people to come forward to help me. After taking higher education I'll return to my native village and start my mission from there. To attain success we have to work hard with sincerity. To be a social worker. Then I'll start my work to upgrade their living standard. then I will teach them value education which will help them to infuse mortality. So my first work will be to remove illiteracy from my village. it will be helpful for me to guess their activities I know that most of the villagers are illiterate that causes a lot of other problems. They can make anything a success if they get proper guidance. I'll help them to realize the practical life. So they remain unemployed. I'll make a co-operative so that the villagers can save their money and can borrow as they require it. Then they will be able to control population growth by adopting family planning programmed. I want to have sound knowledge.S. some of them want to be engineer but I want to be a social worker. Especially I'll work with them to make them self employed. But we have to check out the plan to reach our destination. Illiterate masses are ignorant. So I have decided that after passing S. According to the nature of a man planning always varies person to person. I know that most of the villages are working class people so I may set up night school for them. As a grown up people I have my future planning. With the light of education I think the villagers will be able to shake off superstition which causes many problems. The young generation is the asset of a country.C I will be admitted myself into Dhaka University. They do not have their own land.C and H. When they will be able to read and write. As a developing country Bangladesh is beset with a lot of problems. I'll not confine myself only with illiteracy programme. Some of us want to be doctor.

I have to face such experience often but it became worst at time of my last examination. Then we can hope for peaceful living with prosperity. make them group of seven or eight and help them to loan from co-operative. The bitter experience of load shedding is fell almost everywhere is Bangladesh. I think that the same condition often occurred in us. the increasing number of problems will be decreased day by day. According to their interest they will select their own field. It was the night before my "Mathematics" examination. THE BITTER EXPERIENCE OF LOAD SHEDDING Load Shedding is one of the real phenomena of country. The supply of electricity is not sufficient against demand. If this goes on the whole country is bound to collapses. This is all about my future plan which will direct me to reach my goal. Electricity went away at 7 p. But we have to try hard and soul to over come this problem. the emergency medical operation becomes stopped that led loss of life also. when I had just sat on the study table first of all I take the help of charger light but within hour it became inactive. It makes our life absolutely intolerable and boring. But I felt so hot before the burning candle that I can not express in words. That's why we have to face the bitter experience. Moreover a heavy strain came to my eyes and it started headache. So the government should think over the matter deeply and necessary step to check it as early as possible. I want to organize the young people. The people themselves will be sincere to improve their living standard. Because of load shedding the industrial production remain less. Then I had to lit wax candle. but in Dhaka city it is very acute. Just at midnight the electricity came when I had hardly any interest left to prepare myself for the next day. I could no more concentrate myself in that ill situation. It should not be allowed to continue the present manner. The young generation will get monetary help from the and poultry. It will be able to involve all the young or well bodied people in their respective works. 11 . if they are financially solvent.

Various inventions of science had made our communication system easy and within the reach of the common people. Science has brought magnificent change in all most all the sectors specially in agriculture. The use of computer. Internet has made our communication network fast. Now in every sphere of life the advancement of science has been reflected.VALUE OF SCIENCE IN LIFE From the dawn of civilization man has tried utmost to dominate nature and use it for his own interest. So we are badly depended on science. With the use of modern technology. industrialization. The advancement of science has been reflected best in Information and Technology sector. Now the whole world has become a 12 . Many votaries of science have been working through out the ages. the rate of production has been increased rapidly. Industrialization comes into full flourishment with the help of science. Science has never stopped its journey. E-mail. Rather it is going on with its effort to make new inventions to make our life easy and comfortable. Various inventions of science has brought a revolutionary change in our day to day life. The use of modern scientific technology has imparted the optimum rate of production within shortest time. At the same time it can easily cater the demand of the customers. Now in every sphere of life we are enjoying a lot of opportunities which is the selfless contribution of science. astrology and above all in information technology. The farmers can easily take the advancement of scientific method from anywhere. Science has brought a radical change in the process of production. Agriculture is amply benefited with the use of science. Perfection has been made possible as the operating system goes on automatically. The use us manual labor has been decreased.

Passers by also move in the same way. the only satellite of the earth. Most of the students do not go to school. They can not go out in quest of work and can not earn their daily bread. 13 . The rainy day has its own advantages too. We can easily get the information within few second about what is happening around the world. The poor suffer much on a rainy day. Water stands on roads and makes them muddy and slippery. They have to go outside with an umbrella over their head. It is obvious to say that has brought much adverse to the people of all walks of life. The astronomers have already gone to the moon. businessman. The drip drop sound goes on rhythmically and makes a melody everywhere. The office goers. shoes in hands and cloth folded up to knee. The cattle keep standing in their sheds and bellow for fodder. on this very day the sky remains dull and gloomy. It also encourages the poet to write a few lines regarding the beauty of the day. Such a day is a rainy day. Some days comes with special phenomena when we observe it. So classes are not held it is a day of great joy to them. Black clouds are gathering all over the sky and rainfall goes on for a long time. Only a few go to school but they get drenched on the way. They pass the day through sufferings. and school-college-university pupil are the worst victims in a rainy day. When it rains when it rains in torrents. A RAINY DAY By the laws of nature and with revolving of the earth the days comes and goes as usual. people get drenched and stop village. None can go out without umbrella. Science has already gone a long way in its research about planets.

I am well informed about the disaster that we are going to face for environment pollution. They understood me and started planting more trees. Always I have to remain busy with my studies and co-curricular activities. First I went to the nearest nursery and collected some fruit trees.HOW HAVE YOU SPEND YOUR . In the summer vocation I got holiday for twenty days. It's a pleasure to me that most of the trees remain alive. As I am a student I have to use every moment fruitfully. That night it had rain and nature I had given us change to make our goal fruitful. Nature helps us in many ways. Next day we started planting trees and worked all day long. TREE PLANTATION Many things have been created by God for the welfare of human being. It is at Natore in Rajshahi district. I also hope that if I have time I will do this type of work. Since then I planned that I would use our barren land for afforestation so that I could play some role to save our environment. They are gifts of nature. I went to my village. 14 . I had planned to do something for all. Moreover I started talking to the villagers and made them aware about the bad effect of environment pollution. Trees are the most part of them. They have made relationship with nature. I also told them that we can avoid this disaster only through afforestation. lt's a long time. Last march I attended a seminar at our school on "Environment pollution". I am successful. I decided that I would plant trees at that land. But when I got any holiday I would like to use it enjoyably. Now our native village is just like the heart of nature. In our house we have some land that always remains barren. I started working from the second day with my cousin. so I decided to go the village and do some works.SUMMER VACATION IN YOUR NATIVE VILLAGE Monotonous work for a long time makes everyone bore.

Our government has taken it as great concern and implemented some steps towards forestation. furniture. These are very essential to men. flowers. cyclones and air pollution. Birds build their nests in trees and man gets building material from the tree many people use trees as fuel. The wood is used in making houses. We export the furniture to many other countries and earn a lot of foreign exchange. They save us from floods. we can earn foreign exchange by exporting wood. furniture's etc. So human being can keep their body fit and sounds by eating fruits. They are trunk. So our country is losing her trees. The people of our country cut down trees regularly at a large scale. Some trees have flowers and some have no flowers. A tree is very useful to us. flowers and fruits. leaves and roots. dams and railway lines. There are many kinds of trees. As a result. Road or highway side trees give shade and save life from accidents. Fruits are a great source of food and vitamins. Some are famous for fruits and medicines and some are of supplying wood. in the school and college should plant shady and fruit tress. Trees are the most important element of nature. Some dare big and some are small. So every body should plant a tree in his home and look after them. They preserved the harmony among the elements of nature. They make the soil fertile and prevent soil erosion. So we have to plant more and more trees for the very existence of human being.They are our best friends. Trees maintain the balance of our environment. Some trees give us their fruits and flowers. A tree has commonly five parts. It also takes food from the sun and the air by its leaves. Besides it has a great contribution to keep ecological balance. Not only government but also people of all walks of life come ahead and try best to focus this issue all over the 15 . branches. It gives us also wood. It also plays a vital role to control the climate. ponds. If the rate of deforestation is going on our country will be turned into a desert. Above all the tree purifies air by taking carbon-dI-oxide and emitting oxygen. Tree gives shades and shelter to many people. boats ships. Flowers are also great refreshment of human mind. So tree plantain is very important for our life and economy. Some trees have branches and some have no branches. The sides of roads. It is high time we planted trees to prevent our environment leading disaster.

This was because I was then the only child in the family. I spent of few days in the midst of rejoicing. My grandfather took me to school. I was an object of love to all. I do not remember many things during the first three or four years of my life. Every evening he would tell me fairy tales. I was at first unwilling to go to school. Then we will be able to make our habitat suitable for our next generation and ourselves. CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Sweet are the memories of childhood. I can also remember the days of rainy season when rain goes on for two to three days. Our house was full of guests. I remember too the day on which I had to leave my village home and go to a neighboring town for my education. The headmaster was very affectionate. memories. I can also remember the roll evening of winter season when my mother made different types of cakes. But I do remember that as a child. He greeted me cordially. I remember the day when I was sent to school. My grandmother was specially fond of me.remember I also remember the day of my uncle's marriage. It was a great shock to me. The conscious citizen can work to make the ignorant village people aware and interested to plant more trees. He took me in the classroom and within few days I started to I started to like my school very much. We have to enhance social forestation. it was really painful to be away from parents and to part with friends. painful and pleasant come crowding into my mind whenever I am alone when I think of my bygone childhood days I become so nostalgic that I with if were a child again. The next event that I distinctly remembered is the death of my Every year we observe "Tree plantation week" we will not only observe it in towns but also spreads in remote rural areas so that the rural people can realize the importance of planting trees. 16 . I sat on a chair in our veranda and enjoy the bubbles that were created with the drop of rain water on the water in the yard and vanished within few seconds.

It is generally held in cities. the government arranges trade fair. The area was so big that we failed to cover it. We also watched and enjoyed that. YOUR VISIT TO TRADE FAIR To promote business and trade especially to establish domestic industries. cloth fair. I become puzzled to see gorgeously decorated pavilions with attraction things.CELEBRATED PAHELA BAISHAKH Pahela Baishakh is the day of bangla year. computer fair. The whole area was buzzing with life.e. Trade fair is of many kind i. It is a generally held to increase export of the hosts industrial products. handy crafts are kept for display and sale. We saw there were various kinds of thing such as toys. a computer 17 . It is a public holiday. The day is cerebrated with traditional festivities across the county. In international trade fair various types of industrial products.In the age of globalizing the international trade fair become she strong medium to accelerate trade and business. I visited the last international Trade fair in Sher-E-Bangla Nagar Dhaka.We bought a DVD player. Thousands of people come to visit it. leather fair etc. When we exerted into the fair it was evening. Last year I went to baishakhi mela at Dhanmondi club play ground with some of my friends. In fact on this day I have really enjoy and it gave me much pleasure because all my efforts became successful. socio-cultural organizations and religious people organize different programmes. It was very crowded. Different institutes. Various countries come and open stall to exhibit their own industrial products . we went to chhayanat in the evening to see the cultural programme. I went there with my friend's. According to the old tradition. I think I would buy a lot of things . tradery shopkeepers and other professionals open up "Halkhata" and distribute sweets among their customers. There is also international trade fair which generally held in the capital and now-a-days in business capital Chittagong. electronic fair. First of all we bought tickets for entrance. There was heavy gathering at the mela ground. handicrafts of the mela there was an exhibition of doll dance or puppet show.

Deforestation Bangladesh is vulnerable to many kinds of natural calamities. I bought a nice doll from Thai pavilion for my little cousin. That's why the people of all walks of life come forward to stop the great of our health.It is sometimes occurred in big industrial area where environment pollution is so heavy.But acid rain is as acidic as that of vinegar or lemon juice. We also visited few foreign pavilions i. It can create a great havoc to us. Since we had to food stall and take soft drink with sandwich .When it was 9 p. Acid Rain is more destructive for us . Acid rain Our earth is vulnerable to numerous calamities. I wish that I'll visit the international trade fair next year. Acid rain is one of. and some necessary utensils.e. It is caused due to serious environmental pollution that leads towards disharmony of ecology. Acid pollution is very harmful for our general health because its causes intensive pain on chest that's leads towards chest illness . Thai. Because where happen acid rain that damages buildings materials and colour or painting becomes faded. Frequent visit of flood famine. That's why hundred years old stained glass of some magnificent buildings are going to be damaged. The colour of the which marbles are becoming faded for sulphur which in coming from the worlds famous buildings are at a risk. Deforestation occurs in many ways. Though we come back I bore that I pleasant for long time. China. Most of them causes for serious environmental degradation. Indeterminate cutting down of trees urbanization 18 . heavy rainfall gradual warming in the atmosphere is the outcome of ecological imbalance. we left the trade fair. Pakistan and Indian pavilions. Acid rain has caused a damaged to the great Tajmahal in India.So we have to try utmost to save our earth from the destructive acid pollution .table. There are many reasons for these unpredictable hazards. Deforestation is one of them. Normal rainfall is acidic to some extent .m.To avoid acid pollution we have to keep the balance in atmosphere by blessing the rate of environment pollution. them.

ribbons. and many other fancy goods . Mass consciousness among the common both will make the programmer a success. 19 . In a fair. utensils.There is a mood of festivity prevails in a village fair. This process is going on an alarming rate and is making our land as barren. The people of all walked of life should come forward to preserve our forest land and try utmost to encourage a forestation.increasing demand of habitat have been shrinking the forestland which leads towards deforestation. Local potters. whistles. For deforestation the wild animal are being endangered which leads to the extinction of some rare the wild animals are being endangered which leads to the extinction of some rare specious of" animals from our country .toys. A village fair is located in an open space or under a big banyan tree or beside the bank of a river. that's why the government and non government work organization can make co-ordinate effort to save our environment from up coming disaster.These are brought for sale by the small traders from far and near. The fair is generally held at the end of Paush or at the end of Chaitra . temporary shops are arranged in rows on an open place . carpenters. heavy rainfall which cause nothing. dolls.The adverse effect of deforestation comes as the from of drought.It is held for entertainment of the people . Some go on for few days . This tendency is acute among the villagers who cut down trees to get initial profit but fail to reality its harmful e£fi^^^^ climate.They are brought her for sell or display. cheap. It is held at such a place where the villagers from the nearby areas can easily reach.Cloihes .It is generally held annually . It is also a way of making communication among villagers .Some fairs are held for a day. but destruction and bring immunes sufferings for the victims .Now the time has come to realize the great importance of forest land for our survival. A VILLAGE FAIR A village fair is a social or religious gathering where the village people come from nearby and distant areas to buy and sell their things. To supply the increasing demand of habitat forests are being cleared and burnt day by day. sweets.People of all walks of life gather to participate in the exhibition of various types of goods .

There are many forms of amusement in a fair.--••• There are also some bad sides of a village fair. Jatra.Children blow whistles. nagardola. Circus and the magic are the special attraction of the fair .weavers.Cinema parties show pictures to the people on a small camera."-"»-'?• . So the village fair is an integral part of the village life which plays a role of making bond of unity among the village people. So proper steps should be taken to arrange all sorts of preparation to run this village fair smoothly. A village fair brings charms to the monotony of village life .It encourages the rural arts and culture. fly baUoons and buy fancy goods and make sports in their joy and excitement. The tea—stalls and the sweetmeat shops have the greatest sale. circus. It also violates the harmony of the village fair. . puppet show are held there. At the same time if mere is no sanitation system they human wastage pollute the environment. yet it brings recreation for the villagers. blacksmiths and artisans present their handmade goods of manifold colours for a good sale. 20 . Some evil minded people use to play gambling which evokes the innocent villagers and make them distressed.

It was a long tiring day. b) Mrs. She looked out of the window. Smith sat on her favourite rocking chair and closed her eyes. it was dark-quite dark. Panic spread from one end of the country to the other. But the beginning of the programme was missed by many listeners. She switched on the radio and a deep male voice floated in. Her husband William Smith and son William Smith junior were off to the border. It was an invasion alarm.Part-A Reading Test Read the passage carefully and answer the question following it. i) hectic ii) busy iii) boring √iv) none of these. A number of people died as a result of accident or by suicide. It drove many people into frenzy. √i) almost ii) absolutely iii) often iv) seldom.G Well's novel "War of the World" on the air. It was the eve of World War II. What actually happened on that night was Orson Well's and his Mercury Theatre presented a radio adaptation of H. Mrs Smith was restless. c) The outside environment was —————— dark. 1) Choose the best answer from the alternatives 1 x5=5 a) The accident was happened ————— World War II. i) during ii) in the middle of √ii) on the verge of iv) at the end of. The tension off the war hung in the air. 21 . They fled by car from the invaded area. Smith was ——————————. Smith was passing ————— day. Mrs. i) pleasant ii) disturbed √iii) impatient iv) cheerful. d) Mrs. Well's meant the programme to be a Halloween joke. People had believed the invasion because they heard it on the radio at a time of fear and also because the invasion was put across as a current news program. They mistook it for news coverage of an actual invasion by USA.

G. became(i) radio(e) influential(a) was caused(j) who(g) happened(d) thought(h). j) Many of the listeners became —————. rumours(c) . i) none ii) only √iii) nothing iv) something. a) Mrs. i) the beginning √ii) the middle iii) at the end iv) none of these. f) The programme was broadcasted to —————— people. F j) The incident led a heavy loss of life. write correct-statements. F f) The programme was broadcasted to entertain people. A tragic incident d) ---------.Many of the listeners g) ———— missed the beginning of the programme h) ——— it as real invasion and i) ———— fearstricken. F b) As soon as she switched on the radio. Smith was sitting on her rocking chair peacefully. T c) "War of the World" is a radio adaptation of H. g) The program was ———— but a kind of joke. T h) The invasion alarm was a part of the radio adaptation. i) drama √ii) novel iii) joke iv) poem. F d) All the listeners misjudged the programme. i) Many of the listeners ———— to listen to the program from the beginning.on the eve of the World War II October 1938. an invasion alarm floated in. Write whether the following statements are true or false.G. T g) The listeners were about to be mad. If false. Wells' novel "War of the World" on the f) ———. took broadcast(b) air (f) 0 radio is one of the a) __• The ———.mass b) ——— throughout the world.e) Mrs. F e) Panic confined to the invaded area only. i) jealous √ii) fear-stricken iii) cheerful iv) brave. T Fill in the following blanks with the following clues. T i) People hardly believed the invasion. Smith listened to the radio from —————. √i) failed ii) decided iii) missed iv) started. Orson Wells and his Mercury Theatre presented a e) ——— adaptation of H. welles' novel. h) "War of the world" is a--------------------. 2. They were hurried to leave the invaded area which j) 22 . i) disturb ii) cheat iii) frighten √iv) entertain. Sometimes it is to blame for starting the c) ———.

Smith.It causes much b) ——to human life. 6. That very day was also a e) ————— one. By f)------------. When Mrs. So they started j) quickly fleeing by car. She c) sat on her favourite rocking chair and d) closed her eyes. the b) beginning radio programme. A h) great many people were i) turned into frenzy. a) Since Mrs. Well's d) novel 'War of the World". drinking(f eating prevent( especially(c cancer(h) ) i) ) typhoid contaminate tested(j) fatal(a) gangrene( d g) sores(e) threat(b ) Arsenic poisoning is a very a) ——— disease . people get disease in various ways.——. b) tension(i) went(c) prevailed(j) lived rocking(g) with(b) hung spent(a) fight(d) tiring(e) was(f) became (h) During the World War II. It is found in water c) ——— to tube well water. like Mrs. water polluted by arsenicosis. Smith a) ———every hour b) ------heavy tension because her husband and son c) ———— off to the border to d) ———for their motherland. Sometimes the troubles turns into g) ——— and 23 . There f) was a sort of g) tension prevailed h) on the air.G. b) Many people had a) missed. Many people thought that it was a news e) _________ of an invasion. It was actually a radio c) adaption of H. Arsenicosis is caused by drinking d) —— tube well water e) are caused in the fingers or in any other part of the body. she a) had to spend everyday with b) heavy tension. Fill in the following blanks with the following clues. Her husband and son e) were off to the border. As a result there was f) panic spread in the g) invaded area. Mrs. 9. Smith was restless. She ----------------restless as the i) ——— of the war j) ———— on the air. Smith f) —————on her favourite g) ———— chair and closed her eyes.

They are i) ——— of getting a chance to j) -----------. The new generation doctors are f) obviously free. In this d) process you have to e) collect old cans first. 9. 24 . has asked for f) co-ordinated efforts to demand women's right's and g) envelopment in the political and economic process. During her early years c) ------------. Finally after three or four hours. Nafiza also g) ———— some lacking in the h) ----------. Next pour the h) melted materials into a roll i) of block. the International Women's Day is a time to reflect on h) progress made to call for a change and to celebrate acts of courage and i) sacrifice by ordinary women who have played an j) extra-ordinary role in the history of women's rights. reminiscent( a) hardly(c) dogmatic percentage( d) expose(j ) obstinat e Dr.then to h) ———. But Dr. 9.20% of the students were women. Fill in the blanks with suitable separate the safe from the unsafe. a) The International Women's Day has become a) important all over the world for women in b) develop and developing countries c) alike. Tube wells need to be j) ----------. you will get a new j) can. It clearly e) ----------indicates that more are entering the medical profession. Then turn it as block by f) presser. No medicine can yet i) ——— of young doctors. Nafiza is in a a) ———— mood. Fill in the following blanks with b) hide upholds(g devoid(i ) ) profession(b hesitates over ) all(h) the words given below. She is telling about her b) --------------.well and acquire more knowledge for not going abroad for training. b) Recycling mainly a) involves processing b) things so that they can be used as c) row materials for making same or other things. Increasingly. and open minded. The growing International Women's d) conferences which has been e) strengthen by four global United Nations Women's conferences. After that g) melt them with heat. But now the d) ———— is almost 50%.

it was dark. Wells' novel "War of the World" on the air. 1 e) It was an invasion alarm. evening. 7 B. 4 b) Mithu was pleased to see that. working overtime. quiet dark. in her hotel room. 10 c) She switched on the radio and a deep male voice floated in.G. 10 c) Coming back. 9 f) Mrs. 4 h) Mrs. 3 j) The tension of the war hung in the air. a) Mina felt very disappointed. 1998. suddenly snatched by a young man. among the busy stalls. Smith sat on her favourite rocking chair. 1x10=10 dazzling with bright lights. Neela It There Her bag Her father The shops walked was were 12.11. Smith was restless. 2 i) She looked out of the window. 6 b) What actually happened on that night was Orson Well and his Mercury Theatre presented a radio adaptation of H. Raju was upset to see that half of his egg had gone. 9 25 . upset. October. Make ten sentences from the substitution table and write them in a paragraph. a night market going on. Rearrange the following sentences according to sequence and write them in a paragraph. 5 g) It was a long tiring day. a) Her husband William Smith and son William smith Junior were off to the border. a riot of brightly coloured lights. through the narrow streets. 8 d) It was the eve of the World War II.

3 26 . 2 i) Mother wanted see if the children had washed their hands before they started eating.d) One day Mina and her parrot Mithu climbed a tall tree to pick a mango. 1 e) While they were outside washing their hands. 5 h) She picked the mango and took it to her mother. 8 f) Grandma thought that Raju as a boy child need more food. 7 j) Although Mina had picked the mango. Mina Noticed that Raju as usual had got an egg but she did not. Mithu divided their egg into two and put half of it on Mina's plate. her mother gave the larger share of the fruit to Raju. 6 g) At dinner.

His father works as a rickshaw puller and mother as a domestic worker. scrap paper and other materials from the Motijheel area and sells them at a shop for Tk. He gathers polythene bags. he gives to his mother. came to Dhaka in b)——— of living with the other c) ——— of his family. Write whether the following statements are true/false. i) migrate ii) shift iii) take iv) look for. search like sell all too slum aged members unwell many education beg Lutfur a) ———— eight. Lutfur collects polythene bags. except his grandma. He usually has his meal at home but sometimes begs for food at a restaurant. If false. 3. write the correct answer a) All the members of Lutfur's family are bread earners.Reading Test Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it. 5 to 10 a bag. They live 27 . He came with his father. i) start ii) continue iii) go on iv)resume. b) Almost all the members have to ———— to maintain the family i) fight ii) worked iii) contribute iv come c) Lutfur lives in an —————— environment. mother. Lutfur has a bath in a creek near their home. d) ——— the members of his family. 2. Lutfur and his family lives in a slum near to Kamlapur railway station. brother and grandmother to Dhaka in search of a living. Chooser the best answers from the alternatives. Fill in the following blanks with appropriate words from the box. They sleep on the dirt floor. He comes from Tongi. He could not afford to go to a doctor or to buy medicine for himself. Whatever he gets from it. a) Lutfur's family has to——————their shelter for living. e) He could not go on with his studies for his living. Their home is a tiny shelter with a sheet of polythene for a roof. He earns Tk. d) Lutfur's family is financially insolvent. He is a child labourer. i) insufficient ii)inhospitable iii) unbearable iv) inhuman d) He cherishes the desire in the ———— of his heart to continue his study . He was in the school for about a year and now he wants to go back to school and start his studies again. scrap paper and another materials to e) ——— them at a shop. which he gives to his mother. Lutfur is 8 years old and lives in Dhaka. work hard to maintain the family. b) Lutfur has fixed income. c) He often takes his meal at his home. 1. i)deep ii) core iii)mind iv)past e) He wants to ——— his studies. He once went to a free school near his home at Tongi but did not continue. He has a brother who works as a tempo helper. 20 to 50 a day. Once he got diarrhoea and had to stay at home for a few days.

He went to school in his early life for his i)————. Suppose you are one of the working child like Lutfur. 10. She has b) —— with the bank more than a c) ——————— . this and joined with them hi their laughter. sea over mountains and across went She believed saw said . 5 Part -B Vocabulary Test 9.When she d) —————— the bank only a few women workers e) ———— there. This is a case for j)————in Bangladesh. For this. 0. b) He undertook a great trouble to visit China. 4. It is b) ————— to a gradual c) ——— of the poison in the human body.Many more women h) ————been given the opportunity to work in i) ———— departments of the bank. Fill in the following blanks with suitable words. At present the total j) ————of women workers are 45. 7. d) They traveled many land. too. the situation g) ———— . Fill in the following blanks with appropriate words from the box. With the passage off) —————. a wife who used to lose her temper often. c) But there were some adventurous men. Fill in the following blanks with suitable words from the text. Write a paragraph in 80-100 words about Lutfur's life by using following cues 6. 11. Since they live in c) ————— poverty. Death due to e) ——— term process make it even f) ———. Now he wants to learn again.They came to Dhaka in search b) ———— living. that Socrates was not paying any heed to that angry ma is more of a beast than a up to him and poured much water over out and sat on the door step. Re-arrange the following sentences and write them in a paragraph. He usually eats at home and sometimes g) —————. out on the public street more furious than ever and began to insult it and were much amused at the incident. Eventually people d) ———— to show symptoms and become unwell. association changed decade has joined different number year worked time holds left Tazneen Karim a) ———— the post of corporate manager in SMC bank. He can not go to a doctor when he gets h) ————.5x10=5 Lutfur's family is a) ————poor . a) The Emperor of China Kublai Khan invited them. all the family members d) ————— his grandmother has to work e) —————to earn their f) ———— bread. 12. he j) ———— to continue his studies. Make ten sentences from the substitution table Socrates tried her utmost to irritate a f)———— which is dirty. This is in fact a h) ——— against time to i) ————— safe water for j)—————.of his house. He has to g) ——— as a scrap collector and h) ——— his family with his i) ————— income.important to address the g) ————— as soon as possible. write about your own life in a paragraph in about 100-120 words. 28 He had One day his became The passer. 1x10=10 Poisoning by arsenic is a a) ————process.

Read the passage and answer the following questions. c) It is useful to re use anything. If false. Fill in the following blanks with the words given below. 1. It is done d) —— through processing materials. e) Waste materials are also used through ————. i) They used ship. b) Reuse is of latest origin. make living by sorting and picking through garbage dumps and re. write correct answers a) Waste can hardly be wasted. d) Antique dealers only reuse things. c) Re using has ———— a scope of earning for some people. especially if it can be reused or recycled. Write whether the following statements are true/false. 2. Waste can have many uses. First of all. camels. f) They wanted to know about their lands and people.using and selling what they can. g) Marco Polo was one of the adventurous men. Recycling mainly involves processing materials so that they can be used as raw materials for making other things.e) Most men were afraid of the unknown. especially those who are poor.smelted bears totall y make usually raw hardly liquid wast Reuse a) —— the idea of using the same item b) —— as it is or sometimes c) ____ different. i) single ii) more iii) different iv) same. and perhaps again and again. i) recycling ii) resmelting iii) pressure iv) collecting. d) Re using is done —— through processing materials. Choose the best"answers from the alternatives. i) found ii) searched iii) made iv) taken. 3. for example iron and steel from cans and cars can be re-smelted to make electric poles and rods. Re use has been carried out for centuries. i) always ii) also iii) never iv) by. horses. In large cities. donkeys as transport j) They reached China after traveling three years. 1 x5-=5 a) Waste can be used for —— purposes.5x10-5 pressure done again re. crockery and other tools handed down from generation after generation. It was done for clothes. e) ——— materials are collected then f) —— it as block by g) ———. some people. toys and cutlery. h) Long ago people knew little beyond their own country because of hardship in traveling. Second hand shops and antique dealers rely on reuse. 0. Then it 29 . 'f hey may be used to produce the same product. i) item ii) text iii) termlv) idea. b) The ——— of reusing is going on for centuries. Reuse means using the same item again. e) Pollution can be prevented to some extent through reusing.

Fill in the following blanks with suitable words from your text. iron and steel h) __________ from cans and cars i) __________be melted as the raw materials to j) ________ electric poles. Sometimes these f) __________ also remodeled just g) __________ the former one. 30 . The collected a) _________ materials are mainly b) ____________ as ___________ materials so thai they will d) __________ used to make something e) ____________. When it is in j) ——— form. 6. For h) ——— to get these things as i) ——— material. it is then given shape to make new things.