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Minutes of the meeting of the Community First panel for Brierley Hill ward held on Tuesday 18th September

2012 at St Michael's Church, Brierley Hill, commencing at 7.30pm Present Kevin Collins, Graham Hudson*, Ray Gibbs, David Hoskin*, Mathew Johnson, Peter Plant*, Tim Sunter*, Chris Szygowski It was noted that four members of the panel were present and therefore the meeting was quorate. The panel has an open access policy for its meetings and a consensus on decisions had always been achieved to date. Should there be a need for a vote then only the panel members would be able to do so. It was agreed that David Hoskin would chair the meeting. Apologies June Bowen, Rachel Harris, Peter Hobbs, Andrew Mann-Ray, John Rogers Declarations of interest Kevin Collins and Matthew Johnson declared an interest in the bid from Dudley Strategic Campaigns Team. Minutes of the previous meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed. Matters arising Estella Dance Academy had provided the information requested at the last panel meeting which had been circulated to panel members. All had felt that the Multiple Sclerosis Society was a very worthwhile cause. However the nature of the Community First Brierley Hill funding was to focus resources on the Brierley Hill ward. The MS Society had a borough wide focus. Therefore it had been agreed not to recommend funding and the Estalla Dance Academy had been informed accordingly. The United Kids and Youth Outreach scheme had now received their funding. Status of grants recommended to date A list had been provided by the Community Development Foundation of the status of grants recommended to date. It was noted that St Michael's Scouts and the Crusaders After School Club had not received their funding as yet. TS agreed to contact June Bowen to see if there was a problem for the scouts. Likewise Ray Gibbs agreed to contact the Crusaders After Schools Club to see if there were any issues with their grant.

Consideration of Applications Received. The meeting considered following applications: Nine Locks Shotokan Karate Club - the meeting felt that the group was worthy of funding up to the match it had identified. However there were some issues which needed clarifying relating to: how the cash contributions, donations in kind and grant would contribute towards the overall expenditure and whether the correct balance had been submitted; the start and end dates of the project; a paragraph outlining what the young people would be doing. It was agreed to support the grant subject to this information being clarified, up to the level of match funding identified. Dudley Strategic Campaigns Team - Kevin Collins and Matthew Johnson outlined the potential of the project to tackle the difficult problem of alcohol abuse amongst young children. It was agreed to support the grant application subject to confirmation from The Brierley Hill Project confirming the availability of their room and that the project complements the work BHP is already undertaking on this issue. MJ and KC to ask BHP to email TS on these matters. Community First Action Plan The CDF guidance note on this had been circulated prior to the meeting. TS gave a short presentation on the requirements and considerable discussion took place on how best to go about creating the plan. Agreed: That a two phase approach be taken to the community engagement activities. Phase one (to be completed by the next meeting) would be to do a trawl of existing plans and consultation relevant to the area. TS agreed to do this. It was also agreed to take an existing database of organisations, TS to update it and then circulate to members to individually update it with other organisations they were aware of. Hopefully we will have a working document by the next meeting. The second phase would be to set out some framework, drawn from the phase one research, which would guide local community groups in how to respond, whilst still providing the flexibility to raise issues that had not already been identified. This phase would take place after the November meeting. Any Other Business TS outlined the process for claiming expenses. A budget needed to be submitted via our panel partner to the CDF who would pay the funds into the partner's bank account. Claims would then be paid by the Panel Partner. It was agreed that TS should draw up and submit the budget. DH presented an invoice for the hire of the room to TS. It was noted that Brierley Hill Civic Society had two speakers lined up for its next meetings.

On Monday 15th October Ned Williams, local author, would be speaking on the history of the Pensnett Railway Line and on Monday 19th November local author, artist and humourist Geoff Tristram would be speaking on "Confessions of an Artist". Both events were taking place at St Michael's Church, Bell Street, Brierley Hill commencing at 5.30pm. The two speakers had very strong reputations for the quality of their talks and everyone was invited to come along to the events and bring friends.

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