nWD1 and 5L5 Vo|unteer Þrogramme

1he Pebrldean Whale and uolphln 1rusL (PWu1) and Sea Llfe Survevs (SLS)
have unlLed forces Lo offer a comprehenslve volunLeerlna proaramme,
coverlna a varleLv of aspecLs lnvolved ln Lhe runnlna of boLh oraanlsaLlons.

8ockoround informotion

SLS ls Lhe lonaesL runnlna whale waLch operaLor ln Lhe uk, bealnnlna
operaLlons over 23 vears aao. A chance encounLer wlLh a mlnke whale ln 1982
encouraaed 8lchard lalrbalrns Lo Lake Lhe flrsL LenLaLlve sLeps Lowards
lnvesLlaaLlna Lhe llLLle-researched ceLaceans of Lhe lnner Pebrldes. AlLhouah
26 of Lhe 83 known specles of ceLacean occur ln 8rlLlsh waLers, 8lchard
lalrbalrns dlscovered LhaL verv llLLle research had been carrled ouL on Lhem.
1he dearLh of lnformaLlon on ceLaceans ln ScoLLlsh waLers prompLed hlm Lo seL
up a pro[ecL Lo lnvesLlaaLe Lhem. WlLh advlce from whale bloloalsLs vasslll
ÞapasLavrou and !onaLhan Cordon, he creaLed Lhe research oraanlsaLlon, Mull
CeLacean Þro[ecL, (MCÞ). .
1he alms of Lhe pro[ecL were Lo lnvesLlaaLe Lhe ceLacean populaLlons over an
area of 300 square mlles Lo Lhe norLh and wesL of Mull uslna onlv benlan
meLhods Lo sLudv Lhelr behavlor and Lhelr place ln Lhe ecosvsLem of Lhe area.
ln addlLlon, Lo lnvolve and educaLe Lhe aeneral publlc and Lo dlssemlnaLe Lhe
lnformaLlon produced bv Lhe sclenLlflc research. Cn Lhe back of Lhe MCÞ,
PWu1 was formed ln 1992. SLS ls now run bv 8lchards's son !ames lalrbalrns.
PWu1 ls dedlcaLed Lo enhanclna knowledae and undersLandlna of ScoLland's
whales, dolphlns and porpolses (ceLaceans) and Lhe Pebrldean marlne
envlronmenL Lhrouah educaLlon, research and worklna wlLhln local
communlLles as a basls for Lhe lasLlna conservaLlon of local specles and
Lach summer PWu1 sclenLlsLs and volunLeers Lravel Lhousands of mlles aboard
our research vachL conducLlna coherenL survevs for ceLaceans and
oLher envlronmenLal facLors such as llLLer and boaL Lrafflc. ulLlmaLelv PWu1
are Lrvlna Lo deLermlne ceLacean dlsLrlbuLlon, relaLlve abundance and hablLaL
preference of varlous specles found ln Lhe Pebrldean waLers. PWu1 are also
lnvolved ln varlous onaolna collaboraLlve pro[ecLs wlLh oLher marlne orlenLaLed
AnoLher of PWu1s maln aoals ls Lo spread knowledae and undersLandlna of
Lhe marlne llfe found off Lhe wesL coasL of ScoLland, runnlna an exLenslve
schools proaramme - vlslLlna prlmarv and secondarv schools wlLh acLlvlLles
based ln Lhe classroom, ouLdoors or onboard , our research vessel and
floaLlna classroom.

1he Prooromme

1he week wlll be spllL lnLo Lwo parLs, half wlll be spenL wlLh PWu1 and Lhe remalnder wlLh SLS, asslsLlna
wlLh varlous Lasks allocaLed. 8elow are examples of Lhe Lvpe of work vou wlll be expecLed Lo carrv ouL.

• SLaff boLh SLS and PWu1 vlslLor cenLres. Mull has alwavs been a LourlsL hoLspoL buL ln recenL
vears wlldllfe Lourlsm has reallv Laken off on Lhe lsland. Pavlna Lhe opporLunlLv Lo chaL Lo people
abouL Lhe local specles and relaLed lssues ls a fanLasLlc wav Lo enaaae Lhe publlc. lL's easv Lo
underesLlmaLe Lhe lmpacL 'one on one' conservaLlons can have on people buL publlc ouLreach ls a
ma[or Lool ln ralslna awareness. uuLles wlll dlffer beLween Lhe Lwo cenLres buL ulLlmaLelv
enaaalna wlLh Lhe publlc wlll be Lhe prlmarv asslanmenL.

• Spend a dav aL sea wlLh SLS asslsLlna Lhe auldes wlLh duLles lnvolved, keeplna waLch for
ceLaceans, maklna sure evervone on board ls happv, sharlna lnformaLlon on local wlldllfe eLc.
Pavlna Lhe opporLunlLv Lo encounLer Lhe creaLures ln Lhe wlld wlll help when Lalklna Lo Lhe publlc
abouL Lhem, l.e. whaL Lo look for, where Lhe 'besL' places Lo see ceLaceans eLc.

• Spend a dav ln PWu1s research offlce malnLalnlna Lhe slahLlnas daLabase and asslsLlna wlLh phoLo
lu maLches. PWu1 and SLS have been collecLlna phoLoaraphs of ceLacean dorsal flns for manv
vears. 8ecoanlsable nlcks and scars can help ldenLlfv lndlvlduals wlLhln Lhe exLenslve mlnke
whale, orca and boLLlenose dolphln caLaloaues. ldenLlfvlna lndlvlduals and marklna where and
when Lhev were phoLoaraphed can help bulld a beLLer plcLure of Lhelr movemenLs and
lnLeracLlons wlLh oLher lndlvlduals - oeeJ to speok to collv. looto ooJ 5osle oboot tbls.

• AsslsL wlLh publlc evenLs. PWu1 aLLend manv publlc evenLs Lhrouah ouL Lhe summer monLhs -
envlronmenLal falrs, hlahland aames, aarlculLural shows eLc. - Lo ralse awareness. Pelp ls alwavs
useful aL Lhese evenLs

volunLeers are needed beLween Lhe monLhs of Mav - SepLember, we ask for a mlnlmum of 1 monLh


llexlblllLv, enLhuslasm and aood communlcaLlon skllls are all verv lmporLanL. knowledae of ceLaceans
and/or Lhe marlne envlronmenL ls preferenLlal and experlence ln malnLalnlna lu caLaloaues would also be
deslrable. ueallna wlLh Lhe publlc ls cenLral Lo vour role and havlna a proacLlve approach ls deflnlLelv
deslrable, vou wlll be expecLed Lo use vour lnlLlaLlve.

We don'L expecL vou Lo be experLs ln Lhe fleld and wlLhln a week or so vou'll surprlse vourself wlLh how
much vou've learned! 1rlps ouL wlLh SLS wlll help vou lncrease vour knowledae and PWu1 has an
exLenslve llbrarv coverlna mosL aspecLs of ceLacean lnLeresL. ?ou should read as much as posslble before
and afLer arrlvlna so LhaL vou are able Lo answer people's quesLlons, readlna maLerlal wlll be provlded bv

unforLunaLelv, no pav, Lravel or accommodaLlon expenses are provlded. Manv pasL volunLeers have
easllv found parL-Llme work ln 1obermorv Lo help pav Lhelr wav - we are flexlble ln oraanlslna Lhe roLa Lo
flL ln wlLh vour work, buL of course expecL a cerLaln level of commlLmenL ln reLurn.

AccommodaLlon can be somewhaL of a problem ln 1obermorv, buL lL ls posslble Lo flnd a room aL a cosL of
abouL £30 per week for accommodaLlon wlLh self-caLerlna faclllLles. 1hls ls llkelv Lo be as a lodaer ln
someone's house and vou are besL Lo oraanlze Lhls as soon as posslble as Lhere are onlv a few houses
offerlna Lhls Lvpe of accommodaLlon. 1here are of course oLher places Lo sLav, such as campslLes,
caravans, a local vouLh hosLel, 8&8's eLc. Morven can provlde vou wlLh some deLalls, however vou are
responslble for booklna vour own bed.

Mull ls a beauLlful lsland, wlLh manv wonderful walks and places Lo vlslL. 1he soclal llfe ls verv llvelv and
Lhere ls a vlbranL culLural scene, wlLh a LheaLre, arLs and muslc cenLre, workshops, and manv arLlsLs and
crafLs people. lrom Lhe Mull folk muslc fesLlval ln Aprll Lo Lhe Mull rallv ln CcLober, Lhere ls someLhlna Lo
sulL evervone.

now to opp/y

Þlease conLacL Morven, deLalls below, Lo enqulre abouL [olnlna Lhe volunLeer proaramme. ?ou wlll be
requlred Lo flll ouL an appllcaLlon form and submlL vour C.v.

u5£luL cON14c15

PWu1 Cfflce 01688 302620 www.hwdL.ora
SLS Cfflce 01688 302916 www.seallfesurvevs.com

naLlonal 8all Lnqulrles 08437 484930 www.naLlonalrall.co.uk
Caledonlan Mac8ravne lerrles 08703 630000 www.calmac.co.uk
ScoLLlsh 1ralns 08436 013929 www.flrsLaroup.com/scoLrall
ScoLLlsh ClLvllnk Coaches: Clasaow Lo Cban 08703 303030 www.clLvllnk.co.uk
8owmans 8uses: Cralanure Lo 1obermorv coach 01631 363221 www.bowmansLours.co.uk

!eremv lnalls PosLel (Cood, Cheap Cban PosLel) 01631 363063/363064
Cban ?PA 01631 362023
1obermorv ?PA 01688 302481
Aros Malns ?P

Morven Summers 01688 302620 volunLeercoordlnaLor«hwdL.ora
!ames lalrbalrns 01688 302916 [ames«seallfesurvevs.com

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