The India’s Prime Minister in the Making " Shri Narendra Modi”

Narendra Modi Birth Chart Analysis - : Narendra Modi Time : 11:00 Hrs Mehsana, (India ) Narendra Modi is born in Scorpio Ascendant , Janama Nakshatara –Vishaka Nak, Moon Nakshatara- Anuradha Nakshatara born –Signifies the royal dignity, rank or position of a king or highest order is in store for him .

He is running Moon MD - Rahu AD Vimoshtari Dasha Moon-Rahu occupies the highly favorable 5/9 axis...... Rahu (AMK) – is in Saturn's (3rd/4th Lord)-Uttrabhadprada Nakshatra. Being Anuradha Nakshtara Moon born , Anuradha also known as the “Stars of Success” signifies great success to him in times to come especially since he is running Moon Dasha and Moon being in Anuradha signifies huge success , name and fame, fortune to him . Mars being (1st/6th lord)-gives him strength to fight obstacles however Mars being malefic planet here gives him difficulties in life due to his strong attachment to his personal thoughts. 1

P.Saturn gives tenacity and controlling attitudes towards those things he expects fulfillment and happiness from. which once destroyed and overcome. Moon being (9th house) lord.. give strength to the him.rules one benefic house. Being Ascendant lord . Mars being (1st /6th lord).H. Mercury-(8th/11th)lord. The 6th house lordship makes this task one of struggle as the native works out any weaknesses. Mars being (as 1st /6th )-lord signifies the great energy with which he overcomes and improves his personal weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Mars here also makes him very aggressive when confronted. The Sun signifies his strong identification with his karmas he performs in this life. Since Rahu’s aspecting his Sun. lack and loss that are due to this self-centeredness and one’s neediness. Mars makes him fight for his own wellbeing and to destroy opposition. Saturn causes separation. signifies all his desires he needs to transmute. Mercury being (8th /11th lord). The 6th house being an upachaya. This manifests as an important relationship to his career and the status follows. but also give a strong inspiration to acquire worldly status through own hard efforts. Jupiter as (2nd/5th Lord)……. Mercury gives gains from other's resources and it is Mercury that gives the "Politician". This also creates great strength to fight external obstacles. Jupiter as the 2nd and 5th lord is a planet of great intuitive intelligence. brings issues –(lack and losses) that are due to self-centeredness and neediness. Being (3rd lord) . the dark Moon tends toward more philosophical pondering. 2 . “Leadership” reputation to him. The Jupiter here signifies protection from its own poison. and as a natural malefic. As Mercury is a planet of dealing with others in order to fulfill one's desires. As a natural malefic. it is nevertheless important for finding his niche. the bright Moon gives pleasant fortune while recognizing grace and indicates his capacity to further things along due to his understanding. providing him protection from material difficulties. great memory and skills in predictive sciences and counseling. The Sun inclines him to work for someone of status or whom he respect(BJP/RSS). signifies that his position in life will improve throughout life. as a natural malefic the Sun will separate him from those things it influences due to his professional concerns. Saturn is a temporal malefic and gives emotional self-centeredness. Saturn being( 3rd /4th Lord). Since Mars being lagna lord. His creative ability allows for material productivity as well. as well as giving a knack for manifesting that is needed. Jupiter is also a planet of lucky money and speculative luck. Being the evil(11th /8th house) lord makes Mercury the greatest temporal malefic for him and may incline him to pursue his goals in not so socially acceptable ways. the lagan. is a temporal malefic and gives emotional self-centeredness.this Saturn gives tenacity and controlling attitudes towards things he expect fulfillment and happiness from. becomes the greatest most auspicious benefic planet for him. the Sun becomes a temporal neutral and other factors influencing the Sun will determine in which manner he will achieve his professional objectives. As a natural malefic. Due to the 5th house lordship Jupiter is a temporal benefic and as a natural benefic as well. Mars indicates struggles and difficulties in life that are the result of the native's strong attachment to his personal thoughts and ideas. However here Saturn being 3rd house lord. and one malefic house. Mars is also a planet of austerity that may lead to great personal development. Mars becomes a temporal malefic according to B. however. and as a natural malefic. the 6th house. Making him a great orator with a natural speaking ability. Sun being 10th house lord.Mercury is the imprints he finds himself to dwells in.S. Jupiter being a planet of grace. The Sun is the stone the Scorpion hides under. Mars is responsible for placing him in his rightful place. and therefore of benefit to the him even if it does so with difficulty. or at worst involve them in underhanded activities(Godhara event). As a natural benefic. and also makes for a very hard worker. and which affords protection.

.... (Saturn-Rahu-Venus in Libra (Saturn exalted house))..Jupiter being (1stlord/4th lord) ---4th house lord-(signifies King’s Throne--in modern world Prime Minister/President Highest Posts in the Country/Office/state).. Considering Narayan Dasha Period-: Virgo-MD(his 11th house of Accomplishments).. forming New Govt.(His Natal lagna).... a Leader .. Karya Siddhi (Success) -Saham......i won’t say probability but with certainty he will be the Prime Minister... . explanation...Birth Lagna (Mars) falls in Scorpio (12th) house is in fall in (8th) ----sharing excellent 5/9 axis in annual chart.......also considering Sahamas -..3rd hosue being 12th from 4th (Home-Gujurat)-shall bring him to my hometown(New Delhi)...however he would come up with plans..: he will be running -Aquarius AD from 17-Sep. ----all his opponents in 7th house of (Public Support)......... Varsha lagan pati-(Year Lord) ---. Band bajaney Kohh!. Once Saturn(his 3rd/4th)house lord.... and thereafter .all benumbed intellectual faculties wud not be able to respond or shall fall or asleep. Mighty---falls in (Pisces sign4th house of Highest seat in the Parliament) in annual chart. Nov-2014--His Varsh (annual chart) also signifies great elevation in his status in 2014-2015 Muntha--This year Muntha falls in Aquarius (the 3rd house of annual chart)......... and considering Jupiter’s BAV Bindu's---Jup transit in Gemini is apparently very favorable as Jup in Gemini (His 8th house from Moon). 2015 ----Aquarius being his natal 4th house of Throne......... be direct in Swati-(8th July) and thereafter when Saturn transits into (Vishaka) on 5th Nov-2013...... and Aquarius with (28).. after 29 june when Jup leaves Mrigrisha(Naidhana Tara) and moves into Ardra (Mitra).....2nd house saggi with Jup BAV -(highest 8 )..............shall be running @63rd year of his life from 17th.for sure congres wud say "khadii mayeee aaya Modi.principle) after a mental effort... of India Considering Varsha(Annual) Chart Interpretation-: He @completion of 62 years of life .. 3 ...and 4th (Throne)natal Jup (4 BAV Bindus) in Aquarius Jupiter. 8th house being house of concealment brings hurdles and unexpected ...... Libra=(17) and aspecting his 12 house Libra with low BAV bindu(3)...2014 to 18 Sep... Considering Sahama points -: Karma Siddhi (Profession)-Sahama --signifies his 11th house of achievements since it falls in Libra (11th house).theory.Considering AV --SAV Considering AV --SAV of sign Gemini=(33).. Janama Lagan Pati. Capricorn AD (3rd house--of contracts/Public Opinion) 3rd being 12th from 4th house shall push him out of Gujurat to New Delhi (epic center) to be Prime Minister......and the Munthesha lord (Saturn)-falls in highly fortunate (11th-Libra) house of accomplishments...falls in Scorpio---..Raja-(Royal) Saham signification of highest royal dignity... He will be running his 64th year would also signify 4th house of the office home of PM..

com https://www.facebook.enlightenthroughstars. is in the 10th house of status & highest position in the annual chart of Modi Cell Number--... truly signifies 2014 year would be year if recognition. By: Raahul S Saraaswat Raahul S Saraaswat -Vedic Astrologer www.The Sun.+91-8826938524 4 .rahulsaraswat.Modi. . also being 9th lord-(fortune). Especially considering the Sun being with exalted Mercury in 10th house of profession. signifies Power & authority. power and authority for Mr. Congratulations to Shri Modi Ji and the BJP in advance .

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